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									  CITY CURRENTS

  VOLUME XXI • ISSUE 36                                                                                                      MAY 21–27, 2007

                                                    San Francisco Consular Corps attends
                                                    reception for international students

                             Photo by Joyce Benna

           DR. NATALIE BERG
                                                                                                                                   Photo by Tanisha Higgins

Natalie Berg on                                     Susana Sacoto Norheim (right), President of the Ladies of the San Francisco Consular Corps,
                                                    presented a $3,000 check for international student scholarships to Joanne Low (second from

‘Most Influential                                    right), Dean, International Education and ESL, while Dr. Philip R. Day (left), Chancellor, and
                                                    Dr. Anita Grier, President of the CCSF Board of Trustees, look on. Not pictured are Board of
                                                    Trustees Vice President Julio Ramos and CCSF Trustees Dr. Natalie Berg, Milton Marks and
Women’ list for                                     Lawrence Wong. The presentation was made at a special reception May 15 in the Educated
                                                    Palate at the Downtown Campus. The organization raised the money at an event last
third year in row                                   December at CCSF’s Ocean Campus. Norheim is the wife of Are-Jostein Norheim, Consul
                                                    General of Norway. Other countries represented included Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Greece,
For the third consecutive year, Dr.                 India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Peru, The Philippines, Portugal, Switzerland,
                                                    Venezuela, Vietnam and The United Kingdom.
Natalie Berg has been named by the San
Francisco Business Times as one of the Bay
Area’s Most Influential Women in
Business. She is Regional Vice President
of Forest City Development, a national
owner and developer of real estate. Dr.
Berg has served on the City College of
San Francisco Board of Trustees since
1996 and was a CCSF faculty member
and administrator for 30 years prior to
joining the Board. Dr. Berg’s selection
was published April 13, 2007 in a special
supplement to the Business Times. She
also serves on the policy advisory board                                                                                           Photo by Tanisha Higgins
of the Fisher Center for Real Estate at UC          Also attending the special reception May 15 at the Educated Palate were many international
Berkeley and the board of Jewish                    students in addition to Jill Heffron of Study Abroad; Louise Louie and Michelle Zimmerman
Vocation Services.                                  of the Intensive English Program; Natasha Maresca of International Student Services; and
                                                    Joanne Low, Dean, School of International Education and ESL.
                                                     Academic Senate elects officers
   City Currents is published weekly during the      The newly elected Officers of the Academic Senate are:
   Fall and Spring semesters by the Marketing
  and Public Information Office of City College       • Lisa Romano, President;
   of San Francisco. It is distributed free to all
                                                     • David Yee, 1st Vice President;
  faculty, classified and administrators through
    the regular campus mail system. It is also       • Hal Huntsman, 2nd Vice President;
       available on the College’s website at
                                                     • Melinda Weil, Secretary.

         Communication Committee
        Advisory Board to City Currents
   Beth Cataldo • Arthur Curtis • Attila Gabor
                                                     Classified Senate elects officers
       Mamie How • Joe Jah • Donald Lind             The newly elected Officers and Senators for the Classified Senate are:
          Martha Lucey • Andrea Niosi
        Francine Podenski • Athena Steff             • Attila Gabor, President;
          External Advisory Committee
                                                     • Jo Anne Bilodeau, 1st Vice President;
  to Office of Marketing and Public Information       • Doug Re, 2nd Vice President;
  Joyce Aldana • Lorene Berlin • Sonny Chong         • Dana Galloway, Secretary;
     Belva Davis • David Gin • Greg Giusso
       Glenn Gullmes • Paul Kozakiewicz              • Evelyn Tavisora, Treasurer;
  Lorraine Mallare • Cherie M. Querol Moreno         • Susan Baker, Parliamentarian.
         Mary Ratcliff • Sandra Thomas
                                                     • Rose Vela, Athena Steff, Francisco (Chico) Gonzalez, Rita Grove, Rose Casserly,
        MARKETING AND PUBLIC                         Juanita Gray, Regena Lemon, Marie Finnegan, Donna Soon-Chan, Carlita Martinez,
         INFORMATION OFFICE                          Pablo Hernandez, Jill Kersey, Senators. Since Attila Gabor was elected President,
                 Martha Lucey                        Eriberto (Kim) Nacion will be appointed to serve out the remaining one year of Gabor’s
     Dean of Marketing & Public Information          term as Senator.
        Executive Editor of City Currents
Stephen Kech, Editor of City Currents, Public
Relations Officer; Maria Hyman, Senior Clerk
Typist; Martin Kazinski, Graphic Artist;
                                                     Classified retirees for 2006–2007
Monica Davey, Photographer; Elizabeth Skow,          The following members of the Classified Staff of City College of San Francisco have
Student Intern.                                      announced that they intend to retire. The listing includes the department where they
       City Currents welcomes submissions            work and their dates of service.
       from all members of the City College
          of San Francisco Community.
                                                     • Artis Christian, ITS, 1/4/78–1/5/07;
                                                     • Barbara Hendry, Admissions and Records, 6/16/97–6/30/07;
     Please note that the deadline is 10 AM
    Monday one week prior to the issue date.         • Eileen MacEvilly, John Adams Campus, 4/4/84–6/30/07;
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       Ocean Campus Mail: Box S194
          Email:                                     CCSF 2007 Graduation
                                                                   Saturday, May 26, 11 A.M.
                                                     Nob Hill Masonic Center, 1111 California Street, San Francisco, California

              BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
             Dr. Anita Grier, PRESIDENT
        Julio J. Ramos, Esq., VICE PRESIDENT
         Dr. Natalie Berg • Milton Marks
                                                        Announcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 6              Vice Chancellor
            John Rizzo • Rodel E. Rodis                 Menus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6    Institutional Advancement . . . . 7–8
                Lawrence Wong, Esq.                                                                                     Want Ad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
          Derick Brown, STUDENT TRUSTEE
                                                        Recognition of Achievement . . . . 3–6
         Dr. Philip R. Day, Jr., CHANCELLOR

CITY CURRENTS                                                                      2                                                                         May 21–27, 2007
                             RECOGNITION OF ACHIEVEMENT

                                                                                                  Two Music Faculty
                                                                                                  to leave CCSF
                                                                                                  Dr. William Grothkopp, Jr. and Richard
                                                                                                  Fenner both conducted farewell concerts
                                                                                                  recently involving large, enthusiastic
                                                                                                  groups of students, colleagues, friends,
                                                                                                  family and general audience members.
                                                                                                  In addition to 43 years at CCSF, Bill
                                                                                                  Grothkopp’s career also included 12 years
                                                                                                  at Modesto Jr. College, adding up to 55
                                                                                                  years instructing and inspiring commu-
                                                                                                  nity college students! His conducting of
                                                                                                  the CCSF Community Choir with
                                                                                                  Orchestra in a performance of Mozart’s
Horticulture scholarships totalled over $11,000 this year, not including scholarships won by
                                                                                                  “Requiem” on May 6th at Trinity
floristry students, valued at over $12,000. The individuals pictured are: (front row) instructor
Gus Broucaret, students Daddy Grogg, Jon Silverman, John Phillip, Zen Baltero-Escobar,
                                                                                                  Episcopal Church was yet another exam-
Steven Kerns and Kori Dean; (back row) instructor Malcolm Hillan, students Shain Herbert,         ple of why students gave him a plaque
Seth Gold, Jennifer Walton and Jennifer Billik.                                                   pronouncing him “The Best Choir
                                                                                                  Director in the World.”
                                                                                                  The baton will now be passed to faculty
                                                                                                  member Joshua Law, who has announced
                                                                                                  that next semester’s works for the evening
                                                                                                  choir will be Vivaldi’s “Gloria” and Bach’s
                                                                                                  cantata “Wachet Auf.”
                                                                                                  Richard Fenner’s Orchestra concert on
                                                                                                  May 11 was also an occasion for standing
                                                                                                  ovations. Despite having to perform in a
                                                                                                  room so small that some players had to
                                                                                                  be in the back hallway, the music was
                                                                                                  presented with great elegance and sophis-
                                                                                                  tication. A real crowd-pleaser was a little
                                                                                                  known work by composer Percy Grainger
Zenaida Baltero-Escobar, center, is surrounded by members of the Forest Hill Garden Club          for piano and strings with Music
which funded the Forest Hill Garden Club Horticulture Scholarship for $465.
                                                                                                  Department head, Madeline Mueller, as
                                                                                                  soloist. But it was a special presentation
                                                                                                  of a Bach Cantata movement featuring
                                                                                                  Mr. Fenner and next semester’s orchestra
                                                                                                  conductor, faculty member Anthony
                                                                                                  Blea, playing cello and violin, respective-
                                                                                                  ly, that will be always remembered for
                                                                                                  beauty unparalleled — and again the
                                                                                                  baton was passed.
                                                                                                  Appreciation proclamations and gifts
                                                                                                  from the College were presented at both
                                                                                                  concerts. We hope that Bill and Richard
                                                                                                  will be able to return for guest perfor-
                                                                                                  mances in facilities worthy of them: the
Instructor Malcolm Hillan (left) is pictured with the recipients of the Garden Study Club of      new CCSF performing halls to open in
the Peninsula Scholarships, $1,000 each. Left to right are Shain Herbert, Jennifer Walton and     2010.
Danny Grogg.

