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					                            Planning Document
                             Financial Affairs
                                  FY 11

1. Departmental Mission:

                                     Financial Affairs

Division Mission Statement
The mission of the Financial Affairs Division is to manage, monitor and control the
College’s financial resources, human resources and technology. This shall be done while
providing quality accounting, procurement, retail and administrative services, human
resource services, and technological support in an efficient, courteous and service-
oriented manner.

Accounting Department Mission
The mission of the Accounting Department is to meet the financial and accounting needs
of the College community with quality performance in a professional, courteous and
service-oriented manner. The Accounting Office will establish and maintain strong
internal controls over the College’s fiscal resources and provide timely, accurate and
informative financial information to both internal and external stakeholders.

Financial Aid Mission
The mission of the Financial Aid Office is to assure that each interested, capable student
is granted the opportunity for a successful college experience regardless of the student’s
personal financial status. The office works in partnership with students to provide
excellent and essential service, education and programs that meet changing student needs.
Through effective use of human and fiscal resources, use of advanced technology
improved communication and training, better coordination and cooperation with all
groups and constituencies, the office strives to be a valuable, positive resource to students
and the college.

Employee Relations Mission Statement and Goals
Our mission is to develop, implement and monitor policies and programs regarding
employee relations in an environment that is efficient, accurate, professional, courteous,
and helpful. It is the responsibility of Employee Relations for grievance resolution, labor
negotiations, and training of college personnel in the proper understanding and
administration of labor contracts.

   1. Labor Negotiations: Service as college liaison for labor issues and meeting with
      labor leadership while participating on college collective bargaining team.

   2. Compliance: To monitor and review ongoing institutional compliance with all
      Federal and State statutes, regulations and labor laws regarding employment;
      including but not limited to Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity,
      The Family and Medical Leave Acts, The Uniformed Services Employment and
      Reemployment Act, The Fair Labor Standards Act, The Public Accommodation
      Act, The Conscientious Employee Protection Act and the Americans with
      Disabilities Act.

   3. Human Resource Policies: Review existing personnel and business policies
      recommending revisions as needed particularly as they affect issues that impact
      upon the terms and conditions of employment including negotiated agreements
      and employee handbooks.

   4. Labor Relations: To monitor/address labor-related issues and represent the Board
      of Trustees in contract matters related to collective bargaining and the grievance

   5. Supervisor Training and Development Programs: To provide supervisor training
      for managers and directors and assist the college with organizational development
      and mandated training requirements utilizing technology when appropriate.

   6. Counsel Liaison: To function as the Liaison Office between the college and the
      college law firm with regard to securing legal opinions and assisting attorneys
      with litigation issues.

Human Resources Department Mission Statement and Department Goals
Our mission is to process all employment issues, from recruitment to retirement, in a
manner that is timely, efficient, courteous, and helpful.
It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to develop, implement, and
coordinate the full array of HR programs provided by the Board of Trustees to enhance
and enrich the work lives of approximately 799 full-time and part-time college personnel.
To that end, the following departmental goals are established:
   1. Recruitment: To recruit the best qualified employees for all levels of job
      classifications at the college.

   2. AA/EEO/ADA: To provide institutional compliance with all Federal and State
      statutes and regulations pertaining to Affirmative Action, Equal Employment
      Opportunity and the Americans with Disabilities Act (employment related issues).

   3. Wage/Salary Administration: To manage equitable wage/salary programs for all
      college employees and maintain compliance with all Federal and State
      compensation statutes and regulations.

   4. Benefit Administration: To provide institutional compliance for all statutory
      benefits and to develop, implement and maintain all employee benefit programs
      adopted by the college.

   5. Human Resource Policies: Develop and maintain all personnel policies impacting
      the terms and condition of employment and to administer compliance with the
      terms and condition of employment addressed in several labor agreements.
   6. Employee Performance Evaluation: To develop, implement and maintain all
      employee performance evaluation programs.

   7. Records Administration: To administer the confidential safekeeping of all Human
      Resources records and personnel files, in accordance with State & Federal

   8. Employee Training and Development Programs: To provide ongoing employee
      training/development programs and assist the college with organizational

   9. Advisory: To advise the President and Board of Trustees on all matters related to
      Human Resources issues.

   10. Additional: To efficiently complete all special projects assigned by the President
       or the Board of Trustees.

Information Technology Mission and Goals

Mission: To provide the leadership, guidance, and technical skills required to establish
and support information technology architecture and accompanying services that support
Ocean County College’s vision, mission, and goals.

