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                     NURISTAN PROFILE
(A) General Background:
Nuristan is one of the most under served provinces of Afghanistan. It is located on
the east of Kabul. According to the central Statistics census in 2003 the total
population of Nuristan was 112,000 people, According to NID survey the number of
population reaches to 184,390 and based on the report of Dr.Noor Habibzai the PMA
for Nuristan province in 2006 the population is 220,780 people.
Around 98% of the population is Nuristani people. The remaining 2% of the
population are either pushtoons populated in the central and Eastern parts or Tajeks
settled in the Western part of Nuristan province.
-No IC (International Community) access by road
-The regular helicopter flight during the elections last year was suspended two
months ago
-The old JEMB compound to be converted to the Multi Agency Compound was closed
down temporarily. The temporary one-room office of UN Agencies in the Army base
was closed down recently due to no commitment by UN Agencies
-The Defense Ministry promise to operate regular helicopter flight to Nuristan yet to
-The most frequently used road to Parun, the center of Nuristan and Eastern
Nuristan, is through Asad Abad, the center of Kunar,and to western Nuristan is
through Mehtarlam,the center of Laghman.
-Currently major road construction work to connect Nuristan from Laghman and
Kunar is on going, mainly funded by PRT.
-Other road works connecting districts and inside districts are being implemented by
USAID fund or under WFP FFW Program
2) Security
At the border district of Pakistan, Kemdesh, frequent insurgent and AGE activities
Recently 200 traditional militia was deployed to reinforce 50 ANP in the area
DIAG process very slow due to logistic problem. The governor said ‘without logistic
support, DIAG goes nowhere in Nuristan.’
The reconciliation process appears to move steadily due to the governor’s frequent
visit to the districts and remote areas. The long-standing reconciliation between
Kemdesh and Kushtoz to be finalized soon, according to the governor.
Poppy cultivation exists in remote areas, but very minimum.
3) Government
-The Center, Parun, isolated from the west and the east Nuristan. Only about 50
persons living in the center
-Currently many directors of line departments are displaced in neighboring provinces
and Kabul
-The governor’s office, together with a few departments, using office spaces in the
police HQ in Parun. Other departments are squatter around nearby village. The
reconstruction of government buildings and offices singled out as the top priority by
the governor
-The government administrative positions are not fully occupied. Only few are
functioning at minimum level; e.g. RRD, Education, and Culture and Information.
Irrigation and Women, lesser extent
-The governor prioritized; road construction, teacher training, civil service training,
drinking water facility, basic health service, private business initiatives for Nuristan’s

rich natural resources like timber, marvel, gem, mines, livestock, diary, orchard and
tourism in his 2006 development plan.
4) Provincial Council
There are 9 provincial members.
-Mostly seen in Jalalabad, Nangarhar, or Kabul. In Nuirstan, isolated in their homes,
hardly functioning
-Mostly briefed by UNAMA about their role and expectation and on main development
-So far, showed keen interest in education for women, road construction, health and
capacity building
-Expect UNAMA to facilitate meetings with the government authorities and IC actors
                        List of Nuristan PC Members:

         Full Name                Position         Gender    District      Phone
S/N                                                                       Number
 1       Mawlawi Taj              Head of PC        Male      Doab       0799-291236
         Mohammad                                                        070-148802
2      Monawar Nezami      Spokesman of PC          Male     Paroon      0799-480064
3         Mawlawi            Member of PC           Male    Bargimatal   070-670164
4      Mamoor Haqdad         Member of PC           Male      Want
5      Haji Saheb Sher       Member of PC           Male     Mandol
         Mohammad           (Mashrano Jirga
                             Member now)
6         Mawlawi            Member of PC           Male      Wama
       Mohammad Gul
7       Bibi Narges          Member of PC          Female   Kamdesh
8           Gulalai          Member of PC          Female
         Bibi Zarmina        Member of PC          Female     Want       070-484038

5) Current Humanitarian and Development Activities
-Humanitarian and development activities are on-going at a minimum level due to
logistic difficulties and lack of credible local counterparts
-The delivery of the humanitarian and development service is very poor due to the
same reasons and without any monitoring mechanism
-The major activities are NSP, implemented by Madera and Afghan aid
-PRT offering winter assistance to 1,000 vulnerable families, e.g. basic food items
and cooking oil, cloths and blankets
-USAID funding some road and school projects
-UNICEF continuing regular school assistant programs, e.g. vaccination, stationary,
drinking water scheme, training of teachers, but with frustrating result
-WFP food delivery hardly reached to schools and vulnerable families in Nuristan,
most lost in Assadabad, Kunar, or on the way to Nuristan through either Pech or
Kemdesh, one of the reasons of conflict between Nuristan and Kunar governors
-Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has set up health posts or bases in all districts
of Nuristan, under the 2 million dollar contract signed between EC and MOPH
6) Future IC activities in Nuristan
-PRT/USAID is in desperate need of coordination and other IC partners in Nuristan

