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Alessi Pots&Pans Series Jasper Morrison has a well-established international reputation as a designer
with an ability to extend skill and composure of form across a broad range of products and materials.
He served as the Editor of the Design Year Book in 1999, showing his range and design expertise,
which is typically noted as wit and elegance that revitalize rationalist design. In fact, the design critic,
Charles Arthur Boyer, described Morrison’s work as the production of “…everyday objects for
everyone's use, making things lighter not heavier, softer not harder, inclusive rather than exclusive,
and always generating energy light and space". With the Pots&Pans collection, Jasper has tackled the
difficult theme of Potness creating a small masterpiece of Super and Popular design. Designed by:
Jasper Morrison Features: -Set includes: -One casserole with two handles and lid. -One low casserole
with two handles and lid. -One low casserole with long handle and lid. -One stockpot and lid. -Optional
serving set. -Pots and pans are crafted of 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel. -Stainless
steel-covered aluminum base for even heat distribution. -Suitable for cooking on induction, gas, electric
and pyroceram plates. -Dishwasher safe and can also be used inside the oven. -Flared lips for
drip-free pouring. -Graduated internal scale for measuring volume directly in the pan. -Large internal
base radius for easy cooking and cleaning. -Heavy lid for controlling evaporation during cooking.
-Serving set consists of a wooden spatula, wooden spoon, and a wooden risotto serving spoon.
-Serving set is great for lifting hot lids. Order with Confidence: -Should you discover shortly after
receiving your Pots&Pans Pot Set that parts are either damaged or missing, please call us
immediately, and we will be happy to send you replacement parts as soon as possible and at no
additional cost. -No sales tax, except on orders shipped to Massachusetts.

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