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					                                                              PRIORITY LIST 2004 - 2005
Grey indicates item(s) have been funded.
* indicates pending funding July 1, 2005
Disregard FT faculty funding; refer to separate Faculty List on sheet 2 (see bottom of screen).

 RANK OBJECTIVE                         JUSTIFICATION                                   COST            EQUIP   FT FAC       PERS       FACIL   SUPPL OTHER FUNDING
   1    To provide     Of colleges similar in size statewide, COD has the        Difference between                          $20,000                         NO COST
        adequate       smallest percentage of staff positions devoted to         one classified
        leadership     academic administration of any. In order to carry         supervisor position
        and support    forward the many educational initiatives we have          and one division
        to the         identified, and to provide adequate academic              dean: $20,000
        institution.   support and leadership to our divisions’ faculty,
                       students, and programs, it is in the interest of COD
                       to distribute the administrative workload more
                       sensibly. Converting another administrative position
                       into division dean would achieve a more reasonable
                       workload across college programs.

                       With the Dean of Off-Campus Programs needing to           FT faculty                      $70,000                                     ACCOMM BY
                       spend time at other locations, EVC requires a full-       coordinator =                                                               REOGR
                       time coordinator to manage the lab, instructional         $70,000
                       and facilities needs (including emergencies) while
                       the Dean is away.
                       Extend the 10 month division secretaries to 12            1) $12,764 for 1                          1) $25,528                        1) *
                       months and add 1/2 assignment for VTEA support.           month or 2 months =                       2)$23,000                         2) NOT
                                                                                 $25,528 each year                                                           FUNDED
                                                                                 2) VTEA $23,000

                       When the new Social Science and Arts Division is          $23,712 to support                          $23,712                         *
                       formed in July 2005, the PE/Performing Arts division      1/2 of the Division
                       will lose the Division Secretary. Further the fulltime    Secretary position.
                       Eligibility Specialist will be working half-time          The balance of
                       beginning in July. This will leave the new                salary/benefits will
                       PE/Athletics Division with two half-time support staff.   be supplied from the
                                                                                 change of the
                                                                                 fulltime Eligibility
                                                                                 Specialist to half

            With 100 faculty/staff & over 6300                      1/2 time Sr. Office              $10,000   ACCOMM BY
            enrollments/semester in the Comm/Vis Arts               Asst at                                    REOGR
            Division, the workload for the secretary has            $12/hr=$10,000
            increased exponentially in regards to                   annually@19.5
            equipment/supplies requisitions & inventories, multi-   hrs/wk
            budget preparations & maintenance, multiple
            schedules, evaluation planning & scheduling, work
            orders, meetings, textbook requisitions, assistance
            to MCA Director, Docents and functions, infinitely
            greater contact with faculty, students, staff,
            administrators & community.

            The MSSS Division Office duties and coverage have       P-T Classified,                  $20,000   ACCOMM BY
            been stretched with the combination of the              Administrative                             REOGR
            Mathematics and Science areas. The increased            Secretary, 19.5
            workload is straining the current Division Secretary    hours, 10 months =
            and is hampering needed services for faculty, staf      $20,000 (est)
            and students. This can be alleviated with the hiring
            of a part-time administrative secretary.

            Position was previously filled by a full-time Dean   Matriculation             $90,000             ACCOMM BY
            who provided day-to-day office management of         Director - $90,000                            REOGR
            Counseling Center staff. Position will also serve as
            the regional representative at Matriculation
            meetings and follow through with state reporting
            requirements. This position is needed to meet state
            matriculation regulations and standards.

            Position previously filled by two part-time grant     Sr. Office Assistant -             $42,000   *
            funded secretaries. One position has ended; the       $42,000
            other will end September 2005. This individual
            would provide information to the public, clerical
            support for counselors, assist in supervising student
            workers and support for the Freshman Experience
            Program and activities. This individual will promote
            and maintain a positive customer service
            environment for students, staff and the public who
            utilize the counseling center

                       There is a need to have a strong back-up to the        Sr Executive Asst    $58,519   * 50%
                       Board Secretary in the President’s Office for agenda 15A = $58,519
                       preparation, minutes, and general secretarial
                       support to the Board. In addition, there is a growing
                       demand to coordinate College-wide special events
                       that would not be under the venue of other areas.
                       To support these responsibilities, there is a need for
                       an additional staff member in the President’s Office.
                       An existing position to support both the President’s
                       Office and the Academic Senate was eliminated due
                       to the budget crisis of 2002-2003. As a result, a
                       number of critical tasks such as the timely updating
                       and distribution of new Board Policies has not

                       In recent downsizing efforts, the Academic Senate 1/2-time support =        $23,712   *
                       lost its secretarial support. Now that work falls upon $23,712
                       the Senate President and committee chairs. This in
                       turn impedes their ability to complete Senate work,
                       which then degrades the quality and/or quantity of
                       work the Senate can complete. We request a 10
                       month, half-time secretary who is qualified to take
                       formal minutes.

                       To reduce costs, the media secretary position was        Administrative     $47,423   *
                       not filled. IS Support Asst. position has been           Secretary 10A =
                       reassigned to another area. With increased               $47,423
                       responsibilities from the VoIP implementation, it is
                       critical to have this position.

2    Provide           The college is mandated to provide accurate and          Year 1 2004-05:   $100,000   FUNDED
     accurate and      correct academic transcripts for all COD students.       50,000- 60,000               $25,000
     correct           The conversion of this data a little over a year ago     Year 2 2005-06
     academic          was not completely successful and approximately          $20,000
     transcripts for   375,000 student records were affected and are not        Year 3 2006-07
     all students.     correct. The present staff does not have the time to     $20,000
                       solely dedicate itself to "cleaning up" these records
                       and data and still be able to carry out their "normal"
                       everyday duties and responsibilities.

3    Enable           Information needed for mandated grant reporting,         $10,000 design               $10,000
     Research         grant applications & evaluation of CTD programs.         Access computer
     Office to        Currently there is no system in place to collect the     program
     establish a      data in one program & no integration w/ Research
     data             Office. Ex: track students who start @ CTD &
     extraction and   forward to credit; tech prep #’s; # businesses
     reporting        served.
     system and

                      Provide required data for program evaluation and      Classified level 15             $58,334
                      prerequisite validation. Additional support for       X1 = $58,334
                      institutional research will enable the college to
                      ensure the quality of its programs by relying on data
                      and to enhance student success by validating and
                      enforcing appropriate course prerequisites.

                      Sans hard drive technology is currently used as a     Sans hard drive       $30,000             FUNDED
                      cost saving measure to store large quantity of data, storage = $30,000
                      especially the back up data. This can also be used
                      for data ware house also. Instead of the researcher
                      and the programmers accessing data directly from
                      the live data base and slowing the system, the data
                      is archived into the data ware house for easy

4    Create a         Reading, like Writing, is one of the fundamental         TBD
     Reading and      skills required of all of us to function in school, at
     Writing          work, as citizens. Many of our students are
     Across the       inexperienced readers yet take college-level
     Curriculum       courses in the Sciences, in Nursing, in the Social
     culture &        Sciences without a thorough understanding &
     Learning         acquisition of reading skills. R X C would provide
     Communities      students with sufficient reading opportunities and
                      instruction to understand the texts and textbooks
                      they are required to read. We need to attach a
                      Reading course to the content areas.

5    Provide           The automated system is key for students and             Maintaining the           $20,000              FUNDED
O    efficient         faculty to search the database for the Library's         Reserve and Serials
     access to         holdings, books (textbooks) and periodicals. The         module cost
     comprehensiv      new system allows the College Library to be more         annually-$20,000
     e research        electronically efficient in checking out textbooks and
     materials to      periodicals. The Reserve and Serials software are
     students and      essential to ther running of the library.
     faculty off and
     on campus.

O                      Current comprehensive Library materials are              Books - $230,000       $230,000                FUNDED
                       necessary for the success of the academic and            (with annual           (allocate               $30,000
                       vocational programs offered by the College.              publisher-mandated $50,000)
                                                                                15% cost
                                                                                (print and microform)
                                                                                - $30,000;Electronic
                                                                                resources - $37,000
                                                                                (currently paid for by
                                                                                TTIP funds).
                                                                                ($50,000 was

O    Assist         Institutionalizing funding (& reducing reliance on          Staff currently paid                $100,000
     students and donated money) for the library will ensure its long-          for by
     faculty in     term stability.                                             Garrow/Whitaker
     acquiring and                                                              funds = $100,000
     research and
     skills in
     support of the

6    Create a          A program evaluation process will provide explicit       No Cost                                        NO COST
     Program           and required quality control for these programs.
     process for

7    Provide a       The Foundation is currently supplementing the            Support of                                              $50,000 FUNDED
     means for the   emergency operational expenses of the college by         unexpected costs =
     president to    providing this contingency money. This is an             $50,000
     meet            inappropriate role for the Foundation and an
     unbudgeted      inappropriate use of Foundation funds.