-The government administration needs to be supported, assisted and monitored in
order to help set up a structural and functional base in Parun. The institution and
capacity building cannot be achieved without close UNAMA coordination
-Most IC partners including UN Agencies agree on the need to expand their presence
and operation in Nuristan and willing to commit further.
-Among UN Agencies and IC partners who are ready to start/expand their programs
if logistic support were given; UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, WHO, UNMACA, UNODC, FAO,
Best Estimate Provincial Fact Sheet by UNICEF regarding Nuristan
      When compared with indicators from all 32 provinces in Afghanistan from
         which similar data is available Nursitan makes 29th overall.
      It ranks amongst the worst ten provinces for under 5 mortality rates and
         maternal mortality ratios, as well as for overall primary school attendance.
      When compared to mean of the world’s least developed countries, Nuristan is
         the 48 percent worse off.
Key Indicators:
Total Population:                                             140,205
Under 18 Populations:                                         81,000
Under 5 populations:                                          27,000
Annual number of Births:                                      6,660
Under 5 Mortality rate:                                       270
Deaths of Under 5 per year:                                   1,798

Women of Child bearing age:                             29,000
Maternal mortality ratio:                               2,100
Maternal Death per year:                                140

Net primary school attendance:                          35, 8%
Net primary school girls’ attendance:                   33, 1%
Primary school age children out of school:              18,000
Female Literacy rate:                                   8%
Number of Illiterate women:                             29,000

Child health and Nutrition:
Polio Vaccination coverage:                             44, 3%
DPT vaccination coverage:                               19, 7%
Measles vaccination coverage:                           68, 5%
Households consuming Iodized Salt:                      7, 1%
Children 1-4 years with at least one form disability:   4, 1%

Maternal health:
Births attended by skilled birth attendant:             1, 4%
Births delivered at home:                               100%
Expectant mothers receiving ante-natal care:            2%

Water and Sanitation:
Population using safe water source:                     29, 4%

Threats to Childhood:

Women 20-24 married before age of 18                      45, 5%
Children 5-15 years involved in child labor:              24, 5%
Children under 5 with births registered:                  594

Based on the indicators above, amongst others,
It is recommended that in addition to continuing the successes made in the province,
investment is also prioritized in Nuristan to:
      Increase routine immunization coverage against vaccine-preventable disease;
      Increase access to safe water sources;
      Increase enrolment and attendance of both boys and girls in primary school;
      Improve access and usage of quality obstetric care services closer to women’s
        homes, and the availability of competent maternal health professionals in the

(B): Demography:
Owing to its mountainous terrain and inaccessibility Nuristan is divided into 3 parts
that consist altogether 8 districts. Eastern part is composed of 2 districts Bargimatal
and Kamdesh; Central Part is consisted of 3 districts, Waygal/Want, Wama and
Paroon the capital of Nuristan province, and Western Part is also consisted of 3
districts Doab, Nangaraj and Mandool.
Around 95% of the landmass is mountainous; animal and forest production provide
the main sources of livelihoods for the people over there. Since arable lands are
extremely limited, subsistence agriculture is mostly practiced alongside the slopes of
high mountains. Each part of the province is totally isolated from one another. Road
access constitutes the main obstacle in front of the Aid Agencies to go and launch
projects there.
                       MAP OF NURISTAN PROVINCE
                       MAP OF NURISTAN PROVINCE

      Governmental Institutions:
      At the moment the most important Government departments include Education,
      Health, Agriculture, Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Irrigation department,
      Women Affairs, Public Work, National police, national Security, Hajj and Awqaf,
      Mines and Industries, Martyrs and Disabled, and etc. Perhaps the Governor is on the
      top of Provincial administration.
      In reality these provincial entities have neither qualified personnel nor financial and
      material sources to run their daily business efficiently. In addition, there is no
      provincially based sectoral policy ad strategy that guides the operational functions of
      those departments. Henceforth, in the present setting, it goes without saying that
      provincial authority lacks both the capacities to provide basic services and the means
      to respond to any emergency situation.

S.N     Name of Department       Name of Department      Mobile Phone or        Email Address
 o                                       Head              Satellite No.
 1     Governor’s Office        Mr.Tamim Nuristani Gov   008821650200204
                                 Ab. Halim Deputy Gov    0093(0) 70277097
                                Mr.Mohd Mehran Head of
                                   Administration dept
 2     Finance (Mastofiat)            Abdul Zaher
 3     Education                         Empty              070648284
                                 OIC: Said Rasool Abid
 4     Provincial Court           Mawlawi Enayatullah
                                   (Mazhabyar) Head.
                                     Mawlawi Musa
                                  Madani(Deputy head)
 5     Agriculture                 Roohullah Momand         070606596
 6     Afgha Red Crescent           Malawi Noorullah
7      Public Works                   Sahib Gul
8      Attorney/Prosecution          Nezamuddin
9      State Affairs                  Abdullah
10     Dept of Tribes                 M.Esmail
11     Custom House
12     Culture / Information      Abdul Wakil Attock     0093(0) 70606606

