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									        Discover The World                                  High Volume Consignment Order Form
 Specialty Services Private Ordering

                             SUPPLIER INFORMATION                                                                                                 AGENT INFORMATION
Number:                                                                                                                Customer Number:
Name:                                                                                                                  Agent Number:
Fax Number:                                                                                                            Agent Name:
Email Address:                                                                                                         Telephone Number:
Shipping Method: (Check One)                     FCA      FOB      Ex-Cellars   Prepaid Air Freight                    Pay Direction:          Agent         Supplier

Port Name:                                                                                                             Currency of Quote:
Country of Origin For All Products:

 LCBO Item              Total                                                                                                             Product       Btl Size Btls per         Supplier
                                                                   Brand Description                                      Vintage                                         Alc. %
    No.                 Cases                                                                                                               Type          (ml)    Case           Quote/Case

 Product Type Codes:
 White Table Wine WTW                    Fortified Wine (Port, etc.)       FW      Spirit Cooler      SC        Soju           SOJ         Liqueur          L           Sparkling Wine     SW
 Red Table Wine    RTW                   Grappa/Brandy                     BR      Wine Cooler        WC        Rose           ROS         Whiskey          WH          Flavoured Wine     WFL
 Champagne         C                     Misc. Spirit (Rum, Vodka, etc.)   S       Wine Cream         WCR       Beer           B           Sake             SAK         Other:

                    OTHER INFORMATION

 I acknowledge and agree that this Order request is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the following (as may be amended from time to time):
     • The High Volume Consignment Program Agreement between the Agent and the LCBO
     • The High Volume Consignment Program Guidelines
     • The LCBO’s Product Packaging Standards / Guidelines for Chemical Analysis
     • The LCBO Purchase Order

                                  Date                                                  Agent/Representative’s Signature                                                       SSPO-HVCOF-1208-A

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