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									                                                                                    PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS 2003-2005

                                                 Monterey County Coalition
                                           HEALTHY MOTHERS, HEALTHY BABIES™

                                           1120 Forest Ave #129, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
                                           831-625-4515 x1702, www.MontereyHMHB.org

                                           PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS
                                                   2003 – 2005

Our Vision
     Breastfeeding will be the norm in Monterey County for at least the first year of life and exclusive breastfeeding for the first six
     months of life.

Our Mission
     To improve infant, maternal, and family health through education and collaborative partnerships of public and private
     organizations to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding in Monterey County.

Our Core Values
     HMHB believes in and strives to shape a future Monterey County where:
        A child has a right to be born healthy and raised in a safe and nurturing environment;
        There is equal access to quality health care for everyone;
        Health disparities among all populations are eliminated;
        Practitioners provide care that includes cultural competency and respect for diversity; and
        Education and outreach encourages healthy choices.

                                                                                     PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS 2003-2005

Our National Affiliation

                                    National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition
                                    200 N. Beauregard Street, 6th Floor, Alexandria, VA 22311-1732
                                              Tel: (703) 837-4792, Fax: (703) 684-3247

The Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) membership consists of agencies, organizations and individuals. HMHB acts
as a catalyst for change and creates partnerships among community groups, agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional associations,
businesses and government agencies. Through the efforts of the coalition, we work to promote optimal health for mothers and babies
and to strengthen families and build healthy communities. HMHB is a charitable organization.

Executive Board
Trina Ammar, RN, IBCLC, Chair
Lactation Education Service Coordinator                                Zosia Chciuk, RNC, BSN, IBCLC, Board Member
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula                           Assistant Director Intermediate Intensive Care Nursery
831-625-4515 x1702, www.chomp.org; trina.ammar@chomp.org               Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
                                                                       831-625-4771, www.chomp.org; zosia.chciuk@chomp.org
Shawna Helmuth, RN, IBCLC, Co-Chair
Lactation Service Coordinator                                          Marta Martinez-Fife, CLC, LCCE, Board Member
Salinas Valley Healthcare System                                       Coordinator, Health Promotion & Childbirth Education
831-757-4333 x2852, www.svmh.com; shelmuth@svmh.com                    Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
                                                                       831-759-1891, www.svmh.com; mfife@svmh.com
Karen Walters, MPH, CHES, Secretary
Comprehensive Perinatal Services Coordinator                           Janet Vaughan, MPH, RD, CDE, IBCLC, Board Member
Monterey County Public Health Department                               Monterey County/WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator
831-755-4640, www.co.monterey.ca.us/health/;                           831-796-2866, www.co.monterey,ca.us; vaughanjc@co.monterey.ca.us
                                                                       Sumana Reddy, MD, Advisor
Charla Reehm, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Treasurer                                Acacia Family Medical Group
Monterey County Lactation Consultant                                   831-753-5303, www.acaciamed.org
831-917-2947, chareehm@comcast.net
                                                                       Alan Rosen, MD, Advisor
                                                                       Monterey Peninsula Pediatric Group
                                                                       831-625-2722, www.chomp.org; Alan.rosen@chomp.org

                                                                                            PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS 2003-2005

                                                       Monterey County Coalition
                                       HEALTHY MOTHERS, HEALTHY BABIES™
                                              Performance Measurements Year 2003 – 2005

STRATEGY                          ESTABLISHED TARGET                        ACCOMPLISHEMT

1. Strengthen individual BF       Revise and distribute the Monterey        ● Revision by Central Coast Alliance for Health, WIC, and Salinas
knowledge and BF skills.          County Breastfeeding Resource             Valley Medical Healthcare System (SVMHS).
                                  Guide.                                    ● Collaborative distribution of Guide by HEALTHY MOTHERS,
                                                                            HEALTHY BABIES™ (HMHB) membership.

2. Increase community awareness   Conduct photo contest to promote          ● TV coverage: KSBW, KTVU, Spanish channels
of health, economic and           positive BF images and release during     Monterey County Newspapers: Herald, Californian, Pine Cone, PG
environmental benefits of BF.     World Breastfeeding Week August           Post.
                                  2003.                                     ● Savings Bonds for the children portrayed in the Portrait winners.
                                                                            Gift certificate to winning photographer.

                                  Conduct a Mothers’ Portrait that          ● 2003 Portrait theme: Monterey Bay Sanctuary, BF Your Sanctuary.
                                  portrays a point of interest in           Portrait background was the Monterey Bay Sanctuary at Lovers
                                  Monterey County that we can relate        Point, Pacific Grove.
                                  back to maternal/infant health and        ● 2004 Portrait theme: Breastfeeding: Growing your future. Portrait
                                  segues with World BF Week theme.          background was an organic farm, named: The Farm, city of Salinas.
                                                                            ● 2005 Portrait theme: Breastfeeding and Family Foods: Loving and Healthy.
                                                                            Portrait background was the Farmers’ Market, E. Alisal, Salinas.

