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									                                                                                                                                                                               Appendix 2

         Action Plan 1 - Equality Impact Assessment                                                    as at 23.3.2010

Number                     Action                                Lead               Target date                  Performance indicator               Has Target been met, if so how?

         Undertake a review of the existing Equality                                                                                                 New and reviewed EIA has been
         Impact Assessment (EIA) form and                                                              EIA Process is effective for all strands of   updated and published.
         implement an improved effective form and                                                      Diversity and meets the needs of internal and
         process                                       Head of Community Safety           01 June 2007 external service delivery
         Ensure action is taken by policy owners to                                                                                                  New and reviewed EIA has been
         review EIA of relevant Force Policy and                                                       Quality control framework to be established. updated, published and now being
         Procedure (FPP) for accuracy and                                                              EIA monitoring for completeness and           used .
         effectiveness of monitoring                   Head of Corporate Services          01 May 2008 accuracy

5146418c-e240-4da2-8379-10db27d9bbd6.xls                                                                                                                                        12/7/2010
         Action Plan 2 - Service Delivery
Number                               Action                                           Lead                Target date                   Performance indicator              Has Target been met, if so how?

         Consult with service users to ensure that gender issues                                                                 Consultation completed and FPP
 2.1     related to service delivery are identified and dealt with                                                               amended where disproportionality
         proportionality                                                    Head of Corporate Services    Ongoing April 2010 is identified                             Ongoing
                                                                                                                                 Percentage of Stop & Search that      Stop and search data has been monitored
                                                                                                                                 lead to arrest. Analysis based        and there is no disparity apparent. Data
         Monitor the use of Stop and Search powers in relation to the                                     Ongoing - First report upon the gender and ethnicity of      monitored through the Equality of Service
         gender and ethnicity of the subject                                Head of Community Safety      April 2008             the subject                           Delivery Committee.
                                                                                                                                                                       1) FPP covers transgendered detainees 2)
                                                                                                                                                                       Under the CYP ACT girls under 16 need to
                                                                                                                                                                       be in the care of a female. This has
                                                                                                                                                                       created problems nationally and the
                                                                                                                                                                       Constabulary have a policy where each
                                                                                                                                                                       relevant person is informed by custody
                                                                                                                                                                       staff that they can speak to/see a female
                                                                                                                                                                       member of staff at any time they ask and
                                                                                                                                                                       one will be made available.               3)
         Comply with the National Centre for Policing Excellence                                                                                                       All other gender issues are covered by
         (NCPE) Practice Guidance on the safer detention and                                                                     Practice guidance completed and       PACE and associated guidance and Force
         handling of persons in police custody                                 Force Custody Team          01 September 2009 any remedial action taken                 Policy and procedure.
                                                                                                                                 Any disproportionality of outcome     Data has been monitored and there is no
         Gather data in relation to the disposal of people held in police                                                        in relation to gender or ethnicity    disparity apparent. Data monitored
         detention based upon their ethnicity and gender. Analyse data                                    Ongoing - First report identified and addressed. Report      through the Equality of Service Delivery
         and take remedial action where disproportionality is revealed.     Head of Community Safety      April 2008             presented to ESDEC                    Committee.
                                                                                                                                 A range of activities, suitable for
 2.5     Engage widely with officers and partner agencies when                                                                   male and female young people has
         developing diversionary activities for young people                Head of Community Safety                     Apr-08 been devised                           Completed
                                                                                                                                 Gender and ethnicity of service       Data has been monitored and there is no
                                                                                                                                 users is captured. Satisfaction in    disparity apparent. Data monitored
                                                                                                                                 relation to: first contact, action    through the Equality of Service Delivery
                                                                                                                                 taken, being kept informed,           Committee.
                                                                                                                                 treatment received and overall
         Analyse gender and ethnicity data captured during service                                                               satisfaction is measured.
         user surveys including victims of crime and general resident                                     Ongoing - First report Remedial action taken where
         satisfaction surveys                                               Head of Corporate Services    April 2008             disproportionality is identified
         Use data captured in the Witness and Victims Experience                                                                                                        Data has been monitored and there is no
