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					                                                                                                                                                   1. Introduction


Letter from the Chairman and President & CEO
of ”la Caixa”

1. Introduction
   1.1 Facts and figures concerning the social impact of
       ”la Caixa” activities
   1.2 Living up to our commitments                                        Isidre Fainé                Joan Maria Nin
                                                                             Chairman                  President & CEO
   1.3 Corporate Governance at ”la Caixa”

2. Responsible financial services
   2.1 Financial inclusion                                          We are once again pleased to present this, the th Annual Corporate Responsibility Report,
   2.2 Market Leaders in solvency                                   in which we outline the foremost events and actions of the past year, terms of both financial
   2.3 Market Leaders in financing for individual and               and social activity of ”la Caixa” and its subsidiaries.
       corporate customers
   2.4 Sustainable financing                                        At a time of diminished economic growth, as has been the case in 2008, ”la Caixa” maintained
   2. Meeting customer’s needs                                     its commitment to Society and has intensified its lending activity through support for private
                                                                    individuals and businesses with loans approvals exceeding of EUR 176,100 million. ”la Caixa”
                                                                    has also made a firm commitment through MicroBank to the financial and social integration
3. Contribution to the welfare of Society
                                                                    of groups at risk of marginalization, by approving 22,10 loans totalling over EUR 147
   3.1 Contribution to the economy and job creation
                                                                    million. All the above has been achieved, while safeguarding the institution’s own high level
   3.2 Investment by ”la Caixa” in Obra Social - Welfare Projects
                                                                    of solvency with funds totalling EUR 1,619 million, which represent the basis for the trust
   3.3 Business Alliance for Child Vaccination                      our customers place in us.
   3.4 Innovation in financial services
   3. Customer, employee and supplier satisfaction                 Moreover, ”la Caixa” once again this year consolidates its place as the leading financial
   3.6 Commitment to the environment                                institution in full-time job creation in Spain, with over current 27,818 employees in the
   3.7 A great place to work                                        ”la Caixa” Group. The younger sector of society have comprised the most significant
   3.8 Organisational participation and transfer of knowledge       portion of the growth area among workforce as a result of the continued expansion of
                                                                    the branch network throughout Spain, creating stable employment in sparsely populated
4. Glossary                                                         regions. Furthermore, through the Incorpora Programme of Obra Social, its Welfare
                                                                    Projects, ”la Caixa” has given employment to ,99 people from specific social groups who
5. Summary of Indicators                                            would normally encounter difficulty entering the job market, such as victims of domestic
                                                                    violence and people with disabilities.
6. Verification Report
                                                                    Another of the principal foundation stones of responsible action for ”la Caixa” is our
                                                                    contribution to setting up new companies, pledging a firm commitment to entrepreneurs and
                                                                    innovators. In order to do this, the institution operates the EmprendedorXXI Programme,
                                                                    which fosters the development of new business initiatives and together with advisors from
                                                                    Caixa Capital Risc, have provided financing for a total of 61 projects.

                                                                        Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   
1. Introduction

Our efforts have been focused on meeting the expectations of our 10.7 million customers
through the provision of service excellence, one of the most important objectives for our

Outside the financial domain, ”la Caixa” also makes a substantial contribution to society
through its Welfare Projects. In 2008, EUR 00 million was allocated for social, educational,
cultural, environmental and scientific programmes, enabling us to become the leading
private Spanish financial institution in this area and 2,109 employees have taken part in
the corporate volunteer programme.

Also part of the framework of social initiatives is the collaboration between ”la Caixa” and the
GAVI Alliance. Through the contribution of more than EUR 4 million via Welfare Projects, we
work together toward achieving the key millennium development child healthcare objective:
to reduce infant mortality rates by two thirds by 201 through a campaign for adequate
vaccination. Besides this contribution, ”la Caixa” also fostered the Business Alliance for Child
Vaccination which provides Spanish companies who wished to participate in the initiative
with the necessary means to do so. Since its inception, 93 companies from all over Spain
have collaborated in the initiative.

The Institution signed up to the Equator Principles in 2007, and our environmental
management policy adheres to the established guidelines in terms of respect for the                Introduction
environment. Furthermore, ”la Caixa” continues to pledge its commitment to environmental
maintenance, incorporating this into its business activities. Through support for several          1.1 Facts and figures concerning the social impact of
initiatives within the Welfare Projects framework, like the Natural Park Preservation and              ”la Caixa” activities
Social Re-integration initiative, which, through occupational re-integration of individuals at     1.2 Living up to our commitments
risk of social exclusion, strives to protect natural spaces around Spain.                          1.3 Corporate Governance at ”la Caixa”

This report, verified by external auditors Deloitte, adheres to the directives established
under the Global Reporting Initiative, at its highest possible level (A+), and abides by the
principles established under the United Nations Global Compact. The contents, incorporating
recommendations from independent experts, have been prepared by way of a consultation
process in accordance with the principles outlined in directive AA1000.

This report summarizes the commitment of ”la Caixa” to its customers, its employees
and society and aims to reflect the Institution’s performance in responsible management.
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have placed their trust
in ”la Caixa” and we hope that the information contained in the Report furnishes the reader
with a greater understanding, if possible, of the day-to-day workings of our Institution.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   6