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									                                                                                                         OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

Level                        Level                          Level                                                                                      No level 2 GAM - see level 1 GAM     No
  0   DoDAAC Name              1   DoDAAC Name                2        DoDAAC     Name        Level 3      DoDAAC       Name                                level 1 GAM - see level 0 GAM

   0 HQ0001   Office of the Secretary of Defense                       Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch

                                  1 HQ0150    Director Administration and Management
                                                                2      HQ0097 Director of Administration                No GAM
                                                                2      HQ0193 OSD Historian

                                  1 H91269    Joint Chiefs of Staff    Robert Graves, Sean Lingo, Sean Soni
                                                                 2     HQ0099 National Defense University               No GAM
                                                                 2     HQ0100 National Defense University               Reynold Wright

                                  1 H98253    ATSD Intelligence Oversight         No GAM

                                  1 H98255    Director Intelligence Requirement               No GAM

                                  1 HQ0158    OSD Networks & Information Integration (NI/I)             No GAM

                                                                  2    HQ0002                                                      Duane
                                                                                  OSDCIO Network Directorate Contract Management Division Parsons

                                  1 HQ0149    DoD General Counsel                 Charlotte Gooch

                                                                  2    HQ0009     Defense Legal Services Agency         No GAM

                                  1 HQ0208    OUSD Intelligence                   Deborah Fersch
                                                                  2    H9CI01     DOD Counterintelligence Field Activity                 No GAM
                                                                  2    HHA672     Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)                      No GAM
                                                                  2    HHP440     DIA Warehouse, Landover MD                             No GAM
                                                                  2    HM1571     National Geospatial Intelligence Agency                No GAM
                                                                  2    HS0001     Defense Security Service Washington DC                 Rod Moulds, Billy Antley
                                                                  2    HS0002     Defense Security Service Baltimore                     Rod Moulds, Billy Antley
                                                                  2    HS0021     Defense Security Service Contracting & Acquisition     No GAM

                                  1 HQ0059    Director Program Analysis & Evaluation (PA&E)             No GAM

                                  1 HF1026    DoD Inspector General Arlington                 Karen Freeman

                                                                  2    HF1002     DCIS Mid Atlantic Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1003     DCIS Northeast Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1004     Defense Criminal Investigative Svc
                                                                  2    HF1006     DCIS Nashville Pod
                                                                  2    HF1007     DCIS Richmond Pod
                                                                  2    HF1008     DCIS Central Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1009     DCIS Chicago Pod
                                                                  2    HF1010     Columbus Resident Agency
                                  OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

2   HF1011   DCIS Sacramento Pod
2   HF1012   DCIS Western Field Office
2   HF1013   DCIS New York Ra
2   HF1014   DCIS Boston Ra
2   HF1015   DCIS Cleveland Post Of Duty
2   HF1016   DCIS Southeast Field Office
2   HF1017   DCIS Southwest Field Office
2   HF1018   DCIS Orlando Ra
2   HF1020   DCIS Long Beach Resident Agency
2   HF1021   DCIS San Francisco Ra
2   HF1022   DCIS Salt Lake Post Of Duty
2   HF1023   DCIS Hartford Ra
2   HF1025   DCIS Norfolk Ra
2   HF1028   DCIS Seattle Ra
2   HF1029   DCIS Kansas City Ra
2   HF1030   DCIS European Pod
2   HF1036   DCIS Denver Ra
2   HF1039   DCIS New Jersey Ra
2   HF1040   Defense Criminal Investigative Svc
2   HF1041   DCIS Hawaii Pod
2   HF1044   DCIS Pittsburgh Pod
2   HF1045   DCIS Syracuse Ra
2   HF1047   DCIS Baltimore Ra
2   HF1048   DCIS Phoenix Resident Agency
2   HF1049   DCIS Pensacola Pod
2   HF1050   IG DOD
2   HF1051   DCIS Raleigh Resident Agency
2   HF1053   DCIS Minneapolis Post Of Duty
2   HF1054   DCIS Houston Ra
2   HF1055   DCIS San Antonio Pod
2   HF1056   DCIS Indianapolis Resident Agency
2   HF1057   DCIS New Orleans Ra
2   HF1058   DCIS Wichita Post Of Duty
2   HF1060   DCIS Albuquerque Pod
2   HF1061   DCIS Woodland Hills Resident Agency
2   HF1062   DCIS Tulsa Resident Agency
2   HF1063   DOD IG Springfield
2   HF1064   Defense Criminal Investigative Serv
2   HF1066   DCIS Sioux Falls Pod
2   HF1067   DCIS Jacksonville Post Of Duty
2   HF1071   DCIS Tampa Post Of Duty
2   HF1072   Las Vegas Post Of Duty
2   HF1073   Cpa-Ig
2   HF1D01   Dodoaig For Audit
2   HF1N01   Financial Accounting Divisi0N
                                                                    OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

