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Automobile Rental Agreement


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DATE IN ______________________________________________________ DATE OUT ____________________________________________________ MILEAGE IN _________________________________________________ MILEAGE OUT ________________________________________________ TOTAL MILES _________________________________________________ __________DAYS AT __________ PER DAY _______________________ MILES AT _____________ PER MILE _____________________________ TOTAL RENTAL ______________________________________________

DATE DUE ____________________________________________________ CAR # ________________________ LIC. # _________________________ YEAR AND MAKE _____________________________________________ MODEL ______________________________________________________ CONDITION OF CAR OUT _____________________________________ CONDITION OF CAR IN _______________________________________ DAMAGE _____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

This Agreement is made by and between _______________________________________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as Lessor, and the undersigned, hereinafter referred to as Lessee. FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of Lessor leasing to Lessee that certain motor vehicle more specifically described above, it is mutually agreed as follows: 1. Lessee agrees that the described vehicle is in first class mechanical condition and in good overall condition except as noted above, that he will not cause or allow said motor vehicle to be loaned, rented, or driven by other than himself, and not driven beyond a radius of fifty (50) miles from Lessor's place of business; that he will use due diligence at all times during the period of this Agreement to preserve and protect said motor vehicle from loss or damage; that he will not operate the vehicle contrary to the laws of the state of California or any other governmental authority therein, and will be responsible for all claims arising by reason of such violation. 2. In the event of any accident involving said motor vehicle, Lessee will notify Lessor within twelve (12) hours thereafter and furnish to Lessor a full and complete report thereof. 3. Lessee represents that he is duly licensed to operate the subject motor vehicle in the state of California and holds the current, valid driver's license listed below. 4. Lessee agrees that he will not authorize or incur expense of any nature whatsoever for the repair of said motor vehicle, and that all expenses incident to the maintenance thereof shall be borne solely by Lessee, and Lessee further expressly agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Lessor from and against all claims or demands arising or resulting from storage and/or repairs of and to said motor vehicle during the period of this Agreement. 5. Lessee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Lessor free and harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, or demands or costs of any nature arising or resulting from the maintenance and/or use of said motor vehicle during the term of this Agreement and further agrees to reimburse Lessor for any and all loss of and/or damage to said motor vehicle during the term of this Agreement. 6. Lessee agrees that should said motor vehicle suffer any damage during the term of this Agreement, Lessee will immediately pay to Lessor all costs and expenses necessary to place said motor vehicle in a condition comparable to that existing at the date hereof. 7. Lessee hereby grants to Lessor a lien upon any personal property of Lessee in the possession of Lessor for the full amount of any and all sums due or to become due from Lessee to Lessor under the terms of this Agreement. 8. In the event that an attorney be employed to collect any sum due hereunder or to enforce any of the rights of Lessor hereunder, Lessee agrees to pay, in addition, a reasonable sum as attorney's fees and costs. 9. This Agreement may be terminated by Lessor at any time upon twelve (12) hours' prior notice to Lessee. 10. The parties hereto represent and agree that the following information is true and correct:

DRIVERS LIC. # ________________ STATE _____________ EXPIRES _________ INS. CO. ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________ PHONE No. ____________________________________________________________ POLICY # ____________________________________________________________

LESSEE _____________________________________________ ADDRESS ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE No. _____________________________________

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