4-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Blue Two Tone Cookware Set by fobdevper


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The 4-Piece Classic Enamel Cast Iron Blue Two Tone Cookware Set is evenly conduct and retain heat
while withstanding the rigors of daily use. The porcelain enamel interior finish requires no seasoning
and resists scratches and chips. It goes easily from oven to table for beautiful presentation. High
quality porcelain enamel coating is impermeable to odors and stains. Heavy duty cast iron
construction for great cooking and a century of use. No seasoning require. Safe on all cook tops and
in the oven to 475 degrees F. Enamel Cast Iron knob. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the
cookware's original appearance. The flat bottoms are enameled as the blue two tone exterior. Square
Grill Pan: Cut the fat, retain the flavor. Ribbed base separates the fat from the food allowing for
healthier cooking and sears food evenly with characteristic char lines. Durable cast iron.
Specifications: 2 3/4-Qt. Round Rutch Oven: Diameter 8 1/2" x Depth 4". 11-Inch Round Skillet :
Length19"(INCLUDE the handle)x Diameter 11"x Depth 2 1/4". 9 1/2-Inch Square Grill Pan :
Length14"(INCLUDE the handle)x Width 9 1/2"x Depth 1 1/2" Product Features: Enamel Cast Iron
Exterior: Enameled Blue Two Tone Interior: Enameled Beige

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