LIVIA HABICH – Excerpts from her letter of introduction by langstonwalker


									                                                                                          "Did not ! "
I N C O M I N G      E X C H A N G E        S T U D E N T
                                                                                          "Did too ! "
                                                                                          "DID NOT ! "
 LIVIA HABICH – Excerpts from her letter of introduction
                                                                                          Having had it with the two of
 My Normal day:                                                                           them, God's punishment was
 I get up at 06.00 o’clock in the morning, eat something, take a shower and after that    that Adam and Eve should have
 I always have to hurry to the train station (sometime by bicycle, sometime by foot).     children of their own.
 When I arrive in Bern I take the tram to my school and finally I’m sitting at 07.50      Thus the pattern was set and it
 o’clock at my desk ready for my first lesson. We have 13 obligatory subjects:            has never changed. If you have
 biology, chemistry, French, math, English, economy, physics, music, PE, German,          persistently and lovingly tried to
 law, geography and history. My favourite subjects are history and law. My Dream          give children wisdom and they
 job is to be a lawyer. Because of that I would like to study law if I can.               haven't taken it, don't be hard
                                                                                          on yourself.
 Together with these subjects I choose 2 optional subjects: Spanish and typing. I am
 also in the student council and represent there my class.                                If God had trouble raising
 Leisure activities which I practice regularly are playing the piano and squash, to       children, what makes you think
 give private lessons and to be a leader of a YMCA Group. If I have enough time I         it would be a piece of cake for
 like also to do nothing. Just to seat somewhere and to relax.                            you ?
 My family and I are living in a village near from Bern called Jegenstorf. With the       THINGS TO THINK ABOUT !
 train it takes about 15 min. to the capital of Switzerland. We have a house with a
 big garden. I have my own bedroom and since my siblings have left the house we           1. You spend the first 2 years of
 got a lot of place. My favourite room for learning is a little workroom near the         their life teaching them to walk
 kitchen where the computer is installed.                                                 and talk. Then you spend the
                                                                                          next 16 telling them to sit down
 My father is electronic engineer and my mother a kindergarten teacher, but only my       and shut up.
 father is working, my mother is housewife.
 My only problem which I have every time when I’m abroad is the food. But I learnt        2. Grandchildren are God's
 to eat nearly every thing, also if I don’t like it.                                      reward for not killing your own
 I will be grateful and glad if we will meet us.                                          3. Mothers of teens now know
                                                                                          why some animals eat their
 With kind regards                                                                        young.
 Livia Bettina Habich
                                                                                          4. Children seldom misquote
                                                                                          you. In fact, they usually repeat
                                                                                          word for word what you
                                                                                          shouldn't have said

    U P C O M I N G       D U T I E S

     Meeting Date        23 July                       30 July                           6 August
     Speaker               Tim Porteous                      Brian Kelly                  TBA
     Subject               The Limelight Community           Labour Party Candidate for
                           Trust’s bus trip to Invercargill  Pakuranga
     Host                  Shannon King                      Andy Wilgermein              Terry Daniell
     Thanks                Jim Lawry                         Phillip Sinfield             John Fitness
     Recorder              Colin Logan                       John Welch                   Lesley Gascoigne
     Hall Setup            Stewart Littlejohn                Norman Sutton                John Grogan
     Meet ‘n Greet         Neville McKenzie &                Deirdre Trigg &              Haydon Gaskill &
                           Stewart Maclaren                  Steve Udy                    John Tizard
     Attendance            Rodney Melville-Smith &           Lance Walker &               Garth Collings &
                           Tony Murphy                       Neill Castles                Dennis Easton
     What’s New?           Keith Morris                      Campbell Butcher             Steven Hayes
     Final Thought         Gordon Porteous                   Philippa Wilson              Rodney Ellis
     Raffle                Paul Rooney                       Chris Walker                 Robert Ainsworth
     If you can’t attend to your duty please arrange for a substitute to fill in for you.
     All apologies must be received by Ash Dann by 4pm latest on the Monday prior to Wednesday morning's meeting
     Preferably by email to or by phone to 577 3540 or 027 241 3715
   What’s New - Haydon Gaskill                                                        Joke of the Week

Haydon said he was born in Opotoki as William Haydon Gaskill. When he was             GOD CREATED CHILDREN
still at school he moved to the Waikato, where he attended Hamilton Technical         (AND IN THE PROCESS
College. Whilst there he met his wife Raewyn. They were an item until she left        GRANDCHILDREN)
school in the 5th form and because he went on to the 6th form, their relationship
                                                                                      To those of us who have
paused because she didn’t want to be seen to be going out with a schoolboy.           children in our lives, whether
                                                                                      they are our own, grandchildren
Their relationship was rekindled once he left school and she eventually proposed      , nieces, nephews, or students
to Haydon. They have been married 42 years. Their eldest son is a policeman and       here is something to make you
married to a Chinese lady, they have 2 children and are moving to Shanghai to         chuckle.
live. Their second son is the CEO of a Swedish pharmaceutical company, and            Whenever your children are out
their youngest son is a hermit/surfer!                                                of control, you can take comfort
                                                                                      from the thought that even
Haydon gained an engineering degree at Auckland University and his first years        God's omnipotence did not
were involved with major tunneling work around Auckland and the Huia Dam.             extend to His own children.
After been made redundant when he was the general manager of James Hardy in           After creating heaven and earth,
Auckland, he bought Door Services in 2000, with the help of professional services     God created Adam and Eve.
from Terry Daniell and Chris Walker. Haydon sold the company in 2005 to some
Indonesian people. In December last year, when told by the Indonesians that they      And the first thing he said was
no longer wanted the company, Haydon bought it back.                                  " DON'T !"