13     Radio/TV
14     Public Health                Dr.Hazrat Shah
15     Monopoly
16     Communication                Mohammad Jan
17     Women Affairs               Said Bibi Moahed
18     National Security           Taza Gul Nuristani
19     Religious Affairs            Wali Urrahman
20     Transport
21     Martyrs/Disabled              Muhayuddin
22     Irrigation                     Abdul Hai
23     Social Affairs              Mohammad Ehsan
24     Foreign Affairs
25     Municipality
26     Rural Rehabilitation        Abd.Qahar Haidari     0093(0) 70604078
27     Electricity and Water
28     Religious trust              Qari Hayatullah
29     Refugees and Returnees       Ghualam Husain
30     Traffic
31     Mines and Industries            Nasrullah
32     Counter Narcotics              Eng.Ghaws
33     Ariana Afghan Airlines

34    Police                  General Asil khan totakhel
35    City Police
36    Military Corps
37    Rights
38    Appeal Court
39    Environment

     As Nuristan has 8 districts including Paroon, the present existing information for each
     district is as below that might change in the future:

     Wama District:
     Wama district is located in Central Nuristan close to Paroon the capital of Nuristan
     province. The population of Wama is 20000 people. The total number of villages in
     Wama district is about 13.
     District Governor of Wama: Abdul Matin
     District Security Commander: Khan Mohammad
     Number of Police including officers: 53
     Number of Arbaki Militias: 20
     Head of Education: Mamoor Nyamatullah
     There are many primary schools and one Middle school with no proper building.
     Swedish Committee of Afghanistan supports the health facility as Basic Health

     Want district:
     Want/Waygal district is also located in the central Nuristan having more than 45000
     populations. The district governor has no building as the office, only there are some
     rooms built during Taliban regime as the district governor office but it is not
     sufficient. This district is close to Manoogee district of Kunar province. It has one
     Comprehensive Health center (Head is Dr.Mohammad Saber) in Want village and one
     Basic Health center (Head is Dr.Halim) in Zamew Bela area. There are three middle
     school located in Neshegram (with proper building), Aranz (with no building) and
     Waygal (with proper building) villages and many primary schools, one in each
     village. There are no proper buildings for primary schools.4 villages of this district
     each Katar, Gambeer, Deoz and Daigal are very far located which has neither health
     facility nor schools. The PC members of Nuristan demanded a school and one health
     facility there. The Aid agencies working there are SCA, MADERA and UNICEF.
     Name of District governor: Hajji Din Mohammad
     Security Commander: Sayeed Bar
     Number of Police including 12 Police officers: 61

Head of Education: Shahabuddin.
                          Map of Want District:

Bargimatal District:
Bargimatal district is located in Eastern Nuristan with more than 33000 populations.
The district governor office is located in Bargiamatal village, which has no proper
Government made construction. There is a high school and one Girls’ middle school.
But the teachers are not qualified because most of them are Religious scholars who
don’t know the science subjects. Only 2 Aid Agencies SCA and Afghan Aid are
working there.
Name of District governor: Mohammad Ali
Name of Education head: Jan Mohammad
Name of Security Commander: Taj Gul
Number of police including 8 officers: 50 Number of Arbaki militias: 30
                             Map off Bargiimattall Diisttriictt
                              Map o Barg ma a D s r c

Kamdesh District:
Kamdesh district having more than 40000 populations is located in Eastern Nuristan
that is bordering with Pakistan. Due to its close location with Pakistan, the security
situation deteriorates very often because of the insurgents crossing through Pakistan
border and targets some Governmental or International organizations. That is why
the Ministry of Inferior has approved 150 Arbaki Militias in the district to maintain
security along the border with Pakistan, but still this number is not sufficient.
This district has got its touristy importance since the kingdom of Mohammad Zaher
Shah. A famous place naming Kamu was the place where too many tourists were
coming as to enjoy the beauty of nature there.

