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					Understanding concept 1Malaysia Among Students
Schooling institutions placing students, teachers, and school staff who have
their own culture. Culture in the school termed a culture. And schools that will
shape the culture as required by the community. Meanwhile, the community
will also influence the culture of schools.

Language is a cultural practice in terms of public life. In terms of the term also
refers to a culture that practiced a way of life, including thoughts, the beliefs,
views and thoughts of a person. Clearly the cultural heritage of human social
thought and behavior as it is generally inherited such as the interpretation
made by Mohd Taib Osman (1998).

Students who come from different races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and
minority ethnic groups such as Iban, Kadazan, Dayak and has held various
aspects of culture and origin. They take thought, philosophical, moral,
language and way of life unique to the institution of school. When the
incidence of seed-seedling racial sentiments among the students of various
ethnic groups is the responsibility of teachers to implement their educational
value. This is so because the students are out of this school system will be
compatible in terms of thinking of all walks of various races.

Understanding among students of different races meet 1Malaysia concept
introduced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun
Abdul Razak. YAB Dato 'Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak in Malaysia to
introduce the concept of '1' to apply the eight aspirations leading to a
national goal. Cultural values of excellence, courage, humility, acceptance,
loyalty, meritocracy, education and integrity to unite the students clearly
through the thoughts and actions. Students from different racial Malaysia is a
nation that has a direction for developing countries.

Strategy for Addressing Problems of seed-seed Racism Among
Strategy One: Increase awareness about diversity of socio-cultural tolerance.

a) awareness of the existence of the nation

b) trust

c) language

d) grammar.

The main strategy should be implemented to increase the tolerance of the
student teachers about the social and cultural diversity. Can be construed as
a means of socio-cultural students of all races get along with each other
while communicating. This socio-cultural elements, including awareness of
the existence of race, creed, and language.

a) awareness of the existence of the nation

In the process of teaching and learning (P & P), teachers need to inculcate
values of caring in the classroom. Student teachers should be informed that
the value of friendship is an important thing, even if they come from different
nations. Friendship can be done regardless of whether the nation of Malays,
Chinese, Indian and minority ethnic groups such as Iban, Kadazan and

Etnosentrik properties of a racial or ethnic group who consider themselves
better and stereotypes about other nations should be avoided. The
introduction of collective race or ethnicity is based on certain physical
characteristics like skin color biology, news hair, and eye color does not
become an obstacle to the value of friendship.

b) trust

Student teachers should also be informed about the sensitivities, beliefs and
customs of other people to be careful in their actions and conversations that
do not offend other people. For example:

- Sensitivity, non-Muslim students must know that pork is haram for a Muslim

- Similarly, the Muslim students also need to understand the Indian students
who Hindus not to be inviting to eat beef.

In process R & D, student teachers must also be applied to the beliefs of a
people that they have received from the down-dropped. Beliefs and taboos
is a subtle criticism of Malay society. For example:

- Malay prohibiting child sitting on a pillow.

- Chinese people believe in the natural elements such as the spirit of 'yin' and

- The Indian community is more confident on the existence of god, an evil
nature, and spirit.

It is clear that students should be exposed to the beliefs of other people to
avoid misunderstandings during the process of teaching and learning in the
classroom. Students of different races to understand each other.

c) Language

Teachers need to enlighten students about the importance of Malay
language. Language is the medium in order to disseminate the idea of two-
way communication.

Therefore, the use of Malay as the medium of instruction in schools is one step
in creating unity among students of various ethnic groups as contained in
Article 152, Constitution of Malaysia. Malay is the national language and is
officially recognized as a language of science began in 1981 in stages in the
educational institutions.

However, the situation is still not formal teachers should allow students to
communicate in their native language. This is consistent with national policies
that people want to strengthen the national language of Malaysia and
memerkasakan second language. The concept of acculturation can be
described here as a multi-ethnic students to absorb the national language
and reinforce their native language.

d) Adjust language.

Grammar is meant is the use of language in different places such as the
context and situation. This means that the language used by teachers or
students should be based on the speakers, and discussed the situation. A
conscious grammar vocabulary, phrases and sentence structure to convey
something. For example:

- A teacher was discussing the issue of religion, the teacher should use the
term adjustable loans or reference any such use of simile is like a passage or
qiyas like to be precise meaning of the selected word and not stray to other

Thus, teachers need to improve communication with students because it is
the key to success teachers perform R & D without causing misunderstanding
among the students.

 Strategy Two: Selection Strategies, Methods and Techniques of Teaching

Methods and techniques of teaching the teacher himself is a pedagogical
strategy to avoid seed-seed racism among students of all races. The
emphasis is on the integration of teacher knowledge, skills, and values that
are relevant to student culture. There are a variety of strategies, methods,
and techniques that can be used by teachers. For example:

- Teachers can perform R & D through a directive that students learn through
explanation and followed by comprehension exercises.

It is important to ensure that students are able to deliver educational content
to the right. For example:

- Students said that the Chinese need to learn the correct pronunciation of
the Malay language so that meaning is conveyed accurately and not offend

In addition, cooperative and collaborative methods applied to teachers as
well as among students of diverse cultures so that they can learn in groups
and discuss in harmony. Learning through this method is more attractive
because pupils are actively involved in learning.