                                 2   HFCB01   Contract Payments Division
                                 2   HFCL01   Navy Financial Statements Division
                                 2   HFCM01   Contract Management Audit
                                 2   HFDE01   Financial Services Division
                                 2   HFNF01   DODIG-Aig Aud-Rls Norfolk
                                 2   HFPH01   DODIG-Aig Aud-Rls Philadelphia

1 HQ0134   Director of Test & Evaluation (DOT&E)     Richard Wolfe, Anthony Garcia, Robert Dorosz, Charlotte Gooch
                              2      HQ0042 DOT&E Contracts       Kathleen Tovsen, Shelby Harris

1 HQ0044   OASD Health Affairs HB and P                  No GAM

1 HQ0153   Legislative Affairs                           No GAM

1 HQ0154   OASD Public Affairs                          Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch
                            2        HQ0516   Defense Media Activity                              Fernando Olvera, Mary Thomas, Brenda Royster
                                                              3      H91261      Defense Information School Ft Meade MD
                                                              3      HQ0011      Defense Information Services Activity
                                                              3      HQ0012      Armed Forces Information Services (AFIS)
                                                              3      HQ0028      Defense Media Center           Fernando Olvera, Jody Bailey
                                                              3      HQ0029      Defence Visual Information Centermedia Ctr              Jody Bailey
                                                              3      HQ0030      Defense Media Center AFN Broadcast
                                                              3      HQ0031      Joint Visual Info Svcs Distr Acty
                                                              3      HQ0033      Joint Combat Camera Center
                                                              3      HQ0036      Defense Information School Ft Benjamin IN
                                                              3      HQ0209      European Stars and Stripes
                                                              3      HQ0210      Stars and Stripes - Pacific Unit 5058
                                                              3      HQ0212      Stars and Stripes - Yokosuka District Office
                                                              3      HQ0213      Stars and Stripes - Misawa District Office
                                                              3      HQ0214      Stars and Stripes - Iwakuni District Office
                                                              3      HQ0215      Stars and Stripes - Sasebo District Office
                                                              3      HQ0216      Stars and Stripes - Okinawa Area Office
                                                              3      HQ0217      Stars and Stripes - Guam Area Office
                                                              3      HQ0221      Stars and Stripes - Korea Office
                                                              3      HQ0499      AFN Afghanistan
                                                              3      HQ0500      AFN Iraq
                                                              3      HQ0501      DMA San Antonio Lgs
                                                              3      HQ0502      DMA San Antonio IPMS Manager
                                                              3      HQ0503      DMA San Antonio Supp Ship
                                                              3      HQ0504      DMA Ramstein
                                                              3      HQ0505      DMA Incirlik
                                                              3      HQ0506      DMA Lajes
                                                              3      HQ0507      DMA Hikham
                                                              3      HQ0508      DMA Yokota
                                                              3      HQ0509      DMA Iwakuni
                                                                     OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

                                                                 3     HQ0510       DMA Misawa
                                                                 3     HQ0511       DMA Feltwell
                                                                 3     HQ0512       DMA Aviano
                                                                 3     HQ0513       DMA Sasebo
                                                                 3     HQ0514       DMA Okinawa
                                                                 3     HQ0515       Defense Information School (DINFOS)
                                                                 3     HQ0517       HQ Stars and Stripes Washington
                                                                 3     HQ0518       DMA Yokosuka
                                                                 3     HQ0519       DMA Guantanamo
                                                                 3     HQ0520       DMA Keflavik
                                                                 3     HQ0521       DMA Naples
                                                                 3     HQ0522       DMA Rota
                                                                 3     HQ0523       DMA Sigonella
                                                                 3     HQ0524       DMA Pearl Harbor
                                                                 3     HQ0525       DMA McMurdo
                                                                 3     HQ0526       DMA Bahrain
                                                                 3     HQ0527       DMA Anacostia
                                                                 3     HQ0528       DMA Vincenza
                                                                 3     HQ0529       DMA Crystal City
                                                                 3     HQ0530       DMA Vilseck
                                                                 3     HQ0531       DMA Mannheim (Hammond Bks)
                                                                 3     HQ0532       DMA Kaiserslautern
                                                                 3     HQ0533       DMA Shape
                                                                 3     HQ0534       DMA Wuerzburg
                                                                 3     HQ0535       DMA Honduras
                                                                 3     HQ0536       DMA Europe
                                                                 3     HQ0537       DMA Seoul
                                                                 3     HQ0547       FSD San Diego
                                                                 3     HQ0548       FSD Norfolk
                                                                 3     HQ0549       AFN Diego Garcia
                                                                 3     HQ0550       AFN Souda Bay
                                                                 3     HQ0551       AFN Hessen