8    Meet the        Single faculty discipline with 40% enrollment            1) 2 Portable sinks 1) $5000      2) $75,000   4)              1)
     increased       increase from F03 to F04. Community focus on             @ $2,500 each =                   3) $75,000   $2,000          WITHDRAWN
     numbers of      capacity building requires additional child care         $5,000; 2) FT faculty                                          2) FUNDED
     ECE students    workers. Universal preschool requirement requires        x 1 =$75,000; 3)                                               3) COMBINED
                                                                                                                                             4) NOT
     by improving    an AA for all child care workers. Increased advising     Advisor x 1 =
     student         time for students to meet state requirements. ECE        $75,000; 4) Supply
     access to                                                                budget increase for
     degree-                                                                  addl lab supplies =
     required ECE                                                             $2,000

9    Identify &      Hispanic enrollments in Eng 50 and the highest of        1) F/Tx1 ESL                      1) $75,000   3) TBD          1) FUNDED
     place           all ethnic groups, yet Hispanics have shown the          instructor = $70,000;             2) $75,000                   2) COMBINED
     students with   greatest disproportion in success rates. "1.5            2) F/Tx1 ESL
     second          generation" students, a major growing demographic,       counselor=$75,000;
     language        are typically mainstreamed into regular English          3) LOEP or
     issues in       prematurely in K-12, yet they still have serious         appropriate ESL
     appropriate     language issues, esp. if enrolled in English 50, but     placement test=cost
     English         these courses do not directly address their linguistic   TBD
     program and     needs. ESL
     which meets

10   Comply with     Fall 03 BRN recommendation: provide program              1) Software          1) $10,000   2) $75,000                   1) PARTIALLY
     state and       director with assistance in her responsibility for six   programs=$10,000;                 3) $90,000                   FUNDED
     national        programs, including nursing. BRN F03                     2) F/T faculty x 1 -                                           2) FUNDED
     professional    recommendation to add additional full-time faculty       $75,000; 3) Year                                               3) FUNDED
     regulatory      with an increase in student numbers - Benchmarked        round Nursing
     mandates        NCLEX-RN pass rate has dropped over the past 3-4         Program Director x1
                     semesters. Provide NCLEX-RN review class; Need           = $90,000;
                     classroom - BRN recommendation to use clinical
                     simulation computer programs for pediatrics to
                     ensure sufficient learning opportunities for students

11   Provide          Replacing a retiring faculty member will allow the      F/T faculty X1 =       $75,000    FUNDED
     sufficient       Psychology program to maintain a minimal ratio of       $75,000
     number of        full to part-time instruction.
     taught by
     faculty in
12   Provide          Curriculum development-Math 58- has helped               F/T faculty X2 =   1) $75,000;   1) FUNDED
     students with    address the traditional qualified math faculty           $150,000            2) $75,000   2) FUNDED
     a responsive,    shortage and high adjunct to fulltime teacher ratios.
     quality          However, we are still consistently dropping classes
     mathematics      due to lack of staff. Staffing the math lab, large class
     program that     size, 45+, H.S.I. participation, Departmental Exams
     meets the        development, overload classes, and Math field day
     increasing       all tax the limited math staff. Never replacing Bret
     student          Roemer’s position – originally a fulltime math
     demand by        position and a lack of any fulltime math instructors
     developing       at EVC all require a fulltime commitment.
     and providing
     across the

13   Provide the      Students must meet the pre-requisites for courses in F/T x 1 = $75,000         $75,000    FUNDED
     sequence of      their majors for the AA, for transfer and for Gen.Ed.
     composition      English 50,51,1A are the pre-requisites in the
     classes in       sequence of English courses and are indirect pre-
     sufficient       requisites. 24 sections are taught by 7 FT (some of
     number for all   whom are on reduced loads) and 89 sections by 28
     students to      adjuncts
     achieve their
     plans in a

14    Adequately       There are no FT instructors teaching entirely in          F/T x 1 - $75,000 to             $75,000   FUNDED
      provide a        Spanish and only a limited availability of qualified      teach general
      curriculum in    adjuncts who can only teach in the evening. We            Spanish curr. And
      Spanish that     offer 22 sections. 2 are taught by Sottile;20 are         who specializes in
      is               taught by 12 adjuncts. It is the 2nd largest discipline   Spanish vocational
      comprehensiv     in the division, after English. We need to catch up       courses.
      e for transfer   to other colleges by reviving our fully transferable &
      and              vocational courses, i.e. Spanish for the Allied
      vocational       Medical professions, Spanish for Business, Spanish
      programs/        for Law Enforcement & Legal personnel, Spanish
      majors.          for the Hospitality Industry.

14a   Ensure           Students must meet the pre-requisites for courses in F/T x 1 = $75000                      $75,000
      sufficient       their majors for the AA, for transfer and for Gen.Ed.
      number of        English 50,51,1A are the pre-requisites in the
      classes in the   sequence of English courses and are indirect pre-
      sequence of      requisites. 24 sections are taught by 7 FT (some of
      composition      whom are on reduced loads) and 89 sections by 28
15    Update &         Core trans curriculum is outdated and no longer       One F/T faculty -                    $70,000
      implement        assists students in matriculation resulting in change $70,000
      Physical         of major from PE to Liberal Arts. This adds to
      Education        student time to degree after transfer.
      curriculum for
      the bachelors

16    Provide a        Replacement for retiring counselor. Additionally,         FTE Counselor                    $75,000   FUNDED
      comprehensiv     Transfer Counselor has been reassigned. Those             $75,000
      e program of     responsibilities are now 50% Simo. Increasing
      transfer         transfer is part of the Master Plan, a full-time
      services and     Transfer Counselor is required.
      information to
      increase the
      number of

                       Computers in the CTC are several years old and            13 computer and        $26,500             FUNDED
                       lack sufficient speed/memory. Student learning            workstations =
                       activities depend on information provided through         $26,500
                       time-sensitive computer hardware.

                        Space can be better utilized and increased               Customer service        $3,000
                       productivity will be assured with an ergonomically        work station =
                       functional modern work station.                           $3,000

17   Meet the        Since the EVC ASC lab’s opening in 2002, usage     ISA = $18,000                   $18,000
     burgeoning      has increased more than 1,500%. The number of
     demand for      basic skills courses offered at the EVC has nearly
     academic        doubled since 2003-04. To support the increased
     skills lab      EVC lab schedule to 44 hours a week, an additional
     facilities at   ISA is required to support the lab instructors.
     the EVC by
     and acquiring
     texts, and
     materials to
     support SLOs
     in English,
     math, foreign
     and ESL

                     Since the EVC lab’s opening in 2002, usage has      $12,500 annually                         $12,500
                     increased more than 1,500%, the number of basic
                     skills courses offered at the EVC requiring lab
                     support has nearly doubled since 2003-04, and
                     more than 52% COD’s student population comes
                     from the Eastern Valley. The EVC lab provides the
                     only study area and computer facilities to serve
                     these students. All support the need to maintain
                     current lab equipment and acquire instructional
                     materials to support SLOs in basic skills areas.

     Support         Federal and State law requires that students with   1 adaptive PC 9,000   $9,000                       FUNDED
     mandated        disabilities have equal access to instructional
     access to       services offered in labs. The adaptive PC in the
     instructional   EVC ASC Lab is currently not working and must be
     services ast    replaced.

                       Presently, there is one part-time counselor (20 Hrs. EVC counselor =                      $75,000
                       per week) assigned at EVC for a population of 1,800 $75,000
                       students, available only two days per week
                       (Wednesday and Thursday) for credit and non-credit
                       students. In addition, assigned EVC counselor is
                       seeing increased workload by assisting numerous
                       first-time individuals coming into the EVC facility for
                       college information and need to speak with the
                       counselor on a variety of issues such as financial
                       aid and transfer assistance.

                       Demands for expanded EVC, ESL, reading and             Personnel for                                 $102,000
                       writing services cannot be met with existing           Reading/ESL Lab - 1
                       facilities, equipment, and staff. Moreover,            lab liaison $40,000 -
                       reorganizing existing facilities will better support   1 FT ISA $38,000 -
                       ESL, and reading students. To meet these               1 half time ISA
                       demands we need a separate Reading/ESL Lab             $12,000 - Personnel
                       (including equipment and personnel), added ISA         for expanded EVC
                       support for the EVC lab, and an upgrade of PC's in     Lab 1 half time ISA
                       the Writing Lab.                                       $12,000

18   Meet the          There are currently NO appropriate facilities on       Partitioned &            $10,000             ????        $80,000   INST EQUIP
     transfer          campus and most students do not have access to         soundproofed                                                       Dependent
     requirements      this kind of facility off campus. Additionally, we     modular                                                            upon facility
     placed on         have no support staff available to assist students     building=$80,000.
     Music             and monitor a practice room facility. Without this     Four Spinet
     students (and     facility we cannot adequately serve the Music          pianos=$10,000.
     other             Major/music class student and achieve the SLOs as      F/T Lab Assistant to
     students          outlined in the aforementioned music courses.          monitor facility (cost
     enrolled in                                                              of bumping Mike
     music                                                                    Hadley's old position
     courses) to                                                              from "8" to "9").
     repertoire and
     creation of
     facilities that
     address the
     needs of
     students and
     contribute to
     their success

19   Meet the          Current gymnasium facilities that are 40 years old        1. Repair Ceiling     $10,000             $425,000   FUNDED
     minimum           have been documented to be unsafe and fail to             $50,000; 2.Replace
     State Safety      meet basic competitive standards. Specifically, tiles     floor $150,000; 3.
     and Athletic      are falling from the ceiling and are a safety hazard      Replace P.A.
     Conference        for Physical Education students, athletes, and fans.      $15,000; 4.Replace
     requirements      The wood floor has been infested by termites and is       Bleachers $200,000;
     for               not level in several places. The antiquated wiring        5. Replace
     Intercollegiate   and speaker system for public address has been            Scoreboards
     Basketball,       inoperable for 2 years. Dilapidated bleachers on          $10,000; 6.
     Volleyball,       both sides of the floor are unsafe for fans, as well as   Storage Cage
     P.E. students     a documented hazard for M & O employees who               $7,500. Total:
     and fans.         must activate the deployment mechanism system by          $432,500
                       hand, causing potential back injuries. The old
                       scoreboards need costly and frequent service and
                       repairs to keep in minimal operating condition.

20   VOIP              We currently have app. 1200 computers, 40            Network voiceover                    $70,000
     Specialist,       servers, 80 network switches & 500 phones on the IP specialist =
     Network/PC        network. The Moves, Adds and Changes of the          $70,000
     Specialist        telephones and the programming of the Call
                       Manager that used to be outsourced will be done in-
                       house. According to the CO guidelines, we are
                       extremely understaffed. This position in addition to
                       the VoIP will be assisting with PC & network duties.

     Provide the       With the addition of new labs, wireless access    CENIC 10 gig line &            $5,000
     infrastructure    points and increased internet traffic with web    peripherals=$5,000
     bandwidth to      enabled software, COD needs additional bandwidth.
     support           We currently are 80-90% saturated. Also, we are
     growth            paying for additional T1 lines
21   Maintain          Maintenance for MIS hardware and software;                2004-05 = $10,000     $10,000                        FUNDED
     college           increase in Datatel & HP maintenance FY 04-08             05-06 = $18,000
     information                                                                 06-07 = $90,000
     system                                                                      07-08 = $150,000
22   To improve        Purchase one new Security Cart every three years                       $6,500    $6,500
     campus            to improve maintenance and quality of Security
     safety - safety   Carts while reducing potential Worker's Comp
     training -        claims while spreading out the capital costs over
     Security          time.

23   To improve      Purchase three new chairs to replace existing chairs Chairs: $1,650 -      $41,960
     ergonomics of   that are ten years plus of age. Purchase flat screen Monitors: $40,310
     work            monitors to keep employees from working with titled
     environment     necks, ergonomic workstations, and ergonomic
     stations        equipment as needed. To include all items from last
                     year's list under Item 41.

