; Snuggie a product sales 5 billion for six months
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Snuggie a product sales 5 billion for six months


Snuggie a product sales 5 billion for six months

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									Snuggie? TU is a blanket with sleeves. Almost everyone has a sofa bed in the habit of reading books,¿´µú, listening to music, the most common is to look at television, this position is very easy to fall asleep, and some good friends to take care of themselves in the use of such such a position when the blanket, but, when you sleep, this is likely to be a blanket is made a scapegoat, or fell to the ground, Snuggie, with sleeves of blankets, it is always careful care of your body. Almost all the creative people will think this idea is ridiculous, but (after a bit long), in a lot of people with their own ideas, creativity, planning, model ... ... around the time of searching for an angel investment, in many of the oldest extreme excitement of the night bulk mail to the company, this company has access to a new round of wind for 20 million knives, knife 40000000, 50000000, when knives, Snuggie from the beginning of August last year, in February of this year, just half a year sold 4,000,000 pieces, each knife Price 19.95, for a total of 79.8 million knives, according to today Total 545,528,760.00 yuan exchange rate, after the fact (in front of it is long) you still feel that it was an absurd idea? Obviously, those people looking for Angel investment is even more ridiculous, all day long to talk about business models are very ridiculous, bulk mail to the staff I told the boss that the money from investors, we should be great for him ha haЦ.

How do the Snuggie? Do not think Snuggie inventor Chris Potter (Chris ? Porter) a lot of money to support them a super sales team, in fact, the 28-year-old father of the young that there is only one sale, that is, his wife, Angie, if you To say that they would otherwise magic weapon, their website https: / / www.515dg.com.cn be regarded as a magic weapon sales it? Web sites such as numerous sales, why some people failed to sell out five billion? This is worthy of deep reflection. Well, notÂô¹Ù×ÓÁ˳¶Ì¸not give us a formula - common + network = money, if you feel that this formula is too simple, well understood, then I give a complex - common / Product + Network / spread = money. A friend of mine had to say certainly, Fearless you are not a secret formula,·È˽ÔÖªah! But I think we still hold ourselves, we really do it? I think most people are guided by creative + feeling = fail such a formula.

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