         Survey (WAVES) to compare Criminal Justice System                                                                       Potential areas of service             disparity apparent. Data monitored
         experiences by the gender and ethnicity of those persons                                         Ongoing - First report improvement identified and             through the Equality of Service Delivery
         involved, particularly as witnesses                                Head of Community Safety      April 2008             remedial action taken                  Committee.
                                                                                                                                                                        Data has been monitored and there is no
         Monitor implementation of the Code of Practice for Victims of                                                             Any disproportionality of outcome disparity apparent. Data monitored
         Crime by the gender and ethnicity of the victim in order to                                      Ongoing - First report   in relation to gender and ethnicity through the Equality of Service Delivery
         identify any disproportionality                                    Head of Community Safety      April 2008               of victim identified and addressed. Committee.
                                                                                                                                   Increased reports of rape and other Data has been monitored and there is no
         Monitor the number of referrals to the Sexual Assault Referral                                                            serious sexual offences,             disparity apparent. Data monitored
         Centre (SARC) by the gender of the client in order to identify                                   Ongoing - First report   particularly those offences with     through the Equality of Service Delivery
         patterns service take-up by gender and geographical area           Head of Scientific Services   April 2008               male victims                         Committee.
                                                                                                                                   Evidential trends identified. Action There is ongoing work in this area.
 2.10    Review content of quarterly Sexual Offences Management                                           Ongoing - First report   taken to address any service
         Service reports by the gender of the victim                        Head of Scientific Services   April 2007               delivery issues.
                                                                                                                                   Equality of outcomes based upon Data has been monitored and there is no
         Review Violence Against the Person (VAP) offences including                                                               comparison of % detected VAP         disparity apparent. Data monitored
         domestic violence, Honour Based Violence (HBV) and hate                                          Ongoing - First report   offences by gender and ethnicity of through the Equality of Service Delivery
         crime against men and women                                        Head of Community Safety      April 2008               victim                               Committee.
                                                                                                                                   New vulnerable repeat victims
 2.12                                                                                                                              procedure consulted upon, written
         Review and revise force repeat victimisation procedure             Head of Community Safety                    Jan-08     and published                        Completed
                                                                                                                                                         This action cannot be achieved. This
                                                                                                                                                         would come under domestic abuse which
                                                                                                                    System changes made. Data            does have a sub group of Honour Based
                                                                                                                    gathered and analysed. Potential     Violence (HBV) but there can't be a 'sub'
       Use Resource Management System (RMS)/Business Objects                                                        service improvements identified      sub group for forced marriage on RMS.
       data to monitor incidents of forced marriage               Head of Community Safety        01 October 2008 and implemented                        Suggest this action be closed.
                                                                                                                    Force Policy and Procedure
2.14                                                                                                                consulted upon, written and
       Create Force Policy and Procedure covering HBV             Head of Community Safety        01 October 2007 published                              HBV Policy writtten & published
                                                                                                                    Any disproportionality of outcome
2.15   Monitor the implementation of Force Policy and Procedure                              Ongoing - First report in relation to gender or ethnicity   Ongoing - disproportionality addressed it
       covering harassment.                                       Head of Community Safety   April 2008             identified and addressed.            and when identified
          Action Plan 3 - Employment - General
Number                        Action                               Lead            Target date                    Performance indicator               Has Target been met, if so how?
          Consult with staff associations e.g., HBPA,
          Federation, Unison etc about the content
          and breadth of the Gender Equality             Performance & Diversity   April 2008, 2009,      Ongoing consultation to ensure GES       This is an ongoing action which will
          Scheme and its ongoing impact                  Manager                   2010                   is effective and reviewed regularly      happen as appropriate
          Review existing and future Employee
          Opinion Surveys (EOS) and request gender
    3.2   split of any key areas to identify any major                                                                                             The 2008 survey has been completed
          perception of gender bias, e.g. career         Head of Corporate         Prior to the next EOS Improved satisfaction results from        and any gender actions from it being
          development, pay, workload etc                 Services                  in 2008               gender groups in EOS                      identified
          Ensure all future EOS provide questions to
          supply trend data on key gender areas
          including bullying & harassment and work
          life balance (WLB) and can be categorised                                                       Trend data supplied from EOS and
          to be consistent with force wide diversity                               At date of next EOS    action taken on issues raised to
          monitoring                                     Head of Personnel         2008                   address root causes of concern           Ongoing for each survey
          Review, decide and agree a revised format
          for diversity monitoring including Gender
          Identity Monitoring (GIM) and Sexual
    3.4   Orientation Monitoring (SOM) required for                                                     Review undertaken, decision made
          all personnel and training functions and                                                      and consistent monitoring in place         This will be completed in line with the
          ensure that this standard is implemented                                                      across all personnel and training          new provision of a HR system which will
          consistently                                   Head of Personnel                 01 June 2007 functions                                  enable this to happen

