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 Managing the Generational Divide
 Part 2
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 12 Tips for Successful Team Building
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 Training & Development for
 Successful Employee Retention
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 2008 LAMA Annual Conference
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                            T H E           L A M A

    Volume 20, No. 2

                                                TAB LE O F C O NTE NTS
        Fred A. Douglas     IN THIS ISSUE                                                   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
       West Lafayette, IN

    ASSOCIATE EDITOR                            A Message From The President                 Kyrsten Koeback
     Carolyn Malinowski                                                                      Wilmington, MA

 Northwestern University
                                                Managing the Generational Divide Pt 2     VICE PRESIDENT
     MANAGING EDITOR                                                                         Steve Baker

          Evelyn Macy                                                                        Framingham, MA
           Lafayette, IN                        12 Tips for Successful Team Building
                                                                                          VICE PRESIDENT ELECT

                                  20            Training & Development for                   Cammie Symonowicz
            EDITORIAL                                                                        Wallingfort, CT
      ADVISORY BOARD                            Successful Employee Retention


                                                HIPPA What Managers Need to Know
            Steve Baker                                                                      Regina M. Correa-Murphy
         Framingham, MA
                                                                                             Providence, RI

                                  24            2008 LAMA Annual Conference
              Bob Beck                                                                    SECRETARY/TREASURER
       West Lafayette, IN
                                                                                             Howard Mosher

                                                                                             Wallingford, CT
         Gail Thompson
         Wheatland, WY                          Computer Security for Managers            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                                                                                             Jim Manke
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  From the Editor’s Cube
This edition of the Review features highlights from the 2008 Annual
Meeting held this year in Portland, Oregon. The meeting was a
real success as managers and directors of animal facilities from
different parts of the globe attended the four day event. We as a
Board attempted to portray in a small way the very intense program
that featured seminars, workshops, and platform sessions. The
Review Board is currently working to recruit the many fine presenters to develop their
presentations into articles for the Review with the goal of advancing management
knowledge for those who were unable to attend this year. The Review also highlights
in this edition the hard work of the Awards Committee under “On the Trail with LAMA”
as well as the LAMA Foundation. Be sure to look up this section and note this year’s
award winners and congratulate them the next time you see them.

Have a great summer!!


              Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R)
         Join another high-quality, “can’t miss” educational offering this fall!
  On September 16-18, 2008, PRIM&R will host two highly acclaimed educational programs: IBC Basics and
  Essentials of IACUC Administration. These courses are tailored specifically to the educational needs of
  Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) members,
  administrators, and staff, and will provide an opportunity for attendees to network with others in the field.

  IBC Basics will help promote the professional development of those associated with IBCs by helping them
  to learn about the NIH OBA, the history of IBCs, and the range of responsibilities IBCs have under the NIH
  Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules.

  Through Essentials of IACUC Administration, IACUC administrators and support staff, as well as training
  and compliance personnel will learn how to effectively manage an animal care and use program, as well
  as best practices in the field. It is strongly recommended that you either attend an IACUC 101 program,
  or possess a good working knowledge of the rules and regulations pertaining to animal subjects research,
  prior to taking Essentials of IACUC Administration.

  This two and a half day program will be held at The Hilton at the Ballpark Hotel in St. Louis, MO. Tentative
  course agenda is online at www.primr.org. Registrants have the option of selecting one or both of the
  educational courses being offered.

  Questions? Contact Mariellen Diemand via e-mail at mdiemand@primr.org, or by phone at 617.423.4112,
  Ext. 210.

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President’s Message
Hello everyone, and Happy Spring! We here at LAMA are just coming off a very successful
meeting in Portland, Oregon. Each year’s annual meeting seems to grow in not just numbers, but
in the depth of the program and the value that it brings to our members. We took some time at this
meeting to get feedback from our members at a Strategic Long Range Planning (SLRP) meeting
over lunch.

The Board of Directors and ASI, our management group, will be gathering that feedback and
incorporating it into our immediate plans for our long range vision of this group. Last year, we
did a very well received survey of our members. This recent planning meeting was a follow on to
that, and as a board we are collecting that data and will be using it for our SLRP. We as a board
feel very strongly that direct feedback from our members is the key to our long term success as a
group. We want to provide real time solutions to the challenges we all face as managers in our day
to day operations. LAMA as an organization strives to be a resource that we hope you look to first
– either through our website, The LAMA Review, or our annual meetings.

The Portland meeting was a tremendous success. I would like to thank our program committee
for all of their hard work putting together such an outstanding program. Great job to Tracy Lewis,
Gordon Brackee, and Guerra Benberry. And to all of our speakers – thank you so much for
sharing your expertise with us. We hope that you consider joining us again in the very near future.
A special thank you to Lynelle Dupupe for sharing her story of her experience at Tulane during
Hurricane Katrina. We know what a difficult time you and your staff went through, and we thank
you for sharing your story.

One last “thank you” and I promise I’ll stop! As many of you know, I was unable to attend the
meeting in Portland due to health reasons. It was very difficult to sit back home while you all were
meeting, and I need to thank our OUTSTANDING Board of Directors for all of the support and hard
work not just in Portland, but the weeks leading up to it. Regina Correa-Murphy: This group would
be just lost without you. You are the glue that holds this group together, and you are such a mentor
to all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you bring to our little family.

I look forward to a very productive year for LAMA. This is your organization, and we welcome all of
your comments and feedback to provide you with the tools that you need to succeed.

All my best,

Kyrsten Koebach
2008-2009 LAMA President

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                                  Guide To Authors
The LAMA Review is a quarterly Publication of the                o Job Opportunities: posting of current job opportunities
Laboratory Animal Management Association. It is dedicated          available in the field
to providing the highest quality management                      o Book Review: provide a synopsis and review of current
information to our membership, which is comprised of               literature in various management topics
professional managers, supervisors, and administrators of        o Problem Solving: present a workplace problem and
laboratory animal care and use programs throughout the             propose several methods to solve the problem or
world. All information published in this journal is for non-       improve the situation
profit educational purposes.
OBJECTIVES OF LAMA                                               Submissions of articles are accepted from LAMA members,
The objectives of the Laboratory Animal Management               professional managers, and administrators of laboratory
Association are as follows:                                      animal care and use. Submissions are accepted for the
o To promote the dissemination of ideas, experiences, and        following features of the LAMA Review:
   knowledge                                                          o Original Articles
o To encourage continued education                                    o Review Articles
o To act as spokespersons for the organization                        o Job Tips
o To actively assist in the training of managers                      o Manager’s Forum
                                                                      o Problem Solving
The LAMA Review features the following Sections in each          Submissions should generally range between 2,000 and
publication:                                                     5,000 words. All submissions are subject to editing by the
o Original Articles: provide new ideas, topics, and              Review Board, for clarity and length.
    experiences through the eyes of LAMA members,
    professional managers, and administrators of laboratory      FORMATTING
    animal care and use programs. Review Articles: provide       All references should be indicated numerically throughout
    thorough and representative reviews of available             the document with full citations listed numerically at the end
    literature. Often present the historical basis and attempt   of the article. Please do not include headers, footers, or
    to solve a current problem or discuss future directions.     footnotes in electronic documents.
o Job Tips: provides ideas on handling staff relations and
    communication.                                               SUBMISSIONS
o Manager’s Forum: a resource for human resource                 Articles, ideas, and recommendations may be submitted
    topics, experiences with employee                            electronically to Fred Douglas, Editor in Chief, via email to
o Relations, organizational development, etc.                    fad712@insightbb.com. Alternatively, hardcopies may be
                                                                 faxed to (765) 494 - 7569

                                               Contributing Writers
                                  Bob Beck                          Ron Gordon
                                  Jacque Calnan                     George Irving
                                  Casey Kilcullen-Steiner           Carolyn Malinowski
                                  Cammie Symonowicz                 Katy Burns
                                  Steve Young                       Gail Heidbrink
                                  Bill Umiker (Dec)                 Harriet Burgess
                                  Fran Langley                      Jim Hendley

Page 8 - The Lama Review
                                  MANAGEMENT INFORMATION
                                                                                                By Bob Beck

         I have a couple of animal care techs who           Something is happening or not happening on the
         have fallen in love. Unfortunately their           job that gives you reason to state, “their romance is
         romance is getting in the way of work. What        getting in the way of work”. These observations of
         can I do about it?                                 behaviors will be the basis for your counseling each
                                                            employee, individually.
          Ahh, love is in the air!! It’s spring time and    • What are you seeing and hearing about your techs

A:       the birds and the bees are beginning to stir!
         This is a very timely question. And with all
         kidding aside this is a serious issue, or at
         least can become one depending on how it
         is managed.
The frequency of co-workers ‘dating’ and in one
                                                            work efforts that are missing the mark?
                                                            • How is each tech’s performance on the job not
                                                            meeting expectations?
                                                            • Where are the issues surfacing? On break, on
                                                            lunch, while doing tasks and job duties?
                                                            You get the idea by now. The key is for you to be able
fashion or another “seeing each other” has increased        to specifically identify where each employee’s efforts
steadily over the years. The probable cause is a            are being adversely impacted, on the job.
likely one: the vast majority of our waking time each
day, Monday through Friday is spent at work. With           This will avoid claims by the team members that you
the emphasis on team work and maintaining a civil           have something against them personally, that you are
atmosphere at work, all of these variables can act as       a Scrooge when it comes to life and romance and the
catalysts for that budding office romance.                  list of side tracks could go on and on.
                                                            As well, should there be a grievance or complaint
The first stop in managing this situation is your           filed by one or both of the techs, you will be on
organization’s own policies and procedures manual.          terra firma if your observations and counseling are
Is there a guideline or even strict prohibition regarding   specific, behaviorally based and focused purely on
co-worker fraternization? If not then your next stop        their job performance. This approach is even more
should be the Human Resource Office. Do they                important if future counseling becomes necessary
have a companywide policy or procedure for this? If         and progressive discipline comes into play if their
the answer to either one of these questions is yes,         performance does not meet goals, expectations etc.
then defer to the policy/procedure for responding.
If the answer is a policy does not exist that applies       The meeting with each employee is critical. The
to such situations, then it is time to document your        flow of the conversation must be focused on what
observations, as they pertain to your employees             you have observed, where the performance does
getting the work done.                                      not meet standards. Once having shared your
                                                            observations, wait for their response. Ignore any
One of the key factors here is the assumption that          and all side tracks they might throw out. Stay on
both co-workers are peers, or at least on the same          the job related behaviors. Ask them for a specific
level. If one is a leader or supervisor then this           solution that will enable them to meet the required
situation is escalated dramatically. Nepotism may           performance criteria. Agree on what the new course
come into play if your company has such a policy.           of action will be and then follow-up in the future at an
The other element in this situation is the power            appropriate time that will allow for implementation.
differential one co-worker may have over another.           The same meeting must be held with each person
When such relationships go south, the first thing that      whose performance is not up to par. My advice would
often occurs is the claim of sexual harassment by the       be to not focus or even mention the ‘relationship’.
party without the power or elevated status. These           That is not really the issue; the issue is not performing
types of relationships at work should be prohibited         on the job.
for the welfare and benefit of everyone in the
organization.                                               This is one of those difficult supervisor issues
                                                            that when they occur, needs to be handled in a
The guidance that follows is based on both co-              professional and discreet manner. And don’t forget
workers being the same level, peers if you will.            HR!
                                                                                           The Lama Review - Page 9
Pamela Straeter, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.                              prove themselves and enjoy working in a team environment.
                                                                     This group generally prefers to the leader of the team
In part I of Managing the Generation Divide,                         whenever possible. They will create a fair and level playing
Traditionalist were introduced. The next                             field for all team members and form cohesive teams, giving
generation is the baby Boomers:                                      credit where credit is due, but they want to be in charge and
                                                                     control the teams destiny.
Baby Boomers: (born 1946-1964)
                                                                     Many of this generation just want to be listened to, and to
This timeframe is referred to as a boom because there were           know that their voices have been heard instead of just cast
so many babies being born at the same time. They have                aside. They desire communicating in one on one situation,
had to compete with others in their generation from a crib           and feel a need to be understood by others, especially their
in the hospital to limited opening on sports teams growing           supervisors.
up. Sometimes called the “me” generation because their
parents spoiled them and because from their childhood had            Managers need to let this generation know, just like the
television advertisers catering to them for their business. They     Traditionalists, that their experience is valued. Allow
are optimists at heart and have always wanted to make the            them the opportunity to make productive changes in
world a better place. Baby Boomers grew up during a time of          the organization and they will be loyal for a long time.
prosperity, change and expansion, but now they must compete          Communicate to them what areas they can excel in and
with others in their generations for limited openings in the         what their career track will be and this generation will
workforce. Because of the economic expansion of their time,          blossom.
they have a strong sense of security. Boomers have been
referred to as “workaholics”. They have a “live to work” attitude    Managers need to take great care when training Boomers.
during their working years but many of them plan on early            Many in this generation feel they know everything they need
retirement in order to achieve a better work life balance in their   to. While they may know a lot, it may have been learned in
later years..The baby Boomer generation has a strong work            a textbook and not from actual hands on experience. They
ethic and a competitive nature. Many Baby Boomers plan to            do not take a look at the fact that the textbook is for allowing
work at least part time in their older years, often to support       them to become familiar with concepts, but until those
their interests and hobbies they have picked up along the way.       concepts are put into practice they do not have the most
Employees who offer part time or short term positions have           valuable tool, experience. Giving this generation personal
the greatest ability to retain this group of employees because       challenges by asking them to solve problems at work will
it will allow them the flexibility in their schedules and the work   help to satiate their need for continued personal growth
life balance they did not have in their younger working years.       and allow them to gain real life expertise. Boomers want
Like the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers maturity and work         developmental experiences that will allow them to stand in
ethic can be a positive influence on younger workers. Baby           the spotlight and earn praise from their higher ups.
Boomers have learned political skills and how to read their
bosses.                                                              Boomers can generally be motivated by getting them
                                                                     involved and showing them where they are making a
Managing Baby Boomers:                                               difference. This generation usually does well by being
                                                                     recognized with promotions that show their status, or by
Most Baby Boomers want to work with an organization where            giving them personal appreciation both verbally and in
they feel they can make a difference and where they can              writing.
develop their status. They want the ability to be able to grow
and become stars in their organization. A manager must keep          References:
in mind that the term “workaholic” was coined during this era.       Hicks, Rick and Kathy (1999). Boomers, Xers and Other
                                                                     Strangers; Understanding the Generational Differences That
Boomers put their lives on hold for their careers, and in their
                                                                     Divide US. Wheaton, Illinoise: Tyndale, House Publishing.
later years are now trying to find the work/life balance they
                                                                     Zemke, Ron, Raines, Claire & Filipczak, Bob (2000).
missed out on. They let their careers control their family lives
                                                                     Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans,
with their children, but are not willing to do the same thing        Boomers, Xers and Nexters in Your Workforce. New York:
with their grandchildren. This generation has a strong need to       AMACON (American Management Association)
Page 10 - The Lama Review
                            The Daily Drive
                            Going For The Jugular in Melanoma
                              ScienceDaily (Jan. 31, 2008)             “The study also shows that melanomas are ‘smart,’ in that their
                              — It’s increasingly believed among       virulence is hidden within small sub-populations that are difficult to
                              scientists that nearly every cancer      identify and difficult to destroy as a result of expressing proteins
contains small populations of highly dangerous cells--cancer           like ABCB5,” adds Murphy. “Now, the distinct possibility exists that
stem cell--that can initiate a cancer, drive its progression, and      such cells actually can be outsmarted. Hopefully, this will lead
create endless copies of themselves. On the theory that targeting      to new ways of treating metastatic disease, since our existing
these cells might be an effective therapeutic strategy, researchers    treatments don’t work well.”
around the world have begun isolating stem cells from various
kinds of cancers. Now, for the first time, researchers at Children’s   Frank and colleagues, including the paper’s first author, Tobias
Hospital Boston and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) have            Schatton, PharmD, of the Transplantation Research Center,
found a strategy that selectively targets cancer stem cells for        are pursuing further studies aimed at eventually bringing this
destruction, successfully halting one of the deadliest cancers--       finding to the clinic. They are studying various alternative ways of
melanoma--in mice.                                                     inhibiting ABCB5, such as human monoclonal antibodies (the one
                                                                       used in this study was raised in a mouse) or small inhibitory RNA
The findings, reported in a cover article in the January 17 issue of   molecules.
Nature, also add credence to the hypothesis that stem cells drive
cancer progression.                                                    They are also closely studying the melanoma stem cell, now that
                                                                       they’ve isolated it, using gene-expression studies and proteomic
National Cancer Institute, and the percentage of people                studies to understand what makes it tick. “This could yield other
developing melanoma in the U.S. has more than doubled in the           targets in the cell,” says Frank. “However, I favor ABCB5--it’s
past 30 years. Melanoma usually grows initially as a flat brown to     not just a marker or beacon on the cell, but it relates to the cell’s
black spot that can be removed surgically if recognized early, but     ability to develop drug resistance.”
once a three-dimensional nodule develops, it gains the ability to
metastasize and becomes deadly.                                        Frank adds that a cancer stem cell could try to outsmart
                                                                       treatments that target ABCB5 by making less of the protein,
Markus Frank, MD, a researcher in the Transplantation Research         but since ABCB5 is so essential to the cell’s ability to survive
Center of Children’s and BWH, in collaboration with George             chemotherapy, this is unlikely to happen. ABCB5 might also be
Murphy, MD, chief of Dermatopathology at BWH, isolated                 a useful marker of a tumor’s virulence, indicating the need for
melanoma stem cells and found that they have, on their surface,        aggressive treatment, Murphy notes.
a special protein that helps shuttle toxic agents out of the cell.
Previously, the Children’s-BWH laboratory of Frank and Natasha         These ongoing studies are supported by the Specialized Program
Frank, MD (who is also in the Division of Genetics at Children’s       in Research Excellence (SPORE) in Skin Cancer, a Dana Farber
and BWH) discovered and cloned this protein, known as                  Harvard Cancer Center-wide translational research grant based
ABCB5, and showed that it renders melanoma cells resistant to          at the BWH and funded through the National Cancer Institute/
chemotherapy drugs.(1) In the new paper, they show that ABCB5          National Institutes of Health.
is unique to the subpopulation of melanoma stem cells.
                                                                       “It is gratifying to see this exciting work move closer to clinical
But most strikingly, Frank and colleagues were able to                 applications, thanks to the collaboration between Drs. Frank and
leverage ABCB5--normally a protector--to bring about the               Murphy and the involvement of our patients with melanoma,” says
destruction of these highly virulent stem cells in mice bearing        study co-author Thomas Kupper, MD, SPORE Director and Chair
human melanomas. They injected the mice with monoclonal                of Dermatology at the BWH. “Effective treatments for advanced
antibodies that bound only to cells with the ABCB5 protein--           melanoma are desperately needed.”
namely, melanoma stem cells. The antibodies stimulated an
immune response against the stem cells that led to cell death          This work was also supported by the Department of Defense.
and significantly inhibited melanoma growth as compared with           Note:
untreated mice.                                                        1) Frank NY et al. ABCB5-mediated doxorubicin transport and chemoresistance
                                                                       in human malignant melanoma. Cancer Res 2005 May 15; 65:4320-33.
“This study lays the groundwork for a possible treatment, showing      Adapted from materials provided by Children’s Hospital Boston.
that targeting stem cells may be a viable strategy in cancer,” says
Frank. “Until this study, no evidence had been provided.”
                                                                                                                   The Lama Review - Page 11
The Problem Solver
   You Are the Manager, What Do You Do Next?
                                                             the long days and weeks will not last long- employee
                          Midwestern University was          turnover will inevitably rise, staff morale will plummet,
                          going through a phenomenal         etc).
                          time of growth in terms of
                          research funding, research         3. Establish a time line w/ senior managements
                          faculty, and research space.       buy-in, the “successful” strategic plan implemented
                          All of this was due to a very      by the upper administration, will only survive as
aggressive, successful strategic plan implemented            long as everyone involved remains informed and is
by the upper administration. This had significant            compensated (financially and / or spiritually). Stick
ramifications for the six or so animal facilities dotted     to the timeline which has been agreed upon- the staff
throughout the campus. The managers of each of               will need to see there is light @ the end of the tunnel.
the units were faced with enormous management
challenges in terms of space management, building/           Panelist #2
renovation, hiring, and training to name just a
few. Unfortunately long days and weeks were the              These six facility managers have a great challenge.
norm rather than the exception. The campus being             Massive expansion across numerous departments
decentralized in terms of management left the                in a university is usually confusing, frustrating, and
animal facility leaders feeling that they were without       exasperating. The key for these facility managers is
support in the day to day trials and tribulations. Their     communication, collaboration, and their own plan.
bosses were of little help attempting to wear two hats
– assisting with facility oversight while attempting to      The six managers should form a consortium. Hold
placate their fellow faculty. The Laboratory Animal          a meeting (it may take several hours) to air all of the
Program staff were sympathetic but felt powerless            issues and challenges. Write these down. Develop
to step in and help matters. If you were a manager           a plan to approach each of the items on the list. The
of one of these facilities what would you do to              group must agree that they can best attack the list as
manage your own health and welfare, protect your             a unified group. Make a commitment to each other
staff’s health and welfare, and manage the facility          at that first meeting. Start having a weekly meeting.
effectively?                                                 It would be best to pick a single location and initiate
                                                             a “war room” concept where they could leave lists
Panelist #1                                                  of tasks to do and the progress to completion on the
                                                             walls. The group will need plenty of white boards (or
1. Attempt to bridge the gap amongst the other               flip charts) dry markers, etc.
animal facilities throughout the campus by
establishing either:                                         Build a road map that depicts all of the things that
a. Lunch and learns which brings all players to one          each facility must do to get where they want to be.
site to discuss ‘hot topics’ weekly / monthly / quarterly.   There will be overlap. Identify those overlaps and
                                                             form subgroups to work together to get those tasks
b. Establish liaisons who will meet w/ the managers          done. Identify what that task is, who is going to do
/ staff from the other facilities and communicate back       it and when it is to be completed. Identify phase
to their respective arms (does not have to be a mgr,         points or milestones along the way and put these
could be lead technician (empowering this group /            on a wall chart so they can be tracked. Microsoft
individual)).                                                Project can be used to list all of the tasks, all of the
                                                             interconnections, all of the individuals working to
2. Acknowledge to the staff how over worked and              complete the task and all of the milestones. This is
out of the loop they feel (include yourself in the           real Program Manager Stuff! It identifies what needs
discussion). Identify areas w/in the facility that are       to be done and depicts it in an easy to follow format.
critical and brainstorm w/ the staff the best way to         As time progresses additional items will need to be
accomplish these tasks during this crunch time (IE.,
Page 12 - The Lama Review
added to the task list and milestones identified to          reporting official so he/she can show them what is
complete those items. It will get easier as everyone         being done. In a similar manner get on the agenda
learns how to do it.                                         for the IACUC and provide a progress report. Arrange
                                                             a tour by the IACUC to see what is happening. They
Get people from each facility involved to work on the        are supposed to check the facilities at planned
tasks and subtasks. This will make them see that             intervals. Make these a real learning experience.
progress can be made and they will be energized by
their own participation.                                     Start a pool in each facility to guess when various
                                                             milestones will actually be completed. Provide a prize
Celebrate the milestones. Start with small ones to           for the winner. Make this exercise fun!
get people energized and keep the spirit and the
participants growing. At some point every one of the         Set up tours of the animal facilities for the supervisors
members of the six facility manager’s teams should           of the six facility managers. Let the senior folks in the
be involved. Make a photographic record of the               University see what the Animal Facility Collaborative
completed milestones and the celebrations. Display           team has accomplished.
these for all to see. Communicate with all participants
what is happening so each knows and sees the                 Contact the campus newspaper and see if articles can
progress.                                                    be published on the progress.