CITY CURRENTS                                                           3                                                  May 21–27, 2007
                           RECOGNITION OF ACHIEVEMENT

World Music Showcase Concert V
It took 30 student volunteers to
convert the Cafeteria to a concert
hall for the World Music Showcase
Concert V. The stage was supplied
by Theatre Arts Department, the
lights and sound equipment and
support from Joshua Law and Ben
Lim. Cajun music, Latin American
music, Chinese music as well as
Pilipino music and dance were per-
formed to a full house on April 28th
The special arrangement of the
stage at the corner of the hall had
allowed the sound support to work
ideally in a hall that challenges
many experts in sound enforce-                        The Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble performed several native dances from the Philippines.
ment. Thanks to Joshua Law's excel-
lent sound equipment as well as
sound management skills.
With the international flags on dis-
play hanging from the ceiling, the
beautiful environment speaks loud-
ly of CCSF and especially of World
Music Club and the Music
Department from which four ethnic
music professors participated in
introducing the various genres of
music performed that evening.

                                                            Cajun and Creole music was supplied by Sauce Piquante Band.

                                                               All photos by
                                                                Kevin Zhu
Rafael Manríquez and Ingrid Rubin perform the Latin                                  Thomas Lee (left) plays the gaohu (Chinese violin) and
music Duo Amaranta.                                                                  Ganqin Zhao plays the guzheng (Chinese zither).

CITY CURRENTS                                                         4                                                    May 21–27, 2007
                              RECOGNITION OF ACHIEVEMENT

Two fashion classes unite to help                                                              CCSF-SFSU health
students with service learning                                                                 partnership gets
Kelly Armstrong’s newly
offered Advanced Image
                                                                                               $600,000 grant
Consulting class, Fashion 45B                                                                  A partnership between City College of
and Diane Green’s Fashion                                                                      San Francisco and San Francisco State
Writing & Publicity class,                                                                     University has been awarded a presti-
Fashion 56 joined forces with                                                                  gious U.S. Department of Education
the Goodwill Industries to                                                                     grant to create a national model for com-
provide students with a ser-                                                                   munity health education. The $600,000
vice learning experience.                                                                      grant from the Fund for Improvement of
Service learning is a teaching                                                                 Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) will
and learning strategy that                                                                     support curriculum development for the
integrates meaningful com- Fashion students are pictured during a field trip to Goodwill.       Metropolitan Health Academy, a model
munity service with instruc-                                                                   program designed to encourage and
tion and reflection to enrich the learning   them really be successful with their new           assist ethnically diverse students to pur-
experience, teach civic responsibility, and jobs.” The makeover clients are presented          sue careers in community health.
strengthen communities. Service learning    with a professional portfolio of their             “The Academy will help foster a new gen-
promotes learning through active partici-   makeover. The Fashion Writing and                  eration of students to be effective leaders
pation in service experiences, provides     Publicity students will interview the              and advocates for eliminating inequalities
structured time for students to reflect by   Goodwill clients, create a press release           in health,” said Vicki Legion, CCSF fac-
thinking, discussing and/or writing about   and seek media attention for their efforts.        ulty member and co-investigator on the
their service experience, provides an       Through their efforts the Makeover                 project with Mary Beth Love of SFSU.
opportunity for students to use skills and  Presentation got media attention in
knowledge in real-life situations and fos-  CCSF’s The Guardsman, May 2, 2007,                 Linda Squires Grohe, Dean, CCSF
ters a sense of caring for others (adapted  titled Fashion students show “Goodwill”            School of Health and PE, noted, “This
from the National and Community             by staff writer Britte Marsh.                      unique partnership of the CCSF and
Service Act of 1990).                                                                          SFSU Health Education Departments
                                            Goodwill’s Transitional Employment                 makes it possible for students from both
The Advanced Image Consulting students           Program is a seven-month on the job-          institutions to enroll in the core courses
offered “ Image Update Makeovers” on             training program that assists people with     offered by the Metropolitan Health
clients participating in the Goodwill’s          multiple employment barriers in building      Academy.”
Transitional Employment Program. The             career skills and gaining employment.
month long project consisted of before           The seven-month program combines              SFSU is the fiscal agent for the grant.
and after photos, an image assessment            paid work experience at Goodwill’s retail,
interview, body analysis, color analysis
and creating a basic wardrobe plan for
                                                 operations or administrative divisions
                                                 with classroom training and support ser-
                                                                                               Alemany Campus
business, casual and evening wear.
Goodwill’s Steven Currie, Director of
                                                 vices. The goal is to provide the training,
                                                 resources and support individuals need to
                                                                                               says good-bye to
Transitional Jobs Programs and Laura
Burton, Program Coordinator, made it
                                                 build marketable skills and move forward
                                                 on their career paths.
                                                                                               retirees at dinner
possible for each client participating in                                                      Faculty, classified, administrators and
                                                 Fashion 45, Image Consulting prepares
the makeover to receive a $100 gift certifi-                                                    students of City College of San
                                                 students to become image consultants,
cate to purchase clothing from Goodwill                                                        Francisco’s Alemany Campus held a fes-
                                                 either working independently or for a
stores. The makeover culminates with the                                                       tive dinner Saturday, May 19 in the
                                                 retailer. Fashion 56 Fashion Writing &
students presenting their makeover pre-                                                        Pierre Coste Dining Room at Ocean
                                                 Publicity class teaches students how to
sentation at the Goodwill Industries                                                           Campus to honor Alemany retirees
                                                 write fashion reports, press releases,
located at 1500 Mission St. Goodwill staff       photo captions, fashion show and web          • Susan Lawson (25 years),
and the student’s clients were present. “I       scripts, commercials for radio and televi-    • John Oliver (30 years) and
think this is a great gift to give them,” said   sion as well as create press kits. For more   • Judy Winn-Bell (35 years).
Sasha Peltz, a fashion student in the class.     information call (415) 239-3834.              All are members of the ESL Department.
“It’s an extra boost of confidence to help