One high School, One female middle school, one comprehensive health center and so
many primary schools exist. The only two International Aid agencies SCA and Afghan
Aid are partially active in the area with no proper Office buildings.
Name of District Governor: Moalem Mohammad Gul
Name of Head of Education: Obaidullah
Name of Security Commander: Abdul Jalil
Number of Policemen including 9 Police officers: 58
Number of Arbaki Militias: 150

Map of Kamdesh District

Nangaraj District: Nangaraj/Noorgram district is the first district of Western
Nuristan.It has border with Alingar district of Laghman Province. Total population in
Nangaraj is above 30000.Work on the office of district governor is ongoing. The road
that will connect Western Nuristan with Central Nuristan starts from Titin village of
Nangaraj district. It is about 26 kms long and 7 meters wide. The PRT Laghman is
working on this road that gave a project of construction of 5 kms road to Local NGO,
which is expected to complete in March 2006. From Central Nuristan, Construction
work on this road starts from Bar-Kordar which is located in Wama district of Central
Nuristan.Local Community with its primary tools are working on this road.
There is one high school with proper building in Nangaraj districrict and one middle
school in Titin village. Primary schools are made in each. Also the Basic Health center
that is supported by SCA is providing health services to the people.
District Governor: Engineer Nowroz khan
Education Head: Arif Khan
Name of District Police chief: Abdul Shokoor khan
Number of Police including 9 police officers: 51
National Security Chief: Mohamamd Barat
PRT Laghman, MADERA, IHSA and RRD are working on different projects in this area.
During Nuristan PCB meeting, The governor of Nuristan was much insisting to build a
small town for 75 families in Nangaraj.Also he explained that a furniture company
which will make traditional Nuristani and modern furniture is going to be soon
established in Nangaraj district. More than 300 people will be working in this factory
in the initial phase and later on the number of workers will be increased.
                               Map of Nangaraj Diistriict
                                Map of Nangaraj D str ct
Doab District: Doab is the second district in Nuristan province with estimated
population of 20,000 people. It is located between Nangaraj and Mandol district.

Governor has no proper office building but, Construction work on building is in the
progress. Doab has one high school and one comprehensive health center.
District Governor: Gul Mohammad
National Security Chief: Mohammad Din
Criminal Department Head: Feda Mohammad
Head of Education: Sahar Gul
Police Chief: Enayatullah
Number of Police including 8 Police officers: 51

Mandool District: Mandol is the last district that is extended to Parwan and
Badakhshan.The estimated population is above 45,000 people. There is no road
accessibility to Mandol, but in some areas construction of roads is going on by local
people. There is neither high school nor girls’ school. Primary schools are existing
with no proper place.
Police chief: Colonel Abdul Fattah
                               Map of Mandol District

    What Nuristan has for the empowerment of its Economy?
                          (BY NURISTAN RRD)

1. Natural Beauty of The province: Naturally Nuristan province is very beautiful
which has green Mountains, beautiful rivers and attractive climate. If Government
gives attention to construction of roads in Nuristan, tourists from all over the world
will be attracted to see Nuristan for its attractive and wonderful view. This will cause
to have a positive effect on the economic development of the area.
2. Mines of Jems: Nuristan province has big sources of Valuable minerals, for the
time being the minerals are produced by private people in-technically.
3. Mines of marble: Nuristan has a tremendous source of different shapes of
Marble stones. If International community and the Government of Afghanistan focus
on settling a marble factory I the area, this will bring strong economical
developments to Nuristan and to the Government as well.

      4. Live Stock: the main source of income for the people of Nuristan is Livestock.
      People produce cheese, Butter, Milk and also export sheeps, Goats and Cows to the
      other provinces of the country.

                                         The Aid Community
      Due to lack of road access and other security reasons the aid community is reluctant
      to maintain permanent presence in Nuristan province. Afghan Aid and MADERA are
      the two aid agencies that have been working during the past decade in Nuristan.
      Afghan Aid is said to be limited to livestock and animal husbandary, while MADERA
      has been extending services of road Construction, Agricultural, Livestock, Pipe
      scheme and recently the NSP programs as well. UNICEF is the leading UN agency
      working since long time in Nuristan province. It is routinely running the vaccine
      campaigns in coordination with WHO and SCA(Swedish Committee for Afghanistan)
      in the all districts of Nuristan province.
      SCA has recently been handed over all the Basic health Centers and Comprehensive
      health clinics plus other health related issues by European Community since last 3
      months ago.
      In addition to the aforementioned UN and I/NGOs various other organizations are
      implementing Projects in Nuristan province as well. The list of the I/NGOs together
      with its job description in particular part of Nuristan is as below:

S.N     Name of UN Agency or                 Area of Work             Responsible Person   Email Address
              I/NGO                                                    for the Nuristan     and Mobile
                                                                           projects          phone No
1               UNICEF                            Health
                                           Vaccine Campaigns
2               UN-WHO                            Health
3               UN-WFP                     Road Construction
4                 PRT                      Road Construction
                                        District Offices’ Buildings
                                            Capacity Building
5               MADERA                     Animal Husbandry
                                                Live stock
6            AFGHAN AID                        LIVESTOCK                 Mohd Usman
7      SCA (SWEDISH COMMITTEE                     HEALTH               Dr.Shamsul Islam
          FOR AFGHANISTAN                                                   Shams                  .af
8     RRD (Rural Rehabilitation and              NSP
      Development) Dept of the Gov         WATSON program
                                      Emergency Response Program