        Ensure that the proposed changes to
        Delphi, in partnership with the Identification
        Data Management project (IDM) when                                                             Delphi monitoring of all agreed             As above this will be considered in line
        implemented, are able to cater for all the                                                     diversity strands, including GIM and        with a new integrated HR & Finance
        agreed diversity monitoring                    Head of Personnel                       Sep-07 SOM and trend data to be collected           solution
        Communicate the changes to the functions                                                       Clear communication and minimal
    3.6 in Delphi and what this may mean to all our Head of Media & Corporate                          negative feedback received following
        staff                                          Communications                01 September 2008 introduction                                As above
                                                                                                                                                   Local OCU NOW 's have been
        Consult on a regular basis with women's                                                                                                    established, as well as a Gender
    3.7 forums e.g. Network of Women (NOW) to                                                          Feedback from women's forums                working party where all issues are fed
        identify barriers to progression and actively                                                  received, barriers identified and           back and actioned. A force wide group is
        work with them to remove barriers identified     Head of Personnel            01 November 2007 actions taken to eliminate them.            being considered.
        Advise all involved in developing and
        validating role profiles of the need to                                                           Role profiles reviewed for gender bias
        consider the issues of gender in addition to                               Ongoing - first review in addition to other diversity strands Role profiles reviewed and this is
        age, race, disability etc                        Head of Training          April 2008             on an ongoing basis                    considered on an ongoing basis
        Ensure that the Uniform Review Group
        findings and actions meet the needs of                                                                                                     Review of needs re body armour for
    3.9 women for all police officer, police staff and                                                                                             pregnant women and new mothers has
        specialist roles for both uniform and            Head of Business and      Ongoing - review       Uniform standards and equipment          taken place - this is ongoing and there is
        equipment                                        Property Services         March 2008             meeting all women's needs                gender representative on the URG
                                                                                                                                                       This was an action on the SDAP,
                                                                                                                                                     however, this review will help to inform
   3.10 Consider amalgamating all existing equality                                                       One equality scheme developed               the writing of a new Single Equlaity
        schemes into one scheme which would                                                               incorporating all strands of diversity    Scheme in line with the new Equality Bill
        cover all areas of diversity                Head of Community Safety                01 April 2008 with core and specific actions
     Consider how our policies and procedures
3.11 impact on the special constabulary and on                                     Policies and procedures extended to
     volunteers                                  Head of Personnel   01 April 2008 cover where appropriate               There is ongoing work in this area.
          Action Plan 3a - Employment - Recruitment & Professional Development
 Number                     Action                                 Lead            Target date                            Performance indicator                Has Target been met, if so how?
          Continue monitoring to ensure the
          recruitment process is accessible to all                                                                                                          Monitoring continues for all strands of
          applicants and does not discriminate                                                                    Monitoring of applications by gender to   diversity and reported to the Police
          against anyone                                  Recruitment Manager                       01 April 2008 indicate a continual improvement          Authority as required

