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									                                                       12:15 – 12:25 Smart Tags
                                                       12:25 – 12:40 GP10 Feature Pack
                                                       12:40 – 12:55 Workflow
Lunch & Learn June 2008                                12:55 – 1:05 Reconcile to GL
                                                       1:05 – 1:15 Questions & Answers
Kevin Evans, Director
Tim Chase, Senior Consultant
Chris Isbell, Consultant
Susan Basye, Senior Consultant

Martin & Associates

                                                       There are seven Microsoft Dynamics GP smart
                                                       tags. The following table lists the smart tag
                                                       and the types of data recognized in Microsoft
Smart Tags                                             Dynamics GP applications.
                                                     Smart Tag                         g
                                                                           What is recognized
                                                     Account               Account numbers and account
                                                     Checkbook             Checkbook descriptions
                                                     Customer              Customer Names
                                                     Employee              Employee names
                                                     Item (Inventory)      Item numbers and
   Susan Basye                                                             descriptions
                                                     Salesperson           Salesperson names
                                                     Vendor                Vendor Names      Letter Writing Assistant within
                                                       Microsoft Dynamics GP
You will need your Microsoft Customersource login.     Reports – Letter Writing Assistant
If you do not have one please contact your account
manager for details.
You can use and existing Microsoft template or   Choose the type of letter you wish to send.
create a custom one using Microsoft Word.

Choose the type of letter you wish to send.      Choose the vendors you would like to send
                                                 letters to

Modify the vendor list

                                                 Chris Isbell
Service Pack 2                                Included with GP 10
Office Excel Report Builder (requires         Creates Office Data Connections (ODC)
Smartlist Builder)
Historical Inventory Trial Balance report     Always view current GP data
Support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL                                , p
                                              For use with Excel 2007, or previous versions
Server 2008                                   with Office Compatibility Pack
More robust integration to PerformancePoint   Can use predefined spreadsheets, or create
Server                                        new ones using ODCs
Rapid Tools (Installation, Quickbooks
Migration, Configuration

Included with GP 10                           GP 10 Lists
Leverage SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services   Select one or more records and perform
Drilldown                                     actions on them
       p                                      Customizable per user
Graphs and charts                             Custom lists are sharable
75 Pre-loaded reports
Easily create your own reports

Access GP information through web interface
Participate in business processes
Role-based desktop
        q y p
Ad-hoc query capabilities
Integrated web-based applications
Requires Sharepoint server                    Action Panes
                                              Excel Reports
                                              Business Portal
                                                                        Session objectives
                                                                          Learn more about how Dynamics GP leverages the workflow
                                                                          provided in Microsoft Office SharePoint Services, including
                                                                          submitting documents, acting on tasks, receiving notifications, and

Workflow                                                                  configuring a workflow

Kevin Evans

                                                                        Six out of the box workflows
  The routing of a document or batch to one or more individuals for
  approval                                                              Submit documents for approval
Approval Path                                                           View tasks and notifications in Microsoft Dynamics
  The predefined sequence of users in which the document will be        GP, Outlook, and SharePoint
  routed to for approval. Each increment in the path is called a step   Take actions on approval tasks from Microsoft
Originator                                                                          GP, Outlook,
                                                                        Dynamics GP Outlook and SharePoint
  The user who submits the document or batch into workflow                Approve, Reject, Delegate or Request Change
Approver                                                                View workflow history for document
  The user who approves a document or batch                             Get workflow related desktop alerts in Microsoft
Task                                                                    Dynamics GP
  An alert informing the user of an action that must be performed       Use multi-select list to take actions on
Notification                                                            multiple documents
  An alert informing a user of an event in the workflow                   Example – select multiple purchase orders
                                                                          pending approvers and approve all at once

                                                                        GL Reconcile
                                                                        Tim Chase
We are going to briefly discuss why the                                   The Historical Aged Trial Balance report is printed with
accounts payable account balance or the
accounts receivables account balance in                                    Print the Historical Aged Trial Balance report again with only
                                                                          a date restriction.
General Ledger could be different than the total                          When you print the Historical Aged Trial Balance report, you
amount due on the Historical Aged Trial                                   did not click to select the following check boxes in the
Balance report in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and                              Exclude area:
what we can do to find the cause.                                            Unposted Applied Credit Documents
                                                                             Zero Balance
                                                                             Credit Balance
                                                                             No Activity
                                                                          Click to select these check boxes, and then print the
                                                                          Historical Aged Trial Balance report.

Not all accounts payable accounts or all accounts receivable              The date range on the Detailed Trial Balance report in General Ledger
accounts are viewed in General Ledger. Make sure that you                 does not match the date range on the Historical Aged Trial Balance
                                                                          report in Payables Management or in Receivables Management. When
view all accounts payable accounts or all accounts                        you print the Historical Aged Trial Balance report, click to select the GL
receivables accounts in General Ledger.                                   Posting Date check box in the Select Transactions For Report Using
Batches in Payables Management or in Receivables
Management were posted to General Ledger. The batch in                    Transactions were posted in Payables Management or in Receivables
General Ledger was changed or edited before it was posted.                Management. However, these transactions were not posted to General
                                                                          Ledger if they were for beginning balances. If the Post To General
                                                                          Ledger check box is not selected in the Posting Setup window for the
                                                                          Purchasing series or for the Sales series, the transactions will be
Adjustments to the accounts payable account or to the                     posted to Payables Management or to Receivables Management.
accounts receivable account may have been entered directly                However, these transactions will not be posted to General Ledger.
in General Ledger. These transactions update the account in
General Ledger. However, these transactions do not update
the Historical Aged Trial Balance report.