           1. A permanent presence of a UNAMA staff; a national staff supervised and
              supported by international staff, on rotation, located at the Multi Agency
           2. Set up a coordinating, monitoring and reviewing mechanism on development
              issues, in addition to PCB and TWGs; at the provincial level, members include

        government authorities, PCs, UNAMA, PRT/USAID, GTZ, ACBAR, and other major
        UN Agencies on rotation
   3.   Mentoring; main IC actors like USAID, PRT, GTZ, SWA, ICRC, HNI, RI, in addition
        to UN Agencies, to provide close mentoring and assistance to the government
        officers through TWGs on education, health, irrigation, road, agriculture, women,
   4.   Capacity building programs; Most UN agencies and IC actors already have
        allocated their budget for 2006 under this category; e.g. capacity building
        programs on management, administration, computer, filing, English, project
   5.   UNAMA to develop programs for UNESCO and UNEP taking consideration of
        Nuristan’s environmental and cultural importance.
   6.   Good Governance and presence of strong and functioning government
        reinforcing DIAG/Reconciliation process.
   7.   Functioning PC, a bridge between the residents, the government and IC,
        strengthening the sound institution building and democratic process in districts
        and remote areas
   8.   Extended and strengthened Rule of Law, through police and judicial system
        reform, capacity building training and reconstruction
Unicef is responsible for the following activities in Nuristan province:
   1. Unicef will expand its capacity building program for teachers, especially female
      educators in Nuristan.
   1. UNICEF is will provided teacher-training materials to teachers in Nuristan
   2. Unicef will provide stationary to students of Nuristan province.
   3. Unicef has planned to support SCA in providing health facilities, running routine
      vaccines and campaigns in Nuristan province.
   4. Unicef has planned to run 4 pipe scheme projects for schools and Health facilities
      in Nuristan that the local people will also get benefit of it.
   5. Unicef shall provide more than 75 literacy courses for more than 2250 people
      (Male and Female) in all the districts of Nuristan.

   1.   UNODC will provide community based drug awareness programs.
   2.   UNODC will conduct training programs to increase the capacity of some
        Government departments particularly the law enforcement and Courts.
   3.   Expanding construction work of CNP in terms of Drug Storage, Surrounding wall,
        Guard Room and Guard tower as well. (I am not sure about it)
   4.   Formation of Drug Demand Reduction Action Team (DDRAT) within the Public
        Health directorate structure. Conducting Drug Abuse assessment on sampling
        basis (but I am not sure about it, have to get in touch with the responsible man).
   5.   UNODC commences its training program and invites ALP/PAL activities in
   1. WFP has planned to run the projects of school feeding (Particularly for female
      students in Nuristan.

2. WFP has planned to implement food for work projects in Nuristan.
3. WFP will support students through take home rations
4. WFP will support the road construction and rehabilitation projects through food
   for work program in Nuristan.
5. WFP may distribute de-worming campaign programs to children under 12 in
   Nuristan province.
6. WFP expands its FFW and FFE program on road construction and capacity
   building and income generating training
   UNMACA expands its mine clearing activities, with the support of the local
   residents, and conduct training program for 2 or 3 persons for Nuristan who will
   then do public awareness program of mine related risks in the community.
1. FAO may provide Poultry Incubator Packages in Nuristan province (But not
   confirmed yet)
2. FAO expands capacity building and income generating program on agriculture,
   alternative crops and vegetables, fruit and nut trees and food processing
   especially for those people who are supporting DDR process in Nuristan.
3. It has a multi million fund for irrigation in Nuristan.
(1) TB program By WHO
 Training courses on TB control program for 9 medical Staff including doctors,
    nurses and lab. Technicians for 5 days :
 Provision of anti TB drugs, reagents, equipment and other related materials for 9
    TB treatment centers in Nuristan.
 Provision of incentives for 1 TB officer for supervisory activities.
 Provision of a fuel cost for 1 MB
(2) Malaria Control Program:
 Provision of 1 fellowship to MOPH staff on malaria control program
 Conducting of training courses for 10 staff of malaria departments of MOPH
 Provision of incentives for 1anti malaria officer.
 Provision of 9 kits anti-malarial drugs, reagents and equipments.
(3) Polio Eradication:
 Training of about 1200 coordinators, supervisors, volunteers for 6 rounds for
    implementation of national immunization days (NIDS)
 Conducting of active surveillance for polio eradication (9 F Point)

(4) Maternal and Child Health:
 Provision of drugs, equipment, kits, surgical equipment and other supply for
   reproductive health sections of 2 CHCs in Nuristan province.
 Conducting of a training course on diagnostic imagine services for 3 doctors for 6
   months and provision of 1 set of Ultrasound machine
(5) Control of Communicable disease:
 Provision of essential drugs and kits for control of communicable diseases in 9
   BHC (Basic Health Centers)
 Provision of 300 Vials anti-rabies vaccine.
(6) Mental Health:

    Training workshop on mental health need assessment for 10 people.
   (7) Drugs/Medical Supplies:
    Provision of essential drugs, surgical equipment, general medical supplies to 2
      Comprehensive Health Centers.
   (8) Training Materials:
    Provision of different kinds of medical books, health education materials, etc to
      the health department of Nuristan province.
   (9) Health Planning and Management:
    Support provincial health department in conducting 8 health-planning workshops
      in Nuristan province .