Goals: To Communicate, Listen, Advise, Service, Support

Vision: Information Technology (IT) will be the recognized leader in service and
technology, supporting Ocean's academic mission of excellence in teaching, learning and
administrative computing services.

Sungard partners with the College to provide valued systems and services to the Ocean
community. Our employees deliver rich and robust IT solutions in an effective and
efficient manner that promotes the success of our clients and supports teaching, learning.

   1. Accountability: We make and deliver on our commitments. We are fiscally
      responsible stewards of the College's resources.
   2. Agility: We are responsive to client and employee needs. We continually adjust
      direction and process to accommodate changes.
   3. Client-Focus: The success of our clients drives our business. We partner with our
      clients to make the best possible decisions. We deliver high quality service and
   4. Employee-Focus: We capitalize on our skills and experience in everything we do.
      We identify talent and foster it through development. We recognize achievement.
   5. Integrity: We do what we say. Our actions reflect our values. We treat everyone
      with respect and honesty.

2. Departmental Summary

                                                                                      Sara Winchester
                                                                                       VP of Finance

                                                                             Ann Feneis

         K. Donohoe             E. Stevens                            Karen P.                          M. Lancaster   C. Kaunitz                  Chip Stoll    Norma Betz
         Asst. VP of            Director of                          Director of                          Director     Bookstore                  Information   Financial Aid
             HR                  Budgets                             Accounting                          Financial      Manager                   Technology
                                HR/Payroll                                                               Reporting

         K. Blyskal       H/R Techs       Payroll      Donna           Lisa Now        Buyers (3)                                   Bookstore      IT Staff       FA Staff
                             (2)         Techs (3)    Carbone         Mgr. of A/R      Purchasing
       Director of HR                                                                 Technician (1)    Accountants                   Staff
                                                     Mgr. of A/P                      Administrative        (2)
                                                                                         Asst (1)

HR Staff (4)     Switchboard                                   Principal       Cashiers (5)                                    Food Services
                  Operators                                   Bookkeepers       A/R Tech                                       (Distinguished
                     (2)                                                           (1)                                         Food Services)

                                                                                                                                     Fine Arts
                                                                                                                                     R. Krantz
                                                                                                                                    J. Finnigan

3. Assessment Results

Part One:

 OBJECTIVES                      STATUS/REASONS                  ASSESSMENT                     IMPACT ON FY10
 List below your top 5 (or all   Identify the status of each     List here any specific         Identify the relationship
 if you had fewer than 5)        objective including, briefly,   measures you have used,        of this objective to the
 prioritized objectives for FY   action taken, dates, any        (if relevant), to assess the   objectives in your FY 11
 09                              explanations for current        effectiveness of this          Planning Document
                                 status, or any alternative      objective, what data (if
                                 measures taken.                 relevant) you have
                                                                 retrieved, and what the
                                                                 data suggests.
 1. Refine long range            Long range capital plan         The first of the bonds to      The capital plan is
 financial capital plan to       was produced and                be repaid by OCC was           essential to the growth of
 fund long term college          approved by BOT.                issued in August 09.           the OCC campus. Plan
 capital needs.                                                                                 allows student body to
                                                                                                grow while keeping
                                                                                                tuition rates stable.
 2. Increase OCC                 Led an effort within the        The NJCC sector is             OCC can take advantage
 participation in NJ             NJCCBOA to create a             working together to help       of the experiences of
 Community College               shared online system to         lower prices for all           other colleges and
 Purchasing Consortium.          facilitate joint purchasing.    colleges. Website thru         economies of scale by
 Assist Association in                                           council.                       pursuing joint
 expanding consortium                                                                           procurement
 activity.                                                                                      opportunities.
 3. Continue practice of         Bookstore management has        Text prices are escalating     Faculty and bookstore
 competitive price shopping      aggressively pursued low        less rapidly and the           are communicating
 for text books. Diminish        prices by negotiating with      students are being served      effectively. On
 publisher control of prices     publishers and educating        more efficiently.              purchasing and ebooks
 through active monitoring       faculty.                                                       are now available to
 and communication with                                                                         students.
 faculty regarding acceptable
 4. Create an improved           New Assistant VP of HR          Pilot has been successful.     New employees will
 employee orientation            implemented an improved         Welcome videos and             have better beginning at
 program. Include facility       orientation program.            other material are being       OCC.
 tour, forms, procurement,                                       compiled.
 overview of technology and
 5. Implement an electronic      PeopleAdmin System has          System has been well           New hires are processed
 application system and train    created a paperless             received and works very        more efficiently.
 the college community.          application hiring system.      effectively.                   Supports critical growth
                                                                                                of college.