          Set clear long term targets for percentage                                                                                                    Analysis work undertaken but targets
          of women police officers and women police                                                               Improved progression of women through have not yet been set although progress
          staff at each level including senior roles      Head of Personnel                         01 April 2007 to senior roles                       is being made
          Identify the 'glass ceiling' for both women
          police officers and police staff and
3a.3      compare this with research information
          gathered from other police forces, public                                                              Benchmark against public and private
          sector and prrivate sector employers            Head of Personnel                         01 June 2008 sector organisations                       Work started but not yet completed
          From the above research findings identify
          best practice and take action to improve                                                              Successful best practice introduced and
          long term professional development for                                                                increased development opportunities
          women in the police service                     Head of Personnel                   01 September 2008 exist for women                         Work started but not yet completed
          Investigate the use of a talent
          management and succession planning tool
3a.5      to support the Constabulary ethos of 'grow                                                              Decision made whether to introduce a
          your own' for both police officers and police                                                           talent management and succession
          staff                                           Head of Personnel                                Dec-07 planning system                           Work started but not yet completed
          Review the existing mentoring system and                                                                Pilot and evaluate a revised mentoring
          develop it to ensure an effective system is                                                             scheme and if successful extend rollout
          in place which will be appropriate and                                                                  across the force over an agreed           Successful pilot has now now been
          accessible to all                               Head of Training                         01 March 2008 timescale                                  rolled out for other staff
                                                                                                                  Capture examples provided and use to      Opportunities are being considered and
3a.7      Provide learning opportunities for both part-                                                           promote the range of opportunities        offered for more flexible in the training
          time and flexible working patterns            Head of Training           Ongoing - review April 2008    available                                 solutions we provide

          Produce 'best practice' guidelines for
3a.8      selection board panel members to remind                                                               Best Practice diversity guidelines
          them of diversity issues and to help            Performance and                                       produced and provided with selection
          prevent biased or stereotypical decisions       Diversity Manager                   01 September 2007 board packs                                 Work started but not yet completed
          Review and amend training programmes
          to ensure gender equality is promoted at                                                                                                         Review ongoing in line with recent
          all relevant stages of training and                                                                     Gender equality promoted in all relevant training review and the new diversity
          development                                     Head of Training                          01 April 2008 training & development programmes        strategy and governacne
          Review data captured from all leavers to                                                                                                         Exit interviews are undertaken and any
3a.10     ensure no gender bias or gender issues          Professional Standards                                  Trend data collected shows no evidence trends or issues identified are acted
          have been raised and act on any findings        Department                                01 April 2008 of gender bias                           upon.

3a.11     Review data captured from complaints            Employee Relations                                      Trend data collected shows no evidence Action complete - work is ongoing in this
          made by gender and act on any findings          Manager                                   01 April 2008 of gender bias                         area.
         Action Plan 3b - Employment - Bullying and Harassment
Number                       Action                              Lead          Target date            Performance indicator          Has Target been met, if so how?

         Continue to review and evaluate the                                                                                 Grievances are reviewed for Bulling and
         application of the harassment and bullying                                               EOS, grievance, exit and   Harassment and reported to the Police
         policy to ensure it delivers the organisational                                          Employment Tribunal data   Authority The new line managers training
         expectation of a no bullying and harassment       Employee          Ongoing - review                                now included case studies to help
                                                                                                  indicate decline in cases of
         culture for both men and women                    Relations Manager April 2008           bullying and harassment    improve skills in this area
         Further develop the existing behavioural                                                                            Linked to the new Standards of
         guidelines to help individuals and line                                              Guidelines produced to provide professional behaviour launched 1/12/08
         managers understand their behaviours and          Employee                           advice and support around      and work around defining core values in
         the impact of them on others                      Relations Manager 01 November 2007 acceptable behaviours          2010

