focused discussion with cooperative team by NLCP


									Focused Discussion with Cooperative Team
Steps for Numbered Heads
    1. Number off from 1 to 4.
    2. Listen to the question.
    3. Discuss ideas with your group and prepare to share.
    4. Report your group’s ideas if your number is called.

Use these sentence starters.

Discussing Ideas
What do you think?
Could you explain your thinking?
Do you have another idea?
We’d really like to hear your thoughts on

Agreeing and Disagreeing
I like the way
I hear your views, but I disagree because
I had a different reaction. I thought

I agree, but would also add that
We could combine these ideas by

Reporting Ideas
We all agreed that
Most of us agreed that
We think
It seems to us

Adapted from READ 180, Scholastic

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