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									                                                                            OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

Level                        Level                          Level                                                                                     No level 2 GAM - see level 1 GAM     No
  0   DoDAAC Name              1   DoDAAC Name                2        DoDAAC     Name        Level 3      DoDAAC       Name                               level 1 GAM - see level 0 GAM

   0 HQ0001   Office of the Secretary of Defense                       Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch

                                  1 H91269    Joint Chiefs of Staff    Robert Graves, Sean Lingo, Sean Soni
                                                                 2     HQ0099 National Defense University               No GAM
                                                                 2     HQ0100 National Defense University               Reynold Wright

                                  1 H98253    ATSD Intelligence Oversight         No GAM

                                  1 H98255    Director Intelligence Requirement               No GAM

                                  1 HQ0158    OSD Networks & Information Integration (NI/I)             No GAM

                                                                  2    HQ0002                                                      Duane
                                                                                  OSDCIO Network Directorate Contract Management Division Parsons, Jeanette Courts

                                  1 HQ0097    Director of Administration                      No GAM

                                  1 HQ0149    DoD General Counsel                 Charlotte Gooch

                                                                  2    HQ0009     Defense Legal Services Agency         No GAM

                                  1 HQ0208    OUSD Intelligence                   Deborah Fersch
                                                                  2    H9CI01     DOD Counterintelligence Field Activity                 No GAM
                                                                  2    HHA672     Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)                      Carl Baner
                                                                  2    HHP440     DIA Warehouse, Landover MD                             Carl Baner
                                                                  2    HM1571     National Geospatial Intelligence Agency                No GAM

                                  1 HQ0059    Director Program Analysis & Evaluation (PA&E)             No GAM

                                  1 HF1026    DoD Inspector General Arlington                 Karen Freeman

                                                                  2    HF1002     DCIS Mid Atlantic Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1003     DCIS Northeast Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1004     Defense Criminal Investigative Svc
                                                                  2    HF1006     DCIS Nashville Pod
                                                                  2    HF1007     DCIS Richmond Pod
                                                                  2    HF1008     DCIS Central Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1009     DCIS Chicago Pod
                                                                  2    HF1010     Columbus Resident Agency
                                                                  2    HF1011     DCIS Sacramento Pod
                                                                  2    HF1012     DCIS Western Field Office
                                                                  2    HF1013     DCIS New York Ra
                                                                  2    HF1014     DCIS Boston Ra
                                                                  2    HF1015     DCIS Cleveland Post Of Duty
       OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

2   HF1016   DCIS Southeast Field Office
2   HF1017   DCIS Southwest Field Office
2   HF1018   DCIS Orlando Ra
2   HF1020   DCIS Long Beach Resident Agency
2   HF1021   DCIS San Francisco Ra
2   HF1022   DCIS Salt Lake Post Of Duty
2   HF1023   DCIS Hartford Ra
2   HF1025   DCIS Norfolk Ra
2   HF1028   DCIS Seattle Ra
2   HF1029   DCIS Kansas City Ra
2   HF1030   DCIS European Pod
2   HF1036   DCIS Denver Ra
2   HF1039   DCIS New Jersey Ra
2   HF1040   Defense Criminal Investigative Svc
2   HF1041   DCIS Hawaii Pod
2   HF1044   DCIS Pittsburgh Pod
2   HF1045   DCIS Syracuse Ra
2   HF1047   DCIS Baltimore Ra
2   HF1048   DCIS Phoenix Resident Agency
2   HF1049   DCIS Pensacola Pod
2   HF1050   IG DOD
2   HF1051   DCIS Raleigh Resident Agency
2   HF1053   DCIS Minneapolis Post Of Duty
2   HF1054   DCIS Houston Ra
2   HF1055   DCIS San Antonio Pod
2   HF1056   DCIS Indianapolis Resident Agency
2   HF1057   DCIS New Orleans Ra
2   HF1058   DCIS Wichita Post Of Duty
2   HF1060   DCIS Albuquerque Pod
2   HF1061   DCIS Woodland Hills Resident Agency
2   HF1062   DCIS Tulsa Resident Agency
2   HF1063   DOD IG Springfield
2   HF1064   Defense Criminal Investigative Serv
2   HF1066   DCIS Sioux Falls Pod
2   HF1067   DCIS Jacksonville Post Of Duty
2   HF1071   DCIS Tampa Post Of Duty
2   HF1072   Las Vegas Post Of Duty
2   HF1073   Cpa-Ig
2   HF1D01   Dodoaig For Audit
2   HF1N01   Financial Accounting Divisi0N
2   HFCB01   Contract Payments Division
2   HFCL01   Navy Financial Statements Division
2   HFCM01   Contract Management Audit
2   HFDE01   Financial Services Division
2   HFNF01   DODIG-Aig Aud-Rls Norfolk
                                        OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

