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									Protect Our Nations Youth

     League Meeting
    December 4, 2009
     680 Diablo League Mission Statement
To professionally organize the youth baseball play of players that have positioned
 themselves in a higher range of performance between like motivated and organized
 PONY programs who create demand for their program and represent a professional
  image to the communities and families to wish they serve. We accomplish this by
  providing high quality professionalism, play, communication practices and baseball
               ethics that ensure the continued growth of each program.

   League Objective
   Why Diablo League Structure?
   2010 Accomplishments
   League Structure by Division
   League Website
 Officiating Group – Umpires
 Insurance – Teams
 Rosters – By Team
 Introduction of League Board Members
 How do I become a part of the Board?
 League Playoffs and Championships
 League Questions (breakouts will handle division questions)   3
 Breakout Meetings by Division
League Objective

  To create a cohesive and structured
  program from the Pony through
  Mustang divisions that will add
  additional benefits for players and
  families from interlocking cities.

Why 680 Diablo League

Competition - Look around!


League Website
  Included individual team participation
Multiple Program Board Membership
Written League Rules by Division
Pony Program Integration
Colt Academy Program
Colt Program
Cohesive 680 Diablo League Tournament
Current Structure - Past to 2010

  Divisions being governed by individual leagues or new group of
  volunteers with no oversight or history of our Interlocking Pony League

  Communication is good to sporadic from year to year based on who is in
  charge by division

  Game scheduling between all divisions is done by different individuals or
  leagues and creates confusion and conflicts

  No pooling of resources. From a divisional or fiscal perspective
     Currently three individual divisions and six sub divisions of 52 teams
     Fiscal Contribution - Approximately 1,100 games + league tournament in
     2009 equated to over $100,000 in umpire fees! (based on 52 teams)
New Structure - 2009 and beyond
 The 680 Diablo League and its divisions will be governed by a board of
  interlocking league representatives that will embody the majority of league
  opinions and ideas. It will insure the history in which our Interlocking Pony
  League was founded is maintained as new volunteers join our league

 Communication regarding league issues will come from the board and its
  representatives. A 680 Diablo League Website communicates game dates
  and times, rosters, directions, league scores, etc., for all divisions

 Game scheduling will be done by one unified group representing all leagues
  and divisions. Individual league input on field availability will not change.

 Pooling of resources - From a league or fiscal perspective
    One league with three divisions of 70+ teams (Twin Creeks)
    Fiscal Contribution - 1,218 games plus league tournament in 2010 will
     equate to over $119,400 in umpire fees! (based on 56 teams).
Diablo League

Participating Cities/Leagues
    Currently in the Interlock   Potential Interlock Cities

       Brentwood                     Vacaville
       Danville                      Vallejo
       Lafayette                     Blossom Valley
       Martinez                      San Pablo
       Piedmont                      Rodeo
       Pleasant Hill
       San Ramon                 Potential Interlock Region
       Tara Hills
       Walnut Creek                  East Bay Corridor
       Pleasanton / Livermore
       Fremont                                                11
Geography – 680 Diablo League
                             VALLEJO                  VACAVILLE



                    Tara Hills
 Current league

    for 680
   expansion       MEXICO

                                               North America
  for PONY                                  Fremont                     12
                                                       Blossom Valley
League Structure by Division
   Pony
       13U 54/80 – one weekend off a month optional
       13-14U 54/80 – one weekend off a month optional
       14U Colt Academy 60/90 - one weekend off a month optional
       Weekend 3 Game Series Format
       League games begin February 28, 2009, ending May 31, 2009

   Bronco National & American Divisions
       Divisions play among themselves
       One weekend off a month
       Single game and doubleheader format
       League games begin February 28, 2009 , ending May 31, 2009

   Mustang Division (9’s & 10’s)
       One division with scheduling focused on 9’s and 10’s teams i.e. 9’s would play
        majority of games vs. 9’s and some games vs. 10’s. Vice versa for 10’s - one
        weekend off a month
       One weekend off a month
       League games begin February 28, 2009 , ending May 31, 2009

Mustang Division
 9 & 10yr Olds

    44/60 Field Dimensions

    Single game and doubleheader format

    18 League games (estimated 10 teams)

    Additional scrimmage games vs. OBA Mustang Teams

    One weekend off a month

    League Playoffs (will be discussed at end of presentation)

Bronco Division
11 & 12yr Olds
    National Division & American Division

    48/70 Field Dimensions

    Single game and doubleheader format

    National 22 League game schedule (estimated 12 teams)

    American 21 League game schedule (estimated 8 teams)

    One weekend off a month

    National Division will play within their respective division (Majority of 12’s)
        (Majority 12yr old teams can play down if they can’t compete in the National

    American Division will play within their respective division (4 or more 11”s)
    League Playoffs (will be discussed at end of presentation)
Pony Division
      14U Colt Academy (Primarily 8th Graders)
          60/90 Field Dimensions
          Weekend Series (3 game format)
          21 league games (estimated 8 teams), may play 13/14 teams at 54/80
          League Playoffs (will be discussed at end of presentation)
          One weekend off a month option