   1. UNOPS provides technical and logistic support in infrastructural development, in
      planning, implementation and monitoring, especially road construction linking the
      central Nuristan to the West and the East and reconstruction of an airstrip in
      Parun (?)
   1. UNDP starts an assessment for potential development program for women
      UNDP/AIMS starts need assessment for line departments, e.g. RRD and
      Economic Planning and develop civil servant capacity building program.
       Further development programs to encourage private business, e.g. traditional
       furniture factory, handicraft and gem business and tourism.
                    SCA (Swedish Committee for Afghanistan)
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has planned to activate 14 clinics in
Nuristan province. Out of these, 3 are Comprehensive Health centers that
have facility for in-patients as well, 9 are Basic Health centers and 2 are
mobile clinics in Kantewa and??? Villages. In addition they have plan to
support 110 health posts composed of 2 personss, and train 20 midwives in
the eight districts of Nuristan.
The purpose of their aforementioned projects is as below:
   1.To provide adequate coverage for the Nuristan population with the BPHS (Basic
       Public Health Packages)
   2.To provide high quality preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services
       In Nuristan province that focuses on women and children. To ensure accessible
       health services to the people in remote and isolated areas.
    3. To develop mechanisms to control tuberculosis as a major health problem in
   1. To establish an efficient project management structure
   2. To build the capacity of provincial and the cluster health management structures.
   3. To enhance the accessibility and the sustainability of the maternal health care
   4. To establish community involvement structures
   5.       romote community initiatives and multi-sectoral development
   1. NSP Programs

     2. Forest Protection Projects
     3. Veterinary projects

                                        AFGHAN AID:

     1. NSP projects in Bargimatal and Kamdesh districts.
     2. Road construction in the two aforementioned districts.

                                       RRD of Nuristan
(Activities for the year 2005)-2006
The RRD of Nuristan has the following programs in this province:
1.        National solidarity program
2.        WATSAN program
3.        Emergency response program
4.        NRAP
National solidarity program
The National solidarity program has covered the six districts consisting with the capital
Parun of this province and there is two FPs for the NSP program (MADERA and Afghan
MADERA is working in four districts (Wama, Want, Ningarag, and Doab) and Afghan aid
is facilitating partner for kamdish and Bargimatal districts.
Totally we have 87 projects from NSP program in Nuristan province among these
projects only ten are in Ningarag district and the remaining projects are in Wama and
Want districts I am going to mentioned here that till now we don’t have any project in
Kamdish and Bargmatal districts, but the social work is running in these districts and it is
near to have projects in these districts.
Following are complete information of NSP projects.

S/N     Name of the District          Total CDCs         On going            Remarks
                                     Male    Female      projects
 1         Wama / Parun               44       13           46
 2         Want or Waygal             26       5            31
 3           Ningarag                 47       0            10
 4             Doab                   31       0             0
 5           Kamdish                  24       0             0
 6           Bargmatal                23       0             0
 7            Mandol                  0        0             0

WATSAN Projects
Right now we don’t have any WATSAN projects in Nuristan the two projects which we
had in Wama (Korder village), one project in Want (Kond village) and three projects in
Paron (Madina, Pashky and Kosht villages) have hand over by the RRD of Nuristan.
In close future we will have more water supply projects from WATSAN program in
Nuristan province.
Emergency response program
We have some Blankets, Tents and some cooking dishes for Nuristan in three stains
Kunar, Laghman and Paron.
(NEEP or NRAP (National Rural Access program)

In this program we have 10 projects among these projects five of them are bridge
construction and remaining projects are level-1 road rehabilitation in different places for
more explanation see Annex - 2.
Miscellaneous projects of Nuristan province.
Thirteen construction projects from USAID among these projects six are clinics and
seven of them are schools.
Five projects of road construction and rehabilitation from PRT.
The Afghanistan stabilization program
This program has two bridges and two districts buildings projects in Nuristan.

Embassy of Japan
Have three projects one clinic, one school and one bridge.
Note: We had a meeting with Laghman PRT for funding of seven MHP projects we gave
them the proposal and hope they will fund these projects also during discussion we
pointed out the road problems of Mandol district and we suggest if Laghman PRT fund
Nuristan RRD by purchasing of one excavator and one bulldozer for the construction of
Mandol road it will be more effective instead of using explosive materials the asked us
for work plan and Maintenance expenditure so, we sent to them a proposal hope they
will fund these machineries.