Devise a reporting format for each facility manager to       Turning chaos into a goal oriented management
use to report up their respective management chains          exercise that involves as many people as possible
in their departments. Show tasks, data, pictures and         with multiple opportunities to celebrate success will
progress. Attempt to show budgets and actual costs           get everyone’s mind on the tasks that need to be
and improvements in facilities, ie, improvements in          completed, not on the confusion and exasperation
service to your customers. After a few months set            that accompanies rapid growth.
up face to face meetings with each facility manager’s

                                                                                              Network | People | Technology

                                                                    Critical Samples
                                                        On time. In perfect condition
                                                           With over 35 years of experience,
                                                           World Courier’s shipping solutions include:
                                                              All shipments placed on the first available flight and
                                                              monitored until delivery
                                                              Specialists in temperature controlled, UN/IATA approved
                                                              Expertise in handling complex documentation and
                                                              regulatory requirements
                                                              Over 130 company owned offices worldwide, operating 24
                                                              hours a day, 365 days a year with no exceptions
                                                              Worldwide logistical support for clinical trials
                                                              Specialists in live mice transportation
                                                              Development of Investigator Manuals

                                     For contact Information visit

                                                                                                         The Lama Review - Page 13
Twelve Tips for Team Building:                                 Clear Expectations: Has executive leadership
How to Build Successful Work                                   clearly communicated its expectations for the team’s
                                                               performance and expected outcomes? Do team
Teams                                                          members understand why the team was created? Is
From Susan M. Heathfield,                                      the organization demonstrating constancy of purpose in
                                                               supporting the team with resources of people, time and
How to Make Teams Effective                                    money? Does the work of the team receive sufficient
                                                               emphasis as a priority in terms of the time, discussion,
How to Build Powerfully Successful Work Teams                  attention and interest directed its way by executive
People in every workplace talk about building the team,        leaders?
working as a team, and my team, but few understand how
to create the experience of team work or how to develop        Context: Do team members understand why they are
an effective team. Belonging to a team, in the broadest        participating on the team? Do they understand how the
sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than    strategy of using teams will help the organization attain
yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the    its communicated business goals? Can team members
mission or objectives of your organization.                    define their team’s importance to the accomplishment of
                                                               corporate goals? Does the team understand where its
In a team-oriented environment, you contribute to the          work fits in the total context of the organization’s goals,
overall success of the organization. You work with fellow      principles, vision and values?
members of the organization to produce these results.
Even though you have a specific job function and you           Commitment: Do team members want to participate on
belong to a specific department, you are unified with          the team? Do team members feel the team mission is
other organization members to accomplish the overall           important? Are members committed to accomplishing
objectives. The bigger picture drives your actions; your       the team mission and expected outcomes? Do team
function exists to serve the bigger picture.                   members perceive their service as valuable to the
                                                               organization and to their own careers? Do team members
You need to differentiate this overall sense of teamwork       anticipate recognition for their contributions? Do team
from the task of developing an effective intact team that      members expect their skills to grow and develop on the
is formed to accomplish a specific goal. People confuse        team? Are team members excited and challenged by the
the two team building objectives. This is why so many          team opportunity?
team building seminars, meetings, retreats and activities
are deemed failures by their participants. Leaders failed      Six More Tips for Team Building
to define the team they wanted to build. Developing an
overall sense of team work is different from building an       In the first part of this article, three tips for effective team
effective, focused work team when you consider team            building were presented. Here are six more tips for
building approaches.                                           effective team building.

Twelve Cs for Team Building                                    Competence: Does the team feel that it has the
                                                               appropriate people participating? (As an example, in
Executives, managers and organization staff members            a process improvement, is each step of the process
universally explore ways to improve business results           represented on the team?) Does the team feel that its
and profitability. Many view team-based, horizontal,           members have the knowledge, skill and capability to
organization structures as the best design for involving all   address the issues for which the team was formed? If not,
employees in creating business success.                        does the team have access to the help it needs? Does
                                                               the team feel it has the resources, strategies and support
No matter what you call your team-based improvement            needed to accomplish its mission?
effort: continuous improvement, total quality, lean
manufacturing or self-directed work teams, you                 Charter: Has the team taken its assigned area of
are striving to improve results for customers. Few             responsibility and designed its own mission, vision and
organizations, however, are totally pleased with the           strategies to accomplish the mission. Has the team
results their team improvement efforts produce. If your        defined and communicated its goals; its anticipated
team improvement efforts are not living up to your             outcomes and contributions; its timelines; and how it will
expectations, this self-diagnosing checklist may tell you      measure both the outcomes of its work and the process
why. Successful team building, that creates effective,         the team followed to accomplish their task? Does the
focused work teams, requires attention to each of the          leadership team or other coordinating group support what
following.                                                     the team has designed?

Page 14 - The Lama Review
Control: Does the team have enough freedom and              Three More Tips for Team Building
empowerment to feel the ownership necessary to
accomplish its charter? At the same time, do team           In the first part of this article, three tips for effective team
members clearly understand their boundaries? How far        building were presented. In the second, six tips for team
may members go in pursuit of solutions? Are limitations     building were provided. Here are three more tips for
(i.e. monetary and time resources) defined at the           effective team building.
beginning of the project before the team experiences
barriers and rework?                                        Consequences: Do team members feel responsible
                                                            and accountable for team achievements? Are rewards
Is the team’s reporting relationship and accountability     and recognition supplied when teams are successful?
understood by all members of the organization? Has          Is reasonable risk respected and encouraged in the
the organization defined the team’s authority? To           organization? Do team members fear reprisal? Do
make recommendations? To implement its plan? Is             team members spend their time finger pointing rather
there a defined review process so both the team and         than resolving problems? Is the organization designing
the organization are consistently aligned in direction      reward systems that recognize both team and individual
and purpose? Do team members hold each other                performance? Is the organization planning to share
accountable for project timelines, commitments and          gains and increased profitability with team and individual
results? Does the organization have a plan to increase      contributors? Can contributors see their impact on
opportunities for self-management among organization        increased organization success?
                                                            Coordination: Are teams coordinated by a central
Collaboration: Does the team understand team and            leadership team that assists the groups to obtain what
group process? Do members understand the stages             they need for success? Have priorities and resource
of group development? Are team members working              allocation been planned across departments? Do teams
together effectively interpersonally? Do all team           understand the concept of the internal customer—the
members understand the roles and responsibilities           next process, anyone to whom they provide a product
of team members? team leaders? team recorders?              or a service? Are cross-functional and multi-department
Can the team approach problem solving, process              teams common and working together effectively? Is the
improvement, goal setting and measurement jointly?          organization developing a customer-focused process-
Do team members cooperate to accomplish the team            focused orientation and moving away from traditional
charter? Has the team established group norms or            departmental thinking?
rules of conduct in areas such as conflict resolution,
consensus decision making and meeting management?           Cultural Change: Does the organization recognize that
Is the team using an appropriate strategy to accomplish     the team-based, collaborative, empowering, enabling
its action plan?                                            organizational culture of the future is different than the
                                                            traditional, hierarchical organization it may currently
Communication: Are team members clear about the             be? Is the organization planning to or in the process of
priority of their tasks? Is there an established method     changing how it rewards, recognizes, appraises, hires,
for the teams to give feedback and receive honest           develops, plans with, motivates and manages the people
performance feedback? Does the organization provide         it employs?
important business information regularly? Do the teams
understand the complete context for their existence?        Does the organization plan to use failures for learning
Do team members communicate clearly and honestly            and support reasonable risk? Does the organization
with each other? Do team members bring diverse              recognize that the more it can change its climate to
opinions to the table? Are necessary conflicts raised and   support teams, the more it will receive in pay back from
addressed?                                                  the work of the teams?

                                                            Spend time and attention on each of these twelve tips
Creative Innovation: Is the organization really             to ensure your work teams contribute most effectively
interested in change? Does it value creative thinking,      to your business success. Your team members will love
unique solutions, and new ideas? Does it reward people      you, your business will soar, and empowered people will
who take reasonable risks to make improvements? Or          “own” and be responsible for their work processes. Can
does it reward the people who fit in and maintain the       your work life get any better than this?
status quo? Does it provide the training, education,
                                                            ©2007 About.com, Inc., a part of The New York Times Company.
access to books and films, and field trips necessary to     All rights reserved
stimulate new thinking?

                                                                                                The Lama Review - Page 15
                                             Know Your LAMA Leadership

Complete the puzzle using the clues shown below.

                            1                        2
                       5                      6
       7               8                                                          9
                                                              10                                    11

                                 16                                                            17





                    1. Board of Directors and ATA Liaison
                    8. Managing Editor of the LAMA Review
                    13. Secretary/Treasurer
                    16. Board of Directors
                    18. Vice-President Elect
                    19. Chair of Awards Comittee
                    20. President
                    21. Chair of Financial Oversight Committee
                    22. Chair of Public Relations Committee
                    23. Board of Directors

                    2. Co-Chair of Program, Education and Training Committee
                    3. Past-President and Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
                    4. Chair of Membership Committee
                    5. Chair of LAMA Foundation Board
                    6. AAALAC Liaison
                    7. Editor in Chief of the LAMA Review and Co-Chair of Publications Committee
                    9. Co-Chair of Program, Education and Training Committee
                    10. Associate Editor of the LAMA Review
                    11. Co-Chair of Program, Education and Training Committee
                    12. Chair of Policies and Procedures Committee
                    14. Board of Directors
Created with Discovery Channel School's PuzzleMaker.
                    15. Co-Chair of CMAR Committee
                    17. President-Elect and Co-Chair of Publication Committee
Page 16 - The Lama Review
    To meet the growing              To serve you even better, we’re...
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 well, that’s something                      or drop us an email (rebecca@myrtles.com).
                                             Better yet, take the grand tour at 4678 Bethesda Rd.,
   we’ll never outgrow.
                                             Thompsons Station, Tennessee 37179.

                                                                            The Lama Review - Page 17
                                     MANAGER’S FORUM
                                           William Umiker M.D.

A common complaint expressed in workshops on time management is “I can’t get my boss out of my
office”. Here are some suggestions from PERSONAL REPORT (September 18, 1984).

    1.      Intercept them before they get into your office. When you see or hear them coming, grab a
            clipboard or folder and head out. Dialogues in the corridor are shorter.
    2.      Get rid of the comfortable visitor’s chair.
    3.      Indicate you’re busy by continuing to hold what you have in your hand, not changing
            position, or standing next to your filing cabinet.
    4.      Change the subject to something he or she is uncomfortable with.
    5.      Arrange for an Associate to appear at your door and say that he wants to see you when
            you’re free.
    6.      Say you’re busy!!!
    7.      When they keep conversations brief, thank them for noting that you are busy.

                                       MANAGER’S FORUM
                            William Umiker M.D.

When faced with an employee whose performance has taken
a dive, and you suspect some personal problem, a counseling
session is indicated. Inexperienced supervisors often ask how such
a meeting should start. Here are a series of questions that can
usually be used:

    •	 Are you aware that your performance has dropped recently?

    •	 What are the circumstances that may be contributing to this?

    •	 Is it possible that a personal problem may be contributing to
       this change?

    •	 Where have you tried to get some relief/help/assistance?

    •	 Are you aware of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

    •	 What can I do to help?

    •	 How can I arrange your work situation to give you some relief?

Reference: T.J. Griffith: Management Solutions 32:13 September 1987

Page 18 - The Lama Review
Thoughts for LIFE -
The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee
  When things in your life seem almost too life.
   much to handle, when 24 hours in a day
are not enough, remember the Mayonnaise The golf balls are the important things--- God,
           Jar and the 2 Cups of Coffee.       your family, your children, your health, your
                                               friends, and your favorite passions--- and
                             A professor       if everything else was lost and only they
                             stood before his  remained, your life would still be full.
                             philosophy class
                             and had some      The pebbles are the other things that matter--
                             items in front of your job, your house, and your car.
                             him. When the
                             class began, he   The sand is everything else--- the small stuff.
                             wordlessly picked
                             up a very large   “If you put the sand into the jar first,” he
and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to      continued, “there is no room for the pebbles
fill it with golf balls.                       or the golf balls.

