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Contact Person: Pamela Ahl, Chef/Owner
phone 509.923.2334
fax 509.923.2021

This signed contract and wedding agreement, with Amy’s Manor Inn, LLC a Washington
Limited Liability Company, (Amy’s Manor), confirms the reservation for:
Bride and Groom__________________________________________________________
Contact Person (name, address, phone number and email)_________________________
Deposit and Payment Policy
A deposit of the site fee is required to hold the above referenced date. This deposit is
non-refundable and will be applied to your final bill.

The final guest count is due 3 weeks prior to the event and the bill will be sent at this
time. The final bill shall be paid one (1) week prior to the event and is not refundable. If
the guest count goes up, after the payment has been made, then the added cost will be due
the day of the event.

Personal Checks are the preferred method of payment
Visa and MasterCard are accepted. However a five percent (5%) charge is added to any
payments made with Visa or MasterCard to cover the bank changes Amy’s Manor incurs
for this service.

Cancellation Policy
Once the deposit is made and the date has been set, a fee of $2000.00 will be charged,
if the event is then cancelled within 8 months of the above date.

Food and Beverage Policy
Absolutely no outside food is allowed to be brought on the premises. The exceptions are
cakes. All non-alcoholic beverages must be purchased from Amy’s Manor beverage
list. Wine and Beer only can be brought on premise by the client. There is an addition
to the site fee for the alcohol service, please refer to the Beverage List on our website – . A Banquet Permit must be obtained by the client, and given
to Pam 2 weeks before the event. Here is how to obtain a banquet permit.
You can pick up a banquet permit at any state liquor store. There is a $10.00 fee.
My service staff will not serve anyone under 21. Anyone drinking should carry a valid
ID on them. My service staff can refuse serving alcohol to anyone believed to be
intoxicated. The client assumes all responsibility for the alcohol consumption of their
guests. The undersigned client, is liable for any lawsuits or damage brought on by their
Extra Food (Leftovers)
Amy’s Manor charges a predetermined price per person for each event. Amy’s Manor
shall determine how much food is necessary for the event and will prepare sufficient
food. Amy’s Manor also prepares extra food to feed its staff, many of whom work many
hours the day of the event. Since Amy’s Manor caters many parties, some items that are
purchased in bulk such as soda and water are always keep on hand so that we do not run
out. Even though there may be food or beverage items “leftover” the “leftovers” shall
remain the property of Amy’s Manor.
However, with the permission of Pamela, chef/owner, non-temperature sensitive foods
may be packaged for removal from Amy’s Manor. Any temperature sensitive food shall
remain at Amy’s Manor to be eaten or disposed of on the day of the event.

Because Amy’s Manor has many acres of property, we must insist that any child under
the age of 18 be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. Children are
not allowed to roam the grounds unattended. They are not allowed to climb the trees or
to enter coop or barn. Amy’s Manor is not responsible for any liability claims filed by a
parent, if a child is hurt or harmed in any way.

Manor House
The only persons allowed in the living quarters of the house are the wedding party and
overnight guests. All other invited guests must remain outside of the living quarters.
No outside food or drink will be allowed in the house, unless permission has been
granted. If permission is granted, then food and beverage is to be consumed in the dining
room only, not in the guest rooms.

If a guest wishes to smoke, ashtrays will be provided in a specified smoking area.

The use of confetti, birdseed, rice, sparkler’s and bubbles (the plastic bubble container’s
end up all over the lawn), are prohibited. Rose Petal’s can be used.

All amplified music must end by 10:30 p.m. (zoning regulations).

Responsibility to the Client
The undersigned client agrees to indemnify and hold Amy’s Manor, LLC and Pamela Ahl
harmless from any and all liability of any kind or nature, including but not limited to any
liability arising under any statute, ordinance or regulation in connection with the use of
the facilities, owned by Amy’s Manor, LLC, and against liability from any claim for
personal injury, death or property damage to any person or party whatsoever, including
the client, by reason of the use or operation of the facilities owned by Amy’s Manor or
the condition of said premises. Client specifically agrees in indemnify and hold Amy’s
Manor, LLC and Pamela Ahl harmless from any and all claims relating to the
consumption of alcohol by guests invited to the reception by the undersigned client.
Client and all guests invited by the client to the facilities used by Amy’s Manor shall
comply with all applicable statutes, ordinances and regulations with respect to the use,
operation and/or condition of the facilities used by Amy’s Manor.

If this contract is referred to an attorney for enforcement of any terms of this contract or
for the collection of any sums due to Amy’s Manor, LLC, the client shall pay all costs
and reasonable attorney fees incurred by Amy’s Manor in enforcing any term of this
contract, specifically including any payment obligation of the client. If a suit or action is
instituted by an attorney for Amy’s Manor to enforce any term or obligation identified in
this contract, specifically including any payment obligation, client shall pay all
reasonable attorney fees and cost incurred by Amy’s Manor in pursuing such suit or

This contract shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of
Washington. The venue for any suit or action to enforce any term or obligation of this
contract, specifically including any payment obligation, shall be, at the option of Amy’s
Manor, in Okanogan County, Washington.

Client Signature                          Date

Pamela Ahl, Owner                         Date

Please make a copy for yourself and return the original to:

Amy’s Manor
435 Hwy. 153
Pateros, WA 98826

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