24   Maintain        In order to increase the efficiency of classroom                  $5,100      $5,100
     campus          custodial care, key tasks have been identified and
     cleanliness     required completion times have been determined.
     standards       To properly clean the total area on campus each
                     night with the available staff, a team cleaning
                     approach has been planned. A critical element to
                     this approach is the elimination of hand vacuums
                     and their replacement with back pack vacs which
                     will allow the staff person to move readily from room
                     to room.

                     A 20" floor machine is needed to be able to clean                 $6,000      $6,000
                     and polish floors in classrooms. There are currently
                     not enough floor machines to be able to do more
                     than one building at a time. Two are needed (one
                     There are more than 60 restrooms on campus that                   $6,500      $6,500
                     need nightly cleaning. Equipment is available that
                     can reduce the average cleaning time from 1/2 hour
                     to 10 to 15 minutes, while at the same time making
                     the task "hands off" for the custodians.

                     By replacing the numerous smaller dumpsters with                 $80,000   $80,000
                     a single large trash compaction system, coupled
                     with a single recycling compactor, the numerous
                     dumpsters which are now emptied 5 days a week
                     could be eliminated. Ongoing cost would be
                     reduced, and appearances improved by not having
                     dumpsters in parking lots.

25   Reduce         Provide Bursar's Office and operation; restructure all          $150,000 ???            ???   ???
     frustration of cash-handling on campus into operation.
     paying fees;
     provide safe
     while dealing
     with money

26   Ensure that      We have over 40 servers & 80 network switches          Infrastructure         $20,000             FUNDED
     technological    and the numbers are increasing with new additions      scheduled upgrades
     infrastructure   of PCs. Upgrading them on schedule assures             = $20,000/year
     and              stability, security and prevents COD from a major
     computers        upgrade in any one year
     support the

                      Upgrade PCs based on a 5 year plan. The             PC scheduled             $100,000             FUNDED
                      recommended replacement plan is every 3 years       upgrades. This is a
                      (1200/5). We extend the warranty to 4th & 5th year. modest budget
                                                                          proposal assuming a
                                                                          replacement of app.
                                                                          250 computers/yr

                      The existing HP hardware would need a major            HP hardware &         $168,000
                      upgrade after 3 to 4 years, at which time the existing peripherals =
                      server can be used as a test server and a new one $168,000 (Datatel)
                      can be used as the production server to handle
                      approximately 15,000 clients (students, faculty &
                      Due to budget constraints, the yearly scheduled        Dell servers           $26,000             FUNDED
                      upgrades have not been done for couple of years.

27   Provide          The laboratory attendance & assignment                 1 liaison position,              $30,000
     expanded         requirement of Reading 50 is enforced haphazardly      non-teaching
     facilities,      and some teachers do not require it at all. There is   adjunct=$30,000.
     equipment        no coordination between classroom work and             Create SLOs & exit
     and              laboratory assignments. The Reading laboratory is      assessments for
     associated       part of the Writing Center & students are often        Reading 50,51 that
     staff and        tempted to do their Writing assignments. The           are supported by
     resources        software programs need to be reviewed and              Reading laboratory
     support to       organized. We need to enforce the requirement,         software &
     better serve     ensure that SLOs coincide with classroom &             assignments
     existing         laboratory materials
     programs and
     meet future
     demands in
     ASC labs.

                  This objective supports College Goal #2. Research           2 half time ISAs           $6,750              $24,000   $12,325   $1,500
                  demonstrates strong causal connections between              24,000
                  ASC services and student outcomes. Our                      Equipment &
                  resources have recently been depleted while                 Furniture 6,750
                  demand is increasing. We have a consistent need             Supply Budget
                  to maintain and upgrade equipment, software, and            12,325
                  services including a trained and adequate staff of          Food, training &
                  student workers. To support improved student                recognition 1,500
                  outcomes, we request two additional ISAs and                Total = 44,575
                  substantial increases in our equipment & furniture,
                  supplies, and food budgets to maintain these

                  The objective supports College Goal #2. Demands             Equipment for            $151,800             $102,000                      FUNDED
                  for expanded EVC, ESL, reading and writing                  Reading/ESL Lab
                  services cannot be met with existing facilities,            77,800 - Equipment
                  equipment, and staff. Moreover, reorganizing                or Writing Lab
                  existing facilities will better support ESL, and            74,000 - Personnel
                  reading students. To meet these demands we need             for Reading/ESL Lab
                  a separate Reading/ESL Lab (including equipment             - 1 lab liaison 40,000
                  and personnel), added ISA support for the EVC lab,          - 1 FT ISA 38,000 -
                  and an upgrade of PC's in the Writing Lab.                  1 half time ISA
                                                                              12,000 - Personnel
                                                                              for expanded EVC
                                                                              Lab 1 half time ISA

28   Provide a    (1) The established needs and demand for                    F/T faculty X 1 =                   $70,000    $25,200
     sufficient   Introduction to Sociology - 50+ students per                $70,000. Adjunct
     number of    section - (required of pre-Nursing), and Sociological       faculty rate ($2,800)
     sections     Analysis/Critical Thinking (General Education               X 9 sections =
     taught by    requirement) is ongoing and extremely high. (2)             $25,200
     qualified    Additionally, despite making many diligent attempts
     faculty in   to do so for ten years, the Department has
     Sociology.   encountered extreme difficulty finding/hiring
                  qualified adjunct locally. It is crucial, therefore, that
                  we hire at least one additional full-time faculty and
                  three additional adjunct faculty.

29    Meet the        Currently we have only one full time faculty person FT Faculty X1 =     $70,000
      need for:       who is devoting half their teaching load to the       $70,000
      academic        Science majors courses. We need to provide more
      advisement in   ―seamless‖ articulation for COD science majors to
      the Sciences    the UCs, Cal States and private universities. Also, a
      for             new course in Organismal Biology will require a
      professional    faculty person with an academic background in
      and research    population biology, ecology and evolution. Finally,
      schools;        his position is needed in order to adequately handle
      expertise in    the increase in education majors.
      Ecology and
      needs of

29a   Ensure          Replacing a retiring faculty member will allow the   F/T faculty X1 =   $70,000
      sufficient      Psychology program to maintain a minimal ratio of    $70,000.
      number of       full to part-time instruction.
      taught by
      faculty in
30    Meet the        Hire new full-time faculty to teach Chemistry.      FT Faculty x 1 =    $70,000
      demands for     Chemistry courses are prerequisites for the nursing $70,000
      increased       program. COD needs a sufficient number of faculty
      course          to meet the growing demands of this and the
      offerings for   transfer programs.
31    Provide for
      safe and
      operation and
      of the

     To improve        The tractors that M&O uses wre bought as surplus                        $25,000   $25,000
     groundskeepi      more than 30 years ago. They break down
     ng efficiency     constantly and parts are increasingly difficult to find.
     by reducing       This results in extended down time for using
     down time         equipment pulled by the tractors (such as grass
                       sweepers, dethatchers, trailers, etc.)

     To improve        The District does not own a functioning street                          $85,000   $85,000
     the               sweeper. As a result, litter and other refuse in the
     appearance        roadways and parking lots must be picked up by
     of parking lots   hand, a process that is time comnsuming and
     and roadways      inefficient. Because a number of groundskeepers
                       must be scheduled to do this task, it reduces the
                       abilityto maintain schedule with duties such as
                       mowing, edging and maintenance of the grounds.
                       Consequently, the roadways accumulate unsightly
                       trash before staff can get to it. A sweeper would
                       allow a wekly schedule performed by one person to
                       accomplish the cleanup.

32   Meet Safety       It has been 19 years since office and classroom                          $4,000                       $4,000
     and Health        opened. Students and parents should not be
     Standards         submitted to these conditions. Complete renovation
     and improve       of Golf Management classroom and office.
     in Golf
     Network Golf Include Golf Institute and Gym in computer network                           $15,000   $15,000
33   Ensure safety     Instructor range/safety equipment including ear and                      $1,000                                $1,000
     in all firearms   eye protections, red range instructor shirts and
     training and      miscellaneous items = $600.00 - b, Firing range
     reduce risk of    first aids kits (2) = $400.00
     injury in

34   Establish an A grants coordinator will increase grant revenue to             F/T grants writer =              $60,000
     effective grant the college.                                                 $60,000

35   Publicize and Marketing and publicizing the college's                     Provide additional         $750
     market the    accomplishments, achievements and goals is                  software, clip art,
     college       critical to COD mission.                                    and hardware,
                                                                               including 19 inch flat
                                                                               monitor -
     Assist others - PRO gets frequent requests from other departments Banners = $750                     $750
     participate in to use the banner for events. In addition, the banner
     events          is several years old and will soon wear out.

     Allow         Video is essential part of high school outreach, as         Video production                   $3,500 ?
     candidates to well as orientation and publicity efforts, and needs        cost: Up to $3,500
     visually view to be updated annually.                                     annually.
     college data

     Recruit at       Recruiting at area high schools is vital to COD’s        Viewbook: $10,000;       $21,000
     local high       growth and ability to maximize state growth funds.       Folders, $5,000;
     schools          Budget funds annually to produce and print               Brochure, $6,000;
                      Viewbook, Presentation Folders, COD Brochure.            plus ongoing annual
                                                                               costs to revise,
     Integrate CTD    Currently CTD, PIO & Alumni Assoc. do not           No Cost
     marketing        coordinate advertising. Media buys provide quantity
     plan w/ PIO to   price breaks that would save money & increase
     increase cost    buying power. Improve consistency of message.

