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									               THE UNIVERSITY OF
                 TEAS AT TYLER
                                                                                    VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

                                   PAT R IO T S T O
                                   PRO F ES SIO NA L S
                                   DECEMBER 2009

                                               WELCOME TO THE PATRIOTS TO PROFESSIONALS
                                                     CAREER SERVICES NEWSLETTER!

                                   The Office of Career Services provides guid-            MEET THE STAFF
WELCOME TO             1           ance, support and resources to students and
CAREER                             alumni in making career decisions, developing
SERVICES                           job search strategies and pursuing experimen-
                                   tal opportunities and employment.
MEET THE               1           Our services include:
                                            Career assessments and testing

                                            Career/occupational exploration
INTERN                 2
DIARIES                                     Career fairs and events
                                                                                       Garnesha Beck, Coordinator of Career
                                            Career resource library                    Services, directs all functions of the Office
                                                                                       of Career Services at the University of
PARENTS AS                                  Resume assistance                          Texas at Tyler. She manages employer
CAREER                                                                                 development to provide students and
COACHES                                     Interviewing skills                        alumni with career opportunities. Garne-
                                                                                       sha is a native of Shreveport, LA and has
                                            Job searching
                                                                                       a BS in accounting from Grambling Univer-
PATRIOT JOBS           3                                                               sity. She also has an MBA from the Univer-
                                            Networking opportunities
                                                                                       sity of Dallas.
                                            On-campus interviewing

CAREER                 3
LIBRARY                                            Spring 2009 Events

                                    February 17             Nursing and Health
FALL CAREER            4
                                                            Sciences CareerFair

                                    March                   Career Assessment
CAREER                 4
SERVICES IN                         March 18                Etiquette Dinner &          Amy Broaddus is the Career Advisor for
ROOM                                                        ―Mocktail‖ Networking       Career Services. Amy provides feedback
                                                            Party                       on career assessments and advises
                                                                                        students on career exploration, resume
                                    April                   Elevator Pitch/             and cover letter writing, interview prepa-
                                                                                        ration, career mentoring and job search-
                                                            Interviewing Skills         ing. She is also available to make pres-
                                                            Month                       entations on career development topics
                                                                                        to classes and student organizations.
                                    April 8                 Education Career Fair       Amy is a native of East Texas and has a
                                                                                        BA in business from Letourneau Univer-
                                    April 19 –23            Externship:                 sity with a background in human re-
                                                            Job Shadowing Week          sources.
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   Scott Good, a senior majoring in Human Resource Development from Longview, TX, was 1 of
   72 interns who participated in the NoLimits Internship Program in Summer 2009 for Southwest
   Airlines, University for People (U4P) in Dallas, TX. Scott shared the following about his experi-

   What are your career goals?

   I want to either be the director of human resources of training for a large customer service com-
   pany, own my own winery, or work in student affairs.

   Are you involved in any organizations on campus?

   I am a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the president of the Society for Human Resource
   Management on campus.

   What projects did you work on during your internship?

   I was given many tasks at work that required me to ―step up‖ and do things that most students
   did not have the opportunity to do. I worked closely with an Instructional Designer, a person
   that who writes training manual, to finish a year-long project by getting it organized, printed,
   bound, and integrated into the classroom in the U4P, and I developed some of the participant
   packets for leadership training. I had my own project in which I revised the Time Management
   Techniques (Online!) for Microsoft Outlook 2007 training module. In addition, I worked a desk
   in the University, answering phones, e-mails, and helping internal customers. I also assisted in
   planning for a department-wide service event called TakeOff.

   What was your biggest challenge during your internship?

   My biggest challenge was making the jump from being a student to being a professional. Every-
   one was so organized. The team already functioned really well. As a newcomer, I had to be hard
   worker and learn how to be on the same level as everyone else. They expect their interns to be
   an essential part of the team while there, and you have to pull your weight. For the first month,
   you fly by the seat of your pants, then it becomes routine and you feel more comfortable. It's a
   great time, and I worked very hard!

   How did Career Services help assist you with your internship?

   I already had a draft of my resume. When I took it to Career Services, they helped me customize
   my resume to highlight skills needed for the internship. Career Services also helped me create
   a cover letter. My resume was actually complimented by the Intern Coordinator at Southwest.
   He said it was one of the best he had ever seen. I didn't complete a formal mock interview, but
   I was coached on how to answer behavior-based questions, which helped a ton in the interview.
   The coaching made me comfortable and more confident about what was expected of me in the
   interviewing process. I really don’t think that I would have gotten the job if it hadn't been for the
   coaching I received in Career Services.

   What advice to you have for students searching for internships?