         Ensure the effective use of the Grievance                                                                                 Regular review of grievances undertaken
         Resolution Procedure to identify issues           Employee                                Learning points from grievances and reported to the Police Authority on
         related to gender and action taken to improve     Relations Manager         01 April 2008 logged and disseminated widely regular basis
         Review the support given to victims of
         bullying and harassment to ensure it is                                                                                 Support and guidance available,
         sufficient to all parties whilst investigations   Employee                               Support mechanism in place for however, an review has not yet taken
         take place                                        Relations Manager         01 June 2008 all parties                    place.
          Action Plan 3c - Employment - Work Life Balance
 Number                          Action                             Lead             Target date            Performance indicator            Has Target been met, if so how?
          Continue to promote flexible working for both men                                             Review and monitor the
          and women at all levels and challenge the                                                     numbers of flexible working
          misconception that flexible and part time working                          Ongoing - review   patterns undertaken by men        Ongoing - reports to Police Authority on
          is just an issue for women                        Head of Personnel        April 2009         and women                         regular basis
                                                                                                        Survey findings accessed for
          Undertake a carers survey to establish the range,                                             gender bias and actions taken.
          type and impact of caring on the individual and      Performance and                          Monitor in line with our gender   Completed and some actions have been
          their colleagues and report and act on findings      Diversity Manager      01 September 2007 profile                           taken in reponse to findings
          From the carers' survey research findings, put in
          place a strategy and communication plan to take                                              Strategy established to
3c.3      action to provide support for individuals and line                                           address finding and actively       New Matrix to promote available support
          managers and to promote the role of carers for       Performance and                         promote to both men and            for all life events being developed and
          both genders                                         Diversity Manager      01 November 2007 women                              should be published in 2010.
          From the carers' survey research findings, put in
          place a strategy and communication plan to take                                              Strategy established to
3c.3      action to provide support for individuals and line   Head of Media &                         address finding and actively
          managers and to promote the role of carers for       Corporate                               promote to both men and            From above clear communication will
          both genders                                         Communications         01 November 2007 women                              take place in 2010
          Maintain close monitoring of 'long hours culture'
          which may have an adverse impact on men or                                                     Improved recording of long
3c.4      women particularly those with caring                                                           hours and reduction of
          responsibilities and support managers to take                              Ongoing - review    excessive hours worked           Working time monitoring established, but
          action where necessary                               Head of Personnel     April 2008          achieved                         further work still required.

                                                                                                        Ensure analysis of flexible       Review undertaken in 2008 shows good
3c.5      Review flexible working process, data capture and                                             working management                response to FW for both men & women
          monitoring to ensure it is sufficient to identify any                                         information helps to identify     across a range of roles - ongoing reviews
          gender or other diversity bias                        Head of Personnel                Sep-07 trends and issues for concern     will continue to take place
          Continue to ensure effective management and                                                   New procedures in place and
          support during pregnancy, maternity leave and                                                 improving trend of maternity      Work continues to monitor this area -
          return to work following the introduction of the      Performance and                         leavers returning. Reduction      report to Police Authority highlights
          new maternity procedures                              Diversity Manager         01 March 2008 in return to work issues          approx 98% return rate

          Promote the range of work life balance (WLB)                                                 Examples produced of how           Flexible working examples highlighted on
3c.7      policies available to all staff (including NOW Head of Media &                               men and women have utilised        the intranet site for both individuals and
          networks) e.g. career break, emergency leave,  Corporate                                     the wide range of WLB              managers. New WLB Matrix will also
          home working etc and monitor take up by gender Communications               01 December 2007 policies in clear visual format    highlight this area

          Continue to review employee support line (ESL)                                                                                  Ongoing - Review has been undertaken
          statistics and take action to address any specific   Occupational Health   Ongoing - review    Action taken on ESL gender       and there is no evidence of gender bias
          gender trends highlighted                            Manager               March 2008          trends identified                in relation to the use of the ESL
          Action Plan 4 - Equal Pay Review
Number                        Action                         Lead          Target date             Performance indicator          Has Target been met, if so how?
        Complete a scoping exercise to consider an
        Equal Pay Review (EPR) to include basic pay,                                                                           Equal Pay review for Police staff
    4.1 overtime and other payments, part time and                                             Project scoped, decision made   completed in 2007. However, more work
        full time working for both police officers and                                         and resources allocated to      is required by the Police Authotity, work
        police staff roles                             Head of Personnel          01 June 2007 proceed with full EPR           being undertaken in 2010