                                  Participate in health fairs, Labor of     ●Yearly Labor of Love event; Cabrillo Learning Center Parenting
                                  Love, school presentations and other      Fair 2005;
                                  outreach events identified to reach the   ●Rotation of presentations in the lobbies at Community Hospital of
                                  public using the photos                   the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP), WIC, and Household Credit
                                                                            ●Monterey County Public Healthy Department, State Immunization
                                                                            Director, meeting with public health nurses.

                                                                                                                                     Revised: 5/8/2006
                                                                                             PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS 2003-2005

                                     Send out press release to generate        ●Influenced local television news station KSBW’s program titled:
                                     articles and to highlight new BF news     Success by Six (a public service announcement) to air a health and
                                     or research.                              breastfeeding segment that ran daily throughout 2005, sponsored by
                                                                               KSBW, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and Central
                                                                               Coast Federal Savings.

3. Provide BF education to health    Develop and distribute a newsletter       ●2003 revised goal: twice/year
care professionals.                  the Breastfeeding Bulletin to             ●2003 once
                                     Monterey County health care               ●2004 once
                                     professionals and staff.                  ●2005 once

                                     Multi-agency referral form                ●Referral form piloted by Alisal Health Center, WIC, & CHOMP.

                                     Physician Grand Rounds presentations      ●Educational luncheon for area pharmacists November 2003
                                                                               ●Grand Rounds CHOMP September 2004: Dr. Jane Morton,
                                                                               Department of Breastfeeding Medicine, Stanford University Medical
                                                                               Center. .

                                     Train all hospital nurses using the 18-   ●Instrumental in obtaining funding for planning, development and
                                     hours course developed by the World       implementation of the Breastfeeding Promotion Project that
                                     Health Organization and UNICEF for        included and Infant Feeding Survey Tool.
                                     the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative     ●Eight trainings completed at Natividad Medical Center and Mee
                                     (BFHI).                                   Memorial Hospital.

4. Foster new and continuing         Recruit business-sector participation     ●2005: HMHB presented to the Monterey County Health
members of the BF Promotion          by making presentations to various        Department Public Health Nurse Grand Rounds
Committee                            groups and businesses.                    ●Development & distributed a Family Friendly Workplace packet
                                                                               for businesses during our annual luncheon and awards ceremony.

5. Improve institutional practices   Conduct trainings with businesses on      ●HMHB serves as a community resource to Monterey County
toward breastfeeding support and     how to implement AB 1025.                 businesses.
implementation of AB 1025.

                                                                                                                                  Revised: 5/8/2006
                                                                                            PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS 2003-2005

                                     Promote the Baby Friendly Hospital       ●Individual members of HMHB have promoted BFHI at their
                                     Initiative™ (BFHI) at all hospitals in   prospective institutions.
                                     Monterey county. The BFHI is a           ●Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula received the
                                     program operated by UNICEF and the       prestigious certification from Baby-Friendly, USA of a Baby-
                                     World Health Organization, and is        Friendly Birth facility™ in February 2004.
                                     managed in the United States by          ●Both Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, and Natividad
                                     Baby-Friendly, USA™.                     Medical Center submitted their Certificate of Intent to become a
                                                                              Baby-Friendly Birthing facility™ in 2005.

                                     Develop and promote office based       ●In process.
                                     Baby-Friendly Policy for hospitals and

                                     Award businesses and medical             ●Developed a self-assessment tool for offices and providers.
                                     providers that demonstrate the 10-Step   ●Distributed Community Impact awards at the HMHB Luncheon
                                     model of Mother-Baby Friendly            Event in August 2004 and 2005.
                                     policies and practices.

6. Influence BF policy and           Develop and pass resolution-             ●Monterey County Supervisors signed proclamation annually during
legislation                          proclaiming August as BF Awareness       World BF Week in August 2003 - 2005.
                                     Month in Monterey County.                ●Framed proclamation distributed to membership starting with
                                                                              CHOMP in 2003, SVMHS 2004.
                                                                              ●HMHB is a participating member of the California Coalition
                                                                              managed by UC Davis Lactation Center.
                                                                              ●In November 2005 the Maternal/Child/Adolescent Health
                                                                              Department (MCAH) of the State of California nominated the
                                                                              Monterey County Coalition HMHB as the best candidate to
                                                                              represent MCAH as an advocacy organization to the California
                                                                              Breastfeeding Promotion Advisory Committee.

7. Collect data to evaluate change   Plan, develop and implement an infant    ●Instrumental in obtaining funding for the planning, development
                                     feeding study.                           and implementation of a Breastfeeding Promotion Project that
                                                                              included an Infant Feeding Survey Tool.

                                                                                                                                  Revised: 5/8/2006

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