He then asked the students if the jar was full.    The same goes for life. If you spend all
They agreed that it was.                           your time and energy on the small stuff you
                                                   will never have room for the things that are
The professor then picked up a box of              important to you.
pebbles and poured them into the jar.
                                                   “Pay attention to the things that are critical to
He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled       your happiness.
into the open areas between the golf balls.
                                                   Play with your children. Take time to get
He then asked the students again if the was        medical checkups. Take your spouse out to
jar was full. They agreed it was.                  dinner. Play another 18. There will always be
                                                   time to clean the house and fix the disposal.
The professor next picked up a box of sand
and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand    Take care of the golf balls first---the things
filled up everything else.                         that really matter.

He asked once more if the jar was full. The        Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”
students responded with a unanimous “Yes.”
                                                   One of the students raised her hand and
The professor then produced two cups of            inquired what the coffee represented.
coffee from under the table and poured the
entire contents into the jar effectively filling   The professor smiled. “I’m glad you asked.
the empty space between the sand.
                                                   It just goes to show you that no matter how
The students laughed. “Now,” said the              full your life may seem, there’s always room
professor as the laughter subsided, “I want        for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”
you to recognize that this jar represents your

                                                                                 The Lama Review - Page 19
Training and Development for
                  Employee Motivation and Retention
From Susan M Heathfield
Training and Development Options                             Training and Development Option: Formal
                                                             Training and Development
One key factor in employee motivation and retention
is the opportunity employees want to continue to grow            •    Enable the employee to attend an external
and develop job and career enhancing skills. In fact, this            seminar.
opportunity to continue to grow and develop through              •    Enable the employee to attend an internally
training and development is one of the most important                 offered training session.
factors in employee motivation.                                  •    Perform all of the activities listed before, during,
There are a couple of secrets about what employees                    and after a training session to ensure that the
want from training and development opportunities,                     learning is transferred to the employee’s job.
however. Plus, training and development opportunities            •    Ask the employee to train other employees with
are not just found in external training classes and                   the information learned at a seminar or training
seminars. These ideas emphasize what employees want                   session.
in training and development opportunities. They also             •    Purchase business books for the employee.
articulate your opportunity to create devoted, growing                Sponsor a book club or offer the time at a
employees who will benefit both your business and                     department meeting to discuss the information or
themselves through your training and development                      present the information learned to others.
opportunities.                                                   •    Offer commonly-needed training and information
                                                                      on an Intranet, an internal company website.
Training and Development Option: Job                             •    Pay for the employee to take online classes and
                                                                      identify low or no cost online training.
Content and Responsibilities
                                                                 •    Provide a flexible schedule so the employee can
                                                                      take time to attend university, college, or other
You can impact training and development significantly                 formal educational sessions.
through the responsibilities in an employee’s current job.       •    Provide tuition assistance to encourage the
    • Expand the job to include new, higher level                     employee's pursuit of additional education.
       responsibilities.                                         •    I promised several motivation and retention
    • Reassign responsibilities that the employee does                “secrets” relative to employee training and
       not like or that are routine.                                  development. These are key factors in
    • Provide more authority for the employee to self-                multiplying the value of the training and
       manage and make decisions.                                     development you provide.
    • Invite the employee to contribute to more                  •    Enable the employee to pursue training and
       important, department or company-wide                          development in a direction that they choose and
       decisions and planning.                                        are interested in, not just in company-assigned
    • Provide more access to important and desirable                  directions.
       meetings.                                                 •    Have your company support learning, in general,
    • Provide more information by including the                       and not just in support of knowledge needed for
       employee on specific mailing lists, in company                 the employee’s current or next anticipated job.
       briefings, and in your confidence.                             Recognize that the key factor is keeping the
    • Provide more opportunity to establish goals,                    employee interested, attending, and engaged.
       priorities, and measurements.
    • Assign reporting staff members to his or her           The development of a life-long engaged learner is a
       leadership or supervision.                            positive factor for your organization no matter how long
    • Assign the employee to head up projects or             the employee chooses to stay in your employ. Use
       teams.                                                these training and development activities to ensure that
    • Enable the employee to spend more time with            you optimize the employee's motivation and potential
       his or her boss.                                      retention.
    • Provide the opportunity for the employee to
       cross-train in other roles and responsibilities.      This About.com page has been optimized for print. To view this
                                                             page in its original form, please visit: http://humanresources.

                                                             ©2007 About.com, Inc., a part of The New York Times Company.
                                                             All rights reserved.
Page 20 - The Lama Review
                What Managers Need to                            the express permission of the employee.

                Know                                             • When transmitting health information,
                                                                 communicate only the bare-minimum details.
                Now that the provisions of the Health            This holds whether the party requesting the
                Insurance Portability and Accountability Act     information is a doctor, insurance company, or
                (HIPAA) of 1996 are in place, it’s crucial for   others.
                you as a manager, and a consumer, to know
                its mandates.                                    • Communicate to employees who work with
                                                                 health information the exact policies and
                Briefly, the act guarantees employees access     procedures you have adopted to safeguard
                to health insurance, including the ability       it. If the plan is self-funded, your workforce
> H I P P A _
                to tote it to another job, and prohibits any     must be trained on the new policies and have
                discrimination based on health status. The       a privacy complaint procedure in place as well
                act gives employees rights about the privacy     as take “reasonable precautions” to be sure
                of their health information and establishes      the information is secure. A limited number
                rules about who can get access to that health    of employees should have access to health
                information.                                     information files and “fire walls” should be set
                                                                 up to protect the privacy of health information.
                While many employers and managers may
                think they don’t need to worry about HIPAA       • Be sure employees who deal directly with
                because they are not covered under the law       health information take a “less is more”
                which requires “covered entities” to comply,     approach, asking workers only questions
                that’s not exactly so. Technically, the act      about their health that need to be addressed.
                defines a “covered entity” as a health care
                provider that conducts certain transactions in   • Educate your workers to communicate to
                electronic form, a health care clearinghouse,    the employees that asking for permission
                or a health plan.                                to release information is not a hassle but a
                And the health plans include employer-           safeguard. This applies even if an employee
                sponsored group health plans as well as          comes to HR asking about why their claim
                multi-employer plans (with some exceptions,      has not been paid, for instance. Be sure
                such as a group health plan with less than       your employees ask the worker first to sign a
                50 participants administered solely by the       disclosure form granting permission for them
                employer that set up and maintains the           to ask about the late payment.
                plan). So that, indirectly, means you, as
                an employer or manager, must be sure the         • Keep in mind that the privacy rule is meant to
                HIPAA provisions are met.                        strike a balance between permitting important
                                                                 uses of information to be communicated and
                For help in deciding if you are covered you      protecting the privacy of your workers.
                can use the decision tools posted by the U.S.
                Department of Health and Human Services          • Stay updated on the HIPAA requirements by
                at:                                              visiting the Department of Health and Human
                http://www.cms.hhs.gov/hipaa/hipaa2/             Services Office for Civil Rights website (www.
                support/tools/decisionsupport/default.asp.       hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/).
                Once you learn you are covered, here are
                the safeguards you must be sure are in place     Institute of Certified Professional Managers On
                                                                 the campus of James Madison University, MSC
                and some suggestions on how to implement
                                                                 5504, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807 Phone: 800-
                the act’s provisions.                            568-4120 ©2002 Institute of Certified Professional
                                                                 Managers, All Rights Reserved.
                • Do not disclose health information of an
                employee without that worker’s permission.
                Your human resources staff cannot, for
                instance, relay any health information without

                                                                                         The Lama Review - Page 21
                                                                  neediness, the No.1 deal-killer. Not needing this raise or
10 Pitfalls to Avoid                                              promotion gives you power.

When Asking for a Raise                                           3. Avoid going into the meeting unprepared.
                                                                  Instead: Research what people in your position get paid.
By Rachel Zupek, CareerBuilder.com writer
                                                                  Find out what obstacles stand in your way. Has the
                                                                  company just fired employees? Is there new management
You’ve been at your job for nine months. In that time,
                                                                  in the wings? Know all the issues that might keep your boss
you’ve not only kicked butt in the office, you’ve rewarded
                                                                  from giving you a raise. State each problem clearly and ask
yourself for your efforts. You bought yourself a sleek new
                                                                  your boss how these problems might be solved.
apartment, went on a few vacations – you’ve even hit up
the local casino for a gamble or two (or five).
                                                                  4. Avoid trying to impress your boss.
                                                                  Instead: Let her feel completely at ease with you, and
Now, you’re out of money. And you want more.
                                                                  perhaps even a little superior. Never dress to impress, brag
“I’ll just ask for a raise,” you think. You figure your boss
                                                                  or be pretentious.
might have some sympathy for your personal issues – he’s
been there before. You’ve been doing a good job at work. It
                                                                  5. Avoid giving a presentation.
doesn’t hurt to ask. What’s the worst that can happen?
                                                                  Instead: Talk as little as possible. Ask your employer a
                                                                  lot of questions so you can find out her position, issues,
Well, a few things, actually. You could get demoted, or
                                                                  concerns, needs and objectives.
worse, fired, if you don’t ask for a raise in the proper way,
says Jim Camp, negotiation coach and author of “NO: The
                                                                  6. Avoid asking yes or no questions.
Only Negotiating Strategy You Need for Work and Home.”
                                                                  Instead: Get your employer spilling the beans by beginning
                                                                  all of your questions with an interrogative: who, what, when,
“Saying things the wrong way in any negotiation can create
                                                                  where, how or why.
barriers that can never be overcome,” Camp says. “How
many times has someone said the wrong thing to you in
                                                                  7. Avoid thinking about the outcome.
the wrong way and you just decided they weren’t worth the
                                                                  Instead: Don’t think about, hope for or plan on getting the
effort? It is unfortunate, but it happens all the time.”
                                                                  raise. Focus instead on what you can control: your behavior
                                                                  during the negotiation.
Asking for a raise requires preparation, skill and timing.
Many employees take this issue lightly, assuming raises
                                                                  8. Avoid believing that your mission is to get more
are based on work ethic, time commitments and even
personal issues. Workers are almost never aware of the
                                                                  Instead: Your mission and purpose in this conversation is
dynamics of the workplace, how others qualify and how
                                                                                   to fulfill your employer’s business needs
others are paid, all of which play a role in how
                                                                                     and objectives. Every decision you make
raises are distributed, Camp says.                    Asking     for a raise         in the negotiation process should be
                                                                                    focused on helping your employer see
“There are a number of requirements [for         requires       preparation, that giving you a raise or promotion will
raises]. First, the job and what it produces,”
                                                                                  further her business interests.
he says. “Do you make it rain money or do            skill and timing
you support someone who does?”
                                                                                   9. Avoid presenting your current salary
To build your case for a raise, set an                                            or position as a problem.
agenda when you’re first hired, Camp suggests. If achieved        Instead: Present yourself as the solution. Don’t be afraid
in a timely fashion, you get a raise and repeat the process.      to give specific examples of challenges you faced and the
Camp says it’s “shocking how many people don’t do this            solutions you provided. Special assignments that fit the
and become very frustrated when raises don’t come freely.”        employer’s vision should be explained and discussed. The
                                                                  more examples you can provide the better.
When you’re ready to ask for a raise or promotion, here are
10 major pitfalls to steer clear of, according to Camp.           10. Avoid giving an ultimatum.
                                                                  Instead: Continue to negotiate with no need. Never
1. Avoid telling your employer you hope she’ll say yes.           threaten or posture with another offer or a take-it-or-leave-
Instead: Start by inviting your boss to say no. Tell her          it stance. Use a calm, slow voice. State problems clearly
you’re comfortable with a no answer and you want her to           and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to solve those
be comfortable to say no. This puts her at ease and clears        problems. The more effective you appear at discussing her
the air.                                                          problem as you see it, the better.

                                                                  Copyright 2007 CareerBuilder.com. All rights reserved. The
2. Avoid being emotional.                                         information contained in this article may not be published,
Instead: Turn your mind into a blank slate. Have no               broadcast or otherwise distributed without prior written authority.
expectations, hopes or fears. Above all, overcome all
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      The LAMA Review 2008
Annual Conference-Portland Meeting

                                                       Dr. Dick Simmonds receives the 2008
          Ms. Ann Murray receives the 2008 U. Kris-
                                                        Charles River Medallion for Manage-
           tina Stephens Award from LAMA Awards
                                                       ment from Charles River representative
             committee member, Mr. Lane Watkins
                                                                     Pat Sikes

                                                       2008 Charles River Award winner,
                                                      Dr. Dick Simmnds, poses with former
                                                               Medallion Winners

               Gina & Friends share a light-hearted
                moment as they break from the in-
                 tense program of management
                    seminars and workshops

Page 24 - The Lama Review
  The Portland Doubletree Hotel – Lloyd Center was the site for the 2008 LAMA – ATA Annual
  Meeting and Educational Seminars. Nearly 200 attendees gathered April 2 – 4 to hear speakers
  discuss topics related to this year’s theme of “Planning Today for a Greener Tomorrow: Getting it
  Right , Now”.

  The conference venue held a superb mix of seminars, workshops, forums, and a special topic
  lecture. Topics covered over the three day time frame included disaster planning, facility design,
  training, husbandry, diversity, and security planning. The first day was kicked off by a very
  gripping presentation by Ms. Lynell Dupepe of Tulane University covering her facility’s response
  during Hurricane Katrina. Ms. Regina Correa – Murphy and Ms. Tracy Lewis rounded out the
  morning session with additional thoughts and insights on disaster planning. Workshops and
  Forums dealt with such areas as computational fluid dynamics, the Americans with Disabilities
  Act and Training, husbandry of fish, manager-vendor relationships, and developing a full-service
  animal facility. Among the several presentations that caught the manger’s eye was one that
  gave insights on hiring refugees and how to manage that process, a workforce study by the
  Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, and how to meet the challenges of security in the
  animal facility in light of new animal rights initiatives. The conference attendees were treated
  to a night at the Portland Zoo complete with a “green” lecture by Mr. Michael Weatherman who
  currently chairs the Oregon Zoo’s Green Team.

                                                         Mr. Michael weatherman,
Past-President Gina Correa-Murphy presides                      Oregon Zoo,
over one of the many fine presentations given           presents a “green” lecture to
         at the 2008 annual meeting                       the 2008 annual meeting

 Leo Yanas, Chair of the LAMA Foundation, as-
sists Liz Pelletier, maker of the quilt, in preparing
the item for the live portion of the Auction held by
the Foundation to raise funds for members of the
                                                                                        The Lama Review - Page 25
                                                                 Because even the best security policy will be ineffective if
Computer Security is for                                         users and business
Managers, Too                                                    partners ignore
By: Robert D. Austin and Christopher A.R. Darbey                 it, it’s important
                                                                 for companies
                                                                 to explain their
Companies need to have smart technicians who stay                rationale for the
abreast of emerging digital threats and defenses, of course,     limitations they
but the technicians shouldn’t be calling the shots. General      place on computer
managers need to take the lead in building processes that        usage.
will lessen the likelihood of a successful attack and mitigate
damage. Most organizations already have at least some            Control access
of these processes in place, but they rarely develop and         to your systems.
manage them in a coherent, consistent way. Here are eight        You don’t allow
things that your company should be working on.                   just anyone off the
                                                                 street to wander
Identify your company’s digital assets, and decide how           in and use your company’s fax machines or sit in on a
much protection each deserves. You don’t hire armed              strategy session. In a related vein, you need a way to bar
guards to prevent the occasional nonbusiness use of copy         some people from your computer systems while letting
machines, nor do you keep your company’s cash in a filing        others in. You need systems that determine who gets
cabinet. You protect each corporate resource in proportion       access to specific information. And you need a way to
to its value. The same principle applies to digital security.    ensure critical communications aren’t overheard.
To begin, you first have to figure out what your digital
assets are (they’re not always obvious). A team of senior     Certain technologies—firewalls, authentication and
managers from across the company should take an               authorization systems, and encryption—are used to meet
inventory of data and systems, assess                                              these requirements, but they’re only as
how valuable each is to the company,                                               good as the information that feeds them.
and decide how much risk the company             You should also ensure           They should be configured to reflect the
can absorb for each asset. That will            that you have a process          choices you made when you defined your
tell you the level of protection each
warrants. A bank, for instance, might          that allows your IT people most critical assets and decided who had
assign the greatest amount of protection       to make changes quickly. access to them. Of course, non-technical
                                                                                 managers won’t be doing the actual
to the database that stores its                                                   configuration work, but they will inform the
customers’ financial information. For a                                          process by asking questions like “How do
pharmaceutical company, it might be the research servers      we keep suppliers from accessing the payroll data?”
that hold data on promising drug compounds. Internal
Web servers that contain general information about benefit    Just as companies keep an eye on their equipment and
programs probably warrant less protection.                    supplies by conducting scheduled audits and random
The next step is to review the people, processes, and         spot checks, so should they monitor the use of their IT
technologies that support those assets, including external    systems. Monitoring and intrusion-detection tools routinely
suppliers and partners. When you’re done with that, you’ll    log computer activity on company networks and highlight
have a blueprint that identifies precisely what your digital  patterns of suspicious activity, changes in software, or
assets are, how much protection each merits, and who’s        patterns of communication and access. Some companies
responsible for protecting them.                              turn off activity-monitoring functions because they can slow
                                                                 network performance, but that’s exceedingly shortsighted;
Define the appropriate use of IT resources. All companies        the cost of not knowing enough about a security breach is
have policies explaining the appropriate use of resources.       much, much greater.
For example, employees know what kinds of things can
be charged to expense accounts. But use of company               Insist on secure software. All well-run operations tell their
computer systems is often left unclear. Managers need            materials suppliers exactly what specifications to meet.
to ask, “Who should have remote access to the corporate          Similarly, companies should demand reasonable levels of
network? What safeguards must be in place before                 security from software vendors. Look at the wording of this
employees can connect to the corporate network from a            contract between General Electric and software company
remote location?”                                                GMI.