        Undertake the EPR and publish the results                                                                              Equal Pay Review completed and
        including a detailed action plan with time                                                                             findings presented to the Police Authority
        frames for the issues raised to be addressed Head of Personnel            01 June 2008 EPR and action plan published   in April 2008
        Review issues identified and ensure long term                                                                          Areas of concern from the EPR
    4.3 strategy in place to eliminate any gender                                             Detailed long term action plan   undertaken in 2007 highlighted action
        differences                                   Head of Personnel     01 September 2008 provided to address key issues   which is being progressed in 2010

        Consider both retrospective and future actions
    4.4 which may need to be taken following the                                              Past and future policies         Impact on policies initially identified and
        EPR. Identify the impact these changes may                                            amended where the EPR and        amendments made but ongoing work to
        have on other policies e.g. pensions           Head of Personnel    01 September 2008 action taken if required         consider future actions.
          Action Plan 5 - Procurement
Number                        Action                                  Lead          Target date              Performance indicator              Has Target been met, if so how?
        Review and amend current procurement pre-
        contract and contract processes, in association
        with other police forces, liaising with the Diversity
        & Employee Relations (DER) team where
        appropriate, to ensure compliance with General Principal Procurement                           Procurement processes comply          Procurement continue to ensure
        Equality Duty (GED)                                   Manager                  01 October 2007 with the GED                          compliance with GED

                                                                                                        Procurement staff are aware of
        Train appropriate procurement staff on the impact                                               the importance of their role in      Procurement staff awareness now
        of equality schemes on their roles                  Head of Training              01 April 2008 complying with the equality duties   developed
        Introduce measures to assess the relevance of                                                   Gender equality is reflected in
    5.3 gender equality issues to contracts at the          Principal Procurement                       contract documents where             All contracts over £25K have diversity
        beginning of the procurement process                Manager                      01 March 2008 relevant                              standards within contracts -
        Consider the need for ways of monitoring
        contractors performance against any gender                                                                                           Action completed - sufficient monitoring
        equality requirements of those contacts which are   Principal Procurement                        Appropriate monitoring              takes place within the contractual
        relevant                                            Manager                        01 April 2008 arrangements are in place           framework
         Action Plan 6 - Communication and Marketing
Number                      Action                                Lead       Target date             Performance indicator               Has Target been met, if so how?

    6.1 Actively promote gender equality in all aspects    Head of Media &                    Regular promotion in Frontline          Ongoing for all Diversity areas - Frontline
        of communication and marketing both internally     Corporate         Ongoing - review avoiding stereotypical articles and     in 2009 had middle page spread for 90
        and externally                                     Communications    April 2008       photographs                             years of women in Policing
        Develop an initial internal and external
        communication strategy to accompany the
    6.2 publication of the GES, which will inform          Head of Media &                                                            There is now a Diversity Comms plan
        members of the public of our responsibilities      Corporate                           Communication strategy in place to     and this focuses on key priorities and
        and engage our staff to fulfil their duty          Communications        01 April 2007 support the publication of the GES     continual raising awareness
        Promote and communicate actions and                                                    Examples provided of good practice
        successes from the above strategy which will       Head of Media &                     and actions to promote and inform  As above - in additon good examples of
        support the GES objectives and demonstrate         Corporate                                                              flexible working and other development
                                                                                               both the public and our staff of our
        compliance                                         Communications        01 April 2008 successes                          areas.
        Continue to promote internally and externally                                                                             Good examples highlighted above,this is
        the positive portrayal of women at all levels in   Head of Media &                     Maintain a fair reflective         a ongoing action to improve
        the police service, to address public              Corporate                           representation of men and woman in representation in key roles internally &
        stereotypical perceptions                          Communications        01 April 2008 a range of roles                   externally

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