Joining the Network Sample letter of Commitment President David by ryandenney


									                     Joining the Network: Sample letter of Commitment

President David Arnold, Chair
Ma’an Arab University Alliance Steering Committee
c/o The Gerhart Center
The American University in Cairo
P.O. Box 74
New Cairo 11835

Dear President Arnold,

I am pleased to confirm my interest in joining the Ma’an Arab University Alliance for Civic
Engagement, and in signing the Talloires Declaration on the Civic Roles and Social
Responsibilities of Higher Education.

This letter confirms both my personal and our institutional commitment to expand and strengthen
[Name of University]’s civic engagement and social responsibility work through teaching,
learning, research, and service. Furthermore, this letter recognizes our institution’s promise to
share information on our civic engagement activities with the membership of the network. To
facilitate this, I have appointed [Name] to be our university’s Ma’an Alliance institutional
liaison. His/her contact information is as follows:

[Name, position, telephone number, email address]

I look forward to joining with other members of both the Ma’an Alliance and the Talloires
Network in this regional and international movement to promote civic and social responsibility
in higher education.

Sincerely Yours,

The letter is addressed to David Arnold, President of the American University in Cairo and Chair
of the Ma’an Arab University Alliance for Civic Engagement

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