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					                         December 7, 2010

Harvard University Costing Changes

        Import Costing
                                                                                                        Costing Changes

         A                B                     C   D         E            F              G                         H                         J                  K                 M         N         O        P

                    Insert Row

                                                                                                                                                                                          Turn Salary


                                                                                                                                                                                           Increase                   Select

                    Delete Row
                                                                                                                                                                                          W indow On                 Earnings
                       Sort                                                                                                                                                                                            Code

                  Unprotect Sheet
                                                          Pay Period                  Employee                                                                                                       Fiscal
1                       Name              Emplid    Rcd     Rate       Annual Rate   Classification Employee Classification Description   Department   Department Description             Eff Date   Year     Dept

     d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls                                                              12/7/2010                                                                                          Page 2
                                                                                                       Costing Changes

    Q       R    S      T       U       V       W       X       Y          Z       AB   AC    AD     AE        AF        AG    AH      AI      AJ      AK

                            Validate Costing

  Earnings            Object                    Sub-                              Earnings          Object                     Sub-           Code
1  Code Tub     Org   Code     Fund   Activity Activity Root Distrb %              Code Tub   Org   Code      Fund   Activity Activity Root   Status Distrb %

   d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls                                                                  12/7/2010                                          Page 3
                                    Costing Changes Reference Tables

                                            File                                             Template
          Import File Layout               Column       Template Destination Layout           Column
                 Name                         1                     Name                         2
             Employee ID                      2                     Emplid                       3
         Employee Record #                    3                      Rcd                         4
              Comprate                        4                Pay Period Rate                   5
             Annual Rate                      5                  Annual Rate                     6
        Employee Classification               6             Employee Classification              7
   Employee Classification Description        7        Employee Classification Description       8
           Employee Status                    8                Employee Status                   9
             Department                       9                  Department                     10
        Department Description               10             Department Description              11
               Paygroup                      11                   Paygroup                      12
              Fiscal Year                    12                  Fiscal Year                    27
            Earnings Code                    13                 Earnings Code                   28
                  Tub                        14                      Tub                        29
                  Org                        15                      Org                        30
             Object Code                     16                  Object Code                    31
                 Fund                        17                      Fund                       32
                Activity                     18                    Activity                     33
             Sub-Activity                    19                  Sub-Activity                   34
                 Root                        20                      Root                       35
          Acct Code Status                   21               Acct Code Status                  36
               Distrb %                      22                    Distrb %                     37

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls          12/7/2010                                          Page 4
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 5
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 6
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

                                       Sort Columns
    B                    peoplesoft    (None)
    C                                  Name
    D                                  Emplid
    E                                  Employee Classification
    F                                  Department
    G                                  Earnings Code
    H                                  Tub
    I                                  Org
    J                                  Object Code
    K                                  Fund
    L                                  Activity
   AA                                  Sub-Activity
   AB                                  Root

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 7
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 8
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 9
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

Costing Validation Result

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 10
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 11
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 12
                                   Costing Changes Reference Tables

 Codes                     Descr
34S        Summer School
ADC        Addtl comp for conversion only
ADH        Acting Dept Head
ADP        Adoption Ben
ADS        Advising
ADV        Advance
B4F        Ben Dist 4 Fac
B4H        Ben Dist 4 Hrly
B4S        Ben Dist 4 Supp
B4T        Ben Dist 4 Staff
BEX        Bonus Expected
BIL        Bonus in Lieu of Increase
BNS        Bonus
BPE        Bonus Project Expected
BPU        Bonus Project Unexpected
BPV        Bonus Performance/ Variable
BRT        Bonus Retention
BSN        Bonus Sign On
BUN        Bonus Unexpected/Spot
CAR        Car Allowance
CCF        ChildCare Fellowship
CLI        Clinic Pay Consulting
CLO        Clothing Allowance
COM        Commission
CON        Consulting
COV        Imp. Personal Use Co Vehicle
CSV        Committee Service
D20        Double Pay for Police Only
DBH        Pen Death Ben Hrly
DBS        Pen Death Ben Staff
DCE        Continuing Ed
DEV        Course Development
DTL        Flat Detail Pay
EDF        Educ Fund Subsidy
EDT        Editing
FEL        Fellowship
FIT        Fitness Subsidy
FLB        FLSA Use only - Bonus in Lieu
FMS        Mortgage Subsidy
FNR        Fellowship Non Resident Alien
GCC        Gift Cert Csh
GNT        Gift Nn Tax
GTL        Imp. Life Insurance
GTX        Gift Taxable
HIP        Health Insurance Payment
HMA        House Master Allowance
HOL        Holiday Pay
HON        Honorarium