CITY CURRENTS                                                         5                                                 May 21–27, 2007
   RECOGNITION OF ACHIEVEMENT                                                                 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Thank You,                                    Karen Cox, Lisa                                Purchase CCSF art guide for $2
                                                                                             To encourage classroom use of the CCSF
Stephen Rico                                  Harrison earn                                  Art Guide, published last spring, the
                                                                                             Works of Art Committee is offering the
           By Kathleen White
   Chair, Child Development & Family
                                              teaching awards                                guide to any faculty member as a teach-
                                                                                             ing text for $2 each, a discount from the
                                              CCSF online instructors have again             $3 cost to the public. To order class sets,
                                              obtained the top two CVC awards for            email Patricia Arack or
After 13 years, Stephen Santos Rico is        their statewide Online Teaching Award          call her at (415) 239-3648.
stepping down as Chair of the Child           competition:
Development and Family Studies
                                              • 1st place: Karen Cox for her Advanced        Opera Tickets for Sale
Department to teach, travel and continue
                                              Composition course (ENGL 40);                  Treat yourself to $130 Orchestra seats for
working on specific projects at CCSF. The
                                              • 2nd place: Lisa Harrison for her             $30 for the San Francisco Opera presen-
100 classified and 40 faculty that make up
                                              Lifespan Development course (PSYCH             tations of:
the Department wish him heartfelt
appreciation as he moves on to this next      21).                                           • Gluck’s Iphigénie en Tauride, Thursday,
stage of his career. He began his tenure as   Karen and Lisa will present their courses      June 14th at 7:30 P.M.
Chair in 1993. At that time, the college      at the Online Teaching Conference in           • Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier, Tuesday,
had recently combined the the credit,         June at Ohlone College.                        June 19th at 7:30 P.M.
Instructional Assisting Department, the
                                              For more information about the award,          • Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Thursday, June
Child Observation non-credit classes and
                                              please go to:      28th at 7:30 P.M.
the Child Care Centers Programs to
                                              For information about past awards              Telephone Madeline Mueller at (415)
become the merged Child Development
                                              received for online instructors, go to:        239-3641 ASAP for tickets.
& Family Studies Department. Fifteen
years ago, the Department hosted 16 sec-                                                     Thanks again to Dr. Marvin Tartak
tions of credit coursework each semester                                                     (CCSF Faculty Member and world-
and the primary goal of the Instructional
Assisting Dept. was to train assistants for   Start scholarship                              renowned Rossini scholar) for making
                                                                                             these wonderful tickets available to us at
classroom instruction. Today, over 100
sections of coursework are provided to        in memory of                                   such a great price.

