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					                                    Managing Information
                                    (Commercial property)

Dubai’s real estate industry in general
    Industry boom
    Why real-estate sector?

Commerci al property i n Dubai.
    Shopping malls
    Business and trade hubs, DIC, MDC, KV
    Leisure comp lexes, Dubai Land theme park, s ports city, Modhish theme park etc…

Dubai property law (UAE) .
     Real estate rules in UA E Dubai
     Dubai freehold property ownership
     Free hold property was first announced in 2002
in Dubai.
     UAE population is expected 8 million in 2010.

Commerci al Land prices per s quare ft. area wise now:

Real estate today

Focus group
     Residential property
     Co mmercial property for nationals exclusively
     Real-estate business rules

       Is it worth investing in Dubai’s co mmercial property? (Yes/no) why?
       Do you feel its wise to invest in commercial property than commercial property? Why?

Tourism industry in Dubai (UAE)
    Business & Trade projects
    Leisure & entertain ment co mplexes

Advantages of i nvesting in Dubai
    Prices
    Demand
    Rental income stability

Property i nvestment risks in Dubai
     Increasing property projects
     Unstable property law
     Land leasing terms and conditions

Recommendati on

       Great opportunity to Invest in Dubai co mmercial property business now.