      13/14U National (North and South)
          54/80 Field Dimensions
          Weekend Series (3 game format)
          21 league games (estimated 8 teams per division), may play 14u (54/80 or 60/90)
          League Playoffs (will be discussed at end of presentation)
          One weekend off a month option
          May create an American division that is less competitive, may play 13u once

      13U National
          54/80 Field Dimensions
          Weekend Series (3 game format)
          24 league games (estimated 10 teams)
          League Playoffs (will be discussed at end of presentation)
          One weekend off a month option

League Website
   Continued development
   Site is hosted by Club Spaces
     They have an agreement with PONY National

   The Site has two sections
     680 Diablo League information
     Individual team information
        Individual Team Sites are the responsibility of that team
   Training course and user manuals for individual
    league representatives, plus live help during
League Website

   680 Diablo League Information:
      About the League (History, Interlocking
      Directions to Fields
      Standings, Scores
      680 Diablo League Contacts
      680 Diablo League News
        Pleasant Hill Tournament, Walnut Creek
        Tournament, Individual league fundraisers, etc.
      League Tournament Information                      18
League Website

    Individual Teams
      About the Team
      Roster
      Games/Practice information
      Contacts
      Highlights
      Pictures

    We need to continue the process of negotiating a contract to
    supply adult umpires to manage our games league wide. (For
    those leagues that want these services)

    Negotiation of reduced fees for umpires (contract)

    Clearer lines of communication with the goal of reducing
    scheduling conflicts, no shows, double booking of games, etc.
       $50 fine for cancelation of games (discussed later in presentation)

    Rules seminar with umpires to address management of games by

Insurance Coverage by League
    Confirm Insurance Coverage by League
      There will be no 680 Diablo League coverage or payment
      required at this time. Your own leagues insurance will cover
      liability and other forms of coverage (disability, etc.)

    Minimum Liability Coverage by individual league
       1M Liability (standard)

    Submission of individual league coverage due by
    Feb 15, 2010

    Kept on file as confirmation of coverage
Submission of Rosters
     Submission of rosters with birthdates by
     February 15, 2009
         No player addresses or phone numbers required

   No new additions to team rosters after May 1,
    2009 (No additions of High School Players until after league
       Players must have played in at least 50% of
       league games to be eligible for League Playoffs
      Special circumstances will be reviewed by the
       board (injuries, player transfers,etc.)

   680 Diablo League Board
 President – Mark Cardoza, San Ramon Pony
 V.P. – Russell Carroll, Pleasant Hill
 V.P. – Dan Mead, Martinez Pony
 V.P. – Paul Candau Walnut Creek Pony
 Treasurer – Walnut Creek Pony
 League Content Director – Ed Mitchener, Brentwood Pony
 Communications Director, Mike Ramseck, San Ramon Pony - Responsibilities:
  Communication of league items, recording of meetings, assist with website info.,
 Scheduling Director – Ed Mitchener, Brentwood Pony
 Tournament Director – Mark Petures - Responsibilities: Facility, umpires, brackets,
  shirts, food, lodging, baseballs, trophies, first aid, etc.
 Pony Division Director – Darren Nicholson, Danville Pony
 Bronco Division Director – OPEN
 Mustang Division Director – Chad Giles, Fremont Pony
    680 Diablo League OPEN Board Positions
 V.P. – OPEN, Moraga Pony
 V.P. – OPEN, Orinda Pony
 V.P. – OPEN, Lafayette Pony
 V.P. – OPEN, Clayton Pony
 V.P. – OPEN, Piedmont Pony
 V.P. – OPEN, Tara Hills Pony
 League Director – OPEN, coordinates information between Division
  Directors and Scheduling Director
 Umpire Czar – OPEN, negotiates contract fee with potential umpire
 Bronco Division Director – OPEN, Division Directors act as the Team
  Agent and settle all disputes, questions, etc., for the division they
  represent. Board will become involved only when a Division Director
  needs assistance

How do I become a board member?
 Currently there are eleven filled positions with nine openings

 We are filling these voluteer positions tonight

 The board will be developing a process for adding or filling
  open board positions for the 2011 season

2010 League Championships
June 4, 5 & 6

2009 League Championships
June 6 & 7, 2009 at Manteca Big League Dreams
One of Northern California’s premier youth baseball facilities
Fields - Yankee, Tiger, Fenway, Wrigley, Polo Grounds, Angel with
 synthetic infields
Stadium Pub - Air condition, food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic
 beverages, Bar, TV’s, Video games, etc.
Batting cages and play area for smaller siblings
All our teams creating a true league atmosphere for players and
 families vs. being spread out over many cities, fields and weeks
Elevates our playoffs and championships for players, families and our
Trophies for runner ups and championship teams and their individual
Host hotels close by to support those that want to stay overnight
No field maintenance-Big League Dreams will move bases and         27
       League Questions?

We will discuss individual division
 questions during the breakout

Breakout Meeting Info.
    Breakout info by division - Handouts


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