     Part Two:

 STRATEGIC INITIATIVES: 2005-2010                                                 ACTIVITIES
                                                            Identify the major processes, actions and activities in your
                                                            department (in general terms) that address the relevant
                                                            strategic initiative(s) and how you have measured their
                                                            success, if applicable.
1. Educational excellence that embraces quality             I.T. migrated the distance learning servers from version
teaching, new presentation modes, programs used to          WebCT 4 to WebCT 6 and then to Blackboard CE 8,
develop intentional learners, and rigorous educational      keeping the College in line with the newest supported
assessment used to improve teaching and learning.           verstion of the software. I.T. also implemented a single sign
                                                            on solution that allows students to move from the student
                                                            portal directly into the learning systems without additional
                                                            logins. Part of this process included the ability to self-reset
                                                            passwords. I.T. also worked closely with College faculty to
                                                            implement new learning technologies, such as SoftChalk,
                                                            Respondus, and CourseCruiser to allow for multiple learning
                                                            techniques. With the announced discontinuation of support
                                                            for Blackboard CE 8, IT and the E-Learning team are
                                                            looking to replace the current LMS system on campus with
                                                            one that will provide the ability to grow and scale as online
                                                            offerings are increased.
2. The creation of a campus culture in which students       The Financial Aid Department increased the proportion of
can thrive and reach their fullest potential by receiving   students served dramatically and in FY09 distributed 30%
increased access to technological support, improved         more aid then FY08.
advising and transfer services, the full benefits of
financial aid, retention services, and a comprehensive
selection of co-curricular activities.
3. Advancement, partnering and outreach, whereby the        Financial Aid Department and Accounting Department at
college seeks mutually beneficial connections and           OCC works with Kean collaboratively to assist students in
associations that promote its mission, its programs, and    attaining aid.
its culture of collaboration.
4. Enhanced facilities and technology that support          We continue to expand the use of Resource25 to improve
exceptional teaching and learning, institutional growth,    the use of the College facilities, decrease downtime, and
and overall institutional effectiveness.                    improve services in the support of the college mission. In
                                                            addition, the planned use of a “Master Scheduler” will
                                                            improve the use of the OCC buildings during non-class time.
5. Planning and assessment that are linked to resources     The use of planning and budgeting continues to link
management and institutional effectiveness.                 resource management to institutional effectiveness.
6. Human resources development through the                  Contract negotiations for 3 unions are on-going. The online
continuation of best practices in hiring, bargaining and    HR hiring system is in place and a new orientation program
conflict resolution and in the continued expansion of       is under development.
employee development and training programs.
7. Continued development of varied events, programs         Financial Aid hosted College Goal Sunday and is the
and facilities that engage students and community           recipient of a Pathways to Education grant to encourage
members in rewarding athletic, artistic, cultural, and      degree persistence.
service-oriented activities.

4. Planning Objectives, FY 11

Departmental Planning                Rationale or Justification      Responsibilities/          Estimated Cost
Objectives                                                           Participants/Time Frames   (if applicable)
Office of the VP of Finance
1. Revise long range financial       A multi-year bonding and        VP of Finance              N/A
capital plan to fund long term       debt service plan has been
college capital needs assuming       developed in conjunction
Ch12 will not be available.          with the County of Ocean.