     Ensure           All individuals working at COD represent the college                  $25,000     $25,000
     accurate         and, therefore, should "accurately" present the
     information is   particular facts and specifics consistently about
     consistently     COD. Development of common brochure
     provided to      incorporating "talking points" will be used by all COD
     students and     representatives at all the various occasions
     the general

36   Improve          Admissions and Financial Aid are in need of              Level 14 = 38,000             $38,000
     efficiency of    technological assistance to further advance and
     integrated       enhance its electronic capabilities and processes in
     student          order to fully comply with federally mandated
     systems. Hire    regulations.This position would assist both offices
     a full-time      with the integration of all required external systems
     dedicated        and the Datatel system. These systems often
     ―Enrollment      require ―customization‖ of the Datatel processes in
     Services‖        order to be able to retain compliance, improve
     (admissions      efficiency and use the student system to its fullest
     and financial    capacity.
     aid) Systems

     Provide          As the processing of financial aid continues to      8 PCs and 1 printer     $12,000                       FUNDED
     computers for    become more and more electronically generated, it = $12,000
     students and     is vital that COD has the technology to support
     staff in order   these advancements and the needs of our students
     to meet          and staff. Four computers will be designated as a
     external         student computer workstation that will allow
     federal          students to process and view financial aid data and
     requirements     information electronically. The Financial Aid Office
     and increase     will also be able to offer other electronic services
     electronic       and workshops.
     access for our

37   College wide     To develop the faculty and staff of the District to     50% support =                            $25,000 *
     staff            their fullest potential. This will include coordinating $25,000
     development      efforts between areas of the College and involved
     including        using the Center for Training and Development as a
     classified,      resource for staff development (previously on last
     faculty and      year’s list).
     Maintain         An important element in student learning is the      $50,000 per year                            $50,000
     adequate         professional knowledge and abilities of the faculty  (ongoing)
     support for      who teach them. Faculty need to stay current in
     faculty          their disciplines and receive training in various
     development      aspects of teaching and learning. In past years the
                      State of California provided funding to support such
                      professional development, but these funds were lost
                      in the budget cutbacks.

     Evaluate how       Currently CTD assists, but there is no overall plan or No Cost
     C.T.D. can         program. CTD has resources that can assist.
     assist w/          However, need to make decisions about CTD’s role,
     providing          contributions to organization & create integrated
     mandated &         plan.
     desired staff
     for classified
     staff, faculty &

38   Develop            The college needs ongoing training and                  Interest from                   $20,000 PARTIALLY
     learning-          development of faculty, administrative and classified   $525,000                               FUNDED
     centered           staff to support or lead to the improvement of          endowment to start;
     programs           student learning                                        increasing
     collegewide                                                                endowment will
                                                                                assist student
39   To improve         Purchase ten (10) fire proof filing cabinets for                    $16,337   $16,337
     the security of    Human Resource’s Office Storage. To secure an
     long term          area of the warehouse for the long term storage of
     personnel          personnel files to keep privacy requirements.
     records in
     with Board
40   Upgrade            Move to new modulars. Furnish new modulars.     $ need from Jerry
     facilities to      Maximize classrooms & equipment on-campus & off
     create a           to have sufficient space for programs. Avoid
     professional       duplications
     that reflects
     brand image
     and meets
     needs facility

41   Expand RN         Statewide nursing shortage; local nursing shortage         F/T tenure track         $150,000   $325,000
     program by        – current RN vacancies 120; Increased student              faculty x 2 =
     60 students in    demand – 279 applications for 30 spaces; E/W               $150,000. F/T
     response to       program had 155 applications for 20 spaces;                advisor/counselor x
     student and       Clinical ratio, faculty to students = 1:10/11. Transfer-   1 - $75,000. Faculty
     community         in situation requiring evaluation of 6-7                   stipends to bring
     demand            transcripts/student; increased demand for                  comparable with
                       advisement. Faculty recruitment difficult; bedside         community salaries
                       nurses make a minimum of $20,000 more than CC              = $200,000. F/T lab
                       faculty; program graduates of 2 years making more          coordinator x 1 =
                       than new faculty – AS vs MS degree. Student                $50,000
                       increase requires additional skills lab time, set-up,
                       simulation coordination

42   Implement         Retail is one of the 12 high growth industries in the      $150,000 for                                   $150,000
     R.S.C. Grant      country according to the DOL. 1 in 5 jobs                  infrastructure, tenant
     at Westfield      nationwide, 1 in 4 in C.V. DOL, NRF, Westfield &           improvements
     Shoppingtown      CCCCO have all recognized importance of the
                       industry in the area w/ significant contributions.
                       Need to build the RSC @ the mall by Feb 2005 to
                       meet lease & grant requirements.

43   Coordinate        Ensure that new facility meets industry standards &                           $0
     with A.T.A.S.     training requirements. Create opportunity for joint
     Program in        use for credit & fee-based offerings. I.D. potential
     Facilities        grant funding to assist.
44   Meet the ever-    One ESL retirement last year and another upcoming                       $70,000      $70,000
     increasing        this May, will create an inability to meet current
     needs in ESL      enrollment demands as well as increasing
     instruction in    enrollments. Large student population in both day
     the division by   and evening, off-campus and main campus ESL
     maintaining a     needs must be addressed and require leadership
     viable number     and commitment by a full-time position. After May,
     of faculty,       division will have only one full-time faculty and 54
     relevant          adjuncts to serve an ESL student population of
     curriculum,       1,800 students.
     and sufficient
     sections for
     all students.

45   Improve          Presently, there are two full-time ESL faculty for       5 adjuncts X 2                    $10,928
     quality of       1,800 students (after May 2005, only one). Stipends      Hr./Week X 30
     learning         for adjunct faculty would allow division to include      weeks @ $36.43 =
     environment      them in program review, curriculum review and            $10,928 Personnel
     for non-credit   development of SLO’s utilizing their leadership skills   Item
     ESL students     and ultimately benefiting our ESL program and
     by involving     quality of instruction to students.
     adjuncts in
     dialogue, and
     task force.
     by adjuncts in
     of curriculum
     in college

46   Meet the         Native speakers of Spanish enroll in the same            F/Tx1=$70,000, who      $70,000
     established      courses as non-native speakers. Yet, they have           specializes in
     needs of our     different linguistic & cultural needs. This is unfair    teaching native
     predominantly    placement for all these students. This causes non-       speakers of Spanish.
     Hispanic         native speakers of Spanish a lot of anxiety because      Offer Spanish for
     students for a   they cannot compete. We currently & insufficiently       native-speakers at
     comprehensiv     schedule one section in three levels. This is the        all levels, Elem.,
     e Native-        opposite situation of the 1.5 generation in English.     Inter., Adv., Day and
     Speakers                                                                  evening

47   Meet the       Create a FWS match amount that will increase the                      $105,000                $105,000
     established    student employment by 72%
     needs of
     students and
     campus by
     increasing the
     number of
     the campus

48   Maintain          This objective supports College Goal #2. Tutoring is Tutors - 108,000                      $122,843
     consistent        among the most direct means available to improve Student Workers -
     staffing to       student learning at College of the Desert. Having       14,050
     support an        an adequate number of tutors to meet assessed
     effective         demand is essential. Moreover, the operation of a
     student           tutoring facility requires an adequate staff of student
     learning in the   workers to assist with daily operations so that
     Tutoring          prepared materials are available, phones are
     Center.           answered, and students are assisted to access
                       tutorial services quickly and easily

     Provide           This objective supports College Goal #2. Tutoring is    Tutoring Facility (?)                         ?   $1,990   $1,500
     adequate          among the most direct means available to improve        Supply Budget 1,990
     facilities and    student learning at College of the Desert. The          Food, Training &
     resources to      Tutoring Center is divided into two separated rooms.    recognition 1,500
     support an        Connected classrooms would allow an effective
     effective         division of services while facilitating supervision.
     Tutoring          Supply budgets enable the purchase of textbooks
     Center            and other materials, and a food budget supports
                       tutor training and recognition activities, both of
                       which are important to improving student learning.

     Provide           This objective supports College Goal #2. Tutoring is    1 FT Tutor              $134,000
     adequate          among the most direct means available to improve        Coordinator - 67,000
     management        student learning at College of the Desert. The          1 FT Assistant
     staff to          amount of tutoring that may be offered is directly      Coordinator - 67,000
     coordinate        related to the number of supervising staff available.
     and regulate      To institutionalize current grant funded programs
     an effective      and to adequately supervise a program that is
     Tutoring          housed in two locations and is open for 62 hours a
     Center.           week, we are requesting increases in managerial

49   Bring           Significant number of reports to various agencies,       1) 10 monitors       1) $8000     2) $6000    1) FUNDED
     program/depa    NLNAC, BRN, BVNPT, CCCCO, NWI requirements               @$500=$5,000,                                 2) NOT
     rtment up to    to collect, track, and report student/program            CISCO switch =                                FUNDED
     current         demographics have doubled, Each agency                   $3,000; 2)
     technological   requests slightly different data; need electronic data   Consultant (create
     standards to    base designed to respond to the different requests;      database/s) x 1 =
     improve         current manual method is time consuming,                 $6,000
     response        decreasing staff time for other activities; increased
     ability to      numbers of students require more time to projects.
     agency and      Upgrade computer lab monitors to increase space
     student needs   accommodating more students. IS recommendation
                     to add CISCO switch; all data ports populated; no
                     room to add any equipment into the digital network.
                     BRN recommendation to use computer simulation
                     activities to provide optimal learning situations for
                     improved student outcomes.

                                                                          Computer simulation        $200,000               FUNDED
                                                                          models (2) @
                                                                          $100,000 EA =
50   Implement     In AY 03-04, feasibility study done; Results list five Stipend for faculty                      $4,600
     the two       recommendations; CDC is the model lab school for development of a
     training and the ECE program, serving as the training center for computerized
     orientation   all ECE students. Many ECE students work as CDC orientation course
     recommendat tutors; Past two years the advisory committee has        for CDC tutors (100
     ions from the recommended that NAEYC accreditation be                hrs
     NAEYC         obtained; Safety of children cared for by tutors and @$40/hr=$4,000).
     accreditation ECE students improved by additional training           Faculty
     feasibility   sessions.                                              reimbursement for
     study for the                                                        four training
     CDC.                                                                 sessions on health
                                                                          and safety issues
                                                                          and room
                                                                          arrangement (15

51   Increase          Presently, one part-time academic counselor is                 $31,475             $31,475
     matriculation     available to our 2,000 non-credit students
     of ESL            approximately 6 hours a week. One part-time (50%)
     (Levels 5 & 6)    counselor focusing on the needs of our non-credit
     and ABE           students at PDC and EVC sites could design and
     (GED/High         implement a comprehensive plan to increase
     School            matriculation of our students toward college credit
     Completion)       courses. Cost: 1 PT counselor X 24 Hrs. X 36
     students into     weeks @ $31,475 plus benefits. Possibility of
     college credit    having academic counselor at 50% part-time
     courses,          dedicated to EVC site and 50% dedicated at Dev Ed
     certificates,     division could be considered as need for one full-
     vocational        time counselor.
     and degree

     To ensure         Presently, there is one part-time counselor (20 Hrs.           $75,000             $70,000
     student           per week) assigned at EVC for a population of 1,800
     success,          students, available only two days per week
     have in place     (Wednesday and Thursday) for credit and non-credit
     at EVC facility   students. In addition, assigned EVC counselor is
     academic          seeing increased workload by assisting numerous
     counseling        first-time individuals coming into the EVC facility for
     support to        college information and need to speak with the
     assist            counselor on a variety of issues such as financial
     students in       aid and transfer assistance. Cost: FT Academic
     their             Counselor X 1 - $70,000 Full time counselor
     educational       position would spend approximately 40% workload
     endeavors         at PDC (ESL and ABE students) and 60% workload
     toward            at EVC for credit and non-credit students..
     A.A. degree
     and transfer

52   Implement,        This position was fully funded prior to Michael Gold FTE Counselor       $75,000
     coordinate        leaving in July 2003. The position was not refilled  $75,000
     and maintain      and combined with the reduced workload of 2 other
     a campus          counselors, the counselors lost the equivalent of 2
     wide first year   FTE positions.

