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									7b0524b9-8d1a-4ee9-8496-06f7e03ac79c.xls Primary lead page                                        12/7/20106:50 PM
please provide as much of the following information as you can.
The more we underatand your needs the better we can help you.
Primary Contact                                                                      Project scope
Job title                                                 number of floors
company name                                              number of people
current address                                           total sq. ft.
city                                                      indicate how many of each item needed below
state                                                     basic desk
zip                                                                               executive desk set
Phone number                                                                          wood
cell phone                                                                        laminate
e-mail                                                    computer table
FAX                                                                            workstation with panels
Will you be moving                                           telemarketing stations 4x4
preposed new address                                                        data entry 6x6
city                                                               customer service 8x8
state                                                           mid management 8x10+
zip                                                                 Design / layout assistance for workstations
Secondary Contact                                              complete service needed
Phone number                                                          some help required
cell phone                                                    We have in house design
e-mail                                                                                   Storage
FAX                                                                                 Lateral
Facility Manager                                                                    vertical
Phone number                                              brief job description cabinet
cell phone                                                                           library
e-mail                                                                                    Seating
FAX                                                       guest chair
                     Project site Details                 executive chair
loading dock                y/n                           secretairy chair
Staging area                y/n                           folding or stack chairs
Deticated freight elevator                                out door seating
Building Owner                                            ergonomics is: high priority
Building Manager                                          ergonomics is: low priority
Phone number                                                            tables
cell phone                                                conference table
e-mail                                                    training tables
FAX                                                       break room table
Is this a UNION site                                      folding table
best time to call you                                     Space Planning and design assistance
years in business                                         space Planning assistance
What is yout total budget                                 color and style assistance
for this project                                          would you like to enguage an indipendant outside
do you want to look at                                    project manager
a leasing option            y/n                           consulant
                                          Project calander - projected dates
Building Design                                                           to
building construction finished                                            to
select interior furnishings                                               to
install furnishings                                                       to
Move in                                                                   to
Do you have an Architect involved in this project         Yes, our architect is:
No, no building changes ar being made                                                   firm
No, please recommend an architect                                          Phone number
7b0524b9-8d1a-4ee9-8496-06f7e03ac79c.xls Primary lead page                                      12/7/20106:50 PM
    if you are moving to a new space in an existing building will you need a tenant finish contractor and/or moving
yes, an empty space needs tenant build out                no, we have made arrangments,
yes, extensive demo and remodeling is needed              for project corodnation please provide
yes, the space needs new paint and/or carpet                             company name
yes, the space needs a little touch up                                     contact name
We will need existing carpet cleaned                                      Phone number
We would like to look into a carpet maitence agreement                        Site forman
do need help decommissioning existing furniture                     Carpet provider Co.
                      sell                                                         contact
        donate to a 5013c                                                 Phone number
                  dispose                                                   finish painter
do need help moving existing furniture                                    Phone number

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Via FAX                   (816)254-7447

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