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					                                REYNOLDSBURG CITY SCHOOLS


The Special Needs Preschool classrooms are located at Graham Road Elementary and serve
children ages three through five who live in the Reynoldsburg City School district. Our Special
Needs Preschool program includes typical children who are developing skills at, or above, age level.
(Peer models are not children who are “at risk” for delays, or who need a little help to catch up on
skills.) Our preschoolers with special needs require interaction with typically developing children
who have strong social and communication skills. Typical children selected for our program must
also demonstrate consistent self-management skills and must be toilet trained.

If you would like your child to be considered for placement in our program as a typical peer, an
application must be completed. When the application is returned, your child’s name will be
placed on a waiting list. Generally, we screen children in the spring to fill expected openings for
the following school year. Although we typically screen more children than we need for expected
openings, time does not permit us to screen everyone on the waiting list.

The screening takes about one hour and is held in the preschool classroom. During the screening
appointment, parents will complete information forms while the children are involved in activities
with preschool staff. (Six to eight children will be screened at one time.)

Completion of the application and compliance with the screening process does not guarantee that
your child will be enrolled in the Special Needs Preschool program as a typical peer. In filling each
space, consideration will be given to the age of the child and how his/her strengths will enhance
the social environment and current needs of the classrooms. Staff will also consider these factors
when determining morning or afternoon attendance for typical children in the program.

Preschool classes meet two and one-half hours per day, Tuesday through Friday. Parents of typical
children are required to provide transportation. A supply fee of $60.00 per month will be charged
for each typical child and is due on the first Tuesday of each month. Assistance with supply fee
and transportation is available for families who are income eligible. The preschool program is for
children who reside in the Reynoldsburg School District.

Questions may be directed to Ann Ivinskas, Preschool Coordinator, at (614) 367-1980 (Graham
Road Elementary School office) or at (614) 367-1976 (voice mail).

*Revised 2-2008
                               REYNOLDSBURG CITY SCHOOL

                         Application for Typically Developing Peer Models

Name of Child: _____________________________ Sex: M F Birthdate: ____________

Home Address: _________________________________ Home Phone: ________________

Parent(s) Name(s): ___________________________________________________________

Who has custody of child? ____________________ Child lives with ____________________

Ages of Brothers: ______________________           Ages of Sisters: ______________________

Has the child had any preschool experience? Yes No If so, please specify where and when:


Describe your child’s strengths and needs: _________________________________________



I have reviewed and agree with the attached policy statement that describes participation as a
Peer Model in Reynoldsburg City Schools Early Childhood Education Program.

_________________________________________                            _____________________
Signature of Parent or Guardian                                      Date

Return application to:      Ann Ivinskas
                            Preschool Coordinator
                            Graham Road Elementary School
                            1555 Graham Road
                            Reynoldsburg, OH 43068