              Education Department of Nuristan Provincial Government:
Education department is one of the most important departments of the government. It is
functional but because of lack of concentrated attention of the Central government, the
women education is still premature. Having no qualified teachers caused the women
education to stop after the class 6. However in some parts of Nuristan Girls’ middle
schools are visible but the teachers are not as much qualified as to teach them properly.
Most of the time the Education department officials and Provincial council members are
communicating with UNAMA to assist them in providing a girls hostel in Jalalabad for the
temporary period, This request is however forwarded by the PC members but they gave
priority to construct a girls high school plus girls hostel in Paroon.This will not only
convince the public to accept women education with open heart but will also pave the
way to poor people to send their daughters to Paroon, a secured and credible place for
Nuristanis.Unicef is a very cooperative UN organization assisting Nuristan Education
department by providing Teacher training programs, teaching materials and stationeries
and extending water pipes to school children from the very far located water source.
According to the deputy director of Education for Nuristan Mr. Said Rasool, there are
many primary schools in Nuristan without proper buildings, A few middles schools and
only 3 functional High schools. He added that this year Ministry of Education has
approved one high school per each district that total highs schools will be around 9 in
Nuristan province.
                              Directorate of Education
                                 Department of Plan
                              For the year 2006/1385

                                                                                         Total Number of

                                                        Total Number of
            Name of the      Total Number                                                 Schools having
   S/N                                               Schools having proper
              District        of Schools                                                 no proper school
                                                        school building
   1        Want District    24                      3                                   21
                             35                      11                                  24
                             35                      10                                  25
           Ghazi Abad        20                      0                                   20
           Wama District     15                      4                                   11
           Mandol District   20                      1                                   19
           Doab District     22                      1                                   21
           Nangaraj Doab     22                      4                                   18
           Paroon District   15                      7                                   8
           Total:            208                     41                                  167

                                                                                                      Number of
 Number of Teachers            Number of officials                  Number of clerks
Formal   Contract   Total     Formally   Contract-        Total
                                                                  Formal   Contractors    Total   Male    Female      Total
         based      Number   Employed     based          Number
381      815        1196         38         40             98      389         0          389     25329   15441      40770

     WFP projects for Winterization in Nuristan province for the year 2005.

         Name of the
S#                                Project No.                 Location            Length /           Food recipient              Beneficiaries
           Afghanistan                                 District      Village   Length  Width    Male    Female   Total    Male      Female    Total
       Rehabilitation and                            Paroon       Kosh to      8Km     3.5 m   542      00       542     1,594      1,658    3,252
1                           J/082/2005/FFW/ARHAS
          Humanitarian                                            Ahangaran
       Assistant (ARHAS)
      SHARQ foundation      J/087/2005/FFW/SFRD      Wama         Korder to    12Km    4m      522      00       522     1,535      1,597    3,132
      for Rehabilitation                                          Wama
      and Development
      Miakhail Education    J/080/2005/FFW/MEDRA     Bargimatal   Different    20Km    4m      680      00       680     1,959      2,121    4,080
      Development and
      Human Concern         J/078/2005/FFW/HCI       Kamdish      Different    16Km    3.5m    846      00       846     2,847      2,589    5,076
      International HCI
      Sharifi               J/089/2005/FFW/SRA-JAL   Mandol       Nelab        9.5Km   4.5m    598      00       598     1,758      1,830    3,588
5     Reconstruction                                              Mandol
      Agency SRA
      Reconstruction        J/079/2005/FFW/RAH       Wont         Different    17Km    3.5m    588      00       588     1,729      1,799    3,528
6     Agency of
      Hendokosh RAH
      Afghan Agriculture    J/083/2005/FFW/AAEA      Noorgram     Center       9 Km    3.5m    602      00       602     1,770      1,842    3,612
7     and Engineering
      Agency AAEA
      Society for           J/081/2005/FFW/SADAAT    Dowaba       Different    18 Km   3.5m    572      00       572     1,647      1,785    3,432
      Development and
      assistance in

S#   Name of Districts   Wheat              Pulses          Veg oil              I-Salt                Total (MT)
1              Paroon    88.075             3.523           3.523                0.887                 96.008
                         WFP Contribution   ITSH 440$       ODOC 1,190$          Total cash 1,630$     Rent,signboard
                         IP Contribution    450$                                                       Food
2    Wama                127.20             5.09            5.09                 1.28                  138.66
                         WFP Contribution   ITSH 498$       ODOC 1,220$          1,718
                                            600             Community contribution 150 store rent
3    Bargimatal          165.75             6.63            6.63                 1.67                  180.68
                                            1,230$          2,110$               3,340
                                            300$            COM. CON 150 for store rent
4    Kamdish             206.26             8.25            8.25                 2.08                  224.84
                                            944$            2,650                3,594
                                            720             Community contribution 120$ store charge
5    Mandol              97.175             3.887           3.887                0.979                 105.92
                                            1,026           1,140                2,166
                                            200             Community contribution 100 $ store rent
6    Wont                143.140            5.720           5.720                1.44                  156.02
                                            906$            1,935$               2,841$
                         CP Contribution    570
7    Noorgaram           97.87              3.91            3.91                 0.986                 106.676
                                            556             1,150                1,706
                                            IP Contr 300$   Comu Contr 300$ store rent
8    Dowaba              139.44             5.58            5.58                 1.395                 151.99
                                            630             1,920                2,550