53   Improve          The faculty needs assistance in maintaining the         Propose student                              $9,520
     Safety of the    nursery and outside laboratory during the academic      assistance as
     EH/ TM           year including winter and summer recess to keep to      follows: Fall
     Facility         OSHA standards and student safety standards.            semester: 16 weeks
     Operations                                                               x 20 hr/ week x
                                                                              $8.75/hr= $2,800 -
                                                                              Winter Break -4
                                                                              weeks x 32 hr/week
                                                                              x $8.75 hr= $1120
                                                                              - Spring Semester -
                                                                              16 weeks x 20
                                                                              hr/week x $8.75 =
                                                                              $2800 - Summer
                                                                              Break - 10 weeks x
                                                                              32hr/week x $8.75/hr
                                                                              = $2800 Total Cost

     Maintain         Due to sun-setting of external funding, it is           Cost = $8,000 -                    $15,000
     EH/TM            necessary to supplement funding for supplies, tools,    Instructional
     Facility at      maintenance of equipment, and the purchase of           Supplies -Necessary
     OSHA,            new equipment as follows: Maintenance of existing       for laboratory -
     Student          equipment to OSHA/ Student Safety Standards             assignments: seed,
     Safety and       which includes: mowers, tractors, aerifyers, seeders,   plans, irrigation
     Industry         green houses, fertilizer injectors, EZ-Go, Gator,       parts, clocks, timers,
     Standards        Chain Saws, Engine sets, hand tools, Shade              pots, soil. Cost=
                      Houses, air compressors, welding supplies used in       $7,000
                      laboratory classes.

54   Reestablish      Achieve SLOs required in all facets of Technical   1 F/T Technical               $75,000
     instructional    Theatre training. Allow for completion of degree   Theatre Faculty =
     program in all   requirements for all Theatre students, and improve $75,000
     areas of         articulation agreements. Implement and oversee
     Technical        future goals of facilities and Program self-
     Theatre which    sufficiency. Train students to enter the quickly
     will increase    expanding, local technical production employment
     safety,          market. Teaching load includes multiple production
     employment       components which requires time faculty position.
     training and
     full need for
     student and
     program self-
     sufficiency in

55   Comply with       Local documentation and previous Federal E.A.D.A.        1. Softball dugouts                         $1,417,500
     Federal Title     reports filed by College of the Desert point to a        and renovate
     IX mandates       potential compliance issue regarding the differences     Baseball dugouts
     and safety        that exist between Softball and Baseball facilities.     (safety) $20,000;
     standards to      Federal Law requires the college to make a               2. Softball and
     ensure            reasonable effort to give male and female athletes       Baseball backstop
     reasonable        access to similar quality of facilities. Currently, as   and safety netting
     equity            compared to Baseball, Softball facilities lack           $8,000;           3.
     between           dugouts, appropriate backstop, batting cage, and         Softball batting cage
     Women's           scoreboard. Moreover, the existing aging Baseball        & pitching machine
     Softball and      facilities contain numerous safety hazards and are       $20,000;          4.
     Men's             in need of updating, including pedestrian,               Softball and
     Baseball          automobile, and driver hazards due to foul balls         Baseball
     facilities.       leaving the field of play.                               Scoreboards
                                                                                $40,000;          5.
                                                                                Fencing and wind
                                                                                screening for both
                                                                                facilities $7,500;
                                                                                6. Infield renovation
                                                                                for both facilities
                                                                                $12,000;           7.
                                                                                Softball/ Baseball
                                                                                $1,300,000. 8.
                                                                                Bleachers $10,000.

56   Meet              In order to meet the established needs of program F/T faculty X 1 =              $70,000
     instructional     demand in Geography we need to regularly offer the $70,000.
     demands in        Geography course series (Geog 1,2,7,10). We offer
     Geography by      an AA degree in Geography but most of these
     adding            courses have not been scheduled since retirement
     qualified FT      of the FT instructor.
57   Achieve                                                                    2 PT ISA = $22,372                $22,372
     staffing needs    For 2005/06, the dollar amount of the DSPS
     to provide        WorkAbility Contract with DOR has been frozen at
     appropriate       the 2003/04 amount. Salary steps and other fixed
     services and      cost increases will require the elimination of the 2
     instruction for   part time ISA’s positions in the DSPS HTC. The
     DSPS              elimination of these positions will be necessary to
     students.         remain within contract funding and the DSPS state
                       allocation in 2005/06.

58   Comply with      California Energy Commission 2005 Standards will                      $4,000    $4,000
     new State        now include Non-Residential as well as Residential
     Energy Codes     Tight Duct Testing for compliance credits to obtain
     in HVAC          new construction building permits. Create a new lab
     Program.         station for tight duct testing.

     Ensure that      State Building Codes and Energy Standards change                      $2,000             $2,000
     all courses      every 3 years to 5 years. Students need to maintain
     comply with      a current understanding of these changes to secure
     State Building   good paying jobs in the marketplace. Purchase
     Codes and        Title 24 software.
     within HVAC

59   Maintain         It is necessary for students to access automotive                     $3,000             $3,000
     Automotive/Al    computers to determine problems and acquire data
     ternate fuels    that will help the diagnose engine and chassis
     programs         related problems. The automotive industry is
     current with     changing at an extremely rapid pace and is in the
     State            process of implementing a new computer data
     emission         system. Upgrade software for automotive computer
     (SMOG)           scan tools to maintain industry standards and to
     standards        maintain our status as a Certified Clean Air Course
     and industry     with Bureau of Automotive Repair (SMOG
     technology       technician licensing).

     Provide          The items below are mandatory so that students          This information is                       $1,930
     students with    have the proper specification and instructions to do    required by the State
     up-to-date       specific tasks. The students also gain practice in      of California to
     vehicle          retrieving the information in a computer environment    maintain our status
     service          which is the standard of the industry. Renew            as a Clean Air Car
     information      subscription to Mitchell On-Demand CD-Rom based         Course School. =
     and SMOG         Service manual. This information is required by the     $1,850.00. Renew
     standards        State of California to maintain our status as a Clean   subscription to the
                      Air Car Course School. Renew subscription to the        Emission Control
                      Emission Control Application Guide. This                Application Guide.
                      publication is required by the State of California to   This publication is
                      maintain our status as a Clean Air Car Course           required by the State
                      School.                                                 of California to
                                                                              maintain our status
                                                                              as a Clean Air Car
                                                                              Course School. =

60   Meet the         Our current ISA, Mark Rizzo, is planning to be on        Hire full-time,                              $4,704
     needs of, and    leave for April and May 2005. We need to replace         temporary ISA for 2
     support,         him with someone with equivalent skills for that         months @
     CIS/CS           time.                                                    $2,352.00/mo.
     using our
     open lab
61   Plan for         Recent reports authored by the U.S. Surgeon                          $27,000     $24,000                       $3,000             PARTIALLY
     student and      General, as well as notable research universities,                                                                                FUNDED
     staff fitness    have demonstrated that many chronic diseases and
     and wellness     illnesses are linked to personal lifestyle choices,
     needs.           which include an understanding and participation in
                      fitness and health promotion /prevention activities.
                      The college currently does not have a facility to
                      promote and support such activities. Additionally,
                      we do not currently have the space to meet the
                      needs of over 1200 students enrolled in fitness-
                      related classes.

62   Create and      Maximize existing pathway information as COD              $85,000 - F/T                     $85,000   $10,000            $10,000
     coordinate an works w/ K-12. There is currently a p/t grants              position. $10,000 -
     integrated S-T- funded position @ C.T.D., ($60,250). Funding is not       stipends. $10,000 -
     C/Tech Prep guaranteed for the future & there is no plan for              outreach mtls
     function &      sustainability.

63   Enhance          Social Science faculty wish to develop or implement      6 laptops x $2,000 = $13,800                                             PARTIALLY
     student          technology into their lectures, publications,            $12,000. Adobe       (allocate                                           FUNDED
     learning in      presentations and lesson plans. This will improve        software suite -     $11,200)
     social science   lecture efficiency, promote student comprehension        $800. Digital Video
     through          and improve student performance. The                     camera - $1,000.
     update of        implementation of Powerpoint and other software          Total: $13,800
     equipment.       and learning tools into lectures will enable lecturers
                      to keep pace with their national counterparts by
                      providing them the technology that better meets
                      program requirements and student needs.

64   To maintain       Current mail cart continues to break down and have                      $5,500   $5,500
     and expand        mechanical problems. The cart is too small to
     campus mail       accommodate the quantity of mail to be delivered
     services and      throughout the campus. Deliveries have to be
     increase cost     limited due to small space on our type of cart. The
     efficiency        cart was in used condition when donated some time
                       ago. Current mailing equipment is beginning to fail
                       and will need to be upgraged to digital technology.
                       This will not only increase efficiency but the
                       technology is designed to create cost saving in
                       mailing handling and outgoing postage.