These aren’t technical questions; they’re people and             If your company develops software, make sure your
process questions that will help you identify the normal         developers are following secure coding and testing
behaviors for particular jobs and what employees should          practices. Those who aren’t may be costing your company
and shouldn’t be doing on their systems (such as sharing         large sums of money. One multinational database supplier
passwords).                                                      estimates that releasing a major patch (a fix for a problem

Page 26 - The Lama Review
in already-deployed code) costs the company $1 million,         discovering the problem after the fact doesn’t keep it from
and it releases as many as twelve a month. But 80 percent       happening in the future. But it is wise to hire external
of these patches would be unnecessary if the company            security auditors periodically to benchmark your security
eliminated only one common type of coding error known as        standards and practices against industry state-of-the-
“buffer overflows.”                                             art, once you have solid operational practices in place.
                                                                Benchmarking can identify new weaknesses, suggest
Know exactly what software is running. It’s shocking how        improvements, and help you decide how much protection to
many companies don’t follow this very obvious rule. Keeping     buy.
track of what versions and fixes have been applied is as
fundamental to digital security management as keeping           Rehearse your response. When security is breached, the
an accurate inventory of physical assets is to plant            whole organization goes into crisis mode, and managers
management.                                                     have to make difficult decisions fast. It helps to have
                                                                procedures in place that will guide diagnosis of the problem,
We’re not saying that this is easy—software configurations      guard against knee-jerk decisions, and specify who should
change all the time. Maybe a program isn’t running correctly,   be involved in problem-solving activities. It also helps to
or an important customer demands a change, or a software        have practiced; rehearsing enables decision makers to act
vendor releases a new patch—the list can go on and on.          more confidently and effectively during real events. If you
But no matter the reasons, it’s crucial to document every       know, for instance, exactly how quickly you can capture
modification. That way, if your computers are breached,         images from disk drives, or if you have backup software
you’ll have current records to determine when and where         that’s ready to be deployed, or how long it will take to rebuild
the hacker struck. And if you prosecute the intruder, you’ll    a system, you’ll be in a better position to make thoughtful,
have digital forensics to establish a chain of evidence.        deliberate decisions.

You should also ensure that you have a process that allows      Analyze the root causes. Whenever a security problem is
your IT people to make changes quickly. Procrastinating         found, the organization should conduct a detailed analysis
on updating patches gives hackers an easy in. Both the          to uncover the root cause. The tools needed are no different
Code Red and SQL Slammer worms affected only those              from those used for years in quality assurance programs.
companies that had not yet patched known flaws in their         They include fishbone diagrams, eight-step processes, and
software. The fixes had been available from the vendor for      plan-do-check-act cycles. Toyota, a world leader in quality
more than a month in the case of Code Red and for more          manufacturing, uses an approach called “The 5 Whys” to get
than six months in the case of SQL Slammer.                     to the bottom of production and quality problems. To put that
                                                                in a digital security context, the investigation might sound
Keeping a close eye on changes in your configurations           like this:
has an important side benefit: it allows you to make a
real commitment to continuous improvement. As any                    •    Why didn't the firewall stop the unauthorized entry?
experienced operations manager knows, it’s impossible to                  Because the attacker had an authorized password.
identify and eradicate a problem’s root cause if you don’t           •    Why did the attacker have an authorized password?
have clear snapshots of your operations over time. The                    Because an employee revealed his password to
operational discipline involved in tracking configuration                 someone posing as another company employee.
changes will pay off over the long run. As many companies            •    Why did the employee reveal his password?
discovered with quality management and industrial safety                  Because he didn't realize the danger in doing that.
programs, perceptions of tradeoffs between security and              •    Why didn't the employee realize the danger?
productivity are often incorrect. Security concerns can drive             Because he had not seen a security bulletin that
operational simplifications that pay efficiency dividends as              addressed the subject.
well.                                                                •    Why hadn't the employee seen the security bulletin?
                                                                          Because there was a problem in the distribution
Test and benchmark. Security professionals have a                         process.
terrible habit of starting with a dramatic security audit—a
staged attempt to defeat a company’s defenses. But              Toyota has found that the answers to the final questions
companies should save their money because the results           almost always have to do with inadequacies in the
of a “penetration test” are always the same: the bad guys       design of a process, not with specific people, machines,
can get in. What you really need to know is, How easy           or technologies. Using tools like this to investigate
was it? Which systems or programs were compromised              digital security incidents drives continuous operational
or exposed? The answers to those questions depend on            improvements that ultimately lower your risk.
how good your operational plans are and how well you are
executing them. Basically, when the bad guys get in—and         if1. Source: www.freeedgar.com
you know they will—you want them to look around and see         About the author
that there’s not much fun or profit to be had so that they’ll   Christopher A.R. Darby is the chairman of @stake, a digital security
leave in search of better prospects.                            consultancy headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Relying too heavily on audits is problematic for the same       Excerpted with permission from “The Myth of Secure Computing,” Harvard
reason that relying on inspections to improve quality is:       Business Review, Vol. 81, No. 6, June 2003

                                                                                                        The Lama Review - Page 27
Page 28 - The Lama Review
The Lama Review - Page 29
                                                              remember what I learned, though. Since then, I keep
                                                              asking people to tell me their tricks for remembering,
                            12 Memory                         especially if their job requires instant access to tons of
                                                              data. Unfortunately, few of them are into metacognition:
                                                              They don’t remember their tricks. Once you’ve solved
                            Tricks                            the problem, I guess you throw away the scratch paper.
                            By Tamim Ansary

                                                              Expert testimony
                              ndisputably, we moderns
                              can’t match the memory          So I decided to look into it myself and talk to the experts
                              feats of bygone times,          -- people who teach memory skills professionally. At
those days when people could do things like memorize          the end of this column I’m going to list 12 tips I distilled
the “Iliad” in Greek without even knowing Greek. And          from their recommendations, but first, to put those tips in
maybe it’s true, as some have speculated (me, for             context, let me just review how memory works.
instance), that we’ve lost this capacity because we now
tend to outsource our memory tasks to an exo-brain of         Biologically speaking, we actually have two kinds of
technological gadgets. We no longer have to remember          memory: short-term memory and long-term memory.
Mom’s birthday because our cell phone will remind us          Think of them as the front room and the back room.
about it when the time comes.
                                                              The front room is what we’re actively dealing with at
But it struck me recently what this doesn’t mean. It          any given moment. Call it consciousness. This room is
doesn’t mean we depend on (organic) memory less than          small: Only seven or eight items fit in there at a given
people of the past. A good memory is still a power tool       time, and nothing can stay in there for more than a
in this world. It’s just that our culture imposes different   few seconds. The back room is a warehouse. For all
demands on our memories.                                      practical purposes, it’s infinitely large. Incredibly enough,
                                                              everything we ever learn or experience gets stored in
Those ancestors of ours who could memorize the “Iliad”        long-term memory, and once it’s there, it’s there for life.
and so forth lived in quieter times. They could sit under
a tree and devote themselves without distraction to a         The question is, once a piece of information goes into
single, sustained memorization project for days on end.       that dusty back room where trillions of items are already
Who has that luxury now?                                      stored, how do you find it again when you need it? The
                                                              answer lies in that front room. What happens there is the
New ball game                                                 key, because nothing gets into the back room without
                                                              passing through the front.
Today, most of us have to cope with an unremitting
swarm of info-bits coming at us like wasps. At this           Memory retrieval
moment I have at least a dozen things I should be
thinking about, but since a guy can do only one thing
at a time, I’m holding all those thoughts in abeyance         All memories are recovered memories, and we recover
-- keeping them in memory, that is -- while I write this      them through associations: We remember a past
column.                                                       event because something currently in our awareness
                                                              -- something we’re looking at, hearing, tasting, thinking
But even as I write, some of those items will become          about, whatever -- reminds us of something, which
irrelevant, some will change, others will rise to urgency,    reminds us of something else, which reminds us of
new concerns will intrude, e-mails will come in, phone        something else and so on back. That’s why recent
calls -- it’s the same for everyone I know. We’re             events are easy to remember: The environment is still
constantly revising the map of information we’re “holding     loaded with cues and the chain of links is short.
in memory,” just to stay functional. It’s like memorizing
the “Iliad” while it’s still being edited: Every time we      Good memory, then, is all about processing information
look, it’s a different “Iliad.” No, we can’t match what the   properly as it goes into storage. Psychologist William
memory virtuosos of the past achieved, but I bet they         James summarized the fundamental principle in a single
couldn’t match what we moderns do either.                     phrase: “The secret is … forming diverse and multiple
                                                              associations with every fact we care to retain.”
This is why I take an intense interest in ways to buff up
my admittedly shabby memory. I remember that right            Here, then, are 12 concrete steps you can take to
out of college I worked at the post office for six months     remember particular facts and improve your general
and spent three of them in a mnemonics class; can’t           capacity to retain what you learn. Note that only the last
                                                              step is one you can take when you’re actually trying to
Page 30 - The Lama Review
remember. All the rest have to do with how you absorb         7. Visualize. Search the information for some
information and how you convert it into memory.               element you can turn into an image. If you’ve just met
                                                              a Bridget Brooks and want to remember her name,
                                                              you might picture the Brooklyn Bridge spanning her
1. Pay attention. You can’t remember what you                 face from ear to ear. The more striking or ridiculous the
never knew, so don’t be multitasking when you’re trying
                                                              image, the more likely it is to stick in your mind.
to learn or memorize something: Give it the spotlight of
your full attention at least once.
                                                              8. Hook it to something funny. Stalagmites
                                                              or stalactites -- which ones go up? Well, it’s like ants in
2. Understand. The more completely you get                    your pants: The ‘mites go up, the ‘tites come down.
it, the less likely you are to forget it. (If you don’t
understand football, you’re not likely to remember the
scores.)                                                      9. Hook it to a melody, chant, rhyme
                                                              or rhythmic motion. Remember singing A-B-
3. Repeat and apply. Directly after learning                  C-D-E-F-G to the tune of “Baa Baa Black Sheep”? How
something, repeat it, preferably out loud. Even better,       about: “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two/Columbus
use it in your own way. If you want to remember a joke,       sailed the ocean blue”? Or try pacing rhythmically while
for example, tell it to someone and try to make them          memorizing a table of data.
                                                              10. Associate new with old. Greek and
4. Chunk. Although short-term memory can deal                 Roman orators had a trick for remembering a speech.
with only about seven items at a time, you can finesse        They would create a striking image for each topic they
this limit by grouping items together and thinking of         meant to cover (see step 7), mentally put these images
each group as a unit. Later, you can unpack those units.      in the rooms of their home, and then, while giving the
Remembering the numbers 5, 4, 6, 1, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 8          speech, picture strolling through their home. Each next
is harder than remembering the numbers 546, 198 and           room would remind them of their next topic, and in the
658.                                                          proper order. Note that they didn’t have to remember
                                                              the order of their rooms, because this knowledge was
                                                              already imprinted in their brains.
5. Make meaning. Nonsense is hard to
Compare this:                                                 11. Link learning to environment. The
                                                              memory tends to associate information with the
disease reported control Chicago mumps the for of             environment in which one learns it. If you’re going to be
center an in outbreak                                         tested on something and you know where the test will
                                                              occur, study the material in the same sort of place. If you
with this:                                                    don’t know anything about the test site, study in a variety
                                                              of locations so the memories won’t get locked into cues
The Centers for Disease Control reported an outbreak of       from one environment.
mumps in Chicago.
                                                              12. Let ‘er drift. If a memory is staying out of
To make meaning where none inherently exists, the             reach, stop fishing for it, the experts say. Instead, let
experts recommend embedding the information in an             your mind drift to the general area: to friends you knew
invented narrative. The license plate 3PLY981 thus            then, to the school you went to, the car you drove ... with
becomes: Three carpenters cut a piece of plywood              luck, you’ll happen into the end piece of a chain of links
into nine pieces and ate one. Yes, I know, no one eats        leading to the memory you’re after.
plywood; but that’s actually a strength of the narrative in
this case. (See step 7.)

6. Look for patterns. Stanford researchers
have found that forgetting is a key aspect of good
remembering, but not because you have to clear out
space; rather, it’s because forgetting the less relevant
details reveals the more meaningful underlying structure.

                                                                                                The Lama Review - Page 31
Health Tips...
 Self-Esteem Tune Up
                                                          their pets with simple helping them adopt healthier
                                                          habits, such as a daily walk and regular relaxation.

 A healthy self-esteem can be the first step to            To harness your pets’ healing power, spend time
 wellness. People shine brightest when they feel good    with them – look at them, listen to them, and touch
 about themselves. While an occasional deflated          them to increase their interaction with you. Teach
 ego is normal, harboring a low opinion of yourself in   them skills and play together. When you’re feeling
 general can keep you from reaching your potential.      low at the end of the day, enjoy their gentle comfort.

 Could you use a boost in self-esteem? Here are          BEST ADVICE: Before you adopt a pet, be sure you
 some thoughts:                                          are prepared for the time, energy, and responsibility
                                                         of having on in your life.
 Try new challenges. They will keep you moving
 forward, and achieving them will increase your          Cranky Mood or Toxic Behavior?
 confidence. For example, you could take a class or      Anyone can feel angry or frustrated now and then.
 take on a new work assignment.                          But ongoing negativity and rudeness from one
                                                         employee can bring down the productivity, morale
 Nurture your hidden talents. Compete with yourself to   and satisfaction of the whole team.
 do better in a sport or creative activity.
                                                         Learn to recognize unacceptable behavior – in
 Don’t procrastinate. If you tend to put off the         yourself and others – to prevent its damaging effects.
 unpleasant, such as difficult phone calls or medical
 exams, getting them done on time can give you a         SIGNS OF A TOXIC PERSONALITY:
 sense of control                                        • Won’t comply with work policies.
                                                         • Arrives late for work or meetings.
 Take a course in public speaking. Adopting the basic    • Acts disgruntled and stirs up discontent among
 techniques of speech can raise your comfort level          others’ authority or needs.
 when addressing a group.                                • Spreads malicious rumors.
                                                         • Disrupts others with loud talk and rude behavior.
 Be social. Talking and laughing with good friends is    • Publicly criticizes others’ work performance or
 an easy way to boost your self-esteem.                     personal issues.
                                                         • Takes credit for others’ ideas.
 Celebrate your achievements. Recognize the smaller      • Blocks others’ access to information or resources
 steps you take that lead to bigger goals. You need         to undermine their career advancement.
 belief in your abilities to succeed.
                                                         If you witness repeated abusive talk or actions at
                                                         work, you can help stop it. Document episodes

 Pet Power                                               that you witness – be specific about the time,
                                                         situation, language and others present. Report your
                                                         observations to the employee’s supervisor or the HR
 More than two-thirds of American households have
 pets, the most popular being dogs and cats. They are
                                                         Changing a negative personality is difficult and it may
 fun, interesting and warm companions. Science is
                                                         not happen quickly. But it’s important to call attention
 just tapping into the power pets posess in helping us
                                                         to behaviors that are clearly unacceptable at work.
 to heal emotionally, physically, and mentally.

 Many studies show the animal-people bond can aid
 patient recovery from serious illness and promote
 a calming effect on Alzheimer’s patients, helping
 soothe their fears and aggression. Others credit
Page 32 - The Lama Review
                           olutions...                           ™

 Is your research project presenting you with challenges?
 Bio-Serv delivers SSolutions! For over 30 years, we have been
 developing products to meet the unique requirements that animal
 research can present. Our experienced VMD and Ph.D. Nutritionist
 will work diligently with you to help you reach your goals.
 Contact us today to see what S Solutions we may have for you.

Special Care
800-996-9908 • sales@bio-serv.com • www.bio-serv.com • Frenchtown, NJ
                                                        The Lama Review - Page 33
                                                                 Lessons From the Richest Man
                                                                By Dr. John C. Maxwell

                                                                                    he that follows vain persons is void of understanding”
                                                                Bill Gates is       (Proverbs 28:19).
                                                               worth $56 billion.
                                                Warren Buffet commands $52          Today, television channels are filled with people who guarantee wealth
                             billion. Yet, if accounts of the ancient king          without work. They promise you can buy real estate with no money
            Solomon are accurate, his riches would have dwarfed the                 down, make thousands of dollars in stock trading without a penny
wealth of today’s richest men, topping the modern-day equivalent of $1              of savings, etc. Solomon cautions that those who chase after quick-
trillion, or $1,000 billion! In The Richest Man Who Ever Lived,                     buck artists and their get-rich-quick schemes demonstrate only their
author Steven K. Scott looks into the writings King Solomon to find                 ignorance. Individuals who work heartily reap the bounty of their effort.
lessons from history’s wealthiest man. Scott’s observations form the                Those who try to cheat the system to gain wealth find themselves as the
basis for this lesson of Leadership Wired.                                          ones being taken advantage of.