over 2300 students each semester with a
broader mission of providing child devel-
                                              Barbara Stewart                                           WA N T A D
opment and family studies coursework,         In January, Barbara Stewart, a beloved
programs and support services and             colleague, friend and mentor who taught        HOUSE FOR SALE — Charming 2 bed-
resources to the broader community.           ESL for almost 30 years, passed away           room, 1 bath house for sale in Maxwell
Under Stephen’s leadership, the               leaving a deep imprint on the lives of         Park, Oakland. $529K. (Has separate 1
Department grew to support 7 child            many people who had worked with her,           bedroom/1 bath cottage). Call (510) 534-
development centers, 23 sections on non-      learned from her and admired her.              3434.
credit child observation courses at a         Barbara was an unusually multifaceted
number of community locations and             person who viewed the world through a
secured over 40 grants to support a range     very different lens than most of us. Her
of student and community services,            love of photography dominated her later
including the Teacher Prep Center, the        life, so it is fitting that a new photography
ECE Professional Development Project          scholarship has been established in her                      MENUS
and a host of others.                         memory. Please visit
We will miss his energy and support as he     tments/ESL/scholarship/barbara.html for               MAY 21–25, 2007
embarks on this new phase of his career       more information about the fund.
                                                                                             A limited selection of items will be available
and know that he will continue to pro-        Checks may be sent to the Scholarship
                                                                                             for breakfast and lunch.
vide both leadership and vision to the        Office, the Photography Department or
                                              the ESL Department.                                           BREAKFAST
Department for years to come. Thank
you Stephen!
                                                                                                    TASTE BUDS - 7–9:50 A.M.
                                                                                                 CAFETERIA - 11 A.M.–1:15 P.M.

CITY CURRENTS                                                      6                                                     May 21–27, 2007
    V I C E C H A N C E L L O R I N S T I T U T I O N A L A D VA N C E M E N T

Faculty symposium addresses integrative learning
On Thursday, April 26, faculty from                  • apply course work to a voca-               connections between basic skills, course
across the College met to learn about and            tional field placement                        content and contemporary world issues.
discuss creative and effective ways to help          • develop critical thinking and              Kathleen White (Child Development
students learn in a multidisciplinary                self-reflection skills                        and Family Studies) gave an account of
environment. Thirteen faculty presenters                                                          her students’ field placements in local
shared information on their course pro-          Faculty presenters                               SFUSD classrooms and enumerated the
jects and student learning activities (see       Leslie Simon (Interdisciplinary Studies)         benefits of long-term internships with
below). After each presentation, the sym-        described her involvement with the               hands on, in situ learning.
posium participants discussed related            Cloud Hall Reading Garden, a multi-dis-
teaching and learning issues that cut                                                             Ronnie Owens (Counseling) shared her
                                                 ciplinary project (IDST, Landscape               experiences in helping students to con-
across all disciplines and learning con-         Horticulture, Metal Arts, Poetry for the
texts. Throughout the symposium, par-                                                             nect their course work to their long-term
                                                 People) that will design and create a pub-       life plans. Through student portfolios,
ticipants learned about a diverse array of       lic reading space between Cloud Hall and
teaching approaches and learning activi-                                                          college success courses and educational
                                                 the Science Building.                            plans, students reflect on their learning
ties that help students:
                                                 Katarina Mijatovic (ESL) and Crima               styles, college preparedness, and personal
    • develop collaborative, task-               Pogge (Biology) gave an overview of              and academic interests.
    based projects                               their linked courses, ESL 160 and Biology        Peter Woods (Computer Networking and
    • connect in-class work to out-              20. In this learning community, students         Information Technology) has incorporat-
    side-of-class projects                       apply their reading and writing course           ed information on the social and political
    • synthesize information from a              work to the content area of ecology.             effects of computer networks into the
    diverse range of subjects in order           Follow up discussion focused on the ways         content of his courses. In addition, he has
    to make interdisciplinary con-               that teachers can help students to make
    nections                                                                                                               Continued on Page 8

                                                                                                                                Photo by Monica Davey

Participants are shown at the Faculty Symposium on Integrative           Campus. Sessions were held on the hour at 2, 3 , and 4 P.M., with a
Learning held April 26 in the Creative Arts Building on the Ocean        closing session at 5 o’clock.

