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					                                                 It’s Fashionment™
                                        July 12-17, 2010
                                   2010 LRFW Designer Application

           Thank you for interest in participating in Little Rock Fashion Week 2010. LRFW will merge
           fashion and entertainment, feature top models, wearing fall and winter season clothes provided
           by local and national designers and boutiques, celebrity hosts and live performances by popular

           LRFW 2010 will be held July 12-17.

           Application Postmarked Deadline: April 16, 2010

           Enclosed are the following items: designer application, payment form, designer agreement form,
           and release form.

           Please include the following with your completed application:
           1. Designer bio and 3-5 photos or sketches of your collection.
           2. Photocopy of company/label name logo via jpeg
           3. Designer/company bio
           4. Photo of designer(s)
           5. Signed Agreement form
           6. Check or money order made payable to Little Rock Fashion Week for registration of $99.00.
              For students check or money order made payable to Little Rock Fashion Week for
              registration of $49.00. All students must provide a copy of their most recent school

           Note: If designer is denied entry, the full registration fee amount will be refunded within 30 days
           after application deadline. Please format all jpeg images/logos in the 300 DPI format.

           No phone calls. A LRFW representative will notify you of our decision via e-mail by April 23.
           However, some designers will receive notices earlier. Designers/boutiques’ will be judged
           based on clothing style, marketability, and on show’s space availability. We have a first come
           first serve policy, so the earlier you submit your application the sooner you’ll have a reserved
           space at one of our shows.

Did you know that from June 2009 to December 2009 that received
nearly 400,000 page views?

That means that people and companies from all over visited our website to research our designers
and gave them business. In 2010, we expect nearly 1,000,000 page views. You could be one of the
designers/clothing lines that people from across the land are talking about.
                                                    It’s Fashionment™

                                               July 12-17, 2010

Please type or print clearly the following information.

Business/Brand Name

Street Address

City                                        State                                  Zip

Website Address

Mailing Address (if different from above): ___________________________________________________

City                                        State                                  Zip

Contact person: _________________________________________________________________
Title:      _________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________________________________________________
E-mail address:    _________________________________________________________________

In 50 words or less describe your clothing line or boutique. Include your target buyer (age, gender, etc.)

Check all categories that apply:
 □Accessories                                       □Full-figured
 □Athletic                                          □Men
 □Bridal                                            □Professional/Business
 □Couture                                           □Urban
 □Eco-friendly                                      □Women
 □Everyday                                          □Youth
 □Evening                                           □Other:                     (Please specify)________
Selected 2010 Designers/Boutiques receive:
   • Name and logo appear at and link to your website
   • Inclusion in the official LRFW program with company/designer bio
   • Designers compete for LRFW 2010 Clothing Line of the Year honor
   • Runway models
   • Product placement opportunities across all media
   • Two (2) tickets to your particular runway show
   • Hair & Make-up services for runway models
   • Receive photos from runway show
   • 30% off vendor booth

2010 Clothing Line of the Year receives (not limited to):
   • Refund of registration fee
   • Individual webpage at website
   • Registration fee waved at LRFW 2011
   • Free LRFW 2010 DVD

NaJo - 2009 Clothing Line of the Year - received:
   • Individual webpage at
   • Featured designer at LRFW produced Urban Fashion Show
   • Dressed celebrities
   • Registration fee waved at LRFW 2010
   • Free LRFW 2009 DVD
   • Invitation to display clothes at other national fashion weeks

   LRFW offers participating clothing companies/brands opportunities to receive maximum exposure in
   many ways. Please check the areas that you are interested in placing products:
           □ TV
           □ Print
           □ Personal
           □ Appearances
           □ Celebrities
           □ Executive Producer
           □ Preview shows
           □ Press Conferences

            LRFW designers/boutiques must produce a quantity of 8-20 fall/winter season looks. Please
            tell us, if selected, what number of looks, you would display and give the gender breakdown for
            models you’ll need.
                                   It’s Fashionment™
                                 July 12-17, 2010
I____________________ (designer or company executive’s name) agree to participate in
fashion shows and events produced by Little Rock Fashion Week, L.L.C. (“Producer”) and
its partners.

I agree to provide all necessary materials listed in application and agree to meet deadlines.

I agree to adhere to fitting schedules given by Producer.

