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									SUB-ACCOUNT CODES:                                     CLASS CODES:
Code Description                            CFR Code   Code    Description

                                                       e0       EMPLOYEES
etea   05001 Full Time Teachers             E01        ea       Full Time Teachers
epte   05101 Part Time Teachers             E01        eb       Part Time Teachers
ecla   05201 Claiming Teachers-KSS          E02        ec       Claiming Teachers-KSS
enur   05401 Nursery Teachers               E01        ed       Nursery Teacher
epnu   05501 Part Time Nursery Teacher      E01        es       Part Time Nursery Teacher
eeta   13501 ETAs                           E03        ee       ETA
esss   25301 Single Status                  E03        es       Single Status
ennu   13601 Nursery Nurses                 E03        ef       Nursery Nurse
emin   14101 Minute Clerk                   E05        eg       Minute Clerk
elun   17001 Lunchtime Supervisors          E07        eh       Lunch time Supervisors
eckt   18001 Caretaker                      E04        ek       Caretaker
eapt   20001 Admin & Clerical               E05        ei       Admin & Clerical
eadv   27301 Advertising                    E08        el       Staff Advertising
etra   27201 Training Expenses              E09        eu       Training Expenses
einl   27509 Employee Insurance             E10        ep       Insurance - Long Term
eins   27510 Employee Insurance             E10        eq       Insurance - Short Term
einn   27511 Employee Insurance             E11        er       Nursery Nurse Insurance
eina   27512 Employee Insurance             E11        eo       Clerical Insurance Premium
eino   27501 Employee Insurance             E11        en       Other Employee Insurance
einp   27508 Employee Insurance             E28        et       Surplus Staff Pship (Buy Back)

                                                       p0       PREMISES
pppc   30000 PPP Contract                   E12        pp       PPP-contract repayment
prep   30101 Rep&M (Gen. Planned Work)      E12        pa       Repairs & Maintenance
pstr   30413 Structural Repair-buy back     E12        pk       Structures Repairs (Buy Back)
pser   30519 Repair of Services Mech/Elec   E18        pl       Mech/Elec Buy Back
  "     "      "         "      "           E18        pm       Equip servicing buy back
pgrm   33501 Grounds Maintenance            E13        pb       Grounds Maintenance
pcar   38101 Cleaning & Dom Supp            E14        ph       Domestic
pcrc   38301 Contract Cleaning              E14        pg       Contract Cleaning
pwat   36801 Water Services                 E15        pf       Water
pelc   36202 Electricity                    E16        pc       Electricity
pgas   36203 Gas                            E16        pd       Gas
SUB-ACCOUNT CODES:                                       CLASS CODES:
pfue  36204 Fuel Oil                               E16   pq      Fuel Oil
psfu  36205 Solid Fuel                             E16   pr      Solid Fuel
prat  36601 Rates                                  E17   pe      Rates
prnt  36401 Rent                                   E18   pj      Rent
palm  37101 Alarm Maintainance Contract            E18   po      Alarm System Contract
pref  38801 Refuse Collection                      E18   pn      Refuse collection
pins  39805 Premises Insurance                     E23   pi      Insurance- premises
pina  39814 All Risk Insurance                     E23   ps      Insurance All Risks

                                                         t0       TRANSPORT
tmbs   44102 Mini Bus                              E19   tb       Mini Buses
tbus   45502 Public Transport                      E08   td       Public Transport
trav   48501 Travel Exps                           E08   ta       Car Allowance

                                                         d0       CATERING
dcat   52587 Catering Supplies                     E25   da       School Meals

                                                         k0       EXT PROF FEES CURRICULUM
kfec   56066 External Professional Fees (curric)   E27   ka       Fees eg Music Teacher

                                                         s0       SUPPLIES & SERVICES
supp   59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sa       Learning Resources
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sb       English
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sc       Maths
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sd       Science
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   se       Technology
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sk       Humanities
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sm       RE
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sn       Art
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   so       Music
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sp       PE
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   sq       PSHCE
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   ss       EYU
  "    59801 Learning Resources                    E19   st       Copies-Photocopier
  "    59807 Learning Resources                    E19   su       Rental-Photocopier
  "    59817 Learning Resources                    E19   sv       Visits Expenditure
SUB-ACCOUNT CODES:                                        CLASS CODES:
   "  59801 Learning Resources                      E19   sw      TV License
sict  59840 ICT Resources                           E20   sf      I T Software
   "  59840 ICT Resources                           E20   sg      ICT contract-maint hrs
   "  59840 ICT Resources                           E20   sh      Printer cartridges
   "  60114 ICT Resources                           E20   sj      ICT SLA + Other

                                                          a0        OTHER SUPPLIES & SERVICES
admi   59803 Admin Supplies                         E22   aa        Admin Supplies
   "   59813 Admin Supplies                         E22   ab        Postage
   "   59814 Admin Supplies                         E22   ac        Telephone
   "   59801 Learning Resources                     E22   ax        First Aid
   "   59812 Admin Supplies                         E22   ad        Photo-copying - admin
   "   59803 Admin Supplies                         E22   ae        Collection of School Fund Money
   "   59803 Admin Supplies                         E22   af        KSS Charges
   "   59809 Admin Supplies                         E27   ah        Swimming
   "   59825 Admin Supplies                         E27   aj        LEA initiatives
agen   59824 Agency Supply Staff                    E26   ak        Teacher Agency Payments
acou   59826 Course Fees                            E09   ai        Course Fees / Expenses
affc   59841 Spec Facilities eg Care Clubs          E24   al        Spec facilities eg Care Club
   "   59841 Spec Facilities eg Sale Items          E24   am        Spec Facilities Items for resale
afnc   59842 Ext Prf Fees Non Curric eg Peri Ctkr   E28   ar        Ext Prof Fees Non Curric eg Peri Caretaker