2. Implement Datatel employee        Empower employees to enter      VP of Finance              TBD
self service options through Web     and obtain information via      Accounting Staff
Advisor for HR, purchasing and       the web. Reduce costs           HR Staff
budget.                              inherent in a centralized       Purchasing Staff
3. Document cash management          Actively manage interest        VP of Finance              N/A
practices and update OCC             earnings and manage risk        Manager of A/P and Cash
investment policy.                   appropriately given current     Management
                                     economic conditions and
                                     banking environment.
                                     Ensure funds are available
                                     when needed.
4. Increase OCC participation in     Utilize the website             VP of Finance              N/A
NJ Community College                 developed by the Council to     Dir of Accounting
Purchasing Consortium. Assist        increase joint Purchasing.      Purchasing Staff
Association in expanding             Realize savings through joint
consortium activity.                 purchases whenever
5. Implement online time and         Reduce expense of paper         VP of Finance              ADP cost will
attendance system                    systems and duplication of      IT                         be reduced and
                                     effort built into manual        Human Resources            savings will
                                     system. Increase accuracy       Payroll                    cover Datatel
                                     and take advantage of                                      increase.
                                     technological advancements
                                     made within Datatel.
6. Expand document imaging           Implement in Accounting,        VP of Finance              Est. $12,000 for
through the Department.              Purchasing and Human            IT                         equipment,
Complete implementation for          Resources which have            Human Resources            programming
A/P.                                 extensive document retention    Accounting                 and training for
                                     requirements. Reduce office                                each Dept.
                                     and storage space used for
                                     documents and reduce
                                     associated costs.
7. Hire additional Buyer to keep     Increase in students and        Mgr. of Purchasing         $43,578.00
pace with growth of OCC.             employees increases
                                     purchases. Multiple major
                                     capital projects will be
                                     undertaken in the next few
1. Implement online                  Reduce advertising costs and    Purchasing                 Use existing
procurement advertising with         increase visibility and         IT                         resources.
links to the County and State        accessibility of bids and
web sites.                           rfp’s.
2. Implement Datatel                 Take advantage of recent        Purchasing                 Software
webadvisor self-service              technological advancements      IT                         purchased need
procurement package.                 within Datatel and make it                                 to implement
                                     easier for users to enter and                              new procedures.
                                     retrieve data.
3. Process all student credit card   This will eliminate the need    Director of Accounting     N/A
payments directly through the        for credit card (cc)            Manager of A/R
WEB.                              processing terminals, no        Cashiers
                                  need for purchasing
                                  equipment to process cc
                                  payments. Also the
                                  workload will be decreased
                                  by eliminating the need for
                                  duplicate entry of cc
                                  information once on the cc
                                  terminal and second in the
                                  Datatel screen.
4. Use American Express to pay     The college earns reward       Director of Accounting        Reward dollars
selected vendors.                 points based on the dollar                                    are donated to
                                  amount charged each month                                     Foundation on a
                                  and increase interest                                         regular basis.
                                  earnings during float.
5. Hire Accounts                  Enrollment growth has had a     VP of Finance                 FPA level or
Receivable/Financial Aid          direct impact on both the       Director of Accounting        equivalent &
Evening Administrator.            cashier’s and financial aid     Director of Financial Aid     benefits $59,176
                                  operations. Currently the
                                  Cashier’s office is open 4
                                  evenings a week and
                                  Financial Aid office is open
                                  1 evening. There is no direct
                                  supervisor for the cashier’s
                                  area after 4:30; both offices
                                  should be open and available
                                  to students 4 evenings a
                                  week with appropriate
6. Advertise all OCC bids and     Portal developed procedures     Dir of Accounting             Use existing IT
rfp’s through the web via         being developed.                Buyers                        resources.
Purchasing Portal.                                                Mgr of Purchasing
7. Make all accounting forms,     A number of forms have          The need for mass printing    Continue to
A/P and A/R available for use     been placed on the WEB site     some of these forms has       make forms
electronically. For employees,    for student use; Payment        been completely eliminated.   available and
students and vendors.             Plan Contracts, Insurance                                     eliminate the
                                  Waiver Cards and Insurance                                    need to print in
                                  Brochures. Forms available                                    large quantities.
                                  for employees on the WEB                                      Can quickly and
                                  site include Travel                                           easily update
                                  Authorizations, Travel                                        forms with little
                                  Expense Vouchers and                                          cost.
                                  Memorandum Invoice
8. Balance and compile FY12       Prepare analyses and models     VP                            N/A
budget.                           to support optimal use of       Director of Budgets
                                  available funds
9. Review and revise internal     Document procedures for         Director of Budgets           N/A
HR/Payroll and related OCC        new time and attendance
policies.                         systems.
10. Review procedures and         Implement corrective action     Director of Budgets           N/A
practices to ensure OCC is in     including documenting
compliance with labor laws.       hourly attendance and
                                  supervisory responsibility.
11. Extensive review of capital   Minor capital threshold and     Dir of Financial Reporting    N/A
asset activities.                 accounting, capitalization      Staff Accountant
                                  procedures, reporting tools     Campus Services
                                  and outcomes, campus
                                  communications, periodic
12. Minor capital projects.       Partner with Facilities to      Dir of Financial Reporting    N/A
                                  improve understanding of        Staff Accountant
                                  current construction projects   Facilities
                                  & future plans, streamline
                                  reporting and
                                  documentation, promote
                                  accurate projections of cash