   Don't be afraid to apply. I did not know a single person at Southwest, but I took a chance and
   applied anyway. I encourage students to go into it with confidence and excitement, stalk career
   pages of your favorite companies and make it happen. Remember to use Career Services to
   help you prepare for the interview, to critique your resume and cover letter, and leads on intern-
     PATRIOTS TO PROFESSIONALS                                                                                   Page 3

                                                                                                         The Office of Career Services pro-
The semester break is a time when students are reunited with their families for celebration and re-      vides PatriotJobs as our online ca-
laxation. It is also a time for you and your student to reflect on the successes of the fall semester    reer management database. It is
and plan from the spring semester.                                                                       designed specifically for UT Tyler
                                                                                                         students and alumni to coordinate
The Career Services staff recognizes the impact parents have in the lives of their students. In regard   all aspects of recruiting.
to career planning, parents are usually their student’s first role model for a career and organically
serve as a career coach.                                                                                     Job Database—By logging into
                                                                                                             PatriotJobs, students/alumni
During the holiday break, here are some tips to assist you in your role as a career coach:                   have access to on campus
    1. Encourage your student to create an account or update their account in PatriotJobs.                   jobs, internships, externships
                                                                                                             along with part-time and full-
         PatriotJobs is our career management system in which students can search for jobs, cre-             time jobs that are posted by
         ate resumes and cover letters, practice interviewing skills and receive career services up-         local and regional employers.
                                                                                                             Resume and Cover Letter crea-
         PatriotJobs can be accessed through this website:                   tion—Using the resume builder,
         patriotjobs.html                                                                                    students/alumni can create a
                                                                                                             resume and cover letter. Patri-
    2. Give your student an interview suit as a holiday present.                                             otJobs walks you through each
         The first thing the employer sees when greeting a candidate is their attire; Applicants must        step. Once a resume/cover
         make every effort to have the proper dress to give them a competitive edge and a positive           letter is created, it will be re-
         first impression.                                                                                   viewed by the Career Services
         See examples of professional attire at:
                                                                                                             Interview Steam— To practice
    3. Encourage your student to complete an informational interview.                                        interviewing techniques, just
                                                                                                             log into PatriotJobs and click
         An informational interview is an informal conversation with someone working in an area of           the Interview Stream logo. Se-
         interest to you who will give you first hand information and advice. Students should NOT            lect interview questions and
         ask for a job, but use this as a networking and career development tool.                            use a webcam to record your
         Learn about informational interviews at:                            responses. The recorded inter-
                                                                                                             view session can be self as-
                                                                                                             sessed and/or emailed to Ca-
    4. Encourage your student to volunteer.                                                                  reer Services, an instructor or
                                                                                                             mentor to complete an assess-
         Employers are interested not just in a person's college degree, but also in what s/he has           ment of your interviewing skills.
         learned and done. Volunteer positions provide opportunities to demonstrate leadership
         ability, teamwork, time management, and other career-related skills will help your student          Networking— Any contact infor-
         prepare for the world of work.                                                                      mation that that Career Ser-
                                                                                                             vices has for an employer is
                                                                                                             placed in PatriotJobs. Stu-
Career Services provides an online Career Resource Library with current articles on the following            dents/alumni can use those
                                                                                                             contacts to network with em-
                                                                                                             ployers for job and internship
                                                                                                             leads and mentoring opportuni-
                                                       Applications, Letters and Resumes
                                                       Business Etiquette                                    RSVP for Career Services
                                                       Career Exploration/Planning                           has a built in calendar of
                                                                                                             events sponsored by Career
                                                       Career Advice for Diverse Populations                 Services (workshops, career
                                                                                                             fairs, employer information
                                                       Internships                                           tables/session, on campus
                                                                                                             recruiting). Students/alumni
                                                       Interviewing                                          can view details about these
                                                                                                             events and RSVP to participate.
                                                       Networking                                        To access PatriotJobs, go to
                                                       Salary/ Benefits                                  click on the PatriotJobs icon.
   VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                 Page 4


   The Office of Career Services held UT Tyler’s annual Fall Career Fair on Friday, October
   30th in the UCN Ballroom. 50 different employers were represented and 250 students
   and alumni attended. Students and alumni used this opportunity to establish perspective
   job opportunities, circulate their resumes and make new contacts. Students and employ-
   ers were both impressed with the fair. Michelle Anderson of Mercy Ships said, ―all stu-
   dents were very well dressed,‖ and Paige Ballow of Henderson, a senior accounting ma-
   jor, enjoyed the variety of employers present. Attendees expressed concerns about need-
   ing more space due to a successful turnout. Mary Fitzgerald, Director of Human Re-
   sources for Henderson I.S.D., liked the energy in the room, but said ―a larger room would
   have helped‖. The Career Services staff would like to thank the UT Tyler Chapters of Stu-   “The career fair was a good op-
   dents In Free Enterprise (SIFE) and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
   for assisting with marketing and volunteering at the career fair.                           portunity for me to find future
                                                                                               employers to follow up on. “
BRING CAREER SERVICES INTO YOUR CLASSROOM                                                      -Courtney Manus, senior ele-
                                                                                               mentary education major
   Career Services is available to make classroom presentations on a wide variety of ca-
   reer related topics including:
       Career choice                                                                                Enterprise Car Rental
       Job searching

       Resume/cover letter writing



       Proper business attire
   Presentations are tailored to student needs and their year in school, including graduate
   To schedule a Career Services presentation, please contact our Career Advisor, Amy
   Broaddus at 903-565-5581 or                                                         SPEA


                                                                                                  Dallas Police Department

          PHE 112               (903) 565-5862       

          UT Tyler Career Services          Patriots2Pros        Patriots To Professionals

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