King Solomon ascended to the throne of Israel around 974 B.C. when                  Steps to Bring Diligence into Your Life
he was only twelve years old. According to the Old Testament, God
appeared to Solomon and offered to grant him one desire. Solomon,                   Being truly diligent takes time and requires making a habit of applying
concerned about his inexperience and ability to rule, asked for wisdom              diligence daily in the important areas of life. However, you don’t have
so that he could judiciously lead the people of Israel. God was so                  to wait years to start employing diligence in your endeavors. Solomon
impressed with Solomon’s selfless request that He decided to bless him,             gives us three steps we can use quickly to bring diligence into our
not only with wisdom, but also with wealth. God promised to bestow                  careers, our marriages, or our parenting.
upon Solomon greater riches and honor than any king before him or any
king that would come after him.                                                     1. Wake Up to Reality.
                                                                                    “How long will you lie there,” he asks. “When will you get
What was promised was delivered. Solomon’s wisdom, success, and                     up from your sleep?...poverty will come on you like a bandit
wealth increased beyond imagination. His gold reserves, holdings of                 and scarcity like an armed man.” (Proverbs 6:9-11)
land and livestock, and royal palace were immense. Rulers of nations                We think that we have more time than we actually do to achieve our
throughout the world sought his sage advice. During his life, Solomon               personal and professional goals. Thus, we procrastinate doing what we
penned the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Surviving from generation                 know we should do. Days of inaction add together into unproductive
to generation, his writings have influenced the world for thousands of              weeks. Weeks of idleness accumulate as meaningless months. Months
years.                                                                              and months of lethargy turn into wasted years, and wasted years are the
                                                                                    fruitless products of a life filled with regret and sorrow.
In last edition of Leadership Wired, we examined the life of Ben
Franklin for instruction about diligence. In this lesson, we’ll cover               Life has more to offer than evenings mindlessly surfing the internet
similar territory by studying the King Solomon’s writings on diligence as           or reclining on the couch watching ESPN or E!. Make each day your
portrayed by author Stuart Scott.                                                   masterpiece. Give your dreams a shot by taking steps to lead the life
                                                                                    you imagine.
The Consequences of Not Being Diligent
                                                                                    2. Define Your Vision.
1. You Will Be Ruled.                                                               “Without a vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)
“The hand of the diligent will rule, but the slack hand will be                     When we have no vision, we lose our direction, our motivation, our joy,
put to forced labor” (Proverbs 12:24).                                              our passion, our energy, our creativity, and our commitment. Fortunately,
No one likes living life out of control, and we despise being ordered               the converse of this proverb is also true. Whenever you introduce a true
around by others. Yet, if we’re lazy, our labor will be dictated by the             vision into any area of your life, you gain new energy. Visions spark
demands of someone else. This principle can be seen most clearly in the             action and fuel initiative.
financial realm. Laziness with finances leads to debt, and when we’re
in debt we don’t rule our money. Instead of enjoying our discretionary              3. Effectively Partner With Others.
income, we are forced to use it to repay debts.                                     “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; he
                                                                                    rages against all wise judgment.”(Proverbs 18:1)
2. You Will Crave But Find Little Fulfillment.                                      In today’s interconnected world, the upper echelon of leadership has
“The soul of the sluggard craves, but he gets nothing.”                             no room for lone rangers. Wise leaders diligently develop a team of
(Proverbs 13:4)                                                                     talented performers and a network of friends and partners. In doing
Sadly, for those who lack diligence, their lives are defined by desire              so, they become rich in social capital. As I wrote in The 17 Laws of
rather than fulfillment. Absent of the discipline to lead the life of their         Teamwork, “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.”
dreams, they are left with empty wishes.
                                                                                    LEADERSHIP’S CHANGING OF THE GUARD
3. You Will Lack Understanding.
“He that tills his land shall be satisfied with bread, but                          Silently, under our noses, a changing of the guard is going undetected.

Page 34 - The Lama Review
                                                     As the Baby Boomer        We could put forth many more conjectures about them, but ultimately,
                                                     generation retires        Millennials will define themselves. In the decades to come, they will
from positions of leadership, another generation is just beginning to          assume the mantle of leadership and will carve their generation’s
cut its teeth in management. This new generation, The Millennials,             reputation into history.
brings with them a different set of attitudes and expectations than their
predecessors. While most literature has focused on how to manage               To more thoughts from Jim Heskett about the Millennial generation, visit
Millennials, author Jim Heskett poses a question one step down the road        http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5736.html#original.
in his article, “How Will Millennials Manage?” His commentary, featured
on Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge web forum, opens                CREATING CONFLICT AND BUILDING CONSENSUS
debate on leadership’s newest debutants—those born from the late ‘70s
until the year 2000.                                                           In decision-making, leaders walk a tightrope to balance healthy levels of
                                                                               conflict and consensus. Too much conflict degenerates into antagonism
Like any generation, the persona of Millennials has been shaped by the         and infighting. Too much consensus and no one ventures forth criticism
societal forces of their formative years. Heskett mentions a few of these      of ill-informed choices. A leader has the responsibility to preside over an
in his article, namely the Internet and a robust economy. As the first         organization’s mixture of conflict and consensus. Both the quality of a
generation to spend a significant part of childhood with cell phones and       decision and its ease of implementation are at stake.
email, Millennials are a connected crew. Most of them would prefer to
part with their television before their computer. They are used to having      In his article, “Why Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer,” on www.
access to friends and information in a flash. As the wealthiest generation     govleaders.org, Michael A. Roberto shares his thoughts on managing
of all time, they have an entitlement attitude unlike any prior generation.    the decision-making process.
Most did not grow up doing hours of chores on the family farm or
being forced to work after school to make ends meet. Rather, affluent          CREATING CONFLICT
Millennials were handed an allowance for nothing more than staying out         The first step for a leader to invite conflict into the decision-making
of trouble.                                                                    process involves actively seeking the participation of others. A surprising
                                                                               number of leaders make decisions in a vacuum. Confidently relying on
How will the upbringing of Millennials impact their leadership? For            their own wisdom and instincts, they bypass the expertise and feedback
starters, Millennials will tend to have a collaborative management style.      of teammates. In doing so, their decisions fall prey to blind spots, biases,
Fond of connecting with others, Millennial managers will greatly enjoy         or gaps in knowledge.
leading teams and encouraging participation from their employees. They         In the second step of creating conflict, leaders must set the tone of
will have an innate distaste for leadership based upon hierarchy, and,         communication so that dissenting opinions may be freely expressed
consequently, they will go to great lengths to earn the right to lead.         and assumptions may be openly questioned. Vigorous and candid
Millennials have come of age in the most diverse generation in American        debate exposes weaknesses in a decision. Yet, many leaders surround
history, and their minds have been saturated with ideals of tolerance          themselves with bobble-headed managers who are certain not to
and inclusion. As such, they will be more sensitive to cultural nuances        contradict their directives. In such a climate, dissenters are chided for
than their predecessors, seeing shades of grey where Boomers saw               not being “team players.” On the contrary, a wise leader prizes people
only black-and-white. Shaped by the Information Age, globalization, and        who fearlessly challenge the process and will include them in the inner
experiences traveling abroad, Millennials will also have an increasingly       circle of their decision-making team.
international perspective.                                                     As a final role of creating conflict, leaders make sure all parties respect
                                                                               one another during the debate of ideas. When egos enter the picture,
Impatience may be a potential weakness for Millennials based upon              conflict can become combustible. Leaders stay above the emotional
two of their traits: a sense of entitlement and a need for immediacy.          fray. They allow ideas to have interplay without allowing them to divide
As mentioned earlier, Millennials are the most affluent generation in          the team. They maintain control of debate, and they do not tolerate
American history. In addition, they grew up at a time when family values       hectoring or bullying.
were at the forefront of the American psyche. They are used to being
catered to and coddled. They expect to get what they want, when they           BUILDING CONSENSUS
want it, without waiting. They have grown up in a fast-paced, fast food        As with creating conflict, consensus begins with inclusion. Key players
world, and they may struggle when their leadership doesn’t yield instant       left in the dark during the decision-making process will have a difficult
results.                                                                       time embracing the chosen course of action. Leaders do not relinquish
                                                                               final authority in decision-making, but they do dignify their co-workers by
Shuttled around to soccer practice, karate, and ballet, Millennials grew       consulting them for advice.
up leading active lifestyles, and they are likely to be adept multi-taskers.   Once a decision has been reached, a leader must switch the focus from
Video games, computers, and iPods have been central to their lives,            generating healthy conflict to building consensus around the decision.
and, as a result, they will have technological competence far exceeding        In this step, team members must be convinced to emotionally accept
their limited work experience.                                                 the grounds of a decision—regardless of personal feelings. “Consensus
                                                                               does not mean unanimity, widespread agreement on all facets of a
Much more could be hypothesized about Millennial managers. For                 decision, or complete approval by a majority of organization members,”
instance, they are apt to have social values deeply embedded in their          writes Roberto. “Consensus does mean that people…have accepted the
leadership, and they will probably be a confident and creative bunch.          final choice, even though they may not be completely satisfied with it.”

                                                                                                                         The Lama Review - Page 35
                                                     Leaders must have the
 relational dexterity to bring people, originally at odds with a decision, into
 consensus. To this end, a leader may invest extra time with influential                 “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”
 dissenters to ensure their support. It’s crucial for a leader to secure an                              ~ John Lubbock
 unqualified commitment during these meetings. No one on the team can
 be allowed to withhold support of a project on account of their personal                  “To expect defeat is nine-tenths of defeat itself.”
 stance against it. When the final decision is made, everyone must                                     ~ Henry Louis Mencken
 demonstrate the loyalty and team spirit to be on board.
 For access to the complete text of Michael Roberto’s article, “Why Great         “Our circumstances answer to our expectations and the demand of
 Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer,” visit http://www.govleaders.                                      our natures.”
 org/no_yes_men.htm.                                                                                  ~ Henry David Thoreau

                                                                                                             TO PONDER

   Good Leaders                                                                               What happens to a dream deferred?
    by Duke Rohe                                                                                          Does it dry up
                                                                                                   Like a raisin in the sun?
      1.    See through the dark.                                                                   Or fester like a sore--
      2.    Have a direction.                                                                             And then run?
      3.    Are purpose driven.                                                                 Does it stink like rotten meat?
      4.    Have a moral and spiritual core.                                                      Or crust and sugar over--
      5.    Are not afraid to fail.                                                                  like a syrupy sweet?
      6.    Are beyond the boundaries of ‘now’.                                                        Maybe it just sags
      7.    Encompass courage, gratitude, forgiveness, humility.                                       like a heavy load.
      8.    Personally relate.                                                                        Or does it explode?
      9.    Grow from crucifixion.                                                                      ~ Langston Hughes
      10.   Are followers too.
      11.   Give away their leadership in order make room for more.
      12.   Ignite untapped fuel in others.
      13.   See crisis as a dare to succeed.
      14.   Channel instability to get to a higher progression.
      15.   Are courageous; grace under pressure.                                   36. Have clear missions. Toro’s mission: Making the grass
      16.   Prepare for the worst through expecting the best.                           greener on you side.
      17.   Are responsible for those relying on them.                              37. Encourage people who want to make a difference.
      18.   Get the most out of their crew.                                         38. Strive for fairness, not equity.
      19.   Are dealers in hope…Napoleon                                            39. Serve their ideas.
      20.   Generate optimism. Optimism is true moral courage…                      40. Are known by their outcome.
            Shakleton                                                               41. Have great causes they are willing to be crucified for.
      21.   Relay a notion that they care.                                          42. Leaders are a conduit of a cause.
      22.   Don’t forget their roots; their followers.                              43. There is an alternation of support between leaders and
      23.   Lay down a structure for success. Even chaos desires                        followers.
            structure.                                                              44. Leadership happens in the space between people.
      24.   Create contingency plans for possible obstacles.                        45. Supporting success is a leader’s role.
      25.   Are a model for cheerfulness.                                           46. Use creativity to FIND your problem.
      26.   Make the best out of the worst situation.                               47. A good leader shares his leadership.
      27.   Are you a servant first or a leader first? One is a self-serve          48. Tolerance of ambiguity is that place where ideas and new
            station. The other is a full service station.                               understanding enter on.
      28.   Have a cause that is bigger than themselves.                            49. You don’t lose power by not knowing, you gain authenticity.
      29.   Seek people who have a leadership thread about them.                    50. Our picture of the Truth is not complete.
      30.   Carry today into the future.                                            51. Laws get in the way of education.
      31.   Volunteer to serve because they choose to serve                         52. There’s no price a leader would not pay to fulfill his dream.
      32.   Don’t forget their beginnings.                                          53. Measure of greatness is not how far you’ve come but how
      33.   Impact their community.                                                     much you have overcome.
      34.   Employ a passion survey: What makes you excited when you                54. One must fill his dream in order to fulfill it.
            come to work?                                                           55. A leader begins new thinking in the organization.
      35.   Realize that if people lead happy lives, they will also lead
            productive lives.

Page 36 - The Lama Review
Fresh Ideas Come From Fresh Sources
    Inquire into Another’s Welfare
     Radar was first used in 1925 by two              Forge, is infamous for its hardships.
     American physicists measuring the height         General Washington sent repeated,
     of the ionosphere. By directing radio            pleading letters to Congress for relief
     signals at the ionosphere and measuring          for his soldiers. The soldiers were sick,
     the time delay before the signals reflected      hungry, and many times lacked basic
     back, Gregory Breit and merle Tuve               clothing items like shoes, socks, or shirts.
     achieved what their other instruments            The great General personally circulated
     could not.                                       among his men, inquiring into their welfare
                                                      and giving what encouragement he could.
     Since that time, radar has become widely         Not only had the General, whose duty it
     used in aviation, ship navigation, traffic       was to care for these men, but also his wife
     control, weather monitoring, scientific          taken initiative to look into the welfare of
     research, space travel, and military             the men. And to do something about it.
     applications. For radar to provide the
     needed feedback in any of these uses,          A woman by the name of Mrs. Westlake, a
     however, a signal must first be sent out       Valley Forge native, recalled of that winter,
     and the return signal awaited.                 “I never in my life knew a woman so busy
                                                    from early morning until late at night as
     Sensitivity shares a        “I never in my life knew was Lady Washington,
     similar dependence                                                  providing comforts for
     upon an initiating          a woman so busy from the sick soldiers… Every
     signal. There are times
     when questions would
                                 early morning until late fair day she might in
                                                                         seen, with basket

     be meddlesome, but in                    at night”                  hand, and with a single
     most circumstances, it                                              attendant, going among
     is a demonstration of sensitivity to inquire   the huts seeking the keenest and most
     into the personal welfare of those around      needy sufferer, and giving all the comforts
     you. It would be insensitive to pry, but it    to them in her power.”
     is sensitive, somewhat analogous to the
     radar, to take initiative in finding out how   Mrs. Washington was certainly not alone
     those around you are feeling.                  in this service to the troops, but she set
                                                    a hard pace. Herein is her example of
     An American historical figure who              sensitivity, for sensitivity is taking initiative
     demonstrated this kind of sensitivity was      to look in the well being of others.
     Martha Washington, wife of General
     George Washington. Each winter during          When the winter of ’77-’78 had passed,
     the Revolutionary War, both armies             those soldiers who survived had lacked
     settled into winter encampments. Martha        food, clothing, and shelter, but they never
     and many other officers’ wives left their      lacked for leadership that was genuinely
     comfortable homes during these difficult       committed to their best interests. Perhaps
     months to be with their husbands at camp. as much as anything, the sensitivity of
                                                    General and Mrs. Washington held the
     The winter of 1777-78, when the                Continental Army together during some of
     Continental Army encamped at Valley            its darkest hours.

                                                                             The Lama Review - Page 37
           On the Trail with LAMA
                                                     LAMA Foundation

                                                       Mission Statement

The Laboratory Animal Management Association Foundation is dedicated to supporting educational opportunities that
enhance the knowledge and skills of laboratory animal science professionals.

    •	   ILAM Scholarship Deadline Submission and Review Process
             o July 15 Applicant Submit to Association Solution Inc.
             o August 1st - LAMA Foundation Board begins the review process
             o September 1st - LAMA Foundation Board will notify Award recipient and LAMA Secretary/Treasurer
             o September 15 - On behalf of the LAMA Foundation Board Sec/Treasurer submits ILAM tuition to AALAS
    •	   LAMA Foundation Scholarship Awards
             o ILAM
             o CMAR
             o Other Educational Opportunities
                      	 Reviewed on a case by case basis

   LAMA Committees
   Awards Committee                                                  Program, Education and Training Committee
   John Park, Chair                                                  Gordon Brackee, Co-Chair, DVM, MS, DACLAM
   T. Lane Watkins, Vice Chair                                       Tracy Lewis, Co-Chair
   Cammie Symonowicz, Board of Director Liaison                      Guerra Benberry, Co-Chair
                                                                     Laura Mistretta, Board of Director Liaison
   CMAR Committee / LAMA Members.
   Chris Hart, Co-Chair                                              Public Relations Committee
   Cindy Buckmaster, Co-Vice Chair                                   Nikke Nicolelis-Amaya, Chair
   Liz Pelletier                                                     Steve Sussman, Vice Chair
   Bill Sherrier                                                     Liz Stich
   Lisa Brown, Board of Director Liaison                             Cammie Symonowicz, Board of Director Liaison

   Financial Oversight Committee                                     Strategic Planning Committee
   Sally Thomas, Chair                                               Regina Correa-Murphy, Chair
   Neil Weigle, Vice Chair
                                                                     International Affairs and Affiliations
   Publications Committee                                            Regina Correa-Murphy, Chair
   Fred Douglas, Co-chair                                            Fred Douglas, Vice Chair
   Stephen Baker, Co-Chair
   Cammie Symonowicz, Board of Director Liaison                      LAMA Foundation Board
                                                                     Leo Yanas, Chair
   Membership Committee                                              Carmine Bianco, Kyrsten Koebach, Howard Mosher and
   Joseph McKenna, Chair                                             Kim Scamardo Board Members
   John Occaso, Vice Chair
   Joseph F. Krajicek, Board of Director Liaison                     ATA Liaison
                                                                     Laura Mistretta
   Policies and Procedures Committee
   Robyn Kiser, Chair                                                AAALAC Liaison
   Roxanne Fox, Vice Chair                                           Gail Heidbrink
   Lisa Brown, Board of Director Liaison
Page 38 - The Lama Review
                               Know Your Lama Leadership           Know Your LAMA Leadership

Complete the puzzle using the clues shown below.