                                                  KUNAR PRT ACTIVITIES IN NURISTAN
                                                            Proposed Activities for 2006

                                                                                                # Of                                    Estimated
S/                         Type of    Source                Project    Town/Vil                                               %
      Brief Description                           Status                          District     people    Grid Coordinate               Completion
N                          Project    of Fund                  #         lage                                              Completed
                                                                                              Affected                                     Date
1     Naray to Kamdesh                                                 Narayto    Naray &                42SYE299055 to
                            Road       PRT       Ongoing    Proposed                                                         N/A          N/A
         Road (leg2)                                                   Kamdesh    Kamdesh                 42SYE305188
2     Naray to Kamdesh
                                                                       Naray to   Naray &
            Road            Road       PRT                  Proposed                                                         N/A          N/A
                                                                       Kamdesh    Kamdesh

                                                      CURRENT ACTIVITIES IN NURISTAN
                                                                                                # Of                                    Estimated
S/                        Type of    Source of              Project    Town/Vil                                               %
     Brief Description                            Status                          District     people    Grid Coordinate               Completion
N                         Project      Fund                    #         lage                                              Completed
                                                                                              Affected                                     Date
1    Nangalam to Want                                                  Narayto    Naray &                42SXD73807250
                           Road        PRT       Ongoing    Abad 149                                                         45%       May 2006
           Road                                                        Kamdesh    Kamdesh                 to 74008050
2    Naray to Kamdesh                                                  Naray to   Naray &                42SYD236946 to
                           Road        PRT       Ongoing    Abad 187                                                         40%          N/A
           Road                                                        Kamdesh    Kamdesh                  SYE299055
3    Naray to Kamdeh                                                   Naray to   Naray &                42SYD236946 to
                           Road        PRT       Ongoing    Abad 189                                                         95%          N/A
      Washout repairs                                                  Kamdesh    Kamdesh                  SYE299055
4     Want to Waigal                                                    Want &      Want                 42SXD738805 to
                           Road        PRT       Ongoing    Abad 188                                                         30%       May 2006
           Road                                                         Waigal     district                  748870

                                                            Completed Projects in 2005

                                                                                                # Of                                    Estimated
S/                        Type of    Source of              Project    Town/Vil                                               %
     Brief Description                            Status                          District     people    Grid Coordinate               Completion
N                         Project      Fund                    #         lage                                              Completed
                                                                                              Affected                                     Date
1     Nuristan Shura                             Complete
                           Govt        PRT                  M16194     Various    Various                   Various          100%      March 2005
          Leaders                                   d
2     CIRDA Nuristan                             Complete
                          Medical      PRT                  M16191     Various    Various                    Various         100%      March 2005
         Clinic Spt                                 d

3     Kunar/Nuristan
     emergency med

      splies (Kantiwa,
      Wanat, Arwant,      Medical   PRT               M16226     Various        Various        Various      Various      100%    April 2005
        Abad), plus
    Nangalam medcap
     Washout repairs
4   Medcap supplies for

     Kunar & Nuristan
                          Medical   PRT               M16225     Various        Various        Various      Various      100%    April 2005

      Emergency Vet
         Supplies for

5    (Kantiwa, Wanat,     Medical   PRT               M16216     Various        Various        Various      Various      100%    April 2005
    Arwant, Abad) and
    for medcap/vetcap
        in Nangalam

      Kantiwa School      Educati
6                                   PRT               M16234     Various        Various        Various       ????        100%    May 2005
         Dynamo            onal

     Kantiwa Medcap       Medical   PRT               M16198     Kantewa        Waygal         Varoius   42SXE59120883   100%    May 2005


                          Power     PRT               Abad 151                                 Various         ?         100%   October 2005
        plant (11)

                                                       Projects Completed in 2004
                                                                                              # Of                                    Estimated
S/      Brief        Type of   Source of                Project   Town/Villa                                                %
                                            Status                               District    people    Grid Coordinate               Completion
N    Description     Project     Fund                      #         ge                                                  Completed
                                                                                            Affected                                     Date
1     Atiti/Attat                                                 Owalagul/A     Bargimat
                      Road       PRT       Completed    M16077?                                        42SXD305995         100%      July 2004
     Hydroelectric                                                 titi/Attati      al

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