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									    Multifunction Printers the All-Season Solution for SMBs

Gone are the days of office printers being little more than the paper-jamming,
space-taking single-function boxes waiting to go wrong, while occasionally
producing professional looking documents.

Today’s multifunction printers are of a different breed, serving as everything from
the office copier, fax machine, digital scanner, photo printer, document
management and electronic distribution centre. That’s a big step forward.

As printing needs have expanded, all in one printers have risen to the challenge,
satisfying an increasing weight of the SMB’s document-related requirements.

‘SMBs have not only become their own print shops,’ says Hill D’Souza, a partner
at Mississauga, Ontario based PrinterLogix, a Canadian company specializing in
HP managed print services. ‘They’ve had to embrace the challenges of
organization-wide document management systems, in a world where most
companies produce thousands of documents each month.’

‘How we print, what we print and what we do with our documents is now a
dynamic, multi-layered business function. It’s no longer about sitting at your
desktop and sending a document to the printer,’ says D’Souza. ‘AIO printers
regularly receive print jobs from USB’s, wireless laptops and now cell phones.
They’re the information hubs that manage distribution and archiving, in addition
to their basic function of providing high-quality printing services.’

‘If you’re not on top of the latest technologies, features and methods, it’s a
challenge to identify the all in one printer that will best serve a business,’ he

‘There are variables, from the type of business you’re in and the functions you
depend on; printing volume, and the consumption of inks, toners and paper.
That’s all before you start looking at things like networking and administration,
which can add significant efficiencies and savings of their own.’

Hewlett Packard has had a consistent presence at the front of the printing pack.
HP’s range of multifunction devices has constantly evolved, demonstrating the
company’s ability to stay ahead of the innovation curve, while maintaining a
reputation for robustness, user-friendliness and reliability.

‘We see HP as the most flexible and complete total product offering,’ comments
D’Souza. ‘With PrinterLogix, we focus exclusively on HP’s OEM products
because it gives us a deeper and more powerful appreciation of the product’s
functionality and features, and a quality guarantee that the customer can
absolutely count on. It means we’re able to optimize a business’s print
environment – and business performance by extension – because of that greater
understanding backed by a quality product line.’

When choosing the most appropriate MFP for a business, D’Souza encourages
purchasing decision makers to study the nature of their business, and ensure
that the solution reflects those same priorities. ‘Too much functionality can
sometimes compromise quality across the board, so give yourself some focus.’

‘Where scanning and print resolution is clearly important if you’re in a business
that needs high quality reproduction of images or documents,’ he continues, ‘print
speed and network connectivity where multiple users are involved can be a deal
maker or breaker.’

In a parting word of advice, Hill D’Souza rounds off: ‘Look for the best fit for the
business, and make sure you’re in control of the environment and costs.’

                                                               Author – Hill D’Souza

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