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									                                                             Affiliate Agreement

                      Full trading name of the firm:
 1. Agents Details

                      If a franchisee, please provide group name. Continue in the additional information section (if required)

                      Additional Trading name:

                     Title:              First Name:                                  Surname:
  2. Main Contact

                     Tel:                                                 Fax:

                     Email:                                             Website Address:

                     Office Name/No:                                          Office Name/No:
   Address 1

                                                                                                                                    Address 2
                     Street:                                                  Street:

                     County:                                                  County:

                     Postcode:                                                Postcode:

                     Office Name/No:                                          Office Name/No:
    Address 3

                                                                                                                                    Address 4

                     Street:                                                  Street:

                     County:                                                  County:

                     Postcode:                                                Postcode:

             List any other offices under additional Information.

             Which above office address is to be used for accounting purposes?
                     Address 1                       Address 2                        Address 3                        Address 4

Head Office: Legal 4 Landlords, 4 Webster Court, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 8WD                I 0800 840 7133   I
                                                                                       Affiliate Agreement

                                               Sole Trader ●                                                    Public Limited Company
 3. Agencies Legal Status

                                           ● Private Limited Company ●                                          Unincorporated Association
                                             Partnership ●                                                      Registered Charity
                                          ● than a limited liability partnership or limited partnership)

                                               Limited Partnership ●                                            Limited Liability Partnership
                                          Company Reg No:

                                               Letting Agency                    ●                              Solicitor ●

                                               Estate Agency                     ●                              Holiday Letting Agency ●
   4. Agency Activities

                                               Intermediary/Insurance Broker ●                                  IFA
                                               Surveyor      ●                                                  Mortgage Broker
                                               Housing Association and Trust ●                                  Other ●

                                          Description if ‘Other’:

                                          Do you require all of the L4L services?                               Yes ●          No ●

                                          If No please supply details:
   5. Mini Site and Web Support details

                                          Web support details: Company Name:

                                          Contact Name:

                                          Tel No:                                                      Email:
                                          Please supply the contact details of your website support if different to the contact in section 2

Head Office: Legal 4 Landlords, 4 Webster Court, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 8WD                                           I 0800 840 7133   I
                                                                                               Affiliate Agreement
  6. Additional Infoformation

                                The Agency must provide details of any significant events that have occurred in the past that may be relevant to the assessment of its application. If you are uncertain as
                                to whether an event needs to be disclosed, you should disclose it.

                                a) Has a petition for the bankruptcy or compulsory winding up of the agency ever been presented?
                                b) Has the agency had a receiver or administrator appointed, failed to satisfy a debt adjudged due, or come to a compromise
                                or similar arrangement with any of its creditors?
                                c) Has the agency been the subject of a reconstruction, whether as a result of any form of insolvency or otherwise?
                                d) Has the agency been a defendant in any criminal or civil proceedings or arbitration in the last 5 years or is any unsatisfied judgments debt or award outstanding against it?
  7. Disclosure

                                e) Have any settlements been entered into in the last 5 years, whether or not on an ex gratia basis, to avoid legal action being brought against the agency or to avoid publicity?
                                f) Has the agency at any time been convicted of fraud or other dishonesty or an offence under legislation (whether or not in the United Kingdom) relating to companies,
                                building societies, industrial and provident societies, credit unions, friendly societies, insurance, banking or other financial services, insolvency, customer credit or
                                consumer protection?
                                g) Is the agency currently involved as a defendant in any proceedings, investigations or other events referred to in any of the questions above which are not yet determined?
                                Or are any such proceedings, investigations or other such events pending?
                                h) Has the agency ever been refused, had revoked, any license, membership, authorisation, registration or any other permission granted by a financial services regulator
                                in the UK or overseas?
                                i) Are there any other significant events regarding the agency or any companies in the agencies group that might adversely affect the application?
                                j) Has the agency ever had a previous application for an insurance agency cancelled or refused by an insurer?
                                Has the agency answered `Yes' to any of the questions under disclosure details?
                                If yes, please provide further information under Additional Information. Where applicable, please include the date(s of the event; the amount(s) involved; the outcome;
                                and any relevant or explanatory circumstances.

                                The Agency named in section 2 above agrees and confirms that:
                                1. It will notify Legal 4 Landlords Ltd of any material change in the information forming part of this application; and any criminal proceedings undertaken against any
                                person subject to this Agreement;
                                2. The Introducer will maintain at its own cost a website for its business for a minimum period of 12 months from the date of this Agreement, this website will add a
                                white labelled website set up and maintained by Legal 4 Landlords at its own cost.
                                3. It will pay all amounts due to Legal 4 Landlords Ltd within 28 days of invoice being produced any failure to pay any such sum may result in the Agency Agreement
 8. Terms of Business

                                being withdrawn, refused or suspended;
                                4. It undertakes to obtain all necessary consents prior to providing Legal 4 Landlords Ltd. with personal data in respect of any of the agencies clients, employees or any
                                third party to enable Legal 4 Landlords Ltd to fairly and lawfully to process such personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (The information given
                                in this form will be 'personal data' for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998);
                                5. Having made all reasonable enquiries, the information provided in this application form is, to the best of its knowledge and belief, complete and accurate;
                                6. It understands that the supply of any misleading information or any attempt to mislead Legal 4 Landlords Ltd will be an act of Misconduct and may render the agency,
                                liable to have their Agreement immediately cancelled without further notice;
                                7. The landlord introduced is registered against the introducers account and all generated commission is paid once received by Legal 4 Landlords.
                                8. There can only be one introducer per landlord and the introducer identified on the cookies file will receive the commissions.
                                9. All sums stated in this Agreement are plus VAT at the standard rate.
                                10. Legal 4 Landlords will retain £35.00 from your commissions to cover the costs involved in producing, maintain and hosting the mini site, this is a one off fee deducted.
                                11. Legal 4 Landlords will invoice all agents each calendar month and will take payment via Direct Debit 28 days later less commissions. Separate DDM agreements will
                                also be provided for you to complete.

                           This application shall be governed by English, Welsh and Scottish Law and Legal 4 Landlords Ltd and your agency submit to the
                           exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England, Wales and Scotland for the resolution of any disputes arising out of it.

                           The following signatory confirms that:
                           He / She has the authority to sign on behalf of your agency.

                           Name of person signing on behalf of the proposed Agency:
                           I / We confirm that the information in this application is accurate
                           and complete to the best of my / our knowledge and belief.

Head Office: Legal 4 Landlords, 4 Webster Court, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 8WD                                                                    I 0800 840 7133              I

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