                                     flow needs.
13. Automate financial               Expand departmental cross-       Dir of Financial Reporting    N/A
statement preparation.               training for audit               Staff Accountants (2)
                                     documentation, work with IT      IT
                                     to customize reporting
                                     options to generate on-going
                                     pro-forma statement review.
14. Develop multi-year grant         To support reporting             Dir. of Financial Reporting   N/A
calendar and fiscal database.        requirements for multi-year      Staff Accountant
                                     or FFY grants.                   Sungard
15. Revise OCC Foundation            Provide more analytical data     Dir. of Financial Reporting   N/A
fiscal reporting.                    and projections to facilitate    Staff Accountant
                                     investment and funds
                                     management decisions.
16. Expand payroll staff by 1        W2 output increased 5%           Dir of Budgets                $43,578.00
full-time MT position to keep        between 08 & 09. Increased
pace with OCC growth.                adjunct, part-time and
                                     reservist hires impact payroll
1. Introduce an online learning      Improve the learning             Fall semester 2010.           No cost to
platform through the bookstore       experience for the student,      Dir of Auxiliary Services     college
website. Access is free to           equip faculty members with
student and faculty.                 innovative course materials,
                                     and provide the institution
                                     with publishing capabilities.
2. Implement Point of Sale           Increase the level of            Spring 2010                   Costs to be
Conversion upgrade to register       efficiency for buy back,         Dir of Auxiliary Services     absorbed by the
system.                              loyalty, and customers in                                      Bookstore.
                                     general. Save the college in
                                     credit card usage fees.
3. Introduce a coffee bar/grab       Service students on the upper    FY 2011-2012                  Capital Budget
and go food service in the lower     mall with an efficient food      Dir of Auxiliary Services
level administration building.       solution between classes and
4. Introduce a concession kiosk      To better serve the theatre      FY 2010-2011                  Capital Budget
to new theatre operation. The        customer and promote the         Dir of Auxiliary Services
kiosk will sell refreshments and     theatre through a                Dir of Arts and Comm Ctr
grab and go snacks. The stand        merchandising resource.
will sell some small
5. Introduce Athletic concession     To provide customers with        FY 2011-2012                  Capital Budget
Stand in the new Athletic            the expected convenience for     Dir of Auxiliary Services
Complex.                             an athletic facility. To
                                     utilize this facility as a
                                     teaching tool for business
Human Resources
1. Monitor employee                  Provide employees with           Director of HR                Funded in FY10
satisfaction with the Employee       short term assistance for
Assistance Program                   difficulties arising from
implemented in FY10.                 personal or work-related
                                     problems that impact their
                                     well being and job
2. Continue to train users and       Efficient records retention      Asst. VP of HR                N/A
refine the Electronic Application    and automation of job            HR Staff
System (PeopleAdmin) and add         application and screening
background check capability.         process through the use of
                                     technology. Migrate to
                                     PeopleAdmin 7.0
3. Digitize records to efficiently   Take advantage of IT             Director of HR                Purchase one
secure permanent personnel           leadership and existing          VP of Finance                 high-speed
records and improve use of           software/electronic storage      IT                            scanner ($6000)
existing office space.               as it advances.                                                and program
4. Review performance                Implement an electronic          VP of Finance                 Possible

