Agreement for Peace in a Relationship

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					Dispute Resolution 598 and 599 Titles
Updated: January 2009
Status          Student                Title                                                                                        Date Submitted

In Progress     Avila, Amy          The relational effects of the provincial Land Use Planning process                                 In Progress
Thesis          Berube, Lise        Conflict Resolution and Canada World Youth: Examining the Link Between International                     2008
                                    Exchange, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Conflict Resolution
In Progress     Bray, Rhiannon      Who’s Right, Who’s responsible? An investigation of pharmacological pregnancy                      In Progress
                                    prevention disparities in a unionized environment
Not Available   Campbell, Darrion   Community Court as a Conflict Resolution Mechanism                                                       2007
In Progress     Campbell, Emmy-Lou Aboriginal artifact repatriation processes – applying conflict transformation theory to a           In Progress
                                    specific repatriation case of the Sto:lo First Nation with the Burke Museum in Seattle
Abstract        Carradine, Ken      Vanishing Trials in the U.S. and British Columbia: An Overview and Analysis of Key                       2004
                                    Concepts and Data from Systems and Change Theory Perspectives
In Progress     Cartwright, Vanessa Can principled negotiation modeled ADR programs encompass the necessary elements                   In Progress
                                    for conflict resolution in Alberta's oil and gas industry? A case study of the ERCB ADR
Abstract        Chicanot, Jamie     An Exploration of How Training Changes Attitudes about Conflict and its Resolution                       2006
                                    among a Group of Scouts' Canada Volunteers
In Progress     Corrigan, Josee     Working Through Conflict - Examples of Community Agreement in Forestry                             In Progress
Not Available   Fast, Eric          Value Based Identity Conflict and ADR Processes                                                          2007
Thesis          Fraser, Annette     "However Long the Night, the Dawn Will Break": The Hope in Nonviolent Direct Action in                   2008
                                    the Niger Delta
Thesis          Gottschalk, Pearl   "How are we in this world now?" examining the experiences of persons disabled by war in                  2007
                                    the peace processes of Sierra Leone
Abstract        Ho, Kirsten         Exploring Restorative Justice Evaluation Tools                                                           2007
Abstract        Hunt, Dale          We Are All Different, Still Living Under The Same Culture: A Kwakwaka'wakw Perspective                   2005
                                    on Dispute Resolution
Thesis          Jerke, Megan        Addressing deep-rooted conflict: guidelines harvested from the Glencree Centre for                       2008
                                    Peace and Reconciliation, Republic of Ireland
Abstract        King, E. Jane       Children’s Participation in Peace Processes: A proposed visual media method and                          2003
                                    theoretical framework
Abstract        Kitts, Judy         Peace Through Health: A Case Study of Physicians for Human Rights - Israel                               2008
In Progress     Kolada, Cynthia     Guidelines to Aboriginal Relationship Building in Canada: A guide to moving forward and            In Progress
                                    honouring promises of the past
Abstract        Levin, Karen        Advanced Dispute Resolution for the Ontario Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee                    2006

Thesis          Little, Marion         Total honesty/total heart: Fostering empathy development and conflict resolution skills. A            2008
                                       violence prevention strategy
In Progress     Mallal, Natasha        Meaningful Participation of Children and Youth in Child Protection Mediation in BC              In Progress
Abstract        McDonald, Mark         The Canadian Human Rights Commission Alternative Dispute Resolution Handbook: A                       2004
                                       theory and practice guide
                McGeean, Katherine     Enhancing Local Capacities for Peace: Assessing an analytical tool in Red Cross                       2005
Abstract                               humanitarian assistance development projects in Central America
Abstract        McNamara, Jessica      Exploring the Moral Domain: How Adolescents Make Decisions About Violent Behavior in                  2007
Abstract        McNamara, Marilyn      The Role of Apology in Restorative Justice                                                            2005
Thesis          Morton, Karen          Exploring a Conflict Healing Theoretical Framework within a Locate, Describe and                      2008
                                       Transform (LTD) Self-Applied Energy Healing Session
Abstract        Ney, Tara              The (Ab)Use of Affidavits and Psychologists’ Reports in High-Conflict Family Custody                  2004
                                       Cases: A Discursive Analysis
In Progress     Nipp, Dora             Disassembly Lines - mediation strategies for human rights race complaints                       In Progress
Abstract        Ogston Milroy, Leigh   Aboriginal Policy-making and Dispute Resolution Processes: A history of the concept of a              2002
                                       tribunal for the adjudication of specific land claims in Canada
In Progress     Opheim, David          An Analysis of Conflict as Manifest in the Professional Lives of a Sample of Female             In Progress
                                       Anglican Clergy Utilizing John Paul Lederach's Conflict Transformation Model
Abstract        Parai, Brian           Human Security and the United Nations: the prevention and resolution of armed conflict                2000

Abstract        Poupart, Emily         The Innocence of Words: A taxonomy of speech acts used by practitioners of alternative                2003
                                       dispute resolution as described in selected alternative dispute resolution literature

In Progress     Reid, David            From dialectic to dialogue: a case study of conflict transformation in public policy            In Progress
Abstract        Richmond, Patrick      A Serpentine Effect: The Impact of Legal Decisions on Aboriginal Rights and Title on the              2007
                                       Conduct of Treaty Negotiations in British Columbia
Abstract        Rushton, David         Disputant Receptivity to Negotiation in Violent Political Conflict: Lessons learned from              2001
                                       South Africa’s apartheid struggle
In Progress     Seller, Leigh Ann      Behind the Scenes of Career Derailment: The Stories of Public Sector Managers                   In Progress
In Progress     Sharkey, Emma          Intergovernmental Alternative Dispute Resolution: A British Columbian Case Study                In Progress
In Progress     Sherwin, Carrie-Lynn   Experiences of Families who have Participated in Family Group Decision Making                   In Progress
Dispute Resolution 598 and 599 Titles
Updated: January 2009
Status          Student              Title                                                                                  Date Submitted

In Progress     Sistili, Brandy      Finding Common Ground through Common Energy: A Research and Action Response to            In Progress
                                     Local Climate Change
Access Thesis   Smith, Janel         The Social Economy in Global Governance: Transnational Civil Society and the                    2007
                                     Dynamics of Alliance-Building
Abstract        Sones, Trevor        Choosing between Med-Arb and Arb-Med: An Exploratory Study                                      2007
Abstract        Sparks, Carol        Supporting the Transformation of Vulnerable Youth: How community-based youth                    2007
                                     projects assist youth to make and maintain positive changes in their life
Abstract        Sparks, Catherine    Rural Women and Everyday Resistance to Structural Adjustment in Melanesia                       2005
Abstract        Stone, Stacey        Reconciling Truths, Restoring Practice: A restorative justice analysis of the United            2006
                                     Nations’ Principles applied to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
Abstract        Sutherland, Jessie   Reconciliation from the Inside Out: Worldviewing skills for everyone                            2004
Abstract        Tegenfeldt, Aron     In Need of a Spiritual Framework for Peacebuilding: Burma and Beyond                            2004
Abstract        Wolanski, Kari       "Poverty is a lifestyle choice" and other neoliberal discursive tactics                         2006
In Progress     Wood, Carly          ICMS @ work                                                                               In Progress

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