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									Planning and Development Services
Richard Alderton- Head of Planning & Development
Ask For:     Richard Alderton
Direct Line: (01233) 330239
Fax No:      (01233) 330682

                                                                        Civic Centre
                                                                       Tannery Lane
                                                                      Kent TN23 1PL
                                                                      (01233) 331111
                                                                  Typetalk (01233) 330744
                                                                 DX 151140 Ashford (Kent) 7



Thanks for showing an interest in this job. I think when you delve into the applicants pack
and see the full scope of this job you will be even more interested.

The job provides a very rare opportunity to see through from start to finish a major project
that will change the face of this town. This is real town planning in every sense and with this
experience in your pocket you will have a very strong addition to your career history. You
will need good skills, a bright intellect and, perhaps above all, a really strong set of inter-
personal skills.

We pride ourselves on being a good place to work – staff surveys show this is true and we
have a happy and stable team. We work hard and we have fun. We set high standards and
are motivated by creating not just growth (as a nationally designated growth point) but a
really strong legacy of making better places that people will look back on with pride. We are
one of only 4 planning units in the country to receive Beacon Council Status for our work on
involving communities in sustainable planning. We are passionate about design and
working very closely with local communities and our other partners to make the complicated
business of place making as easy as effective as we can.

Ashford is a market town surrounded by lovely countryside, close to the sea and with
excellent links to the continent. House prices are relatively low by south east standards. Do
come and see for yourself – we look forward to your application.

Best wishes

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