65   Assess the     Year One: Retail/Hospitality A.F./ Environmental           $75,000 for 3                              $75,000
     educational    Tech G.I.S. / I.T.S                                        assessments
     needs of
     business &
     industry, in
     conjunction w/
     programs, to
     identify new
     or updated

66   To provide        We currently depend on student employees to             PT assistance            $6,000   $6,000
     and extend        provide the assistance. The district needs              $6,000
     services to all   permanent staff to develop the web services in order
     students          to provide continued enhanced web service               4 Computers & 1
     needing           assistance. When student employees are not              printer - $6,000
     assistance        available to work the center -- that becomes a bad
     with web          public relations item as well as a possible deterrent
     services; to      for students who do not have a PC or are not PC
     provide and       literate. Need secured web assistance center that
     educate           includes 4 pc and monitors and 1 printer. We have
     students; to      borrowed PC and monitors in an unsecured area.
     self-help in      Mouses continue to become "lost" and students
     regards to        walk in to use for internet purposes.
     degree shop

     Upgrade A &      The counter as designed is not student friendly.         Counter & Seating        $11,000   $50,000
     R lobby and      Students are jammed into tight quarters (not OSHA        area = 50,000
     services to      compliant), must wait standing, outside in heat/cold     Ticket/Number
     promote          due to volume. A set up like the county is needed.       system w/PA - 1,000
     effective        Seating area is needed to provide for waiting
     customer         instead of standing.                                     8 computers -
     service          Processing of student requests during priority and       10,000
                      late registration as quickly as possible is imperative
                      to the wait in line. Lines could be assisted more
                      effectively with faster computers and printers at
                      each station.

67   Improve office   We currently have close to 55 adjunct faculty in Dev                 $19,670                $19,670
     environment      Ed division who share two small desks. There is no
     by adding        other office space available for them to use for a
     office space     variety of purposes in performing their duties as
     for adjunct      instructors, as well as meeting with students.
     faculty to       Converting one of the 2nd floor alcoves (southwest
     serve            corner area) into adjunct faculty office space will
     students in      enhance the availability of offices and provide more
     DE               of a positive learning and support environment for

68   Enhance          To be able to utilize technology more widely in our                      $6,880    $6,880
     instructional    Dev. Ed. ESL classes in Palm Desert and also
     delivery.        expose our students to technology and teach them
     Provide          how to use it. In addition be able to do technology
     faculty and      driven presentations (power point, etc.) in our
     student          classes. At the present time the division does not
     instructional    have an LCD projector for its direct use. Cost:
     assistance as    Equipment 2 LCD projectors & 1PC with rolling cart
     well as          = $6, 880
     access to
     support of the

69   To maintain       Expandable targets to be used by Level I, II and III      Expandable targets        $2,400
     the existing      in the POST firearms training. Pistol and shotgun         to be used by Level
     firearms          ammunition used for demonstration purposes in the         I, II and III in the
     training in the   POST firearms training . Gun cleaning material and        POST firearms
     POST              kits used at the range for student training . Portable    training = $1,000.00.
     Program.          canopy for range to be located near the firing line for   Pistol and shotgun
                       first aid/instructor control center                       ammunition used for
                                                                                 purposes in the
                                                                                 POST firearms
                                                                                 training = $600.00.
                                                                                 Gun cleaning
                                                                                 material and kits
                                                                                 used at the range for
                                                                                 student training =
                                                                                 $400.00. Portable
                                                                                 canopy for range to
                                                                                 be located near the
                                                                                 firing line for first
                                                                                 aid/instructor control
                                                                                 center = $400.00

70   Improve the       Replace or refurbish old and worn out center              25,000 - 5,000 -         $27,000             $9,753   $5,000
     social,           furniture. Paint and panel the game room. Install         2,000 - PT Asst =
     learning , and    security systems. Day time Student Center                 9753
     safety            Assistant 19.5 hrs week
     of the Student

71   Meet State        The EOPS program provides 400 students with             1 FT Faculty =                       $70,000
     regulations       counseling & transfer services on an annual basis. 70,000
     for Director of   The College is required to support a full-time, tenure-
     EOPS              tracked faculty director.
72   Improve           Special lab equipment. Currently, we must go to                        $15,000     $15,000
     instructional     CSUSB for the use of a special spectrophotometer;
     lab               this will provide a site-based unit for lab use and
     equipment.        provide hands-on experience for chemistry students.

73   Create a          As enrollments increase and programs expand,              Faculty stipend to       $4,000                $4,000
     division          additional staff and faculty are being added to the       create an outline and
     orientation       division. Knowledge of division policies/processes        process for the
     process for       will assist new hires to comply with regulatory issues    orientation. 100 hrs
     new faculty       as well as division particulars. The HS/ECE division      @ $40/hr = $4,000
     and staff.        is complex in the number of regulatory and
                       contractual mandates affecting students and faculty.
                       The increase of adjunct faculty in the clinical setting
                       creates a need to impart critical information such as
                       unusual occurrence actions, needle-stick follow-up,
                       and other safety concerns in the health care setting.
                       The use of alternative scheduling means that more
                       individuals will be working evening and weekend
                       hours when others are not on campus. These
                       individuals need to know how to respond to student
                       issues that arise in the clinical setting.

74   Provide for       The pool at College of the Desert is currently not in Pool Repair:                          $1,200,000
     student and       operation and will be out of commission through       $1,200,000
     staff aquatic     much of the new campus construction. Following
     fitness needs.    construction, the pool will need to be renovated and
                       brought up to County Health Code. Since the City
                       of Palm Desert does not have a pool, the college
                       provides access for credit instruction for COD
                       students, COD staff wellness, local residents, high
                       school competition and age-group swim clubs.

75   Provide           As alternative teaching calendars and special         Additional support
     comparable        programs are implemented, students will be on         staff as determined
     student           campus in greater numbers during the entire           by Student Services
     services on a     calendar year. Students with learning disabilities,
     year round        hearing/visual deficits, etc. currently are unable to
     basis for all     be evaluated and receive services important to
     students, i.e.    student success during times other than the normal
     Counseling,       semester (VN students in the summer) Counseling
     Bookstore,        needs (advisement and personal) are needed
     DSP&S,            during times other than the traditional semester.
     library, health   Students in non-traditional semesters are unable to
     services          receive assistive aids such as note takers, tape
                       recorders, etc.

     Ensure that       We have media setup requests as well as need for Position will be                 $25,000
     Ed Tech           technical assistance in the evenings, esp. adjuncts. responsible for
     services                                                               media assistance for
     facilitate                                                             evening classes

76   Maintain          The Federal funding for TRIO Programs is not            17 days at $400          $6,800
     consistent        adequate to match with the District’s staff annual      daily = $6,800
     and optimal       merit increases. The ACES Program needs
     services to       assistance with funding to maintain consistency in
     meet              its services. The funding is needed to continue to
     established       rehire an ACES counselor for 192 days to ensure
     needs of          the program’s ability to provide transfer, personal
     ACES              and academic counseling services to the required
     students in       number of ACES participants, and to adhere to the
     compliance        grant’s goals and objectives.
     with U.S.
     Dept. of

77   Link a Basic      A co-requisite Core Curriculum in the Basic         Increased adjuncts         TBD
     Skills Core       Skills—Reading & Writing—would ensure that          for Reading
     Curriculum in     students reinforce these skills during the same     sections. Costs TBD
     Reading &         semester. We would link Reading 50 & English 50,
     Writing.          Reading 51 & English 51 when students score
                       accordingly in their placement test. Because of the
                       double laboratory attendance requirement at the 50
                       level, we would reduce it to 1.5 hrs/wk. for each
                       course. We would add a laboratory attendance
                       requirement to the 51 level. WRAAP students show
                       greater success & persistence when they participate
                       in that program.

78   Maintain right-   Right-size enrollment for each class (29 for English)   Costs for holistic                $3,000
     size classes      allows teachers & students to work/teach/learn          scoring-
     & integrity of    effectively & efficiently. Students do not receive      $3000/semester.
     instructional     sufficient instruction on research skills for them to   Possible additional
     standards &       apply successfully in their general education           cost if we change
     objectives to     courses. We also lack a departmental holistic exit      Eng 51 to 4 units to
     maximize          assessment process that would allow for proper          increase instruction
     students’         progression through a common rubric or portfolio        in research skills.
     learning to       product.
     effectively &

79   Ensure high       Reduced load (2004-06)& Retirement (2005-06) of         FT x 1 in                        $210,000   $30,000
     levels of         one teacher in Papermaking, Art History, Sculpture,     Dimensional
     quality in Vis.   increasing enrollments in Art History & most other      replacements =
     Arts are          courses, growth in Digital & B/W Photo, Drawing,        $70,000. FTx1 in 2
     adhered to,       Painting & Ceramics, the establishment of the MCA       dimensional =
     sustained by      as an integral part of Art program, health issues of    $70,000. FTx1 in Art
     viable            current faculty all necessitate sustenance of quality   History = $70,000.
     curriculum &      in curriculum & teaching faculty.                       PT (Ceramics) ISA
     strongest                                                                 to FT = $10,000. Pt
     possible                                                                  (Photo Lab Tech) to
     faculty/staff                                                             FT - $10,000. New
     support                                                                   PT ISA
                                                                               (Drawing/Paintint) =

80   Determine         Native speakers of Spanish enroll in the same        Placement tests are
     with efficiency   courses as non-native speakers, mostly in the first available. Cost TBD
     & expediency      semester courses. Non-native speakers come to
     the               COD having had some language background.
     competency        Counselors & Spanish faculty when consulted by
     level of our      students conduct an oral interview with students for
     students in       placement. Other colleges have acquired
     Spanish           placement tests for foreign languages.

