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					                                          Winter Xtreme 2010
                                                  INFO SHEET

      Departure: Monday, December 27, at 9:30 AM

      Permission/Medical Release form and Trip Rules and Guidelines must be completed
       and turned in before going on the trip.

      We are staying at the Glenstone Lodge hotel in Gatlinburg. The phone # is 865-436-9361.

      Return: Wednesday, December 29, around 4:30 PM
     What to bring:
        Money for food & snacks (see food schedule below)
        Shopping money for Xtreme/band merchandise is optional (please only spend money on
           merchandise if you have plenty enough for food first).
        Clothes for Monday - Wednesday (may want to bring Xtras)
        Swimming clothes:
            -Boys=swimming shorts
            -Girls=one piece bathing suits (no two pieces)
        Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste/brush, etc.)
        Although we do allow mp3 players, iPods, cell phones, and portable game systems on
           the trip, they must be put away during general sessions, and we are not responsible if
           lost or stolen.
        Bring Bible, notebook, pen
        Pack a Brodhead shirt if you have one!

                  **Go to for more info on the conference**

                                                 Food schedule
                       (check out www.glenstonelodge/resaurant for menu and buffet info)
            Monday                                   Tuesday                               Wednesday
              Eat before we meet            Fast food, hotel, or donuts             Fast food, hotel, or donuts
Breakfast                                     (hotel buffet: $6.95 + tax)             (hotel buffet: $6.95 + tax)
                   Fast food
 Lunch                                 Fast food or pizza on us! (free 4 u)           Meal on us! (free 4 u)
                   Fast food
 Supper                                              Fast food                       Eat when you get home

          NOTE: We will be providing at least two meals from our Youth Fund. You will need money for
          the 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, and 1 Supper (it is late when we get out of the night conferences so you
          may also consider snacks or a “4th meal”). All of these will consist of fast food, or sit-down
          restaurants nearby, depending on personal preference and personal funds. I suggest around $40 for
          food money.

              In case of an emergency or something urgent, you may call 606-386-0228 (Jon’s cell)

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