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Tips for Finding Immunization Records
Immunization records are important for you and your family. Shot records are needed for doctor’s visits
and to meet child care and school immunization requirements and may be needed for a job or for
international travel. Here are some tips on locating immunization records.

Where can I look for old records?                        covers all ages but is more likely to contain
                                                         immunization records of children than adults.
   ● Family records. Family records such as
                                                         Also, although MIIC participation by clinics and
     baby books may contain immunization
                                                         hospitals continues to expand, not all health care
                                                         providers participate. Check to see if your clinic
   ● Doctor’s offices or clinics. Check with
                                                         participates in MIIC at
     all health care providers where shots may
     have been given, including neighborhood
     clinics and local public health
     departments.                                        How can I check MIIC for
   ● Schools or child care providers. Child              immunization records?
     care providers and schools must verify
                                                         To find out if your immunization records are in
     immunizations for attendees and may be
                                                         MIIC, contact the Minnesota Department of
     able to look up records.
                                                         Health at 651-201-5414 or 1-877-676-5414 and
   ● Military records may be a source of
                                                         ask for the MIIC Help Desk. You will be asked to
     immunization information for those who
                                                         verify your identification and if your records are
     have served in the military.
                                                         in the registry, they can be sent to you via fax or
   ● An immunization registry. Registries                mail. Due to confidentiality concerns,
     are confidential, computerized systems              immunization records cannot be sent via email.
     for tracking immunization records. They
     are managed by state or local health                What about shots received in other
     departments and are accessible only by              states?
     health professionals who give
                                                         Most states and some local areas have
     immunizations or those required by law
                                                         immunization registries. Try contacting the
     to record immunizations for enrollment.
                                                         registry in the location where you or your child
Keep in mind that locating the vaccination history       received their last shots. See a list of state and
of an adult is oftentimes difficult. Clinics,            local registries at
schools, and child care providers maintain     
immunization records for a limited period of time        state-iis.htm.
and very few immunization registries existed
                                                         What if I can’t find my immunization
prior to the mid-1990’s. In the future,
immunization registries will provide complete            records?
records of shots received, regardless of where or        If immunization records can’t be found, it may be
at what age they were given.                             necessary to repeat some of the shots or arrange
                                                         for blood tests to determine immunity. Talk with
What immunization records are in the
                                                         your doctor to determine the appropriate course
Minnesota immunization registry, MIIC?                   of action. Keep track of immunizations received
The Minnesota Immunization Information                   by using the forms at
Connection, or MIIC, includes a record of shots
given at numerous public and private health care         cking.html.
clinics and hospitals in Minnesota. The registry

                      Immunization Program
                      P.O. Box 64975
                      St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
                      651-201-5414, 1-877-676-5414
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