                                       1                                     2
                                           l a u       r a m           i s       t    r e      t   t a
                   r                                                             r
                   e                                                             a                             j
                               5                                   6
                   g               l                                   g         c                             o
      7                        8                                                                                       9
           f       i               e       v e    l y      n m a c               y                             s           g
                                                                                          10                                                      11
          r        n               o                                   i         l         c                   e           u                       g
          e        a               y                                   l         e         a         r         p           e                       o
          d        c               a                                   h o w a             r d m o s           h e         r                        r
          d        o               n                                   e         i         o         b     m               r                       d
          o        r               a                                   i         s         l         y         c           a      p                o
          u        r               s                                   d                   y         n         k           b      a                n     c
                                                 16                                                                                     17
          g        e                              l    i s     a b         r o w n                   k         e           e     m       s         b     h
           l       a                                             r               m                    i        n           n     e       t         r     r
  c       a m m         i e s              y m    o n o w              i c       z         a         s         n           b      l      e         a      i
          s        u                                                   n                   l         e         a           e      a       v        c     s
                   r               j o h n p a                 r k                         i         r                     r      s      e         k     h
                   p                                                                       n                   k   y       r s    t   e n k o e b a c             k
                   h                                   s   a   l       l y       t h o m           a s                     y      r      b         e      r
                   y                                                                 w                                            a      a                t
                        n    i k           k e n       i c     o       l e       l    i s a m a y              a                  e      k
                                                                                           k                                      t      e
                                                                                      b    i   l   l a    v e      r y            e       r
                            1. Board of Directors and ATA Liaison
                            8. Managing Editor of the LAMA Review
                            13. Secretary/Treasurer
                            16. Board of Directors
                            18. Vice-President Elect
                            19. Chair of Awards Comittee
                            20. President
                            21. Chair of Financial Oversight Committee
                            22. Chair of Public Relations Committee
                            23. Board of Directors

                    2. Co-Chair of Program, Education and Training Committee
                    3. Past-President and Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
                    4. Chair of Membership Committee
                    5. Chair of LAMA Foundation Board
                    6. AAALAC Liaison
                    7. Editor in Chief of the LAMA Review and Co-Chair of Publications Committee
                    9. Co-Chair of Program, Education and Training Committee
                    10. Associate Editor of the LAMA Review
                    11. Co-Chair of Program, Education and Training Committee
                    12. Chair of Policies and Procedures Committee
                    14. Board of Directors
Created with Discovery Channel School's PuzzleMaker.
                    15. Co-Chair of CMAR Committee
                    17. President-Elect and Co-Chair of Publication Committee

                                                                                                                                      The Lama Review - Page 39
Break Away From Old Ideas                                        mistakes, you are wrong on a regular basis. This is a mark
By: Brian Tracy                                                  of intelligence and courage.

Highly creative people tend to have fluid, flexible, adaptive    Second, with new information, be willing to change your
minds. Here are three statements that creative people can        mind. Most of what you know about your business today
make easily and which you learn by regular practice.             will change completely in the coming years so be the first to
                                                                 recognize it.
Admit It When You Are Wrong
                                                                 One Hour Makes All the Difference
The first is simply, “I was wrong.” Many people are so
concerned with being right that all their mental energy is       One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field
consumed by stonewalling, bluffing, blaming and denying. If      within three years.
you’re wrong, admit it and get on to the solution or the next
step.                                                            You’ve gone as far as you can with what you now know. Any
                                                                 progress you make from this moment onward will require
Face Up to Mistakes                                              that you learn and practice something new.

Second, non-creative people think that it is a sign of           Commit to Lifelong Learning
weakness to say, “I made a mistake.” On the contrary, it is
actually a sign of mental maturity, personal strength and        One quality of leaders and high achievers in every area
individual character. Remember, everybody makes mistakes         seems to be a commitment to ongoing personal and
every single day.                                                professional development. They look upon themselves
                                                                 as self-made people, as “works in progress.” They
Be Flexible With New Information                                 never become complacent or satisfied. They are always
                                                                 striving toward ever greater heights of knowledge and
The third statement that creative people use easily is, “I       understanding.
changed my mind.” It is amazing how many uncomfortable
situations people get into and stay in because they are          Get to the Top in Five Years
unwilling or afraid to admit that they’ve changed their minds.
                                                                 Earl Nightingale said many years ago that one hour per day
Be Willing to Cut Your Losses                                    of study in your chosen field was all it takes. One hour per
                                                                 day of study will put you at the top of your field within three
If you get new information or if you find that you feel          years. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In
differently about a previous decision, accept that you have      seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world
changed your mind and don’t let anyone or anything back          at what you do.
you into a corner. If a decision does not serve your best
interests as you see them now, have the ego-strength and         Read Everything You Can
the courage to “cut your losses,” to change your mind and
then get on to better things.                                    Read all you can about your field. Subscribe to the executive
                                                                 book clubs and book summaries. Build your own library of
Action Exercises                                                 important books in your field. Never be cheap about your
Here are two ways you can break out of narrow thinking
patterns and become more creative.                               In fact, if you make a decision today to invest 3% of your
                                                                 annual income back into yourself, back into your own
First, be willing to admit that you are not perfect, you make
Page 40 - The Lama Review
personal and professional development, you will probably
never have to worry about money again.                            Action Exercises

Go Through 50 Books Per Year                                      Here are two things you can do immediately to put these
                                                                  ideas into practice.
If you read one hour per day in your field, that will translate
into about one book per week. One book per week                   First, ask the successful people around you for their best
translates into about 50 books per year. 50 books per year        book recommendations. Whatever advice they give you,
will translate into about 500 books over the next ten years.      immediately go out and buy those books, take them home
                                                                  and begin reading for one hour every morning before you
Join the Top 1% of Money Earners                                  start work.

If you read only one book per month, that will put you into       Second, when you read, underline and take notes when
the top 1% of income earners in our society. But if you           you find important ideas that you can use. Implement them
read one book per week, 50 books per year, that will make         immediately. Take action of some kind on good ideas. You
you one of the best educated, smartest, most capable              will be amazed at the change in your career.
and highest paid people in your field. Regular reading will
transform your life completely.

Book Review
                                                    Our Iceberg is Melting
                                                                Written by: John Kotter
                                                          Book Review by: Carolyn Malinowski

                                 One of the biggest complaints that I hear from managers is
                                 that they don’t have time to read all the journals that they
                                 get, or for that matter, any books. In my searches for books to
                                 read for the book review section of this journal, I came across
                                 a book that everyone will have time to read! “Our Iceberg is
                                 Melting” is the shortest book that I have read since the second
                                 grade. It took me a little over an hour to read and, as an
                                 added bonus, it was quite enjoyable.

 This book is a parable about managing change. The book introduces you to a
 penguin colony that forced to figure out what they will do when they realize
 that their iceberg is melting. The penguins go through the same steps that any
 organization would go through from convincing others that change is needed,
 forming a team to manage the change, and getting participation from the entire
 community. The book even uses illustrations to help tell the story.

 I would highly recommend this book to anyone for a quick read! It is short, sweet
 and to the point. And it even has some valuable lessons. Enjoy!

                                                                                                   The Lama Review - Page 41
                        FS        rom the Information

 Research Advancement
                                                                It’s not just that the scientists happened to work with dogs
 WSU to offer bone marrow transplants                           when the research started, Storb said. Dogs -- unlike mice
 to sick pets It’s a big ‘give-back’ to                         or monkeys or any other animals in research -- turned out
                                                                to be uniquely qualified to serve as animal models for the
 dogs for cancer help                                           experimental human bone marrow transplant, he said, in
 By TOM PAULSON                                                 part because of their broad genetic diversity.
 P-I REPORTER                                                   “It is the only species other than humans that has such
 The bone marrow or stem cell transplant, a procedure that      a large spectrum of genetic diversity,” Storb said. Just
 every year saves tens of thousands of lives and won for the    consider the difference between a dachshund and a Great
 Seattle physician who pioneered it the 1990 Nobel Prize        Dane, he said, and you get the picture. “They also suffer
 in Medicine, appears poised to come full circle and finally    many of the same diseases as humans.”
 become more widely available to those who first made it all
 possible.                                                      By 1965, when Storb moved from Europe to Seattle to
                                                                work with Thomas and his team, most researchers had
 Dogs.                                                          concluded that bone marrow transplantation would never
 “They helped us figure out how to help save ourselves,         work. All of the earlier experimental attempts had failed
 and so this represents a big give-back to the canine           miserably in people, usually because of immune system
 species,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bryan, a veterinary oncologist at   rejection. But the Seattle team stubbornly believed it could
 Washington State University.                                   be done and, working with veterinarians, recruited dog
                                                                owners to help advance the science.
 Bryan is spearheading a project to soon launch what would
 be the world’s first large-scale clinical transplant program   “The funniest one I remember was Richard, a very old
 for dogs. The program is expected to become available to       Chihuahua with no teeth,” Storb said. He said the dog
 treat dogs with lymphoma sometime this summer.                 was constantly fainting in the lab, and they eventually
                                                                determined he didn’t actually have cancer but rather
 Bone marrow transplants had been done experimentally in        severe anemia. They gave the owner anemia drugs to treat
 dogs over the decades, Bryan said, and clinically for a few    Richard and sent him home.
 dogs by some pioneering private-practice veterinarians. But
 the procedure has never before been routinely offered as a     Another time, a friend of Thomas brought in his energetic
 cancer therapy for the canine community, he said.              German shorthaired pointer, which had lymphoma. The
                                                                dog escaped the lab, then located in West Seattle, and
 “We are looking at this as an option for dealing with one of   the scientists spent hours searching the neighborhood
 the most common cancers in dogs,” Bryan said. “There are       before finding him. Storb recalled many other dogs he
 tens of thousands of dogs diagnosed with lymphoma every        met while trying to perfect the transplant procedure. Many
 year. At WSU, we get five or six calls a week.”                died, anyway, of course, but man’s best friends eventually
                                                                revealed to the scientists how to make it work.
  The WSU transplant program, which will be a partnership
 with a private business based in North Carolina, is intended   The first clue dogs gave for making transplantation work
 to make the procedures available to pet owners for             was identifying that a close tissue match between the
 about $15,000 to $20,000 per dog. That’s pricey, Bryan         marrow donor and the patient was critical, Storb said.
 acknowledged, but there appears to be enough demand
 among pet owners to support the program.                       “This was not the case in mice,” he said. “We only
                                                                discovered this because of the dogs. And they also showed
 “We could never have done this in the first place without      us it wasn’t the entire solution.”
 dogs,” said Dr. Rainer Storb, head of transplant biology
 at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and one          Research in dogs helped the Seattle scientists figure out
 of the original members of the team of Seattle scientists      how to reduce the risk of immune system rejection and led
 led by Nobel Laureate Dr. E. Donnall Thomas that worked        to the first successful human bone marrow transplants.
 to perfect the procedure in humans during the 1960s and        Storb continues to work with dogs and is now doing
Page 42 - The Lama Review
                                                                FS      rom the Information
Research Advancement
studies, all of them nonlethal, aimed at eliminating the need
for radiation and toxic chemotherapy altogether.
“Dogs are still important to this science,” Storb said.

“So it’s only fair that we now make this as widely available
as a treatment option for them as well,” said Dr. Edmund        Mouse Model For Mesothelioma
Sullivan, a Bellingham veterinarian uniformly credited with
doing one of the first nonexperimental marrow transplants
                                                                Reproduces Human Disease
for a dog in this region -- in 2004 on a golden retriever       ScienceDaily (Mar. 11, 2008) — Scientists have
named Comet who had T-cell lymphoma.                            established a mouse model for human malignant
                                                                mesothelioma that will provide valuable insight into cancer
Comet was successfully treated for the lymphoma, and            development and progression along with new directions for
enjoyed years more of life, but died last month at age 10       design of therapeutic strategies. The research, published
from a different cancer, said his owner, Darrell Hallett, a     by Cell Press in the March issue of Cancer Cell, may
Seattle attorney.                                               eventually lead to a substantially improved outlook for
Sullivan has since done transplants for five other dogs,        patients with this devastating disease.
some taken to Bellingham from as far away as Dallas and
New York City. The Bellingham vet, who charges between          Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer
$25,000 to $35,000 for the procedure, has been able to          originating from the mesothelial lining of the pleural cavity.
pioneer the transplant here by working with Storb and using     Malignant mesothelioma is associated with asbestos
WSU’s radiation equipment.                                      exposure and is characterized by a long latency period
                                                                between exposure and disease onset. Chemotherapy can
But once WSU launches its own transplant program,               sometimes lead to improvement of overall survival but
Sullivan has been told he will no longer be allowed to use      there is no cure for malignant mesothelioma and patients
the university’s radiation equipment to do the procedures at    often succumb from the disease within a year of diagnosis.
his Bellingham clinic.                                          “There is an urgent need for experimental models of
“Ed deserves a lot of credit for pushing this forward,” Bryan   malignant mesothelioma that can be used to not only
said. But in order for the transplants to be done at the        study the onset and progression of the disease, but also to
highest quality and become fully incorporated as a standard     serve as a model to select new combination therapies and
of care within veterinary medicine, the WSU oncologist          targeted agents,” says study leader, Dr. Anton Berns, from
said, the entire procedure needs to be comprehensively          The Netherlands Cancer Institute.
managed within an institutionalized program.
                                                                In humans, malignant mesothelioma has been
Sullivan agrees with the need for an institutionalized          associated with genetic lesions that result in the loss
program, but said he sees no reason why he can’t also           of Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) and genetic lesions
continue to do the transplants, given his successful track      affecting RB and P53 pathways. Dr. Berns’ team
record. The Bellingham vet said he suspects there are           investigated whether a range of conditional single or
“turf” or business concerns playing into this and plans to      compound mutations in the Nf2, p53 and Rb pathways
continue to press WSU to allow him access to the radiation      within the mesothelial lining of the thoracic cavity would
equipment.                                                      cause malignant mesothelioma in mice.

“I mean, I helped get this whole thing going, starting with     The researchers found that the vast majority of mice
Comet,” Sullivan said.                                          with conditional Nf2;Ink4a/Arf and Nf2;p53 mutations
However this professional dispute plays out, it appears that    developed MM after a short latency period. The mouse
bone marrow transplantation will soon become an option          malignant mesothelioma tumors, which could be followed
for the species that allowed scientists to develop one of       noninvasively through the use of bioluminescence imaging,
the most powerful and innovative anti-cancer therapies out      closely resembled human MM. Interestingly, Nf2;Ink4a/Arf
there.                                                          knockout mice had a more invasive cancer when compared
Good dogs.                                                      with Nf2;p53 knockout mice. The researchers went on to
                                                                show that the loss of Ink4a makes a substantial contribution
P-I reporter Tom Paulson can be reached at 206-448-8318         to the poor clinical outcome of murine malignant
or tompaulson@seattlepi.com.                                    mesothelioma .
© 1998-2008 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
                                                                These results describe an excellent model system for
                                                                investigating the molecular mechanisms that underlie
                                                                malignant mesothelioma . “Our mouse models should be
                                                                suitable to further dissect pathways critically important in

                                                                                                   The Lama Review - Page 43
mesothelioma development and progression and serve               steps to prepare, pre-empt and respond effectively to
as invaluable tools to test new intervention strategies,”        anti-research activists, they can support the progress of
concludes Dr. Berns. “We have also derived a series of           scientific research, as well as the health and economic
cell lines that reproduce the disease when grafted into the      well-being of the nation.
thoracic cavity. These may also facilitate design of better
MM therapies.”                                                   Funding agencies, like the National Institutes of Health,
                                                                 are making important statements, but they should be
The researchers include Johan Jongsma, Erwin van                 encouraged to take an even stronger role in expecting
Montfort, Marc Vooijs, John Zevenhoven, Paul Krimpenfort,        universities to protect NIH-funded researchers.
Martin van der Valk, Marc van de Vijver, and Anton Berns,
of The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The              Chicago Tribune March 25, 2008 “Keep scientists
Netherlands.                                                     safe: Universities must address violence that threatens
                                                                 biomedical research” www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-
Journal reference: Berns et al.: “A Conditional Mouse            oped0325researchmar25,0,5184251.story
Model for Malignant Mesothelioma”. Cancer Cell, Vol 13,          Susan Adler, Executive Director of Northwest Association
261-271, 11 March 2008.                                          for Biomedical Research, wrote a commentary for the
                                                                 Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) that recounted
Adapted from materials provided by Cell Press
                                                                 recent incidents in the animal rights offensive against
NEWS COMMENTARIES URGE                                           research and noted:
                                                                 Intelligence sharing between the research and law
RESEARCH PROTECTION                                              enforcement communities continues to strengthen. Issues
                                                                 of special concern to all research facilities include the
Through recent newspaper commentaries, two prominent             screening and hiring of employees, since we know that
members of the research advocacy community voiced                sophisticated training has been given to activists who pose
concern over the ongoing campaign of violence and                as lower level workers, positioning themselves to infiltrate
harassment of scientists involved in research.                   and then destroy from within. Tragically, they sometimes
The chair of the Committee on Animals in Research of the         ...Our greatest responsibility as a research community is to
Society for Neuroscience, Jeffrey Kordower, published            inspire our next generation of scientists. We simply cannot
a commentary on the need to protect research in The              allow our students and future citizens to question whether
Chicago Tribune yesterday. Kordower, a neurological              they should become new members of our research teams.
sciences professor at Rush University wrote in part:             We must succeed. There is too much at stake.
Despite being highly regulated, peer-reviewed, crucial
to public health and legal, vital research is increasingly
under violent attack by activists using illegal means. It is      Puget Sound Business Journal March 14, 2008
time for the science, academic and health communities to         “Understanding the hidden costs of research” http://
say “enough” and do something about it. No researcher            seattle.bizjournals.com/seattle/stories/2008/03/17/focus10.
should experience the trauma of this kind of attack alone,       html?b=1205726400%5E1603696.
or shoulder the responsibility of trying to address it without   Understanding the hidden costs of research
support.                                                         Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) - by Susan Adler

Overall, members of the Society for Neuroscience, whose
                                                                 What does it mean when a researcher cuts short his or her
Committee on Animals in Research that I chair, reported
                                                                 career because of fear? How can we possibly measure
more incidents involving harassment or violence in the
first six months of 2007 than from 1999 through 2003. Not
only have these attacks become more frequent, they have
                                                                 In August 6, 2006, Dario Ringach, a UCLA neuroscientist,
become more violent. The painting of glass-eating acid
                                                                 announced that he was giving up his research with
onto a researcher’s home, home bombings, attempted
                                                                 nonhuman primates. His e-mail to the activists simply
home invasion, attempted car bombings and the flooding of
                                                                 said “You win. Please don’t bother my family anymore.”
a researcher’s home have caused thousands of dollars in
                                                                 Ringach had devoted his career to understanding the visual
                                                                 pathways in the brain, studying the critical period for early
                                                                 surgical intervention to prevent blindness and other visual
This trend will continue unabated unless research
                                                                 defects in newborns.
institutions, governments, national funding agencies,
                                                                 What would Puget Sound Business Journal readers do if
such as the National Institutes of Health, and the science
                                                                 they returned night after night to protesters posted at their
community unite to defend responsible biomedical research
                                                                 doors and to vandalized homes and cars plastered with the
and implement policies to address these threats. With
                                                                 words, “Quit your job ... or nobody escapes ... ALF (Animal
reasonable legal discourse descending to illegal violence
                                                                 Liberation Front) Eyes on You”?
and threat, universities can no longer afford to ignore
                                                                 In a Santa Monica, Calif., courtroom on Feb. 21, Los
actions that impose danger to their faculty. By taking
Page 44 - The Lama Review
  Research Advancement

Angeles County Superior Court Judge Jerald Rosenberg
approved a temporary restraining order sought by the
Regents of the University of California, to prohibit five
                                                             FS        rom the Information

named defendants from ALF and other extremist groups
from harassing UCLA personnel, and specifically from         document, “Best Practices for Protecting Research and
coming within 50 feet of them during a demonstration. The    Researchers,” to encourage better protection of academic
restraining order also requires that personal information    researchers who face intimidation, harassment and
about UCLA personnel be removed from websites                physical attack by anti-animal research activists. The
maintained by extremists.                                    document recommends a set of specific and proactive
                                                             steps that research institutions can take to protect their
The order came within weeks of an incendiary device set      employees.
at the home of Edythe London, protesting her medical
research at UCLA. In October, ALF activists had flooded      “Responsible biomedical research is essential to improve
London’s home by breaking a first floor window and           human health and save lives,” said Eve Marder, president
inserting a garden hose. They left her the following note:   of SFN. “At a time when reasoned debate has turned into
“It would have been just as easy to burn your house down,    illegal harassment, trespass, and threat of violence, we
Edythe. As you slosh around your flooded house, consider     have an obligation to provide an appropriate and safe
yourself fortunate this time.”                               environment for our researchers.”