                                 2   HFPH01   DODIG-Aig Aud-Rls Philadelphia

1 HQ0134   Director of Test & Evaluation (DOT&E)     Richard Wolfe, Anthony Garcia, Robert Dorosz, Charlotte Gooch
                              2      HQ0042 DOT&E Contracts       Kathleen Tovsen, Shelby Harris

1 HQ0044   OASD Health Affairs HB and P                  No GAM

1 HQ0153   Legislative Affairs                           No GAM

1 HQ0154   OASD Public Affairs                          Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch
                            2        HQ0516   Defense Media Activity             GAM to be established by 19 Sep 2008
                                                              3      H91261      Defense Information School Ft Meade MD         Mary Thomas
                                                              3      HQ0011      Defense Information Services Activity
                                                              3      HQ0012      Armed Forces Information Services (AFIS)       Brenda Royster
                                                              3      HQ0028      Defense Media Center                           Fernando Olvera, Jody Baile
                                                              3      HQ0029      Defence Visual Information Centermedia Ctr     Fernando Olvera, Jody Baile
                                                              3      HQ0030      Defense Media Center AFN Broadcast             Fernando Olvera, Jody Baile
                                                              3      HQ0031      Joint Visual Info Svcs Distr Acty
                                                              3      HQ0033      Joint Combat Camera Center
                                                              3      HQ0036      Defense Information School Ft Benjamin IN
                                                              3      HQ0209      European Stars and Stripes
                                                              3      HQ0210      Stars and Stripes - Pacific Unit 5058
                                                              3      HQ0212      Stars and Stripes - Yokosuka District Office
                                                              3      HQ0213      Stars and Stripes - Misawa District Office
                                                              3      HQ0214      Stars and Stripes - Iwakuni District Office
                                                              3      HQ0215      Stars and Stripes - Sasebo District Office
                                                              3      HQ0216      Stars and Stripes - Okinawa Area Office
                                                              3      HQ0217      Stars and Stripes - Guam Area Office
                                                              3      HQ0221      Stars and Stripes - Korea Office
                                                              3      HQ0499      AFN Afghanistan
                                                              3      HQ0500      AFN Iraq
                                                              3      HQ0501      DMA San Antonio Lgs
                                                              3      HQ0502      DMA San Antonio IPMS Manager
                                                              3      HQ0503      DMA San Antonio Supp Ship
                                                              3      HQ0504      DMA Ramstein
                                                              3      HQ0505      DMA Incirlik
                                                              3      HQ0506      DMA Lajes
                                                              3      HQ0507      DMA Hikham
                                                              3      HQ0508      DMA Yokota
                                                              3      HQ0509      DMA Iwakuni
                                                              3      HQ0510      DMA Misawa
                                                              3      HQ0511      DMA Feltwell
                                                              3      HQ0512      DMA Aviano
                                                              3      HQ0513      DMA Sasebo
                                                              3      HQ0514      DMA Okinawa
                                         OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

                                                                 3     HQ0515       Defense Information School (DINFOS)
                                                                 3     HQ0517       HQ Stars and Stripes Washington
                                                                 3     HQ0518       DMA Yokosuka
                                                                 3     HQ0519       DMA Guantanamo
                                                                 3     HQ0520       DMA Keflavik
                                                                 3     HQ0521       DMA Naples
                                                                 3     HQ0522       DMA Rota
                                                                 3     HQ0523       DMA Sigonella
                                                                 3     HQ0524       DMA Pearl Harbor
                                                                 3     HQ0525       DMA McMurdo
                                                                 3     HQ0526       DMA Bahrain
                                                                 3     HQ0527       DMA Anacostia
                                                                 3     HQ0528       DMA Vincenza
                                                                 3     HQ0529       DMA Crystal City
                                                                 3     HQ0530       DMA Vilseck
                                                                 3     HQ0531       DMA Mannheim (Hammond Bks)
                                                                 3     HQ0532       DMA Kaiserslautern
                                                                 3     HQ0533       DMA Shape
                                                                 3     HQ0534       DMA Wuerzburg
                                                                 3     HQ0535       DMA Honduras
                                                                 3     HQ0536       DMA Europe
                                                                 3     HQ0537       DMA Seoul