The Track Discounts Available in GL check box is selected in the          If you want to balance the accounts payable account balance or the accounts
Payables Management Setup window or in the Receivables                    receivables account balance in General Ledger to the Historical Aged Trial Balance
                                                                          report for a certain period, the balances from the Historical Aged Trial Balance report
Management Setup window. Then, the net amount of the invoice will         must be reconciled to the net change on the Detailed Trial Balance in General Ledger
be posted to General Ledger. Additionally, the remaining amount is        for the same period.
posted to a discounts available account. Only the net amount will
appear on the Detailed Trial Balance report in General Ledger.            If you want to balance the accounts payable account balance or the accounts
However, the invoice displays the gross invoice total on the Historical   receivables account balance in General Ledger to the Historical Aged Trial Balance
Aged Trial Balance in Payables Management or in Receivables                     tf     d th t i      ti
                                                                          report for a day that is not in a certain period, d t
                                                                                                               t i               i    h th Payables
                                                                                                                       i d determine whether P   bl
Management.                                                               Management or Receivables Management has ever been balanced. If Payables
                                                                          Management or Receivables Management has never been balanced, the beginning
                                                                          balances may be incorrect. In this situation, balance the most current period first, and
• Documents were voided in a different period than they were originally   then reconcile the previous months in reverse order.
posted. The Detailed Trial Balance report in General Ledger may not
match the Historical Aged Trial Balance report. For example, assume       If posting interruptions have occurred, batches may not have been posted correctly to
an invoice was entered on 1/1/2007. This invoice was voided on            General Ledger, to Payables Management, or to Receivables Management.
2/1/2007. A General Ledger Detailed Trial Balance report is printed for
2/1/2007 - 2/28/2007. The voided transaction will appear on the report.   Not all General Ledger batches were posted.
If a Historical Aged Trial Balance is printed by using the same date
range, the voided document will not print on the report because it has
been voided.
During normal business operations, thousands of                          Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 provides the "Reconcile to GL" procedure
transactions can be processed. When working with this                    which generates a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet.
volume of transactions, standard processes might be
inadvertently changed or unintended entries made and
posted. As a result, the payables or receivables balances on             You can use this spreadsheet to match transactions in Payables
a General Ledger trial balance report might not match the                Management and in Receivables Management that were posted to
corresponding balance on trial balance reports printed in                General Ledger.
Payables Management or Receivables Management. Some
                      i ht include the following.
specific examples might i l d th f ll i
     ifi       l
                                                                         This process does not generate correcting transactions. However, this
A transaction is posted to—but not through—General Ledger                process can help you determine the transaction differences that are
and is deleted, or the distributions are changed before it’s             listed in this section.
posted in General Ledger.
                                                                         To open the "Reconcile to GL" window, point to Tools on the Microsoft
Use the Reconcile to GL window to generate a Microsoft                   Dynamics GP menu, point to Routines, point to Financial, and then
Excel spreadsheet that can help you match transactions in                click Reconcile to GL.
General Ledger with the originating transactions in Payables
Management and Receivables Management. This
spreadsheet can provide information that helps you enter
adjusting transactions that reconcile any discrepancies.

Transactions are displayed on the spreadsheet using the functional       Category
currency. To be included in the spreadsheet, transactions must be           Sorting criteria
posted and exist in either an Open or History table. Transactions also
must include distributions to either the Accounts Payable account or     Matched
Accounts Receivable account, or the Discount Available account in           Transactions from Receivables Management or Payables Management are “matched” using the
                                                                            transaction source code, document number, transaction date, and transaction amount.
Payables Management or Receivables Management.
                                                                         Potentially matched
The reconcile routine can help you analyze transactions in General          Transactions are identified as “potentially matching” if some, but not all the information matches. For
                                                                            example, if the source document code for the transaction in Receivables Management or Payables
Ledger, but it doesn’t change data automatically, even if unmatched         Management matches the code in General Ledger, but the transaction dates or amounts don’t match,
transactions are identified. Adjustments are not automatically created      the transactions are considered a potential match. Similarly, the transaction dates and amounts might
                                                                            match, but the source document codes can be different. In this case, the transactions are listed in the
or posted, nor are transactions marked or identified as being               spreadsheet as potentially matched.
reconciled within General Ledger, Receivables Management, or
Payables Management. For information about entering reversing or
correcting transactions in General Ledger, refer to Correcting              If a transaction exists in General Ledger, but not Receivables Management or Payables
transactions.                                                               Management—or vice versa—the transaction is considered “unmatched.” For example, a transaction
                                                                            might have been posted in Receivables Management, but not have been posted in General Ledger.
                                                                            Transactions in Work tables aren’t included in the reconcile process.

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