Karin Immergut, the U.S. Attorney for the District of        Intelligence sharing between the research and law
Oregon, and I met this past August. After nine years of      enforcement communities continues to strengthen. Issues
investigation, she and her lead prosecutors had obtained     of special concern to all research facilities include the
guilty pleas from the largest eco-terrorism group in the     screening and hiring of employees, since we know that
country, known as “Operation Backfire.” These conspirators   sophisticated training has been given to activists who pose
had led a string of arsons across the West whose targets     as lower level workers, positioning themselves to infiltrate
included the University of Washington’s Center for Urban     and then destroy from within. Tragically, they sometimes
Horticulture.                                                succeed.
The Northwest research community wanted to understand        On Feb. 12, 2002, James Jarboe, then domestic terrorism
what Immergut and her Assistant U.S. Attorneys, the FBI,     section chief of the counterterrorism division for the FBI,
the ATF and local law enforcement had learned about          made the following statement before the House Resources
the mindset and the tactics employed by the domestic         Committee, Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health:
terrorists in our midst. I came to ask her to convene a      “The FBI estimates that the Animal Liberation Front and
private advisory session with us at the Portland Federal     Environment Liberation Front have committed more than
Courthouse.                                                  600 criminal acts in the United States since 1996, resulting
                                                             in damages in excess of $43 million.”
Scientists, security, facilities and communications
managers from research facilities in Washington and          In congressional testimony on the Animal Enterprise
Oregon were joined by local law enforcement from nearly      Terrorism Act in 2005, the FBI raised its estimate of
every local county. We learned that these animal rights      damage to more than $100 million. These numbers are not
activists are highly educated. Almost all are college        limited only to the destruction of research facilities.
graduates; many have doctorates. Their goal was to stop
research that they judged unjust.                            “The financial aspect is the least of our problems,”
                                                             said Richard Bianco, vice president for research at the
The FBI explained that when members of Operation             University of Minnesota, referring to an attack at that
Backfire were finally apprehended, many were frustrated      institution in 1999 that caused $2 million in damage. “The
because they had come to realize that arsons alone were      hardest thing is people see this and don’t want to go into
not succeeding in getting their message across, and plans    science. Why would they go into science when they can
were under way to increase their level of violence.          have their work threatened like that?”

As Michael Conn, assistant director of the Oregon National   Our greatest responsibility as a research community is to
Primate Research Center, stated in his prepared remarks      inspire our next generation of scientists. We simply cannot
at our session, “The public needs a warning. The animal      allow our students and future citizens to question whether
rights war on animal research is dangerous to our health.    they should become new members of our research teams.
Who pays when researchers give up productive careers?        We must succeed. There is too much at stake.
We all do.”
On Feb. 6, the Society for Neuroscience released a new
                                                             SUSAN ADLER is executive director of the Northwest
                                                                                               The Lama Review - Page 45
Association for Biomedical Research, the Northwest’s
leading voice for understanding biomedical research and       Vets/animal rights
its ethical conduct. She can be reached at 206-957-3337
or susan@nwabr.org.
                                                              Vets groups duke it out on who’s more
All contents of this site © American City Business Journals   Newsday.com
Inc. All rights reserved.                                     Denise Flaim-Animal House
                                                              January 31, 2008

Nonanimal Assessment Approach
                                                              It’s Godzilla versus Mothra.
for Evaluating Eye Irritation Potential
of Antimicrobial Cleaning Products                            I’m talking about the recent head-butting between the
(AMCPs)                                                       American Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane
                                                              Society of the United States.
 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has
collaborated with the Alternative Testing Working Group       Earlier this month, the HSUS and the relatively unknown
(ATWG) to develop a nonanimal approach for evaluating         Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights announced
the eye irritation potential of AMCPs. The ATWG is            they would be merging to form the Humane Society
comprised of seven consumer product companies (Clorox,        Veterinary Medical Association.
Colgate Palmolive, Dial, EcoLabs, Johnson Diversey,
Procter & Gamble, and SC Johnson). The Institute for In       Of the approximately 80,000 veterinarians in the United
Vitro Sciences, Inc. (IIVS) coordinated the EPA-ATWG          States, only 3,500 are affiliated with AVAR, which focuses
collaboration, performed additional testing to complete       on reducing animal use in veterinary training and on
parallel sets of in vivo and in vitro data, and prepared a    advocacy for companion and farm animals.
background review document (BRD) describing the final
approach.                                                     Its supporters say the creation of the Humane Society
                                                              Veterinary Medical Association - which is backed by the
IIVS has submitted this BRD, In Vitro Approach for EPA        HSUS’ healthy budget and boundless marketing and
Toxicity Labeling of Anti-Microbial Cleaning Products, to     media savvy - was a response to the AVMA’s lack of
NICEATM. The EPA and the ATWG have requested that             progressiveness and its kowtowing to industries that view
NICEATM and ICCVAM use information within the BRD             animals as commodities, not sentient beings.
to conduct a technical review of the proposed approach to
determine whether ICCVAM could assure the EPA, with a         “All too often, the AVMA sides with animal-use industries,
reasonable degree of certainty, that the approach would       and not with animals,” said Wayne Pacelle, president
be useful for making labeling decisions for AMCPs that        and chief executive of the Humane Society, at the
appropriately inform the user.                                announcement of the merger. “How could a veterinarian,
                                                              who takes a sworn oath to care for animals, not speak
NICEATM and ICCVAM are conducting a preliminary               out against force-feeding of ducks for foie gras or the
evaluation of the submission for completeness and for         confinement of veal calves in crates so small that the
adherence with ICCVAM guidelines. If they decide to           animals cannot even turn around?”
move forward with an evaluation, NICEATM and ICCVAM
will convene a peer review panel to review the validation     The AVMA volleyed back a high-road response:
status of the proposed approach.                              “Credibility is earned by engaging and gathering input
                                                              from the broadest range of voices,” said Ron DeHaven,
On behalf of ICCVAM, NICEATM requests:                        executive vice president of the American Veterinary
                                                              Medical Association, in a news release, “not by listening
Nominations of expert scientists to serve as members of a     only to those who agree with us.”
possible peer review panel
More information on nominations for the peer review panel     But off the page, DeHaven is quick to note the distinction
Submission of relevant data and information on AMCPs          between an “animal welfare” group like the AVMA and
or related substances obtained from (1) human testing or      fringe “animal rights” groups like AVAR and, by extension,
experience including reports from accidental exposures,       HSUS.
(2) rabbits using the standard eye test or the low volume
eye test, and (3) in vitro test methods for assessing         “Ultimately, it comes down to a fundamental difference in
ocular irritation, such as the Bovine Corneal Opacity and     philosophy,” he said. “That would suggest that they would
Permeability test, the Cytosensor Microphysiometer test,      confer upon animals the same legal rights that people
and the EpiOcular test, and data supporting the accuracy      have.” Among the AVAR agenda, he contends: eliminating
and reproducibility of these methods                          animal ownership and the use of animals for food or fiber.

Page 46 - The Lama Review
Paula Kislak, president of AVAR, notes dryly that, as
an association of veterinarians, “it would be pretty
counterproductive if we were working toward eliminating
pet ownership.” As far as rights go, AVAR is concerned
with what she calls “minimal rights” - “the rights for animals
to extend their limbs and turn around and stand up in their
                                                                  FS       rom the Information

confinement cages, or the right to food, water and shelter,
the right not to be abused or beaten or not to live in fear or    Dodds of Santa Monica, Calif., who has been an AVAR
neglect.”                                                         member for decades. “As a profession, we need our
                                                                  national association to continue to be more proactive and
Which side to sympathize with?                                    responsive to what society wants and expects with respect
                                                                  to animals.”
On the one hand, the AVMA is hardly progressive, leaning
toward bureaucratic sluggishness in areas that might              In the face of charges that AVAR vets are tree-hugging
engender controversy. Consider the declawing of cats,             wackos, consider that Dodds is not averse to sacrificing
considered by many to be amputation.                              animal life for the greater good: The Rabies Challenge
                                                                  Fund, which she helped found, is testing the duration of
“Declawing of domestic cats should be considered only             immunity of the rabies vaccine to see if it extends as far as
after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from             five to seven years. At the end of the vaccine trial, all the
using its claws destructively or when its clawing presents a      beagles will be euthanized so their brains can be examined
zoonotic risk for its owner(s),” reads the AVMA’s tepid 2003      for signs of the disease - the only definitive way to diagnose
position statement.                                               rabies.

Preventing overvaccination is another area in which the           Much like when I watched those painfully bad Japanese
AVMA could take a greater leadership role. Although the           horror movies, I find I’m unable to decide between the
veterinary group did issue a report on changing vaccine           overgrown lizard and the supersized, powder-spewing
schedules in 2002, its efforts pale compared to those of          insect. I think I’ll wait for the sequel.
the American Animal Hospital Association, which in 2006           Copyright © 2008, Newsday Inc.
updated its highly specific canine vaccine protocols.

(DeHaven replies that sometimes, the AVMA need not                Europe gets bullish on animal rights
reinvent the wheel when other reputable groups have taken
the lead.)                                                        issues
                                                                  By SHELLEY EMLING
DeHaven notes the AVMA’s house of delegates has
reviewed policies brought before it by the AVAR -                 LONDON - Spain’s iconic sport, bullfighting, is known for its
specifically, the production of foie gras, tail docking and       ferocity and flair. But the centuries-old spectacle may have
ear cropping in dogs, and induced molting in chickens.            met its match in an equally tenacious opponent: Europe’s
None were passed in their original form, DeHaven says,            animal rights movement.
“principally because revisions to the submitted language
were necessary to accurately reflect the available science        For the first time Thursday, doping tests were introduced
on these topics.” In several cases, he adds, “policies            at Spain’s most prestigious bullfighting festival after
emerged or were revised” as a result of discussions with          allegations that bulls are given drugs to tip the balance in
AVAR representatives.                                             favor of the matador. Under pressure and falling ratings,
                                                                  Spanish TV has dropped bullfighting from its schedule.
As for HSUS, its critics decry its very name, noting that the
group runs no humane societies and saying it is basically a       The increasingly vocal anti-bullfighting lobby says it’s only
watered-down version of People for the Ethical Treatment          a matter of time before the sport is relegated to the history
of Animals, which would end domestication as we know              books.
it and return every dog and cat to born-free-Elsa status.
While HSUS does do important work in highlighting animal          “People in Europe are finally beginning to accept the animal
abuse, and while it works hard to maintain a mainstream           welfare message,” said Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of
image, it arguably falls more to the left than center. Pacelle,   campaigns for Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights
for example, has gone on record saying that he thinks             group.
all breeding of companion dogs should be regulated,
regardless of whether the puppies are raised in a puppy           These are heady days for Europe’s animal rights activists,
mill or by a hobby breeder in the home.                           who have successfully pushed through a string of animal
                                                                  welfare measures in recent months.
“This merger sends a message to the AVMA,” said Jean

                                                                                                     The Lama Review - Page 47
Perhaps the strongest measures are in Switzerland, where            Brought to you by the HoustonChronicle.com
a law taking effect Sept. 1 requires dog owners to pay for
and finish a two-part training course. Among the lessons:           State settles suit on Capitol protests
theory on recognizing the needs of the animal and practical         By Geoffrey Fattah
applications, including how to properly walk a                      Deseret Morning News
dog on the street.                                                  Published: April 9, 2008
Under the Swiss law, anglers will have to take lessons              The state of Utah has settled its second suit brought by a
on how to catch fish in a compassionate manner. Pet fish            local animal rights group challenging its policies when it
owners will have to provide aquarium lighting that maintains        comes to the right to protest at the state Capitol.
the natural cycle of day and night.                                 The move comes after members of the Utah Animal Rights
                                                                    Coalition filed a federal suit against the state when two of
Owners of horses, goldfish, parakeets, guinea pigs, and             its members were told by Capitol security they could not
various other “social” creatures could be cited for animal          hold signs in protest on the second floor of the Capitol
abuse if the animal does not cohabit, or at least have              outside the doors to the House of Representatives. Last
contact, with others of its own kind.                               March, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order
                                                                    against the state, finding that the state’s policies regarding
Marcel Falk, a spokesman for the Swiss Federal Veterinary           protests violated the First Amendment’s right of free
Office, said that the goal is to ensure fitting treatment for all   speech.
types of pets.
                                                                    Attorney Brian Barnard, who represents UARC, said the
“When it comes to dogs, for example, we want to improve             state has settled the suit. The state has agreed to pay $250
the way dogs are kept,” he said in a telephone interview.           for each of the two protesters, $500 for UARC and $9,000
“We also want to reduce dog attacks in Switzerland. Well-           in attorney’s fees and court costs.
kept dogs usually aren’t dangerous dogs.”
                                                                    This is the second time the state has settled a federal
At least one Swiss newspaper has accused the                        suit filed by UARC. In 2006, the group sued after two of
government of wasting taxpayer money.                               its members were barred from handing out leaflets at the
                                                                    Capitol. That case was settled for $12,500 and prompted
Farmers’ associations have argued that the law will make            the Capitol Preservation Board to revamp its rules and
them less competitive on the international market. Under            allow leafletting.
the law, farmers also won’t be allowed to keep pigs and
cows in areas with hard floors.                                     Recently House Speaker Greg Curtis, R-Sandy, and
                                                                    Senate President John Valentine, R-Orem, who sit on
But across Europe, animal activism is catching on.                  the preservation board, both said the board’s rules need
                                                                    to be updated to permit spontaneous protests within the
“In Russia, a number of medical schools have stopped the            Capitol as long as they do not interfere with the business of
harmful use of animals,” Fowler-Reeves said. “Croatia has           lawmakers.
introduced some pretty radical animal protection legislation
including the banning of breeding animals for fur.”                 Barnard remains skeptical. “If I were a betting man, I’d
                                                                    bet at least a dollar that the new and improved rules for
One setback, Fowler-Reeves said, was Austria’s Supreme              protests and demonstration at and in the State Capitol
Court ruling earlier this year that a chimpanzee cannot be          will not be constitutional and will embody the Legislature’s
declared a person.                                                  continuing disdain for the great unwashed,” he said
An animal rights group had sought to have the chimp,
Matthew Hiasl Pan, declared a person in hopes of obtaining          Scientist for a day
guardianship of the animal.                                         Cancer survivors are invited to do some lab work
                                                                    at Fox Chase, to see why fighting the disease is
“The case was lost but the fact it was brought at all was           so difficult and costly - and to support the cause.
extremely encouraging,” Fowler-Reeves said.                         By Tom Avril
Another flash point of animal rights concern is in Britain,         Inquirer Staff Writer
where a growing number of local town councils and even
swanky restaurants and department stores have banned                With a forceps in one hand and a scalpel in the other, Kim
the sale of foie gras, a delicacy popular in France.                Hagerich peeled back the skin of a white laboratory rat.
                                                                    She extracted a glistening section of pink tissue that was
Foie gras is a liver pate made by the force-feeding of ducks        perhaps a half-inch long - a mammary gland - and placed it
and geese. Already it is illegal to produce foie gras in            on a small yellow tray.
Britain although it can still be imported.
Page 48 - The Lama Review
Mammary glands are of greater interest to Hagerich than to
most people, as something went wrong with hers 21

2 years ago. She is a breast-cancer survivor, one of 11 who
donned white lab coats at Fox Chase Cancer Center last
                                                                  FS         rom the Information