1 HQ0067   Office of Net Assessment            Charlotte Gooch

1 HQ0152   OUSD Policy                         Charlotte Gooch
                            2         HQ0010   Defense Technology Security Adminstration                                  No GAM
                            2         HQ0013   Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Arlington VA                    Toye Latimore, Diane Dortch, Kavitha Man
                            2         HQ0048   Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office (DPMO)                    No GAM
                            2         HQ0236   DSCA George C Marshall Center Germany                                      No GAM
                            2         HQ0285   OASD Homeland Defense & Americas' Security Affairs (HD&ASA)                No GAM
                            2         HQ0494   International Security Affairs
                            2         HQ0495   Special Ops/Low Intensity Control & Interdependent Capabilities
                            2         HQ0496   Asian & Pacific Security Affairs
                            2         HQ0497   Global Security Affairs

1 HQ0157   OUSD Acquisition Technology & Logistics (AT&L)       Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch
                            2    HJ4701     Defense Technical Information Center                                          No GAM
                            2    HQ0005 Office of Economic Adjustment                                                     No GAM
                            2    HQ0102 Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy (DPAP)                                   Lisa Romney
                            2    HQ0110 Test Resource Management Center                                                   No GAM
                            2    HQ0111 DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office                       No GAM
                            2    HQ0117 Business Transformation Agency (BTA)                                              Jeffrey Maxwell
                            2    HQ0223 Defense Travel Service                                                            Jeffrey Maxwell, Sara Dixon, Kathleen Fen
                            2    HQ0237 SPS Program Management Office                                                     Jeffrey Maxwell
                                    OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

                             2   HQ0286   DOD Office of Small Business Programs                                      No GAM
                             2   HQ0287   Defense Research and Engineering                                           No GAM
                             2   HQ0288   Advanced Systems and Concepts                                              No GAM
                             2   HQ0289   Comparative Testing Office                                                 No GAM
                             2   HQ0293   Directorate for International Cooperation                                  No GAM
                             2   HQ0296   Directorate for Special Programs (DSP)                                     No GAM
                             2   HQ0297   Joint Service Technology Office/Joint Project Manager Decontamination      No GAM
                             2   HQ0298   Acquisition Resources and Analysis (ARA)                                   No GAM
                             2   HQ0299   Acquisition Resources and Analysis IT Management                           No GAM
                             2   HQ0493   Joint Service Technology Office/Joint Test Operation Center, London        No GAM
                             2   HQ0498   ODATSD Nuclear Matters                                                     No GAM

1 H91317   OSD Comptroller                No GAM
                             2   HQ0094   OSD Comptroller - Business Mgt Systems (BMSI)                     No GAM

1 HQ0061   OUSD Personnel & Readiness                Lisa Romney, Charlotte Gooch
                           2     H91330   Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service-Arlington VA        No GAM
                           2     H91331   Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service-Alexandria VA       No GAM
                           2     H98201   Defense Manpower Data Center                                      No GAM
                           2     H98210   Headquarters Defense Human Resources Activity                     No GAM
                           2     H98259   Defense Manpower Data Center (Monteray Bay)                       No GAM
                           2     HQ0060   OASD Force Management Policy                                      No GAM
                           2     HQ0140   Defense Travel Management Office                                  No GAM
                           2     HQ0156   OUSD Reserve Affairs                                              No GAM
                           2     HQ0222   Per Diem Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee            No GAM
                           2     HQ0284   Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PERSEREC)             No GAM

17                       106                              57
OSD Hierarchy for WAWF
OSD Hierarchy for WAWF
                    OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

vera, Jody Bailey
vera, Jody Bailey
vera, Jody Bailey
                           OSD Hierarchy for WAWF

h, Kavitha Mangalampalli

n, Kathleen Fenk

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