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					                                                  Timpanogos Academy Newsletter
                                                 Monday, May 18th – Friday, May 22nd, 2009
                                                          Mrs. Shaw’s 6           Grade
                                                kshaw@timpacademy.org, 785-4979 (ex 21)

                                        Note - Calendar is subject to change at teacher’s discretion
             Homework Assignments                                                            Announcements
MONDAY: Spelling: Lists Z5A/WW 20, WW 20 Sec. A,B,D,E
                                                         Monday, May 18 – FULL DRESS
due Friday; Writing: Creative Paragraph; History: Sec. 5
(Reform for African Americans); Reading: Johnny Tremain  Monday, May 25 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day
Final Test, read 30 mins.; Math: Problem Set
                                                         Wednesday, May 27 – Middle School Dance from 1pm – 3pm in MS gym
TUESDAY: Spelling: List Z5B; Writing: Creative Paragraph;
                                                             Thursday, May 28 – Middle School Field Day, 12:30 to 3pm; MS field
History: Section 6 (Women’s Voting Rights); Reading: read 30
minutes; Math: PS                                            Friday, May 29 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (End of Term 4); Awards during
                                                             Commons at 7:45am; 6th Grade Talent Showcase from 10:30-noon in the MS gym
WEDNESDAY: Spelling: Study words, WW 20 Review Sheet; (6 grade only)
History: Section 7 (Eugene Debs & Socialism); Grammar:
Lesson 2 (Commas in Sentences); Reading: read 30 mins.;
Math: PS                                                     Parents & Students,
                                                              The end of school is just around the corner! Stick in there for a few
THURSDAY: Spelling: Study words; History: Chapter Review; more days! Since this is my last newsletter for this school year, I just
Grammar: Lesson 5 (Semicolons & Colons); Reading: read 30 wanted to take the opportunity to wish all of you a great summer. We’ve
minutes; Math: PS                                         worked hard this year, and all of the students have made good progress.
                                                              Please remember to KEEP READING THIS SUMMER.
FRIDAY: Spelling: Z5Test/WW20 Test; WW 20 Vocabulary
Test; Grammar: Lesson 7 (Apostrophes); History: Vocabulary
Test; Writing: Business Letter; Reading: read 30 minutes;
Math: PS

                      Specialties                                                               Academics
Spanish: Students are required to speak or read Spanish at
                                                              LANGUAGE ARTS:
least 25 minutes each week outside of Spanish class.
                                                              Spelling: Lists Z5/WW20; Weekly Spelling Tests and WW20 Vocabulary Test on
Students are required to record their time in their Spanish
speaking logs. A parent/guardian signature is necessary to
verify completion. These speaking logs are due on Mondays.
                                                              Reading: Johnny Tremain Final Test; 30 minutes reading daily
Students should also review their daily notes for quizzes.

                                                              Grammar: Chapter 9: Punctuation; Lesson 2 (Commas in Sentences); Lesson 5
Music: See Mr. Swenson’s web page
                                                              (Semicolons & Colons); Lesson 7 (Apostrophes)
Science: See Mrs. Remy’s web page
Art: See Mr. Milko’s web page
                                                              Writing: Creative Paragraphs; Business Letter

Computers: Computerized Testing will be conducted for the     HISTORY: Reform in Industrial America – Section 5 (Reform for African
remainder of this school year, in place of Computer Lab       Americans); Section 6 (Women’s Voting Rights); Section 7 (Eugene Debs &
                                                              Socialism); Chapter Review; Vocabulary Test
Library: No more library this school year!
P.E.: Outdoor Games                                           MATH: Course 3/PS 116 – Division by Zero; PS 117 – Significant Digits; PS 118 –
                                                              Sine, Cosine, Tangent; PS 119 – Complex Fractions; PS 120 – Rationalizing a
Student Signature: ___________________________                Denominator

Parent Signature: ____________________________

THIS COUNTS TOWARD STUDENT CITIZENSHIP!                                           ~ Spelling Lists on Back ~
List Z-5
   1. specifically
   2. specific
   3. specified
   4. specify
   5. sufficiently
   6. syllables
   7. syllable
   8. technology
   9. techniques
   13.tranquillity (or tranquility)

Wordly Wise 20
  1. bluster
  2. council
  3. dwell
  4. exterminate
  5. fee
  6. garment
  7. infest
  8. insist
  9. paltry