                                                          f0        PAYMENTS TO OTHER KMC
fbks   60108 Books +                                E27   fb        Books+
foth   60111-60129 Payments to KMC                  E28   fa        Bought in Prof services Buy Back

                                                          g0        OTHER 3RD PARTY PAYMENTS
goth   63478 Other 3RD Party Payments               E28   ga        Governing Bodies

                                                          i0        INCOME
igoa   93007 Government Grant/TT Agency             I06   ia        Government Grants/TT Agency
igov   93024 Other Gov Grants/Threshold             I02   it        Threshold Income/Headship Income
igrt   96001 Other Grants and Payments recd         I07   ib        NOF/Other Schools
ifee   85001 Fees & Charges Income                  I08   ic        Course Cover/fees income
ifee   85001 Fees & Charges Income                  I08   id        Fees & Carges
ifee   85001 Fees & Charges Income                  I08   im        Elections Income
SUB-ACCOUNT CODES:                                   CLASS CODES:
ifee  86001 Inc from Telephone, copying etc.   I08   in      Inc from telephone, copying etc
isdt  85007 Student teacher Income             I08   ie      Student Teacher Income
SUB-ACCOUNT CODES:                             CLASS CODES:
isal  89001 Income Sales                 I08   if      Sales Uniform etc
ilet  98363 Lettings                     I08   ig      Lettings
isup  85001/86001 Learning Resources     I08   io      Before/After School Club Income
icla  96013 Supply tchr ins claims       I10   ih      Supply Teacher Insurance Claims
irep  96012 Other Insurance Claims       I11   ij      Other Insurance Income
ivis  95601 Visits income                I12   ik      Visits income
idon  96011 Donations/Private fund/PTA   I13   il      Donations/PTA

                                               n0       SEN
ntea   05001 SEN F/T Teachers            E01   na       SEN F/T Teachers
npte   05101 SEN P/T Teachers            E01   nb       SEN P/T Teachers
neta   13501 SEN ETA                     E03   nc       SEN ETAs
ness   25301 SEN Single Status           E03   ns       SEN Single Status
nlun   17001 SEN Lunchtime Sup.          E07   nd       SEN Lunchtime Supervisors
nsup   59801 SEN Resources               E19   nf       SEN Resources
ninc   93024 SEN Threshold Income        I01   ni       SEN Threshold Income

                                               z0       STANDARD FUNDS
ztea   05001 SF Teachers                 E01   za       SF F/T Teachers
zpte   05101 SF P/T Teachers             E01   zb       SF P/T Teachers
zcvr   05201 SF Claiming Teachers        E02   zc       SF Claiming Teachers
zeta   13501 SF ETAs                     E03   zd       SF ETA
zess   25301 SF Single Status            E03   zs       SF Single Status
zlun   17001 SF Lunchtime Sup.           E07   ze       SF Lunchtime Supervisor
zadc   20001 SF Admin & Clerical         E05   zf       SF Admin & Clerical
zsup   59801 SF Learning Res excl ICT    E20   zg       SF Learning Resources
zfee   59826 SF Course Fees              E09   zh       SF Course Fees
zsit   59840 SF ICT Resources            E20   zj       SF IT Resources
zage   59824 SF Agency Supply Staff      E26   zl       SF Agency Supply Staff
zelc   59840 SF Harnessing Technology    E20   zk       SF Harnessing Technology
zscm   60101 SF School Meals             E28   zm       SF School Meals
zinc   93024 SF Threshold Income         I01   zi       SF Threshold Income
SUB-ACCOUNT CODES:                               CLASS CODES:
                                                 y0      EXCELLENCE IN CITIES
ytea   05001 EIC F/T Teachers              E01   ya      EIC F/T Teachers
yeta   13501 EIC ETAs                      E03   yb      EIC ETAs
yess   25301 EIC Single Status             E03   ys      EIC Single Status
ysup   59801 EIC Learning Resources        E20   yc      EIC Learning Resources
yint   93024 EIC Threshold Payments        I01   yi      EIC Threshold Income

                                                 w0       EXTENDED SCHOOLS
wsta   15801 Extended School Staff         E31   wa       Extended School Staff
wexc   57527 Extended School Expenditure   E32   wr       Extended School Expenditure
winc   86032 Extended School Income        I17   wi       Extended School Income

                                                 v0       EMTAG
vema   00101 EMTAG F/T Teachers            E01   va       EMTAG F/T Teachers
veta   13201 EMTAG ETA/Language Support    E03   vb       EMTAG ETA/Language Support
vess   25301 EMTAG Single Status           E03   vs       EMTAG Single Status
vsup   59801 EMTAG Resources               E19   vc       EMTAG Resources
vcfp   59504 EMTAG Cont Fund/Provn         E24   vd       EMTAG Contribs Fund/Provn
vinc   93024 EMTAG Threshold Income        I01   vi       EMTAG Threshold Income

                                                 u0       RESOURCED PROVISION
utea   00101 RP F/T Teachers               E01   ua       RP F/T Teacher
ueta   13501 RP ETAs                       E03   ub       RP ETAS
uess   25301 RP Single Status              E03   us       RP Single Status
ulun   17001 RP Lunchtime Supervisor       E07   uc       RP Lunchtime Supervisor
usup   59801 RP Learning Resources         E19   ul       RP Learning resources
uinc   93024 RP Threshold Income           I01   ui       RP Threshold Income

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