The Vietnam War Book List by langstonwalker


									                        The Vietnam War Book List

The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War – David Anderson
America and Vietnam (The elephant and the Tiger) – Albert Marrin
The History of the Vietnam War – Douglas Welsh
Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War – Harry Summers
The Vietnam War Almanac – Harry Summers
On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War – Harry Summers
The Vietnam War for Dummies – Ronald Frankum & Stephen Maxner
The Complete Idiots Guide to the Vietnam War – Timothy Maga
The Vietnam War (Teaching Approaches/Resources) – Marc Gilbert
Battles of the Vietnam War – Patrick Jennings
Vietnam Order of Battle – Shelby Stanton
US Army uniforms of the Vietnam War – Shelby Stanton
The Green Berets at War – Shelby Stanton
Vietnam War POWs – Danielle Smith-Llera
10,000 Days of Thunder – Philip Caputo
A Rumor of War – Philip Caputo
Vietnam: A history – Stanley Karnow
Vietnam War – DK Eyewitness Publishing
Street Without Joy – Bernard Fall
Hell in a Very Small Place:The Seige of Dien Bien Phu – Bernard Fall
Vietnam Eyewitness, 1953-1966 – Bernard Fall
America’s Longest War:The United States & Vietnam, 50-75 - Herring
Why We Were in Vietnam – Norman Podhoretz
We Were Soldiers Once and Young – Harold Moore & Joe Galloway
The 25-Year War: America’s Military Role in Vietnam – Bruce Palmer
Tet – Don Oberdorfer
NAM: The Vietnam Experience, 1965-1975 – John Pimlott (ed)
SOG:The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in VN –John Plaster
Honor Bound: America’s Prisoners of War in SE Asia-Rochester/Kiley
The Secret War against Hanoi…. – Richard Schultz
Shadows and Wind: A View of Modern Vietnam – Robert Templer
Code-Named Bright Light:The Untold Story of US POWS –Geo. Veith
Vietnam at War: The history 1946-1975 – Phillip Davidson
Vietnam (Nations in Transition) – Tony Zurlo
Vietnam Warriors – Charles Melson & Gordon Rottman (VFW Pub)
Why Didn’t You Get Me Out? – Frank Anton
Vietnam: A Complete Chronicle of the War – MacLear & Buell
Getting to Know the Vietnamese & Their Culture – Vuong G. Thuy
America’s War in Vietnam:A Short Narrative History – L. Addington
Vietnam Since the Fall of Saigon – William Duiker
Pacification – Tran Dinh Tho
Inside the Green Berets: The First Thirty Years – Charles Simpson
Why Vietnam Matters – Rufus Phillips

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