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					   Parent Child

Englewood Baptist Church
    Preschool Ministry
1350 S. Winstead Avenue
 Rocky Mount, NC 27803
Dear Parents,

Thank you for inquiring about having your child dedication. I praise God with you
for the gift of life He has loaned to you care for and nurture. Your commitment
to see your child grow up knowing, growing and serving Jesus Christ blesses our
Lord I know.

The following application is provided to help you think through this important
occasion. Please complete it and return to me within one week of receiving.

Once the application is received, a staff member will contact you by phone to
confirm receiving it and discuss scheduling a date for you to dedicate your child.
This can be done in any of our three Worship celebration services so check your
calendar and let us know which Sunday you would prefer.

If you have any additional questions regarding dedicating your child or the
Preschool Ministry in general, I would be happy to talk with you. I can be
reached at 937-8254, 904-3523 or michelle@englewoodbaptist.com.

I pray that this will be a blessed time as you come before the Lord and dedicate
your child to Him.

Joyfully Serving Him,

Michelle Ferrell
Preschool Ministry Director
                    Englewood Baptist Church
                Child Dedication Application Form


The dedication of children is a practice that has its origin in the Holy Scriptures.
It is an expression of love for God and is a declaration on the part of the parent
(s) to be a godly influence in the life of their child (Genesis 22:12; 1 Samuel
1:27-28; Matthew 19:13-15). The dedication service itself is an act of worship
toward God on the part of the parent(s) and does not in itself bring about the
salvation of the child. Salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of
our souls and not through church traditions or special services (John 1:12;3:16).

In presenting your child for dedication at Englewood Baptist Church, you are
declaring your concern for the spiritual well being of this child and you are
expressing your purpose to lead him/her in the way of Jesus Christ.
Furthermore, your child also becomes a special responsibility of the church of
Jesus Christ. It is our responsibility to receive your child into the care of this
church and to do our part in leading him/her to faith in Jesus Christ as their
personal savior.

Therefore, it is important for us to know that you, as a parent(s), understand the
vows you will be taking, that you are committed to these vows and that your life
shows evidence of their reality prior to taking them. Our duty before God is to
allow you to take vows that you are sincerely prepared to keep, to the best of
your ability and with God’s help. The Bible tells us clearly that God is not
pleased with those who take vows and then do not keep them (Numbers 30:2;
Deuteronomy 23:21; Ecclesiastes 5:1-7).


As you prepare to complete the application form, the child dedication guidelines
of Englewood Baptist Church are:

   1. Membership at Englewood Baptist Church is not essential to the dedication
      of your child.
   2. Children of any age can be dedicated.
   3. Parents must be a committed child of God who has trusted Jesus Christ
      for their personal salvation. See introduction section above.

Please complete the following questionnaire using additional paper if necessary.

   1. Why do you desire to present your child for dedication?

   2. Have you as a parent(s) committed your life to Jesus Christ and trusted
      him for salvation?

      Father: Yes__________ No_________

      Mother: Yes__________ No__________

      Please give a brief personal testimony explaining how, when, and why you
      came to know Jesus Christ as your Savior and what your life is like since
      you became a Christian. (Use additional paper)

   3. What does it mean to you as a parent(s) to be a godly influence in the life
      of your child and/or what does it mean for you as a parent(s) to lead your
      child by the example set before us by Jesus Christ?
4. You will be asked to take dedication vows before God and in the
presence         of witnesses. Please indicate by placing a check mark in
the space provided beside the vows you are prepared to take.

   a. Will you set before this child the example of a godly life and
      instruct him/her in the elements of the Christian faith?

      Father:    ______ I will by the help of God.

      Mother:    ______ I will by the help of God.

   b. Will you seek to lead your child to acceptance of Jesus Christ as
      Savior and Lord, to nurture him/her in their Christian walk by
      setting an example of prayer, Bible study and fellowship with other
      believers of Jesus Christ.

      Father:    ______ I will by the help of God.

      Mother:    ______ I will by the help of God.

   c. Will you seek to fulfill these vows to the best of your ability, God
      being our only true helper?

      Father:    ______ I will.

      Mother:    ______ I will.
Preparing for the dedication service

  1. Return completed application to the preschool ministry department.
  2. Expect a call from a staff pastor to confirm receipt of your application.
  3. Suggestions for making this dedication extra special
        a) Invite your love ones to share this time with you and your family.
        b) Assign someone to bring a camera and to take pictures during the
           dedication service.
        c) There will be a special time of prayer so invite others to come and
           pray with and for your family at the conclusion of the dedication
  4. Submit a photograph of your child to be shown during the service.

  PERSONAL INFORMATION (for use in preparing the dedication certificate)

  Child’s full name________________________________________________

  Date of birth___________________________________________________

  Parent(s) name_________________________________________________




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