                                                                                      "Don 't what ? "
G U E S T    S P E A K E R       –   V a l   L o t t                                  Adam replied.

  Val is the New Zealand director of Miss Universe. She is from a family with a       "Don't eat the forbidden fruit."
  background in the theatre and is the youngest twin in a family of 3 girls. She      God said.
  spent a lot of time as a single mum of 3 kids raising funds, mainly for sports
  clubs, in the Otahuhu area.                                                         "Forbidden fruit ?
                                                                                      We have forbidden fruit ? Hey
  When she noted that for 5 years in a row, Miss New Zealand was won by a             Eve, we have forbidden fruit ! "
  Howick girl, she suggested to the Howick Business community that they should
  run a Miss Howick Pageant. They agreed and so Val went on to do that for the        " No Way ! "
  next 20 years. The next pageant is being presented at the Buckland’s Beach          "Yes way ! "
  Yacht Club next week.
                                                                                      "Do NOT eat the fruit ! " said
  From these connections she was encouraged to take on the Miss Auckland              God.
  contest with the help of Pip Burns. After two years, she took it over herself and
  has been doing that for 13 years now.                                               "Why ? "
  Three years ago, with the demise of the Miss New Zealand Pageant, an
  opportunity arose to take over that organization as well. Since she has been        "Because I am your Father and I
                                                                                      said so ! " God replied,
  associated with this she has sent 3 girls away to Miss Universe contests.           wondering why He hadn't
                                                                                      stopped creation after making
  Val was recently asked to accompany the then Miss New Zealand to the                the elephants
  Bahamas. She accepted the offer and decided to marry Alan and turn the trip into
  a Honeymoon as well. Not bad – first class with all expenses paid!                  A few minutes later, God saw
                                                                                      His children having an apple
                                                                                      break and He was ticked !
  Recently she was asked to accompany the current Miss New Zealand to China to        "Didn't I tell you not to eat the
  launch a new herbal medicine product. There were long photo shoots and a lot of     fruit ? " God asked.
  promotional work in shopping centers in China. The dollars involved were
                                                                                      "Uh huh," Adam replied.
                                                                                      "Then why did you ? " said the
  Val was thanked for enlightening us to her background and involvement with          Father.
  these pageants by Neville McKenzie, who suggested that had he known she was
  available and involved in such an interesting enterprise 40 years ago, he may       "I don't know," said Eve.
  have offered to accompany her on her travels.
                                                                                      "She started it!" Adam said.
  The Bulletin
   Meeting - Wednesday 16th July

   Club Notices
                                                                                           Meeting Stats
  Jim Lawry Rotary Youth Exchange:
                                                                                           Members Present         38
  Anyone entertaining our student must get a special form from Jim Lawry to agree
  to a police inspection of his or her status. The form has to be signed and once          Apologies               7
  completed will last for 3 years.                                                         Silent                  1
                                                                                           Leave of Absence        7
  Bob Ainsworth is Livia's social secretary. Please contact him for free dates.
                                                                                           Total Membership        53
  Joan Lawry was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship at changeover for 17 years
  work with Inner Wheel, and 8 years of running her special granny program in a
                                                                                           Bruce Martin
  primary school.
                                                                                           Val Lott – Guest speaker &
  The Board rejected a sub increase of $10 per person.                                     Husband Alan

  President Ian reminded people to make sure they do their duties.                         Key Dates:
R O T A R Y            Y O U T H    L E A D E R S H I P      A W A R D S
                                                                                           18 – 19 Rotary Membership
Rick Boughey said RYLA was a success with 112 awardees attending. Last year                Conference
there were 96. All the 118 people that did the Island Course with the Army
                                                                                           Raffle Winners
completed it. The 22 speakers and presenters spoke on diverse subjects. There
                                                                                           Steve Hayes
were 250 people at the formal dinner on the Friday night. Two RYLA people
hosted the evening.                                                                        Final Thought
                                                                                           From Steve Hayes
Rick thanked Manohar, Gary, Malcolm, Lisa Henry, Neil (photos), Stewart
Littlejohn, Campbell, Garth and Dennis Easton for turning up and helping where             “People who say that it is only
they could. Special thanks to Sharon Cressey and Dale Boughey, but most of all             the competing that counts
                                                                                           have obviously never won”
Rick wanted to thank Paul Cressey for his special help when needed.

Some Rotaract people also assisted during the week.

At a later date the RYLA Attendees will address the club.

Past President Paul, thanked Rick and presented a certificate of appreciation to

  Office Bearers 2007 / 2008

     Position                 Name                Business          Mobile              E-Mail
    President                 Ian Rodger          534 7104          027 499 6000
    President Elect           Rod Cooke           537 1340          027 498 5321
    Secretary                 Richard Osborne     535 9572          021 968 049
    Treasurer                 Marian Heywood      534 1159          027 479 6422
    Vice President            Malcolm Sweetman    256 4916          021 808 042
    Service Projects          Vic McNally         274 1323                    
    Membership & PR           Peter Bailey        576 7326          027 473 6994
    Fund Raising & Events     Mike Kingston       306 6691          027 243 2335
    Rotary Foundation         John Davidson       579 1001                    
    Sergeant at Arms          Ash Dann            577 3540          027 241 3715
    Bulletin Editor           Ray Baddock         534 3653          027 541 1141
    Almoner                   Jenni Cooke         534 5296          027 278 6796

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