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					             In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems Site Analysis

                         TRAFFIC RELATED DEMOGRAPHICS

1. Average Daily Traffic Count (24 hours) (Choose one)
  5,000 cars per day
  7,500 cars per day
  10,000 cars per day
  15,000 cars per day
  20,000 cars per day
  25,000 cars per day
  30,000+ cars per day

2. Speed Limit in Front of Site (Choose one)
  25 to 34 MPH
  35 to 44 MPH
  Over 45 MPH

3. Traffic Flow in Front of Site (Choose one)
  Evening traffic flow on same side of street

4. Vehicle Stacking Area (Choose one)
  3 - 4 Vehicles
  Deduct if less than 2 Vehicles

5. Traffic Type (Choose one)
  Commuter or tourist traffic
  Local neighborhood traffic

6. Local street conditions (Choose one)
  There are some dirt roads in the area
  Roads have potholes and/or broken pavement
  Roads are in good condition
  Roads do not have curb and gutter
                                 ECONOMIC DEMOGRAPHICS

 7. Local Business Factors (Choose one)
    Retail business and residential area
    Retail business area
    Residential area
    Office park
    Industrial area
    Less than desirable retail businesses (bars, pawn shops)

 8. Nearby Franchises
    Enter number of nearby franchise stores

 9. Economic Indicators (Choose one)
    Local community - high income
    Local community - medium income
    Local community - low income

                          OTHER DEMOGRAPHICS TO CONSIDER

10. Customer Access and Traffic Signals (Mark all that apply)
    Property has one curb cut used for both entrance and exit
    Property has one entrance and one exit
    Property is on divided street
    Property is on a corner lot
    Property has two entrances and two exits
    Traffic light or stop sign is within one block
    Traffic light or stop sign is more than one block

11. Site Visibility (Mark all that apply)
    Car Wash sign is visible from 500 feet in both directions
    Car Wash sign is visible from 300 feet in both directions
    Car Wash Building located behind another business
    Property is uphill or downhill from street
        12. Local Climate (Mark all that apply)
           Heavy seasonal snow
           Moderate seasonal snow
           Heavy seasonal rain
           Moderate seasonal rain
           Factory fallout or air pollution

        13. Local Car Wash Competitors
           Enter number of inbay automatic car washes within 1 mile radius

        14. Management (Mark all that apply)
           Attended daily
           Attended weekends only

                                                          Total site analysis points

Please note this analysis is for informational purposes only. The analysis only provides a reasonable -
estimate for a car wash site. Actual results could differ from those estimates used in the -
determination process. There may be additional factors which could impact the site either negatively or positively.
tems Site Analysis

       Mark (X) In The Suitable
                                  Assigned Points
             Box Below

                  x                      6

                  x                     -5

                  x                      1

                  x                      3

                  x                      8

                  x                      4
Mark (X) In The Suitable
                           Assigned Points
      Box Below

           x                     8

          10                     20

           x                     2
           x                     2

Mark (X) In The Suitable
                           Assigned Points
      Box Below

           x                     8
           x                     6

           x                     5
                Mark (X) In The Suitable
                                           Assigned Points
                      Box Below

                            x                    6

                            2                    -6

                            x                    2


                            Outstanding         80+
                              Excellent        70 - 80
                                  Good         60 - 70
                                   Low         50 - 60
                      Not Recommended       Less than 50

negatively or positively.

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