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls      12/7/2010               Page 13
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

HOR        Holiday Regular Pay
HOU        Housing Allowance
IMP        Imputed Income MIsc.
IRH        Pen Int Rollover G Hourly
IRS        Pen Int RO Staff G
L65        Long Term Dis 65
LC6        LTD COLA 65
LCO        LTD COLA 73
LCT        Lecturing
LFC        LTD COLA Free
LNF        Loan Forgiveness
LSP        Leave Supplement
LTD        Long Term Disability 73
LTF        Long Term Disability Free
MIL        Personal Mileage
MMN        Meal Money
MOV        Qual Mov pd to EE
MRL        Imp. Mortgage Related Loans
MV3        Nn-qual moving to 3P
MVI        Qual Move pd to 3P
MVN        Nn-qual Mov to ee
NML        Imp.Non Mortgage Related Loans
NPA        Non-Pensionable Addl Comp
NPD        Non-Paid Earnings
NPP        Non Pen for conversion only
NRP        No Reported Schedule
OCH        On Call Hours
OSD        Overseas Differential
OTP        Overtime
OTR        Overtime Payment Retro-IDMS
OTS        Overtime at Straight Rate
P2F        Pen Dist 2 Fac
P2H        Pen Dist 2 Hourly
P2S        Pen Dist 2 Supp
P2T        Pen Dist 2 Staff
PCH        Pen Contrib Hrly
PCS        Pen Contrib Staff
PEN        Pension Earn
PER        Personal Day
PHR        Pen Earn Hour
PIH        Pen Int Hrly
PIT        Pen Interest Staff
PLP        Payment in Lieu of Pension
PPK        Paid Parking Imputed
PRE        Presentation
PRH        Pen Int Rollover H Hourly
PRS        Pen Int Rollover H Staff
PSP        Pen Earn Supp
PST        Pen Earn Staf
PSV        Professional Services
PTL        Pay Transition Advance
QDI        QDP Dent Imp

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 14
                                  Costing Changes Reference Tables

QMI        QDP Med Imp
RDG        Reading
REG        Regular
RES        Research
RET        Retro Pay
RGF        Rollover G Fac
RGH        Rollover G Hrly
RGS        Rollover G Supp
RGT        Rollover G Staff
RHF        Rollover H Fac
RHH        Rollover H Hrly
RHS        Rollover H Supp
RHT        Rollover H Staff
RTO        Retro Overtime
SAN        Special Agreement Non Pension
SAP        Special AgreementPensionable
SCK        Sick Pay
SEV        Severance Pay
SHD        Shift Differential
SMR        Summer Salary
SNP        Short Notice Pay
SPR        Salaried Personal Day
SRG        Student Regular Pay
SSK        Salaried Sick Pay
ST6        STD 60% Payment
ST7        STD 70% Payment
STD        STD Payment
SVC        Salaried Vacation Pay
TAJ        Temp Addl Job
TAP        Tuition Assistance Program
TAS        Transition Assistance
TCH        Teaching
TRA        Travel Arrangements
TUT        Tutoring
VAC        Vacation Pay
VAO        Vac Payout
VCD        Vac Payout Deceased
WCN        Workers Comp Non-Taxbl
WCT        Workers Comp
WHO        Holiday Work
WRI        Writing
WS1        WS Comm Svc 10
WS2        WS Comm Svc 25
WS5        WS Comm Svc Sum 25
WSA        WS America Reads
WSC        WS Comm Svc Sum 10
WSN        WS Non-Profit
WSP        WS for Profit
WSR        WS America Reads Summer
WSS        WS Summer
WST        WS Harvard On Campus

d70797c7-a862-4468-ad5f-41a986057d2f.xls     12/7/2010               Page 15

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