81   Evaluate how Meet educational needs of students in most cost              No Cost
     CTD can fill effective & appropriate way
     the gaps
     through the

82   To provide        Current delivery cart is approximately 30 years old                 $10,000    $10,000
     ongoing           and is unsafe to operate. A newer, safer and more
     delivery          cost efficient vehicle for delivering materials
     service on        throughout the campus is needed.
     Meet seismic      Current shelving for storage is wooden and is not                   $50,000                                   $50,000
     safety            safe in the event of an earthquake.
     standards in

83   Construct one   (1) The established and increasing need/high            Conversion of a                  $100,000
     dedicated       demand for Social Science Statistics Soc 3 (turn        classroom to a fully
     Social          away numbers every semester). (2) The existing          equipped smart
     Science         Math Department and Business/Computer Science           classroom =
     Computer        (currently being utilized) Laboratories do not          $100,000 (estimate)
     Laboratory      adequately accommodate the Social Science
     with software   Department’s requirements. (3) A mobile computer
     and internet    facility is insufficient for the high demand needs of
     database        Soc 3. Therefore, it is crucial that we dedicate a
     access for      room in the Social Science/Math Complex for this
     Social          laboratory.
     (Soc 3) and
     other Social

84   Provide each    Right now we allow 45 students in our Math 58 labs 11 computers x              $16,500
     student in      but we only have 34 computers. Each student is         $1,500 (est) =
     Math 58 lab     required to take a daily quiz to test his/her grasp of $16,500
     with a          the daily HW assignment. Things would flow
     computer to     smoother if we had a computer for each student.
     use for daily
     quizzes and

85   Upgrade and Purchase new equipment for Physics, Chemistry,              Equipment =            $45,000
     improve       and Geology                                               $45,000

86   Meet the         Current facilities do not meet space requirements            1. Stagecraft Center:            ##########
     demands of       for: rehearsals, training, makeup application,               $25,000,000. 2.
     Performing       performance dressing areas, production storage,              Performing Arts
     Arts and         performance areas. The number of students                    Center: $25,000,000
     Dance            enrolled in performance related courses and
     students         overlapping performance schedules cannot be
     enrolled in      adequately served by current facilities. Program
     courses with     Review has clarified the need to re-address
     rehearsal and    implementation of plans already in progress and
     performance      partially funded. Current facilities are inadequate
     components.      and unsafe for implementation of improving
     Improve          educational outcomes. Current facilities are
     educational      separated into two buildings: scene shop/M2
     outcomes and     costume/props storage. To control the inventory
     develop self-    and upkeep of all items, a single facility will facilitate
     sufficiency in   effectively maintaining all equipment and materials
     the              created for program productions. The current
     Performing       storage for stock Production materials is outside.
     Arts Division.   The costume-props area is housed in a building that
                      is shared with the music program. Further, it is
                      infested with rodents which are causing damage to
                      contents and posing a health hazard to personnel
                      working in the vicinity.

87   Bring            Computers in B-7 and B-8 currently have 512 KB of            Computers in B-7        $9,000
     computers in     memory, which is marginal for latest versions of             and B-8 currently
     B-7 and B-8      some software: e.g., Dreamweaver MS 2004 and                 have 512 KB of
     up to            Office 2003. Purchase 30 512 KB memory                       memory, which is
     minimum          upgrades for B7 . Purchase 30 512 KB memory                  marginal for latest
     configuration    upgrades for B-8                                             versions of some
     for latest                                                                    software: e.g.,
     versions of                                                                   Dreamweaver MS
     software.                                                                     2004 and Office
                                                                                   2003. Purchase 30
                                                                                   512 KB memory
                                                                                   upgrades for B7 @
                                                                                   $145.00 each =
                                                                                   Purchase 30 512 KB
                                                                                   memory upgrades
                                                                                   for B-8 @145 each =

88   Maintain    Purchase 1 PT training dummy required by POSY                                 $1,700      $1,700
     POST Post   (POST dummy drag)
     Program and
89   Meet C.O.A.      As identified in the Facilities Master Plan, aging and    1. New Statium:          $512,000             $6,000,000
     standards for    unsafe Football and Soccer facilities need to be          $6,000,000. 2. Field
     Football and     brought up to standards for competition, as well as       excavation/irrigation:
     Soccer.          provide liability protection for the college. A new       $200,000. 3.
                      stadium has been approved to house Football, Men          Lighting: $300,000.
                      and Women's Soccer, and Men and Women's                   4. Scoreboard:
                      Cross Country. Current stadium facilities are a           $12,000. Total:
                      safety hazard for Football, and Soccer does not           $6,512,000
                      have a facility for training, meetings, and
                      shower/lockers. Reconfiguring the Soccer and
                      Football fields, as outlined in the Facilities Master
                      Plan, will allow for a more efficient use of land. This
                      will require irrigation, excavation, lighting, and
                      stadium expenses.

90   Complete the     The CV/PS region has a long & pleasant historical         FT instructor x                     $70,000   TBD          TBD
     creation of a    relationship with the motion picture & TV industry        1=$70,000.
     viable           from its very earliest years. It has been & still is a    Internship program,
     Television-      retreat for stars & celebrities. Today, we have           advisory committee,
     Motion           witnessed the creation of 3 TV stations, 3                additional curricula
     Picture          International Film Festivals & an emergent                to create a Major in
     program          infomercial production industry. The many active &        Broadcasting, a
     which            retired movie & TV professionals serve as an              Major in the Cinema,
     provides Gen     intellectual resource for advisory committees,            and a Major in
     Ed &             fundraising, instruction opportunities, all related to    Entertainment
     technical        film, TV, Visual Culture & digital media.                 Business: Cost TBD.
     training to                                                                The programs would
     students to                                                                be centered in a
     enter the                                                                  studio-designed
     fields of Film                                                             facility with a
     Entertainment                                                              screening room, film
     & TV                                                                       libraries, etc.: TBD

91   Strengthen &     We have not focused on the Speech &                     ft TECH X 1 -                      $40,000   $100,000
     ensure that      Communication fields in the recent past. We need        $40,000 INCLUDES
     courses in       to provide students an advanced course in public        BENEFITS. New
     Speech,          speaking in specific areas such as business             course: Advanced
     Journalism,      presentations, legal settings, political environments   Public Speaking
     MC align with    and the K-12 classroom when they follow these           absorbed by
     vocation &       potential career paths. We need to create a             division. Computer
     transfer         classroom academic environment that would mimic         Lab: $100,000
     needs            the real world of print & broadcast news production
     through          to enable students to produce, research, report and
     currency in      write news & features under deadline pressures with
     curriculum &     instructor supervision. The Smart Classroom allows
     Smart            students in several disciplines to use up-to-date
     Classroom/Co     technology.
     mputer lab.

92   Increase the     Although healthy, with constantly growing               Reinstatement of Art                                    $5,000
     number of        enrollments, Art programs need to increase the          Articulation Day with
     Visual Arts      number of declared majors.                              high schools;
     majors                                                                   creation of
                                                                              brochures, a website
                                                                              and other
                                                                              promotional items =
                                                                              Continuation of
                                                                              (already funded).
93   Bring fully in   The Arts & Sciences are but opposite sides of the       FTx1 MCA                 $70,000   $10,000                       $20,000
     line the MCA     same coin. Through the integration of these two         instructor/director/cu
     educational      areas of knowledge, students will be stimulated in      rator=$70,000. PT
     mission at       creative ways in problem-solving. We need to            Admin Secy=
     COD,             connect more strongly with Art and the general          $10,000. Training of
     implementing     student population & faculty. The curriculum, the       Art student workers;
     a sound          Docent program & the director/curator/faculty are       Gallery Operation
     education-       still only tentative attempts at stabilization and      curriculum; Creation
     focused          institutionalization.                                   of a formal Docent
     program of                                                               program. Other
     exhibitions,                                                             budget needs for
     lecture/perfor                                                           exhibits: $20,000
     mance                                                                    min./yr.
     venues, &

94   Meet              In order to meet the continuing high demand for        F/T faculty X1 =                   $70,000
     instructional     General Education courses in Philosophy, and also $70,000
     demands in        to be able to offer forthcoming elective courses
     Philosophy        which are designed to capitalize on the
                       demonstrated student appeal of the very popular
                       General Education courses in Philosophy (11 out of
                       the 12 sections currently offered in Philosophy are
                       Gen Ed), an additional full-time instructor will be
                       needed in order to maintain an adequate ratio of full-
                       time to part-time instruction.

95   Meet student      Students write their own Student Learning                             $1,400                        $1,400
     needs and         Outcomes as part of the CWEE course. The CWEE
     maintain a        provides students with packets and orientation
     student-          materials. Non-instructional Supplies (basics): copy
     centered          center and printing (flyers and posters for
     environment       advertisement of class and internships, student
     in the CWEE       packets/syllabus, required forms), and postage
96   Meet the          Instructors would like the opportunity to occasionally   Outfit 5 labs:         $33,565
     needs of the      educate students by using videos. However, the           DVD/VCR ($250) x 5
     students by       Science Building is not equipped for this function.      = $2,500. Speakers
     providing         Therefore, we would like to upgrade the labs with        ($1,000) x 5 =
     audio-visual      audio-visual equipment to enable instructors to          $5,000 Installation
     systems in        maximize their resources                                 ($2,000) x 5 =
     the labs found                                                             $10,000 Other
     in the Science                                                             equip & taxes
     Building.                                                                  ($3,215) x 5 =
                                                                                $16,065 Total =

     Ensure that       Upgrade the media equipment in LA 6, 10, 11, B10,        LCD projectors,        $50,000
     scheduled         and 11 to be at par with the media equipment in          computers, DVD,
     maintenance       other buildings. The equipment currently in those        VCR, etc. in a media
     & upgrades        rooms are very minimal & they are obsolete. The          cabinet @ $10,000 =
     are followed      upgrade will make these rooms comparable to the          $50,000
     to keep up        rooms in math/sci buildings.
     with the
     increase in
     use & stability
     of the

      New Sci Lab - Upgrade computers and interfaces which connect      Interface boxes                    $23,000
      Switch -      sensors to computers. (Current equipment in need =$8,000 Computers
      Furniture     of upgrade; lacking other pieces of equipment which = $15,000
                    enhances learning environment; poor lab
                    experiences for students) Computers, interfaces for
97    Provide           Secretarial support is essential in providing service   29.5-hour/week, 10                             $18,630
      secretarial       to both students and employers who are                  month position/40
      support in the    participating in the program. Currently the position    weeks salaries =
      Work              is a 19.5-hour, 9-month position and has been paid      $16,933.00 +
      Experience        by the VTEA (Perkins Act) funds. The VTEA grant         benefits
      Education         might end soon and District funding would be
      office in order   necessary in order to keep this position.
      to meet
      student needs
      and maintain
      a student-

98    Upgrade and Increase staff support for Astronomy, Geology, and            1/2 time classified =                          $15,000
      improve     Physics                                                       $15,000 (est)
99    Meet the          Hire full-time faculty for Physics/Astronomy            FT Faculty x 1 =                     $70,000
      demands for       curriculum                                              $70,000
      offerings for
100   Upgrade and       Remodel storage cabinetry in Geology and                Furniture/labor =          $75,000
      improve           Physics/Astronomy storerooms. Remodel/refurbish         $15,000 (est).
      program           S-14, S10, and S6 to create dedicated laboratory        Remodel costs x 3 -
      support           space                                                   $60,000 (est)
101   To increase    A larger van will enable the NR lab class to grow to       van =$60,000 or         $60,000
      enrollment to meet enrollment demand.                                     $1,200/mo lease
      24 students in
      Resources 1

