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					                   Mechatronics TOOL & SUPPLY LIST
     You should discuss tool purchases with the instructor
             before purchasing tools & books!
                     Denis Green 541 917 4942

                                                      Electrical Tools
Safety glasses with side shields
(clear lenses only)                                   Hand magnifying glass
Leather gloves
Safety shoes (sturdy leather shoes)                   Fluke 179 (no substitutions, educational
Small head lamp                                       pricing available for all Fluke products)
Ear protection (disposable plugs)                     Fluke I-200 Clamp-on ammeter
                                                      Clip-on alligator clips for Fluke 179
Hand Tools                                            2 each of fuses for Fluke 179
                                                      5 X 5-Amp in-line fuses *
Tool tote or tool box                                 * usually found in electronics or automotive
Screwdriver set (electrically insulated.              stores
Large, medium, small slot and Philips)
Small 4-5 inch multi screw driver                     Fluke product available at an educational
10” & 6” Adjustable crescent wrench                   discount through the program
5.5” Needle nose pliers
9" lineman pliers
7 " diagonal cutter                                   Cost: $500 to $800 depending on how many
Wire stripper/crimper (good quality)                  tools you already own. If cost is a problem
Fuse puller (Large and small cartridge)               please contact me, we have some
Hex key set (9 blade standard)                        temporary loaner equipment.
Small channel locks
Small ball peen hammer
Chisel and punch set
3” fiberglass caliper (General #141me)

                                           School Supplies

3 x 3-ring binders                                    2 pencils
3 packages of 3-ring filler paper                     3 pens
1 set of index dividers                               1 x 2 gig flash drive

                                    TEXTS AND WORKBOOKS

                    See each individual syllabus. About $450 for the two years

                                           TUITION COSTS

       Check with registration or financial aid for current per credit prices and course fees.
                              Certification Fees
                          if the student takes the
                             refrigeration focus

EPA Certification (required) Section 608 of the Clean Air Act of 1990 mandates
that all technicians working on refrigeration systems must be certified. The
testing fee is $35.00. The test booklet cost is $10.

Refrigerant Brazing Certification (required) Oregon State requires that all
persons brazing to assemble or repair RHVAC systems be certified. The testing
is free for registered students, though there is a course fee.

R410A Safety Training and Certification (optional R410A is a new refrigerant
with special characteristics that requires safe handling and installation. This
certification testing costs $20.

All testing fees and related books are provided at cost.

Costs can change suddenly in these troubled times but we try to keep current.