In this situation, and social interaction skills students need to be nurtured in
order to achieve a goal of teacher education. It is therefore consistent with
the concept of accommodation in which students respect the norms and
values of other ethnic groups but still retain their culture. This can be proved
as the following statement:

- This situation can be seen in countries like Switzerland which has a state of
ethnic Germans, French and Italian to make berakomodasi and mutual
adjustment between them. The nature of accommodation and willingness to
accept others of different ethnic lifestyles, customs and religion important to
pave the way for cooperation and agreement of ethnic relations.

Teachers should plan carefully teaching. If the seed-seedling racist teachers
need to target learning objectives are to unite students of diverse ethnic

Teachers need to review the curriculum, syllabus and syllabus to ensure
design quality. Teachers also need to integrate elements of other subjects
when teaching. For example:

- Subjects of Moral Education, Education History, Civics and incorporated in
the teaching of Malay as a support activity to bring about unity.

R & D planning is closely aligned with the culture of excellence in 1Malaysia.
Culture is not only to unite students of all races, but to achieve success in
higher fields.

 Third Strategy: Creating a Classroom Environment Friendly Culture.

A third strategy for dealing with racism is a seed-seed by creating a
classroom environment-friendly culture. Friendly classroom learning cultures
have enough equipment, such as black boards, notice boards, chairs,
cupboards, decorated with a fun, clean and has a learning materials. For

- The materials are placed in the corner reading culture so that all ethnic
groups to learn other cultures.

Teachers must provide a conducive learning environment as students of
diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The success of physical and resource teachers to manage classroom
symbolizing cooperation and compassion among students has been built.
This is so because the students are studying in one class together an
organization to manage their classes are like a family that lived in the house
trying to get comfortable amenities. Each has its own responsibilities to ensure
their happiness and harmony.

 Strategy Four: The Steady Discipline Management.

Discipline is most important is to control student behavior so as not to cause
racial seeds. Among the actions carried out according to the teacher

- The token economy system that will reward the good behavior of pupils
during the R & D process.

This system provides motivation for pupils to change for the better and excel.
Disposal of conduct is to reduce students' behavior is not desirable teachers.

In addition, there are three methods of disposal behavior:

- Isolation (time out)

Is a method of denying the opportunity for students to participate in the

- Satisfaction (satiation)

Disposal behavior through repetition given by the teacher.

For example:

Students are encouraged to write the love scribbling in a book, so that the
student stop by itself.

- Penalties.
Removed unwanted actions continue to bear the impact aversif.

Therefore, teachers must be clever and creative in the management
discipline to create a culture that is conducive pembejalaran.

Strategy Five: Equality in Education.

The fifth strategy in dealing with racism is a seed-seed to provide equality in
education in the classroom. The concept of integration should be done in the
P & P. During the learning process teachers need to integrate students of
various races in a group.

Teachers should encourage students to work and helping each other.
Teachers should remind students not to be prejudicial to Indigenous students
who live in rural or poor students. Backwardness of rural students as native
students and Indigenous students Kadazan, Bajau, Murut, mysticism and
other issues should not be a disparity in the education field causing racial

This has been supported by the Ministry of Education to introduce the
concept of democratization of education so that each race or ethnicity can
enjoy the same facilities in education, whether in urban or rural areas. The
attitude of equality in education is to strengthen the ties between students of
different ethnic origins.

Thus, the P & P teaching, teachers need to apply the value of humility, or give
to students who are less fortunate due to backward education inequalities in


In conclusion, seed-seedling racism among students at school to avoid the
teacher. This problem must be addressed immediately to avoid differential
student achievement, social inequality, the problem of retention of identity
and the monopoly of certain groups. Teachers need to carry out with
dedication and professionalism regardless of social class students. Learning
activities are conducted in an interactive manner that involves interactions
among the students regardless of culture to create unity thus making learning
more fun.

The dispute between the events of May 13, 1969 as the country's second
black. In relation to this incident should be avoided. Government trying to
instill patriotism and racial unity. 1Malaysia introduced by the Prime Minister of
Malaysia Dato 'Seri Najib Razak to be performed by each party. Malaysia is a
concept to foster unity among Malaysians of all races, based on important
values, to achieve progress and development of the higher people and the
nation. The Prime Minister expressed by the slogan of "We stood up, think and
act as a nation of Malaysia. One People "demanded Malaysians of various
races and religions to think beyond the boundaries of race and ethnicity and
their respective interests.

For nation building a multiracial country like Malaysia is very important,
especially in the era of globalization as the ability to build our nation depends
on the shared values of integrity, ability, dedication and loyalty. Thus the
teacher plays an important role in responding to this call.

 Teachers should be patient and diligent in the effort to unite students of all
races. The spirit of hard work and dedication in discharging their
responsibilities to achieve personal success, community and country in line
with the aspirations 1Malaysia. Teachers should be the main underlying
principles of solidarity 1Malaysia (togetherness) and belonging (sense of
belonging) to avoid seed-seed racial sentiments.


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