mortage - letter of authority by langstonwalker


									                                  Mortgages/Loans Letter of Authority

Our Reference

Client Name

Current Address


Attn: Data Compliance Officer

Name of Lender

Account Number

Address at time of product sale


Dear Sir/Madam,

Under the Subject Access Rights granted to me by the Data Protection Act, I/We should be grateful if you would forward details of the
relevant information relating to my account, and that fall within the terms of the Act, as listed below and further attached to the covering

As the Agent acting on my behalf, I/We authorise to act on my behalf and hereby give authority for all the relevant
information to the account to be made available to, an appropriately experienced solicitor and claims management

Further to this I/We authorise to act on my behalf, with the information Commissioner’s office, if Subject Access Request is
not responded to in the time frame defined by the Data Protection Act.

If I/We further request that you communicate directly with in respect of any aspects of the account, and further instruct that
delivery of all correspondence relative to this SARN request, be delivered to

I/We ask that you provide the following:

 • Facilities letter/Mortgage offer (as signed by me) together with any special conditions/variations
 • Account transaction history (client statements if available) and interest rates
 • Copy of application form (including broker/packager documentation)
 • Terms and conditions relating to the account
 • All correspondence relating to this account
 • Mortgage deeds (if applicable)
 • MIRAS details (including dates and qualifying amounts if applicable)

Under Agency Law a client is entitled to full disclosure of all commissions or any other payments made by a lender to a
broker/intermediary, where applicable, and I/We would therefore request a copy of underwriting sheet, which should provide full
details of any such arrangement between lender/broker in this instance.

For further proof of evidence please find enclosed two proofs of address.

I/We understand that a fee not to exceed £10.00 may be charged for this information, therefore please find enclosed a payment for this

1st Applicant
Signature                                                                           Acount Holder          Date

2nd Applicant (if applicable)
Signature                                                                           Acount Holder          Date

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