1 HQ0067   Office of Net Assessment            Charlotte Gooch

1 HQ0152   OUSD Policy                         Charlotte Gooch
                            2         HQ0010   Defense Technology Security Adminstration                                    No GAM
                            2         HQ0013   Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Arlington VA           Toye Latimore, Diane Dortch, Kavitha Mangalampalli
                            2         HQ0048   Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office (DPMO)                      No GAM
                            2         HQ0236   DSCA George C Marshall Center Germany                                        No GAM
                            2         HQ0285   OASD Homeland Defense & Americas' Security Affairs (HD&ASA)                  No GAM
                            2         HQ0494   International Security Affairs
                            2         HQ0495   Special Ops/Low Intensity Control & Interdependent Capabilities
                            2         HQ0496   Asian & Pacific Security Affairs
                            2         HQ0497   Global Security Affairs
                                                                     OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

1 HQ0157   OUSD Acquisition Technology & Logistics (AT&L)           Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch
                            2    HJ4701     Defense Technical Information Center                                            No GAM
                            2    HQ0005 Office of Economic Adjustment                                                       No GAM
                            2    HQ0045 Defense Acquisition University Ft Belvoir VA                                        No GAM
                            2    HQ0102 Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy (DPAP)                                     Lisa Romney
                            2    HQ0110 Test Resource Management Center                                                     No GAM
                            2    HQ0111 DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office                         No GAM
                            2    HQ0117 Business Transformation Agency (BTA)                                   Brian Albanese, Billie Robertson
                                                             3      HQ0237       SPS Program Management Office              Ray Moran, Billie Robertson
                                                             3      HQ0543       Defense Agencies Initiative-Crystal Plaza 5
                                                             3      HQ0544       Defense Agencies Initiative-New Orleans
                                                             3      HQ0545       Defense Agencies Initiative-Crystal Mall 3-2
                                                             3      HQ0600       Defense Agencies Initiative-Indianapolis
                                                             3      W91V38       SPS Program Management Office (phase out)                Bille Robertson, Ray Moran
                            2    HQ0223 Defense Travel Service                   Bille Robertson, Ray Moran, Sara Dixon, Kathleen Fenk
                            2    HQ0286 DOD Office of Small Business Programs                                               No GAM
                            2    HQ0287 Defense Research and Engineering                                                    No GAM
                            2    HQ0288 Advanced Systems and Concepts                                                       No GAM
                            2    HQ0289 Comparative Testing Office                                                          No GAM
                            2    HQ0293 Directorate for International Cooperation                                           No GAM
                            2    HQ0296 Directorate for Special Programs (DSP)                                              No GAM
                            2    HQ0297 Joint Service Technology Office/Joint Project Manager Decontamination               No GAM
                            2    HQ0298 Acquisition Resources and Analysis (ARA)                                            No GAM
                            2    HQ0299 Acquisition Resources and Analysis IT Management                                    No GAM
                            2    HQ0493 Joint Service Technology Office/Joint Test Operation Center, London                 No GAM
                            2    HQ0498 ODATSD Nuclear Matters                                                              No GAM

1 H91317   OSD Comptroller                     No GAM
                             2      HQ0094     OSD Comptroller - Business Mgt Systems (BMSI)                    No GAM

1 HQ0061   OUSD Personnel & Readiness                     Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch
                           2     H91330        Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service-Arlington VA      No GAM
                           2     H91331        Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service-Alexandria VA     No GAM
                           2     H98201        Defense Manpower Data Center                                    No GAM
                           2     H98210        Headquarters Defense Human Resources Activity                   No GAM
                           2     H98259        Defense Manpower Data Center (Monteray Bay)                     No GAM
                           2     HQ0060        OASD Force Management Policy                                    No GAM
                           2     HQ0140        Defense Travel Management Office                                No GAM
                           2     HQ0156        OUSD Reserve Affairs                                            No GAM
                           2     HQ0222        Per Diem Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee          No GAM
                           2     HQ0284        Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PERSEREC)           No GAM
                           2     HT0003        TRICARE Management Activity Falls Church VA                     Jack Perry
                                                                 3      H94002        TRICARE Management Activity Aurora CO                               No GAM
                                                                 3      HT0001        DEF MED PRGM ACTY MED FUNCT INTEGRAT MGMT (HT0001)                  No GAM
                OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

19   116   3     HT0004   DEFENSE MEDICAL PROGRAM ACTIVITY (HT0004)          No GAM
           3     HT0005   HEALTH SERVICE EVALUATION OFFICE (HT0005)          No GAM
           3     HT0006   DEFENSE MEDICAL RESOURCE OFFICE (HT0006)           No GAM
           3     HT0007   MEDICAL FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION MGMT (HT0007)       No GAM
           3     HT0008   DEFENSE MEDICAL FACILITIES OFFICE (HT0008)         No GAM
           3     HT0009   DEFENSE MEDICAL PROGRAM ACTIVITY (HT0009)          No GAM
           3     HT0023   CORP INFO MGMT PLANS AND RESOURCES (HT0023)        No GAM


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