evaluation forms and                   evaluation system. Develop       Association Leaders         software
recommend improvements.                comprehensive employee           Asst. VP of HR              expense
Work collaboratively with              evaluations with a consistent                                TBD
collective bargaining units and        format.
other campus constituencies to
implement a meaningful
5. Job Description Review.             Update all job descriptions      HR Staff                    N/A
                                       for accuracy, consistency        PLT
                                       and compliance with
                                       collective bargaining
6. Hire Assistant Director of HR       HR needs compensation and        Asst VP of HR               Funded FY11
to assist in compensation              HR generalists skills to
programs and provide generalist        effectively service college
services to facilities and security.   department needs.
7. Conclude negotiations               Implement new contracts.         VP of Finance               N/A
process with FAOCC and SSA.                                             Asst. VP of HR
8. Hire Manager of Employee            The College does not have        VP of Finance               FPA level or
Training to develop targeted           any staff devoted to             Asst. VP of HR              equivalent
training programs for managers.        employee training and the                                    position plus
This position will also assume         need for ongoing                                             benefits
generalist duties for assigned         supervisory, contract                                        $59,176.00
areas.                                 administration and other
                                       types of training continues to
9. Create an improved employee         Initiate a positive              Asst. VP of HR              N/A
orientation program. Include           relationship with new            HR Staff
facility tour, forms, procurement,     employees, improve
overview of technology and             communication and provide
Datatel.                               new employees with
                                       additional resources to be
                                       successful at OCC.
10. Document HR processes to           HR is a fast-paced office and    Asst. VP of HR              N/A
look for better efficiencies and to    there is a need to more
cross-train staff.                     efficient and cross train.
Financial Aid
1. New Training Budget to help         Training sessions have been      Director of Financial Aid   $5,000
staff learn new regulations.           held and are planned through     FA Staff
Internal as well as external           June, 2010. Major changes
(Datatel, Imaging, Grantor)            in federal, state, and
increase efficiency in creating        administrative regulations
reports as needed.                     have been reviewed.

2. Develop Open Pathways To            Renewed for 2010.                Director of Financial Aid   Apply for future
Education (OPEN) program with                                           FA Staff                    grant renewal
use of State grant monies to
increase Financial Aid awareness
and offer assistance in
completing FAFSA application
to low-income, underrepresented
and returning high need students.
3. Coordinate with                     Hosted again on January 31,      Director of Financial Aid   Volunteer
NASFAA/NASFAA to again                 2010.                            FA Staff                    Program
host College Goal Sunday.
5. With the call for more              Placed students in our           Director of Financial Aid   N/A
Community Service nation-wide,         security area who work as        FA Staff
implement an active recruitment        Community Service
plan through the Federal Work          Officers. Also, have
Study program to place students        Reading tutors in the
in areas of civic education and        Elementary schools.
activities for emergencies and         Working on other
natural disasters.                     community organizations
                                       such as Big Brothers/Sisters,
                                       YMCA, Ocean, Inc.
Information Technology:

1. Network Security                Upgrade and acquire new         Exec Dir IT
                                   software and system as                                   $100,000
                                   necessary to keep college                                annually
                                   data secure and adhere to the
                                   standards established in the
                                   OCC data security plan
2. Online Learning Expansion       Help improve the learning       Exec Dir. IT             Costs will be
                                   model while mitigating the      Exec Dir of E-Learning   absorbed by E-
                                   need of more classroom                                   Learning   cost
                                   space. At the same time,                                 center.
                                   meet the expectations of the
                                   new generation of students
                                   with the online learning
3. Support the implementation of   Web products are more           VP of Finance            TBD
Datatel Web Advisor products       intuitive and user friendly.    Exec Dir of IT
designed to move casual users
and those in need of information
from Colleague to the web.
4. Develop enhanced                Ensure employee needs are       IT                       TBD
communication methods to           met and employees are
encourage campus-wide use of       aware of available courses.
IT training programs. Review
existing courses and revise
according to user feedback.
5. Support the continuation of     Meet college-wide need for      VP of Finance            N/A
the document imaging system        electronic storage and          Exec Dir of IT
college-wide.                      address rapidly depleting       Various dept directors
                                   storage space.