R.I. District 1010 - Mentoring Worksheet. Preparation • Attend

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					R.I. District 1010 - Mentoring Worksheet.
This is intended to be a useful guide and checklist, which is designed to ensure that a new Rotarian is given a sensible,
                              positive and professional introduction to the world of Rotary.
 A keen and knowledgeable Club Member should be appointed to maintain contact with the new Member and support
                                     him/her during the first few months in the Club.
   • Attend new member information meeting
   • Attend Club meetings

Welcome to Rotary – a bit of light reading:
  • Welcome to Rotary
  • The ABCs of Rotary
  • The menu of service opportunities
  • Rotary Foundation Guide
  • The Four-Way Test
  • Club newspaper/magazine, 1010 Rotarian

Welcome to Rotary – a bit of surfing:
  • Rotary.org
  • Rotary-ribi.org
  • rotary1010.co.uk
  • Club website
                                                                              it’s always good to check the new member
                                                                                  is understanding what s/he is learning –
                                                                             - so regular checks on progress are helpful
Doing something:
   • Attend regular club meetings
   • Act as a ‘greeter’ at the door
   • Do their ‘job talk’ to the club
   • Join a committee
   • Become involved in a Club Project – undertake a task
   • Attend a meeting at another Club
   • Invite a colleague/friend along to a Club meeting

Welcome to Rotary – a bit of heavier reading:
  • Protection Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy

Down the line:
  • Introduce a new Rotarian
  • Attend a Club Council meeting
  • Attend a District Council and Assembly meeting
  • Attend District Conference

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