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                                   Keke Carpenter
                                   Period:01 avid
Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
                     On campus housing
    * no security deposit;
      * an average annual savings of $500 on
    utilities and $400 on commuting;
      * nine month occupancy agreement instead
    of 12 month lease (summer optional);
      * furnished, air-conditioned apartments
    with private bedrooms;
      * concierge services (packages,
    newspapers, videos, vacuum cleaner,
    recreationGewirz bedroomal equipment, key
      * free shuttles to shopping centers, Union
    Station, and main campus;
      * convenient laundry facilities exclusively
    for residents;
      * 24 hour Public Safety Communication
    Center in the building and front door access
    control; and
      * walking escort service between buildings
    and to nearby taxi stands.
 The mission of our clinical program is to
  educate students in the practical art of
  lawyering while providing quality legal
  representation to under-represented
  individuals and organizations.
Georgetown’s colors

           and Blue
The Campus
More campus….
Famous buildings
         The five-story law library was named in
            honor of distinguished Georgetown
            alumnus Edward Bennett Williams
            (Class of 1944), and is the third
            largest law library in the U.S. More
            than 1 million volumes and volume-
            equivalents in this library are
            complemented by 9,920 serial
            subscriptions, computerized legal
            research terminals and personal
            computers for student use. The
            library has 1,075 seats available,
            including lounges, group study
            rooms, and private carrels for
            students with disabilities.
          Admission requirements
 # One course each in principles      # The TOEFL exam is required
  of macro- and microeconomics.         of all foreign students who are
 # Proficiency in a modern             not native English speakers
  foreign language.                     except those students who
 # A satisfactory level of             received their undergraduate
  performance on the verbal,            degrees from accredited
  quantitative, and analytical          colleges or universities located
  portions of the Graduate Record       in the United States. A score of
  Examination (GRE). LSAT
  scores submitted to the Law           600 or above is required for
  Center can be used in lieu of the     admissions consideration.
    Annual tuition & expenses
 * Annual tuition: $35,080
  * Living expenses, books, and
 miscellaneous expenses: $18,820
 * Total expenses: $53,900
                           The History
   Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) began modestly in 1870 when
    the Directors of Georgetown University recommended the establishment of a
    separate department to train lawyers. It was the first law school established in
    the United States by a Jesuit institution of higher learning.

   In the fall of 1870, with high expectations and tenuous financial structure,
    Georgetown's law school enrolled 25 students from 12 states and Cuba. The
    course of study required two years of evening classes. Though the law school
    weathered heavy financial storms and other worrisome problems common to
    new schools, the vision of its early leaders, the reputation of the law school's
    faculty members, and the record of the school's first graduates enhanced the
    school's reputation. In 1890, construction began on a new law school building
    at 506 E Street, N.W., which had the remarkable capacity of 600 students.
                Major programs
Health policy:
 The health team works to increase access to care for some
  of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. They include
  children, the elderly, and poor people who are uninsured or
  under- insured. The health care; emergency preparedness
  strategies including the threat of bioterrorismm analyzes
  health funding streams, proposals for universal health; and
  integrating Community Health Workers (CHWs) into the
  health systems serving low-income and rural communities.
  The health team includes Jackie Scott, Sara Hoverter and
  six clinic students, with support from Jason Newman.
         Scholarship opportunities
 Contact your local bar association, religious societies, fraternal
  organizations, business, and civic associations to inquire about
  scholarship possibilities. Individuals can enter a profile on-line with
  several scholarship searches. The scholarship searches will comb a
  database and locate any scholarship that will fit the profile. The
  services provide the student with a list of possibilities and some
  services will update the student when a new scholarship is added that
  fits the profile. We advise using the free searches rather than our listing
  since they are more current and may contain resources we have not
  encountered.There are FREE as well as fee-charged scholarship
  searches. If you do decide to utilize a scholarship search service that
  charges a fee, please take a look at the Federal Trade Commission
  (FTC) website and the Financial Aid Information Page, sponsored by
  the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  (NASFAA), BEFORE paying any money. These web sites contain
  valuable information about how to evaluate a scholarship search
  service, and the warning signs of a scam.
 Student Bar            Beer society for
  Association             Appreciation
 La Alianza del          International
  Derecho                 Camaraderie (BASIC)
 AIDS Law Movement  Georgetown Bowling
  (ALM)                   Club
 American-Japanese
  Law Students Alliance  Georgetown Law
  (AJLSA)                 Bridge Club

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