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					Frequently Used Prefixes
Prefix             Meaning            Example
A, an              Without, not       Atypical, anarchy
Ab                 Away from          Absent, abnormal
Ad                 Toward             Advance, administer
Ambi, amphi        Both, around       Ambiguous, amphibious
Anno               Year               Annual
Anti, contra, ob   Against            Antisocial contradict
Bene, eu           Well, good         Benefactor, eulogy
Bi, du, di         Two or twice       Bicycle, duet, dichotomy
Cata, cath         Down, downward     Catacombs
Cent, hector       Hundred            Centipede
Con, com, syn      With, together     Congregate, synthesis
De                 Down, from         Depose, detract
Dec, deca          Ten                Decade
Demi, hemi, semi   Half               Hemisphere, semicircle
Dia                Through            Diameter, diagram
Dis, un            Ill, hard          Dystrophy
Ex                 Out from           Exhale, expel
Extra              Beyond, outside    Extralegal
Hyper              Above, excessive   Hyperactive
Hypo               Under              Hypodermic
Il, im, in         Not                Illogical, impossible
Im, in             In, into           Inside, insert, import
Infra              Lower              Infrared
Inter              Between            Intercede, interrupt
Intra              Within             Intramural
Juxta              Next to            Juxtaposition
Mal, mis           Wrong, ill         Malformed, mislead
Mill               Thousand           Milligram
Nove, non          Nine               Novena, nonagon
Oct, octo          Eight              Octopus
Omni, pan          All                Omnipotent, pantheist
Per,               Through            Perennial, pervade
Peri, circum       Around             Perimeter, circumvent
Poly, multi        Many               Polygamy, multiply
Post               After              Postscript
Pre,ante           Before             Prepared, antebellum
Pon, pos           To place           Depose, position
Port               To carry           Porter, portable
Pseudo             False              Pseudonym
Pyr                Fire               Pyromaniac
Psysh              Mind               Psychology
Quir               To ask             Inquire, acquire
Rog                To question        Interrogate
Scrib, graph       To write           Prescribe, autograph
Sect, seg          To cut             Dissect, segment
Sol                Alone              Solitude
Soma                   Body                      Somatology, psychosomatic
Somnia                 Sleep                     Insomnia
Soph                   Wise                      Sophomore, philosophy
Soror                  Sister                    Sorority
Spect                  To look at                Inspect, spectacle
Spir                   To breathe                Inspiration, conspire
Tact, tang             To touch                  Tactile, tangible
Tele                   Distant                   Telephone
Ten, tent              To hold                   Tenant, intent
Tend, tens             To stretch                Extend, extension
The, theo              God                       Atheism, theology
Therma                 Heat                      Thermometer
Tort                   Twist                     Torture, extort
Ven, vent              To go, arrive             Convention
Verbum                 Word                      Verbosity, verbal

Frequently Uses Suffixes
Suffix                 Meaning                   Example
Able, ible             Capable of                Durable, visible
Acy, ance, ency, tiy   Quality or state of       Privacy, competency, acidity
Age                    Act of, state of          breakage
Al                     Pertaining to             rental
ana                    Saying, writing           Americana
ant                    Quality of, one who       Reliant, servant
Ard, art               Person who                Wizard, braggart
Arium, orium           Place for                 auditorium
Ate                    Cause to be               Activate
Ation                  Action, state of          Creation, condition
Chrome                 Color                     Verichrome
Cide                   Killing                   Homicide
Er, or                 Person who, thing which   generator
Esque                  Like in manner            picturesque
Fic                    Making, causing           scientific
Form                   In the shape of           Cuneiform
Ful, ose, ous          Full of                   Careful, verbose
Fy, ify, ize           To make, cause to be      Fortify, magnify, modify
Hood, osis             Condition or state of     Childhood, hypnosis
Ics                    Art, science              Mathematics
Ism                    Quality or doctrine of    Conservatism
It is                  Inflammation of           Appendicitis
Ive                    Quality of, that which    Creative
Latry                  Worshio of                Idolatry
Less                   Without                   Homeless
Oid                    In the form of            Tabloid
Tude                   Quality or degree of      Solitude
Wards                  In a direction            Backwards
Wise                   Way, position             clockwise