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									Name                Job Title                    Organisation                      Industry                     Experience in Madagascar
Brian Moyo          Director                     Diaspora Networking Ltd           Business & Tourism           N/a

                    Head, Southern Africa                                                                       Madagascar falls within the area
                    Section, Africa Department                                                                  of Southern Africa I cover from a
John L Smith        (Southern)                   Foreign and Commonwealth Office   Inter-governmental relations government policy perspective.

Nick Charles        Sales Director               Pathfinder Business               Media                        geographical focus on the region.
Julian Hardinge     Managing Director            Mallory International             Private                      -
                                                                                                                Managed an NGO in Fort Dauphin
                                                                                                                for 4 years and remain a trustee
Sophie Hardinge     Export Marketing Manager     Mallory International             Private                      for the charity.
James Buchanan                                   Brookleigh Services Ltd
Andrew Kluckow                                   Meckow Ltd
Bryan Lemar                                      Bonatla Management Services Ltd
Patrick Orr                                      Raitt Orr Associates
Toby Orr                                         Portland PR
Douglas Chikohora                                Cluff Gold
Jonathan Lawley                                  SABF/WABA
Rebecca Palser                                   The Risk Advisory Group
Specific Interest

Political engagement.

Investment opportunities.
Book supply and delivery

Book supply and delivery

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