INTERLOCK MAINTENANCE & TIPS FOR
                                SYNTHETIC HAIR
                                   Yaky Pony

Do not apply direct and /or extreme heat. This includes:
Sauna/Steam room: wrap towel on your head for protection
Blow dryers: only use cool setting if needed.
Hot curlers/Pressing combs: Never use.

Always sleep in a satin sleep cap, silk scarf or on a satin pillow case. Keep ends of hair under
scarf or sleep cap. If you are wearing a long style, put hair in a very loose pony tail then wrap
the ends. Never pull hair tight! Constant pulling causes hair to stretch and lose shape. Oil
and/or condition scalp in between parts while braided. Suggested products are:
         ProFective (Anti-Dryness, Anti-Breakage or Leave in Strengthener)
        Motions Hair and Scalp Conditioner
        African Gold Braid Spray
Maintain hair by detangling with fingers and brushing daily (especially in the neck area) and trim
as needed. To keep fullness and body don’t use a lot of product on the hair because it will be
weighed down. It is not unusual to lose a few strands of hair during the maintenance process.
To wash hair with Interlock, dilute shampoo with water and shampoo. Do not tangle the hair by
scrubbing it when washing. Condition hair, especially the ends then rinse. Towel dry then air
dry. Do not wash more than once every 2 weeks. Shampooing too often loosens the braids and
can reduce the curl in the hair. Do not manipulate the hair while wet or let in dry in a pony tail.
Let the hair hang loose to dry to keep its’ shape. For clients with very short and/or fine hair,
washing with water is not recommended. An alternative is cleansing the scalp with Sea Breeze or
Witch Hazel. Follow up with a moisturizing cream or braid spray.

Clients are encouraged to have Interlocks removed in the salon followed by a shampoo and deep
conditioner. If you require the service, please request when booking your Interlock appointment
to allow enough time for all of your services. Interlock can however, be easily removed by the
client using the following instructions.
Feel for the end of the braid where it has been sewn with thread and cut below the thread. Cut
the Interlock hair down to approx. 2 inches. Be careful not to cut the end of your braid.
Begin unbraiding from the end and work your way of the front of your hairline. Comb hair out
using a fine tooth comb after taking down each braid, otherwise your hair may lock up and
have to be cut! Use braid spray or leave in conditioner as a detangler. Suggested brands are:
        African Gold
        Better Braids

Redo style every 4-8weeks. If you are unable to get your hair re-braided within 4-8 weeks,
remove hair after 8 weeks to prevent locking.

If you have any additional questions and/or problems regarding the
maintenance of your hair, feel free to call (773) 487-8696 during salon hours of
operation for assistance.
Thank you for your business.

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