102   Improve           PE Instructional Equipment                                Fitness machine     $6,000                      FUNDED
      access for                                                                  w/low impact motion
      adapted                                                                     for Adapted PE
103   Improve           The back and forth lecture to lab time in the present                $14,500                    $14,500
      efficiency of     lab area is noisy and disruptive to the learning
      lab instruction   process. We need to close off an area of the
      in HVAC           existing lab with insulated walls and ceiling for short
      Program           lectures tied directly to lab projects. Renovate
                        existing lab.
104   Create            The college needs to reach cap for FTE’s. These     Cost to develop                    $2,500
      curriculum        courses would help to bring more students to the    additional curriculum
      within the        college without having a negative impact on other   = $2,500.00
      Digital Design    courses in the DDP certificate and degree program
      and               as well as other programs on campus. The
      Production        curriculum would consist of ½ and/or 1 unit courses
      Program that      in the following: Photoshop, Illustrator,
      will address      QuarkXPress, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver,
      the needs of      Director, Premier, Acrobat Pro PDF. (More software
      working           courses may be developed as needed).
      to update
      knowledge of
      software as
      well as
      provide full
      time students
      with the
      opportunity to
      training in

105   To maintain       Purchase 10 x 40’ container with vents and doors on       Purchase 10 x 40’          $4,700   $14,000
      existing          both ends needs to be installed at the range to           container with vents
      program and       house all equipment and safety items Purchase 40          and doors on both
      ensure safety     Kevlar-bullet proof vests to outfit Level I students in   ends needs to be
      in all firearms   the firearms training                                     installed at the range
      training                                                                    to house all
                                                                                  equipment and
                                                                                  safety items =
                                                                                  Purchase 40 Kevlar-
                                                                                  bullet proof vests to
                                                                                  outfit Level I
                                                                                  students in the
                                                                                  firearms training
                                                                                  ($350 X 40) =

106   To maintain       These projectors will be assigned to Level I, II and 3 LCD projectors                $6,000
      the existing      III classes and will be used at the Palm Springs     (portable) = $2,000
      program for       Training facility, RSD Firing Range at Lake Cahuilla each
      student           and in the DM Building.
      learning in the
      AJ Program

107   To maintain     100 traffic cones-heavy duty for the PT course per          ($8.00 x 100)                        $8,000
      the existing    POST requirement
      program and
      learning in the
      fitness aspect
      of POST

108   Improve the       The media library for the Supervisory and                 At approximately                     $5,000
      media             Management program is in need of serious                  $500 to $700 per
      component of      upgrading. It has been over 10 years since the last       title, it is anticipated
      the               major upgrade and a lot has changed, not only in          that between 7 and 9
      Supervisory       the field of Supervisory Management but a lot has         titles can be
      and               happened in the media area itself. For example, not       acquired.
      Management        only have there been advances in areas like Total
      Program           Quality Management and Affirmative Action, but
                        now there are more interactive media products [VHS
                        tapes and CD’s] where simulations can provide
                        more realistic and current information.

109   Increase         This would involve the design and implementation of                       $7,000            $7,000
      enrollments in   a marketing program for the Supervisory and
      the              Management Program by the beginning of the Fall
      Supervisory      2005 semester. We believe that with a variety of
      and              promotional strategies, from new pamphlets, to ads
      Management       in the local print media, to personal site visits to the
      Program          Valley’s larger employers by the participating
                       faculty, substantial improvement could be made in
                       enrollments in this important program. The money
                       being requested would go primarily for paid
                       advertising. Much of the design will be done by in-
                       house resources.

110   Create a         This would enable DSPS to produce a tactile and                           $6,664   $6,664
      tactile map of   color overlay map of the campus. This would assist
      the campus       all students and visitors to the campus since, not
      for visually     only is the map tactile for visually impaired/blind, but
      impaired/blind   it would also have a color overlay usable by all
      students.        students/visitors. The Everest Embosser is
      Purchase an      recommended for this purpose.
      Embosser to
      make a tactile

111   Increase and     The Aces program has been located in the                                  $2,500            $2,500
      provide          Administration/Counseling building historically, and
      greater          the location of the UB program has had a
      awareness of     permanent and "known" location since it's inception
      the TRIO         on the campus. These signs and directory will
      program's        provide sufficient visibility of the location of the TRIO
      services         programs for new and prospective Upward Bound
                       and ACES students.
112   Provide a        Increasing retention rate of at-risk students requires      Sofa, Chairs,          $4,500
      supportive       the campus to commit to providing services that are         Microwave,
      learning         above and beyond the norm. COD has committed                Refrigerator, Water
      environment      to this goal by acquiring TRIO programs. Helping            Cooler = 4,500
      conducive to     TRIO create learning and welcoming environment
      improving the    that supports at-risk students in ACES and Upward
      efficiency and   Bound will enhance TRIO’s ability to improve its
      performance      services and achieve its objectives of retaining this
      of at-risk       population. Furniture and equipment are needed for
      students         student-friendly study and meeting areas

113   Ensure           This area of campus is removed from primary             Total estimated cost:   $5,500
      student well-    seating areas where students can study, eat and         $5500. 5 concrete
      being by         relax. Additional buildings have now been added to      tables with attached
      providing        this area meaning more students, and it is a walk-      umbrellas; 2
      student          way between the DM Building, ASC, IEA buildings.        concrete trash cans
      seating area     Currently, students sit on the floor without adequate
      next to the      seating, generally in the sun in high temperatures.
      East Annex       The facilities master plan should include items that
      and Intensive    promote student well-being and comfort on campus.

114   Enhance          Faculty exchange programs provide staff                 Primary costs                    $60,000   $6,000
      faculty          development opportunities by allowing COD faculty       include personnel:
      development      the opportunity to teach in another country and by      Immigration
      and student      bringing in international faculty to teach at COD.      Specialist $60,000.
      learning         Student exchange programs will enhance student          Additional storage
      through          learning opportunities by providing COD students        space: $1000 (one
      faculty/studen   with the option of studying overseas. This will         time fee). Marketing
      t exchange       involve an expansion of the role and duties of the      materials: $2000.
      programs at      International Education Program and will require        HR Training (one-
      College of the   additional staff to facilitate the additional program   time fee): $1000
      Desert for the   requirements.                                           Financial Aid
      05/06 school                                                             Training: $1000 (one
      year                                                                     time fee). IEP Staff
                                                                               training: $1000 (on-
                                                                               going). Office
                                                                               space for

115   To establish a   Permanent student voice on key campus                                 $2,000              $2,000
      permanent        committees - Demonstrate a desire for student
      participation    participation and acknowledgement of the value of
      on campus        the student's participation
      with student
      stipends for
      sitting on
116   Institutionaliz Provide leadership skill training and experiential       20 students & 5 staff            $20,000
      e HSI grant     learning experiences for COD students. HACU              members = approx
      activities      conference for 20 students/5 staff                       $20,000

117   Improve          Purchase ―virtual advisor‖ software to provide quick     Virtual Advisor is                            $84,000
      efficiency of    electronic answers to prospective students and the       $14,000 to
      communicatio     campus community. This software allows for direct        purchase.
      n, services      questions to be asked via the web with an                Yearly maintenance
      and visibility   immediate response. The ―virtual advisor‖ link can       is $8,000
      of College of    be placed on multiple web pages and can be used          Virtual Advisor cost
      the Desert to    by the Alumni and Foundation Offices.                    for 3 years $30,000.
      all              Contract with Hobson’s to participate in the College-    Hobson’s College-
      prospective      Bound Hispanic Student Guide to promote College          Bound Hispanic
      students and     of the Desert to prospective students and the            Student Guide
      the campus       campus community. COD would participate utilizing        publication (3 year
      community        the college profile, a student profile and a             contract):College of
                       collaborative sponsor page with California State         the Desert profile
                       University, San Bernardino regarding the transfer        and student profile-
                       admission process. Utilizing both ―virtual advisor‖      $13,000 yearly
                       and the College-Bound publication, it will allow for a    Collaborative profile
                       more efficient, consistent and unified                   to promote transfer
                       communication flow to the campus.                        admission programs -
                       The price would include unlimited training and first     $5,000 yearly
                       year maintenance. An indirect cost would be the           College Guide cost
                       various areas Admission & Records, Financial Aid,        for 3 years $54,000
                       Counseling and Student Programs etc identifying a
                       person for periodic updates to the system. The
                       proposal is for three years with annual evaluations
                       of the product.

118   Provide          Currently the two mobile labs are for the Sci. & math Wireless lab                $50,000                        FUNDED
      mobile           areas. This general purpose mobile lab located in
      computing        the media center can be checked out by any faculty
      access to all    for class instruction, demos, etc.
119   Meet             SB1415 and SB1785 mandate (1) common                     62,000 - 105,000 incl              62,000 -
      increased        numbering system between CCCs and CSU                    benefits                           105,000
      demands for      campuses, and (2) identification of high=demand                                             incl
      articulation     majors and the development of major prep                                                    benefits
      agreements       programs. This will require DCCD to devote
      between          additional resources to articulation to meet needs
      DCCD and         that previously were only recommended but not
      four-year        required by hiring full-time articulation officer
      colleges and     (faculty).
      as well as
      feeder high

120   Grade Book

???   To improve     Replace two way radios and base station to a            $10,000   $10,000   2004-05
      communicaio    system that communiates with the Security radio
      ns with M&O    system, is reliable, and can wok in all places on
      and Security   campus. The current system uses low range radios
                     that cannot be picked up in some campus locations,
                     does not have Security channels, and are not
                     reliable. A new base station, antennna, and radios
                     for each staff person will improve ability to contact
                     and direct the work of the department as well
                     assuring positive contact with Security in emergency
                     situations. FUNDED BY ALUMNI

            Previously funded

            Previously funded

       Dependent upon facilty

Complementary funding not yet

Complementary funding not yet

 Haulted designation of items
  appropriate for Instructional
          Equipment funding

                           RANK ORDER FOR FACULTY HIRING 2004-05
 1   ECE
 2   ESL
 3   Nursing
 4   Psychology
 5   Math
 6   Counseling
 7   Math
 8   English
 9   Spanish
10   Counseling
11   English
12   PE
13   Counseling

Order based on the priority position of the related objective and the following supporting data: number of
high-demand courses; fill rates; number of canceled sections; gate-keeper courses; FT/PTOL faculty ratio; number of
fulltime temporary/adjuncts over 60%; counselor/student ratios

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