                                                                 developing tumors.
They spent the day as scientists: swirling flasks of pink
fluid, slicing up bits of animal tissue to examine under a       The team also is studying whether the chemical has a
microscope, extracting snippets of genetic information to        similar effect in humans, by following a group of prepubertal
understand why some cells run amok. Hagerich was one of          girls in New York City.
two women who gamely probed a pair of anesthetized rats
that lay peacefully on a lab table.                              Russo detailed some of the costs of the work: Rats are $15
                                                                 apiece, and it takes $5 a day to keep one alive. Raising 100
“I have to say, it’s nice to be on this side of Fox Chase        animals and harvesting the tissue for a single experiment
instead of the other side,” says Hagerich, 39, who               costs $50,000, he says.
previously came to the Northeast Philadelphia cancer
center for treatment.                                            Next on the women’s agenda: the lab. They broke up into
                                                                 five groups.
This time, she and her lab mates came because, in addition
to having battled cancer, all had volunteered in some            Hagerich dissected rats with Michelle Esser, 39, who just
capacity for one of two groups that helped sponsor the one-      celebrated her two-year anniversary of being cancer-free.
day program: the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation in
Philadelphia and the American Cancer Society. Some had           Esser, of Blue Bell, made a T-shaped incision in her
worked as patient advocates, some as fund-raisers.               animal’s abdomen, revealing the liver, intestines and other
                                                                 organs beneath, and marveled as Fox Chase researcher
The goal: After getting a small taste of the world of            Ricardo Lopez pointed out the animal’s whitish fatty
research, they’d have a better idea what to say when             deposits.
someone - a legislator, a patient, a potential donor - asks
them why science costs so much, or why progress seems            “A fat rat!” Esser exclaimed.
so slow. Hagerich also wants to serve on an institutional
review board to help evaluate research proposals.                Though the animals would be sacrificed later, they were still
                                                                 alive for the dissection so their valuable genetic material
“I want to be able to sit at a table with the researchers        would not deteriorate. Lopez said the anesthesia kept them
and know what I’m talking about,” says the Doylestown            from feeling pain.
mother of two young daughters, who has lobbied members
of Congress on behalf of the National Breast Cancer              The inside of the rats’ skin was a uniform pink. They
Coalition.                                                       had never been pregnant, so the mammary glands were
                                                                 undeveloped, and difficult to see for the untrained eye.
 The women began their day in the lab by telling each other      Once extracted, the glands were placed on ice for later
how long it had been since their treatment: 7 years, 15          analysis.
years, 20 years. Each drew applause. Judy Hughes got it
twice. She beat one type of breast cancer 32 years ago,          Elsewhere in the building, another group practiced the art
only to be diagnosed with a different kind four years ago.       of histology - studying tissue. They learned how to seal
                                                                 chunks of tissue in paraffin blocks, and how to cut off thin
Then, as the women sipped coffee, Jose Russo, director           slices of the blocks and put them on slides for analysis
of the Fox Chase Breast Cancer Research Laboratory, told         under a microscope.
them about one of his projects.
                                                                 Among the histology researchers was Hughes, the two-time
 Along with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the           cancer survivor. She worked for decades as a registered
University of Alabama, he is engaged in an $11.5 million         nurse at Doylestown Hospital, so she is familiar with the
study of whether breast cancer is linked to chemical             practice of medicine from both sides. But she hadn’t been
exposure. One compound under scrutiny is bisphenol A,            in a lab for a while.
which is found in certain plastics such as the film that lines
the insides of food cans.                                        “I feel like I’m back in school,” says Hughes, who now
                                                                 provides guidance to cancer patients as part of a program
So far, they’ve reported that rats exposed to bisphenol          called Reach to Recovery.
A have an altered genomic signature in their mammary
glands, and that those animals are more prone to                 Another of the five groups learned how to look at individual
                                                                                                    The Lama Review - Page 49
cells suspended in a flask of growth medium. The women                          In the study, rats whose midbrains were damaged in a way
used an enzyme called trypsin to detach the cells from the                      to closely mimic Parkinson’s received transplants of healthy
sides of the flask, then incubated the mixture at a toasty                      neurons cultivated from reprogrammed stem cells. These
37 degrees Celsius. Several more steps were required to                         are basically biological “blank slates” that are believed to
separate the mixture into three sets of cells for different                     have the same capacity as embryonic stem cells to be
experiments.                                                                    turned into nerves, organs, bloods, bone, or any other cell
The remaining two groups learned to extract and analyze
the genetic instructions contained in rat RNA.                                  The brain-damaged rats had wandered in uncontrollable
                                                                                circles. After the treatment, however, eight of the nine test
Research technician Patty Russo (daughter of the lab’s                          rats “showed markedly less or even no circling,” according
director) showed her students how to cut off a piece from                       to Marius Wernig, a scientist at the Whitehead Institute for
a frozen rat liver, then she ground it into a fine powder with                  Biomedical Research and lead author of the research.
the laboratory equivalent of a mortar and pestle.
                                                                                “This is the first demonstration that reprogrammed cells
Philadelphia resident Karen Oliver, one of the breast-                          can integrate into the neural system or positively affect
cancer survivors, gave it a try. After obtaining her powder                     neurodegenerative disease,” Wernig said.
of liver cells, she used a metal tool to transfer it into a tube.
Many more steps would follow: adding various chemicals to                       The work, published yesterday in the journal Proceedings
isolate the genetic material, interspersed with several spins                   of the National Academy of Sciences, has political as well
in a centrifuge.                                                                as medical significance since it may add weight to the
                                                                                argument - made by President Bush, among other religious
“Kinda tedious,” Oliver says after taking her turn and                          conservatives - that there is no compelling reason to use
hearing that Russo typically spends hours, even days,                           human embryos to make stem cells. Reprogrammed
performing similar tasks at her laboratory bench.                               cells are created from ordinary tissue without harming
                                                                                embryos. The work at the Whitehead, a Cambridge-based
When told of the rat dissections going on down the hall,                        center loosely affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of
however, Oliver was happy to be where she was.                                  Technology, was done with rats, but the principle applies to
“Glad I’m not part of that group,” she says with a chuckle.
“This, I can do.”                                                               “This shows that [reprogrammed] cells are able to function
                                                                                in the therapeutic manner that people have ascribed to
Jose Russo popped into the various labs to watch science                        them,” said Rudolf Jaenisch, the pioneering Whitehead
being done by the visitors. He came away energized by                           and MIT stem cell scientist who oversaw the work. “These
their enthusiasm.                                                               cells are more readily available and much less controversial
                                                                                than embryonic stem cells. But they seem to have identical
“They have the experience of this disease, and they are                         potential.”
so very motivated,” Russo says. And having fought the
disease as patients, they now have an idea of how it is                         Jaenisch’s lab has already achieved success in using
fought in the lab. For good reason, he says: “When they                         reprogrammed cells to treat sickle cell anemia, a blood
ask for money, they need to know how the money really will                      disease, in lab rodents.
be spent.”
                                                                                “The basic idea is to use [reprogrammed] stem cells
                                                                                to make custom-designed healthy cells that will not be
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   rejected by a patient,” said Jaenisch. Since the new cells
---                                                                             can be reprogrammed from the patient’s own tissue, they
Contact staff writer Tom Avril at 215-854-2430 or tavril@                       are genetically identical.
                                                                                But researchers concede that the direct therapeutic use in
                                                                                humans remains problematic because the reprogrammed
‘Blank’ stem cells showing promise                                              cells are forged in a process that relies on potent regulator
Could quiet debate on embryos                                                   genes that are linked to cancer - raising the potential that
By Colin Nickerson, Globe Staff | April 8, 2008                                 they might trigger tumors in patients.

Cambridge scientists have used stem cells that were                             “In a human, we’d use the same process - taking adult
“reprogrammed” from ordinary skin cells to alleviate                            cells, reprogramming it to the [stem cell] stage, then
symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in rodents, illustrating the                    differentiating it into the cells we need,” said Jaenisch.
vast medical potential of this new type of stem cell.                           “But human work is a long way off. Science moves step by

Page 50 - The Lama Review
FS        rom the Information
                                                                  . cells for treating disease,” said George Q. Daley, a
                                                                  prominent stem cell researcher at Children’s Hospital

                                                                    The revolutionary reprogramming technique, introduced
                                                                    using human cells only last year by scientists in Japan and
                                                                    the United States, uses genetic alteration to turn back the
                                                                    clock on adult cells, making them regress to an embryonic-
                                                                  like state. Then the time machine process can be reversed,
Last year saw a series of breakthroughs in the creation
                                                                  with the cells coaxed to take on the form and function of
of embryonic-like stem cells without making or destroying
                                                                  any developed cell.
human embryos, winning applause from religious
conservatives who had opposed the use of stem cells
derived from cloned or frozen embryonic tissue.                   Colin Nickerson can be reached at nickerson@globe.com.

The research from the Whitehead offers dramatic evidence
that so-called IPS cells - for induced pluripotent stem cells -
                                                                  When Workers are Targeted
                                                                  In light of a recent firebombing of an animal researcher’s
hold medical potential equal to the fanfare that greeted their
                                                                  home, experts and consultants say HR leaders and their
appearance as an alternative to embryonic stem cells.
                                                                  organizations need to be more proactive in dealing with
                                                                  outside threats and ensure that employees, customers and
“This is a big step forward,” said Margaret Sutherland, a
                                                                  clients be informed of potential problems.
program director at the National Institute of Neurological
Disorders and Strokes. “IPS cells are still in their infancy.
                                                                  By Kristen B. Frasch
But this shows their use [in human medicine] could be near
for things like drug screening” or in diagnosing patients.
                                                                  A recent firebombing at the home of a UCLA faculty
                                                                  member by animal-rights activists has once again sounded
The day is fast nearing when skin cells, for example, could
                                                                  the security alarm among academic, corporate and
be taken from a patient and quickly transformed into stem
                                                                  research organizations intent on protecting researchers and
cells that can be used to test the efficiency of a specific
                                                                  other employees.
medicine against a given disease - an individual’s own flesh
and blood, in the form of tissue made from reprogrammed
                                                                  The Feb. 5 incident -- in which an incendiary device
cells, could be used to see if it is responsive to particular
                                                                  charred the front door of Edythe London, a UCLA professor
medicine or other therapy.
                                                                  of psychiatry and molecular and medical pharmacology --
                                                                  was the second time in four months that London has been
Parkinson’s disease is a degenrative disorder caused by
                                                                  targeted for her use of monkeys in the study of nicotine
insufficient levels of a key brain signaling chemical, called
                                                                  addiction. Members of the Animal Liberation Front claimed
dopamine. As many as 1 million Americans suffer from the
                                                                  responsibility for the attack.
disease, which results in loss of motor control.
                                                                  In the first incident, in October, the group claimed
The research at Whitehead was similar to work done earlier
                                                                  responsibility for flooding London’s Los Angeles home
in the decade by Harvard Medical School and McLean
                                                                  using a garden hose, causing $30,000 worth of damage.
Hospital in Belmont that used “pure” embryonic stem cells
                                                                  Both incidents are currently being investigated by the
to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in rats. The
                                                                  university and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as are
efficacy of true embryonic stem cells has been recognized
                                                                  earlier acts of intimidation at UCLA by extremists.
for years, but reprogrammed cells are still uncharted
                                                                  “For several years, members of the UCLA faculty
                                                                  and administration have been subjected to violence,
The Whitehead researchers started with adult mouse skin
                                                                  harassment and other forms of intimidation [including]
cells, which were treated with four genes to regress into
                                                                  threatening phone calls, e-mails and property trespass and
an embryonic stem cell-like state. In lab dishes, these
                                                                  damage,” said the university’s chancellor, Gene Block, in a
cells were then coaxed into becoming brain tissue. This
                                                                  recent statement.
is the neural matter that was implanted into the brains of
Parkinson’s-afflicted rats - raw material from mice works
                                                                  Experts and consultants working closely with HR and
fine in rats, at least in this experiment.
                                                                  security officials say this latest incident underscores the
                                                                  need for employers to be more proactive in monitoring
Within eight weeks of the transplant, the neurons
                                                                  outside threats and ensuring that all employees, customers
generating dopamine were established in the rats’ brains,
                                                                  and clients -- even those indirectly associated with animal
alleviating symptoms of the disease.
                                                                  research or other controversial activities -- are informed of
                                                                  potential problems.
“This is a proof-of-principle for using reprogrammed . .
                                                                                                  The Lama Review - Page 51
These incidents have grown due to Web technology, are
intensifying in degree of violence and are continuing, says
Bruce T. Blythe, CEO of Atlanta-based Crisis Management
                                                                  FS        rom the Information

While there are federal and state laws that deal with
terroristic tactics, there is still a great deal employers
and organizations can and should be doing to secure               “These people go after these jobs,” she says.
their businesses and protect their workers. HR should
more aggressively use background screening, pay more              “We’ve found at some [infiltrated] institutions, if HR had just
attention to suspicious behavior by “moles” and be more           tracked the applicants’ information down, if they had just
communicative with employees.                                     done normal screenings,” activist connections would have
                                                                  been discovered.
“If your company in any way deals with research animals
and/or deals with any company that deals with research            Another proactive move HR could make is to inform
animals, you’re a potential target and all your employees         employees about controversial projects their company is
are potential targets,” says Dr. John S. Ellis, executive         involved with, although the tendency is often is to keep
director of the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical               such projects quiet.
Research, based in Camp Hill, Pa.
                                                                  “We always think it’s a good idea to keep everyone in
Several years ago, he says, protesters went so far as             the know,” so individuals who are only slightly associated
to show up at the home of a University of Pennsylvania            with the project are aware of the need for caution, she
bookkeeper who only provided informational services to a          says. Communication is also important “because it’s good
team of animal researchers at the school.                         business practice to have your workforce informed about
                                                                  your product and feeling good about your work.”
HR executives, particularly those at larger pharmaceutical
and biomedical companies where animal research is                 Blythe says organizations should go on the offense -- as
performed, should be aware of the sophistication of animal        well as the defense.
activists, especially at securing Web-accessible information
on research projects and individuals or organizations             In the UCLA case, the university has filed a request for
associated with those projects, says Mary Hanley,                 a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction
executive vice president of the National Association for          prohibiting three named groups and five individuals from
Biomedical Research in Washington.                                harassing -- or facilitating the harassment of -- employees.

Many activists even become “moles” for their groups, she          “Enough is enough,” Block said in announcing the
says, applying for jobs on the very projects they aim to          court action. “We’re not willing to wait until somebody is
destroy. Some hide cameras on their bodies to capture             injured before taking legal action to protect our faculty
evidence and feed security information to their groups.           and administrators from terrorist tactics, violence and
“These absolutely are terrorist cells,” says Hanley, whose
group works with businesses and institutions to help protect      Blythe offers some other avenues, including encouraging
scientific research.                                              companies that suspect infiltration to hire and train people
                                                                  who can join the suspected extremist group and filter
Many HR professionals “are not well educated in these             information back.
issues,” Hanley says. And security personnel are often
frustrated, she says, at the availability of information          “Call it espionage and counter-espionage if you want,” he
on projects and employees, and the lack of adequate               says.
background screening.
                                                                  Also at HR’s disposal is a relatively new linguistics-
“HR and security people should really get together on all         deciphering tool called scientific content analysis, or SCAN,
this and start dialoguing in meaningful ways,” Hanley says.       which serves as a viable lie-detector test based on patterns
“We always tell them they need a team -- HR, IT, security         of speech and word choice. Training in this technique,
-- to [establish the proper policies and protocol and to] fight   Blythe says, is intensive, but can provide employers with
against hackers into their systems.”                              potentially life-saving information.

Human resource practitioners also need to be much more            Blythe also stresses the need to properly inform -- and
attuned to the potential for physical infiltration, according     even market -- the company’s notification system to
to Hanley. One suspicious signal is the eagerness of job          employees, and ensure their confidentiality.
applicants to work at night.
Page 52 - The Lama Review
“More times than not,” says Blythe, “employees hear things    violence and property damage by animal-rights extremists
before anyone else does.”                                     to criminal status.

Yet another option for companies is to donate to local        There are also federal laws that very thoroughly dictate
animal shelters or Humane Society branches, making it         and govern proper and humane procedures for animal
clear to suspected extremist groups that the contributions    experimentation, but, Ellis says, “many of these [extremists]
will end -- and the group will be publicly blamed -- if       aren’t interested in ensuring that research animals are well-
violence occurs or threats continue.                          cared for, according to [these] stringent federal guidelines.
                                                              They just don’t want the animals in there at all.”
“Trust me,” says Blythe, “there are ways of fighting back.”
                                                              February 20, 2008
The federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, passed in
2006, and some similar state laws, have elevated acts of      Copyright 2008© LRP Publications

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  The Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Laboratory Animal Care Facility is
  recruiting a Supervisor of Animal Husbandry. The position is responsible for the overall supervision of
  an animal care staff of 7 full-time animal care technicians and 7 part-time animal caretakers. The duties
  include developing work schedules, weekly work plans, daily work assignments, husbandry resource
  procurement, and supervising the Unit’s OSHA compliance for a diverse population that includes both small
  and large animals. In addition, the position is responsible for assisting in the development of Animal Care
  and Use Protocols (ACUPS), Unit Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), and supervising the training
  associated with the above. The position works closely with research and teaching faculty, maintenance
  personnel, and members of the Laboratory Animal Program to ensure the health and welfare of the animals
  housed in the facility.

  REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and 3 years experience working with laboratory
  animals in a USDA regulated animal facility. Consideration will be given to an equivalent combination of
  related education and required work experience. One year of supervisory experience is also required.
  LATG certification is desirable. Qualified applicants lacking LATG certification will be expected to obtain
  certification within 3 years of employment.

  For additional information please call or contact Fred Douglas, BS, RLATG at (765) 494-7591 or fad@

  Interested applicants should apply for the open position at: http://www.purdue.edu/jobs, by referencing
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  Purdue University is an equal access/equal opportunity/affirmative action employer

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