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									Washington State Department of Personnel
Class Specification



Within a division of the Office of Insurance Commissioner, performs senior-level paraprofessional
work. Researches, examines, and evaluates Viatical Settlement Broker, Limited Surplus Lines
Broker, General and Managing General Agent and Premium Finance Company insurance
applications; OR rate or contract filings, financial statements, consumer complaints, or health
insurance issues. May act as lead worker for lower level Insurance Technicians.

Typical Work:

Researches, analyzes, evaluates and answers complex applications, filings and complaints regarding
insurance matters;

Provides authoritative information and assistance regarding applicable statutes to consumers and
business communities both in person and by telephone;

As lead, trains lower level insurance technicians;

Composes detailed letters and calls applicants, insurance companies, state departments in
Washington and other states, explains complex insurance rules, regulations and procedures,
answers questions and resolves problems involving insurance structure and name changes, and
makes recommendations regarding what actions they may need to take to comply with insurance

Audits compliance with continuing education regulations;

Researches and reviews complex issues in applications, filings and complaints such as reciprocity
information for foreign corporations, viatical settlement brokers, etc.,

Authorizes the issuance of company appointment and affiliation certificate, calculates penal amounts
on corporate brokers and surplus lines bonds, and maintains records of active and inactive bonds;

Performs other work as required.
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Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of: insurance statutes and regulations, insurance requirements and procedures,
principles of insurance ratings, firm and corporate requirements (domestic and foreign), written
reciprocal agreements with other states, office practices, correspondence preparation, departmental

Ability to: effectively communicate and deal with the public and solve problems, especially in
stressful situations, supervise employees, answer specific questions relating to insurance
procedures, RCWs, WACs, etc., accept responsibility for a variety of activities without constant
direction and supervision, maintain courteous attitude toward public, fellow employees and
representatives of other agencies, write and speak clearly and effectively, analyze legal documents
and make independent determinations, act in the absence of the supervisor, type at occupational
levels of speed and accuracy.

Legal Requirement(s):

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is
the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each

Desirable Qualifications:

One year as an Insurance Technician 2


Two years as an Insurance Technician 1.

Equivalent education/experience.

Class Specification History:
New class: 11-15-91
Revise definition, minimum qualifications, title change (formerly Insurance Licensing Assistant
Manager), general revision: 10-11-96
Revised definition: 1-14-2000
New class code: (formerly 14155) effective July 1, 2007
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