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					                       Personal Camping Kit List
The following list of camping items is a suggestion only. Certain articles are more useful
depending on the weather and the season. Use common sense when choosing what items
to bring or not to bring! If you can think of something that you think should be added to
the list please let us know.

Clothing                                            •   Toothbrush, tooth paste, face cloth
•   Scout Necker and hat                                soap and comb
•   T-shirts                                        •   Deodorant (non-aerosol)
•   Long sleeved shirt                              •   T.P. (toilet paper)
•   Long Pants (avoid blue jeans)                   •   MEDICATION!!! Please advise
•   Shorts or swimsuit                                  scouters.
•   Underwear
•   Heavy Sweater                                   Camping and Mess Gear
•   Nylon Jacket                                    •   Sleeping Bag
•   Extra wool socks                                •   Air mattress or foam pad
•   Sleepwear                                       •   Personal first aid kit – survival kit
•   hiking boots – proper shoes for                 •   Mesh bag for drying and storing
    activities                                          dishes
•   Rainwear (cheap CTC poncho is                   •   Plastic cup, plate & bowl
    ideal)                                          •   Knife, fork and spoon
•   Plastic Bags for packing, storing               •   Plastic water bottle
    clothes in packsack                             •   Pocket/folding knife only
•   Appropriate cold weather gear                   •   Flashlight (spare set of batteries)
                                                    •   Sunglasses (100% UV protection)
Personal Supplies                                   •   Notebook and pencil
•   Protection for chapped lips                     •   Camera and film (optional)
    (lipscreen)                                     •   Whistle (optional)
•   Sunburn protection (sun screen with
    high UV#)
•   Insect repellant (non-aerosol)

Reusable drink container/ water bottle!

Packsack or frame rucksack. Packs should fit well and be capable of carrying personal
gear and a fair share of Troop gear.

Emergency phone to the camp will be provided; pleast ask one of the Leaders!