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1. General BOOKING Information
           Contact Person:
           Performance Date:
           Event Type:
           Location and City:
           Artist Fee agreed upon for Kevin Bond:
           ½ Deposit to be paid 45 days before show date.
           Balance to be paid after sound check or before performance.
           All Payments to are to be made in (cash, cashiers check, money orders)
2. Travel & Hotel
           Promoter to provide 2 direct flights on Delta Airlines or Airtran for
             KEVIN BOND & 1 Musician.
           Promoter to provide 2 single non-smoking rooms at a 4 or 5 star hotel
             (Hilton, Marriott, etc)
           Promoter to provide ground transportation for KEVIN BOND throughout his
             stay in named city.
3. Performance and Sound check
           Employer to provide the proper times for the performance and at least a
             30 minute sound check for KEVIN BOND prior to performance.
4. ***Sound Requirements ***
           Working PA and monitor desk with competent sound persons.
           Please show stage plot to soundpersons before KEVIN BOND arrives.
           6 monitors (one for each member of the band, Stereo mix for Key 1 and
             Drum Wedges)
5. ***Dressing rooms, FooD, Beverage’s, etc.***
           1 Large dressing room for KEVIN BOND (w/bathroom preferred)
           Juice, water, fruit and deli tray
           2 Bottles of DeSani water (on stage)
           2 clean, dry towels. (on stage)
           1 meal is to be provided by promoter or a meal buyout of an addl.
           Parking to be provided in a safe area close to the venue.(if necessary***)
6. Guest List
           6 tickets in a preferred seating section needed for guests of KEVIN BOND
           Press and Radio should not be counted against the 6 tickets.

For Performance, Technical or Production information / Contact Kevin Bond
Office: 678.854.8809 / Fax: 775.871.4401 /
7. Liability Clauses
           This contract constitutes a complete and binding agreement between the
             employer and the

         In case of breach of this contract by Employer, the Employer agrees to
          pay KEVIN BOND the amount stated in Section 1 as mitigated damages,
          plus reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and legal interest.

         The Employer agrees to be responsible for harm, loss, or damage of any
          kind to KEVIN BOND and or KEVIN BOND’s person or property while located at
          the place of performance (Section 1 herein).

         The persons signing for Employer and the KEVIN BOND agree to be
          personally, jointly and severally liable for their portion of the terms of this

        *** This only applies where a concert with KEVIN BOND is requested***

Agreed and accepted by: (please sign below and fax back a copy of this Contract)

Employer or Representative

KEVIN BOND Representative (Kevin Bond)

For Performance, Technical or Production information / Contact Kevin Bond
Office: 678.854.8809 / Fax: 775.871.4401 /

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