CITY CURRENTS                                                        7                                                      May 21–27, 2007
    V I C E C H A N C E L L O R I N S T I T U T I O N A L A D VA N C E M E N T

Faculty symposium addresses integrative learning
Continued from Page 7

developed—in collaboration with Cisco         short story. Students learn reading, writ-    The symposium provided an engaging
Corporation—a project-oriented and            ing, technological and negotiation skills     interdisciplinary forum for faculty to dis-
accelerated course that more effectively      as they study a wide range of subjects        cuss student learning from diverse van-
prepares his students for professional cer-   (history, economics, business…) that are      tage points and learn about the innova-
tification and future work in the field.        related to the short story text. Through      tive projects that are happening across
Jorge Sanchez (Interdisciplinary Studies)     this project, Craig illustrated how teach-    the College. While each faculty presenta-
teaches Racial and Ethnic Groups in the       ers can tie together multiple skills and      tion described a unique learning experi-
U.S. As part of the course, groups of his     content areas through the medium of one       ence, they were all united in their goal of
students work together to research a          short story.                                  helping students to develop meaningful
community issue and to create a multi-        Mitra Ganley (English) described a pro-       and integrative learning. Faculty mem-
media presentation based on their find-        ject in her English 96 course in which        bers report coming away from the event
ings. In the future, his ‘ideal’ version of   students integrate reading and writing        with new perspectives on their students
this course would be almost entirely          skills with a service learning project that   and new ideas for enhancing their course
comprised of such projects.                   addresses food, health and hunger.            activities. Participants also expressed an
                                              Students read about food related issues:      interest in creating future opportunities
Lou Schubert (Political Science)                                                            to share teaching experiences and to con-
described his work in developing and          hunger, homelessness, obesity, the fast
                                              food industry, body image and the             tinue to learn from each other.
teaching a political science course (AMS
5) using comics and graphic novels as the     media, while volunteering for local food      Next semester, the symposium organizers
source text. Lou showed how students          organizations to enliven their under-         (Loren Edwardson, Christine Francisco,
engage in the many social sciences            standing of these issues.                     Robert Gabriner, Hal Huntsman, and
(anthropology, history, sociology…) that      Beth Freedman (Health Education and           Curt Sanford) from the CCSF/Carnegie
are manifest in these texts. Follow up        Community Health Studies) shared her          Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching
conversation include the importance of        experiences working on the Gender             and Learning will develop other projects
student motivation and ways to creatively     Diversity Project: Resources for              and activities that address the needs and
situate course content.                       Educators. One of the components of this      interests of College faculty. If you are
                                              project has been the creation of web-         interested in contributing ideas or meet-
Laura Walsh (ESL) shared some of the                                                        ing with this organizing group, please e-
teaching materials that she developed for     based media to raise awareness of
                                              LGBTQ issues at the College.                  mail Curt Sanford at
her advanced level ESL composition
courses. Her materials address the acade-
mic skills that ESL students will need for
success in content area courses. Much of
the participant discussion about Laura’s        Flex Day to feature screening
work centered around the challenges that
our non-native speakers have throughout
the college.
                                                of new documentary film
Kyle Thornton (Radiologic Science) gave
an overview of the Medical Diagnostic
                                                about community colleges
                                                The new documentary entitled Discounted Dreams, High Hopes and Harsh Realities
Imaging Program and the students’ pro-
                                                of America’s Community Colleges, will be screened at the City College of San
gression from course work to field place-
                                                Francisco Flex Day on Tuesday, August 14 in the Diego Rivera Theatre from 2:30
ment to performance evaluation. Kyle
                                                PM to 4:30 PM. The one-hour PBS documentary will feature a panel of faculty, staff
showed how the program goal of foster-
                                                and administrators providing their response to the documentary prior to a discus-
ing ‘holistic’ thinking has resulted in a
                                                sion with the audience.
‘problem-based’ approach to course
design.                                         The PBS documentary focuses on student stories to explain the role and impor-
                                                tance of community colleges.
Craig Kleinman (English) gave an
account of his online English 1B where          For more information about the flex event, telephone Dr. Robert Gabriner, Vice
his students create a collaborative             Chancellor, Institutional Advancement, at (415) 239-3014.
‘webzine’ based on a Herman Melville

CITY CURRENTS                                                      8                                                 May 21–27, 2007

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