I agree to produce winter and/or fall season specific garments and show a minimum of 8
looks, but no more than 20.

I agree to notify designer coordinator with any issues, conflicts, sicknesses, tardiness,
absences that might be detrimental to production at least 24 hours before scheduled event.

I agree to represent Little Rock Fashion Week and myself with the utmost dignity.

I agree to show respect to Producer, partners, volunteers, models and other show
participants. Producer agrees to reciprocate respect.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for all travel, hotel room, and food expenses.

I acknowledge that Producer has the right, at its sole discretion, to add event dates, change
production schedules and make cancellations.

I acknowledge that Producer has sole discretion to accept and/or deny any
designer/boutique participation in the event of non-compliance to this agreement. In the
event that I am dismissed due to my failure to comply with rules and guidelines, my
registration fee is non-refundable. My registration fee is non-refundable if I cancel my
participation less than 60 days prior to LRFW 2010 (July 12, 2010).

I acknowledge that if I do not provide music selection for my segment by June 7, 2010,
Producer will have the right to select my music at its discretion.

I acknowledge, that if selected, I MUST have product completed by July 1.

I acknowledge that Producer has sole creative control of productions and control of
designer’s show placements.

I acknowledge that Producer selects models to participate and any models I desire to use

I accept that all decisions on award recipients are final and I have no right to contend.

I acknowledge that Producer will determine show line ups.
    I acknowledge that the Producer will determine the show runways and the timing of the
    models walk.

    I acknowledge that I am responsible for all my garments. Producer is not liable and not
    financially responsible for any lost, or stolen, or damaged garments or accessories.
    I acknowledge that Producer is not liable for personal losses or injuries to participants.

    I acknowledge that I am allowed up to two (2) backstage representatives to assist with
    collecting garments and dressing models.

    I agree to contact the assigned designer coordinator directly with any model related issues.

    I acknowledge that Little Rock Fashion Week is a photographed and videotaped production,
    which is owned exclusively by Producer (Read release below).

    For good and valuable consideration herein acknowledged as received, I, being the legal
    owner of name, logo, property, or having the right to permit the taking and use of
    photographs and videos does irrevocably grant to Producer, his/her agents, heirs, legal
    representatives, and assigns the full perpetual rights to take and use such photographs and
    videotapes in advertising, trade, or for any purpose.

    I also consent to the use of any printed, photographed, videotaped matter in conjunction
    therewith. I hereby waive any rights I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or
    products, or the advertising copy or other published and videotaped matter that may be
    used in connection therewith, or the use to which it may be applied. I hereby releases,
    discharges, and agrees to save harmless and defend Producer, his/or her heirs, legal
    representatives, and assigns, and all persons acting under its permission or authority, or
    those for whom it is acting, from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration,
    optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or
    be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as
    any publication thereof, even though it may subject Producer, his/her/its heirs,
    representatives, successors, and assigns, to ridicule, scandal, reproach, scorn, and

    I hereby warrant that I am a legally competent adult and have every right to contract in
    his/her own name in the above regard. The undersigned states further that I/We have read
    the above authorization, release, and agreement, prior to its execution, and that I fully
    familiar with the contents thereof. If the undersigned is signing as an agent or employee of a
    firm or corporation, the undersigned warrants that he/she is fully authorized to do so. This
    release shall be binding upon the undersigned and his/her/its heirs, legal representatives,
    successors, and assigns.

    I have read, understand and agree to the guidelines and points stated in this agreement.
Sign name:                                                     Dated: _________________________________
Print name:                                                    Telephone: ______________________________
    I hereby warrant that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of (___________________________). I have read,
    understand and agree to the guidelines and points stated in this agreement.
Sign name:                                                           Dated: _________________________________
Print name:                                                    Telephone: ______________________________
                                      It’s Fashionment™
                                   July 12-17, 2010
                         Designer/Boutique application billing form

            Credit Card Type

          Card Number

           Expiration Date

Name/Company Name (Purchaser):___________________________________

Contact Person: ___________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ____________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Fax:__________________________

_____________________________              ______________________________
          Signature                                    Date

Mail or e-mail registration fee, application and company materials to the address below:

Little Rock Fashion Week, L.L.C
P.O. Box 45002
Little Rock, AR 72214

For your convenience, you may pay on-line via PayPal at or by
transferring funds to

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