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NAA Letter by ryandenney


									                                                                                                                        Procedure No. DEE EHU-24-3-1
                                                                                                                        Authorised By: Manager EHU

 Title: Approved Contractor List
 Issue Date: April 2009                  Review Date: April 2011                                                        Page Number: 1 of 1

School / Workplace Name: ___________________________________________

                                                                          Contractor’s         Contractor’s       Induction Details
                                                      Licence or         Public Liability    Workers Comp.                                 Workplace Manager /
      CONTRACTOR DETAILS                                                                                          Date of    Safe Work
                                    Type of Goods Certificate Number        Insurance           Insurance                                   Management OHS
(Company Name and address, Employee                                                                              Induction    Procedure
                                      or Service   (where required       Amount, Policy       Policy Number                                     Nominee
     Name and Phone Number)                                                                                                   provided /
                                                   e.g. Electrician)         Number           & Expiry Date                                     Sign Off
                                                                          & Expiry Date     (where applicable)               sighted and

The Workplace Manager and/or Management OHS Nominee is to maintain completed records.

                                                    THIS DOCUMENT IS UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED

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